A Statement Regarding Romine v. Stanton’s Dismissal With Prejudice

After a year of lingering and a cavalcade of increasingly exasperating amendments, it is a distinct personal pleasure to finally be able to say that the lawsuit “James Romine v. James Stanton” has been dismissed with prejudice following discussions between my lawyer Bradley Hartman and the plaintiff James Romine.

In 2016, Romine sued yours truly – better (and preferably) known as Jim Sterling – for over $10million, a sum that would rise to over $15million during the course of the year. The original charges were assault, libel, and slander. Romine alleged that my coverage of his game studio Digital Homicide inflicted not only severe emotional damage but irreparably harmed his company.

Included in his complaint was an attempt to charge me for the time and money he’d spent learning just enough law to file the suit in the first place.

I will not go over the entirety of the lawsuit or its associated ordeal in this statement. There are a lot of things to talk about but right now I want to take a moment to simply respond to the immediate news.

First of all, I’m obviously pleased with the result. We filed for dismissal, because this whole thing was an instant waste of time and money that could never be recuperated. Even if this went to court and we counterclaimed, what would we get out of it? A dismissal with prejudice is even better than the simple dismissal I’d originally aimed for – this effectively means these ludicrous charges aren’t coming back.

Although he filed pro se and couldn’t seem to find legal help (his funding page for a lawyer remained starkly arid for the duration of this situation), Romine was nevertheless a drain on resources both material and emotional and his increasingly erratic filings continued to confuse and exasperate throughout the months.

For those curious about this resolution, I was not a direct part of the communication between Romine and my lawyer, but as I understand it, the agreement to drop the suit with prejudice was the result of Hartman’s enviable reasoning ability. The plaintiff agreed to drop his case after my lawyer explained exactly what would happen if this went to court and how we would respond.

That it got as far as it did, went on for as long as it did, is atrocious – especially when this is a case that amounts to a game developer wanting to silence a game critic.

I personally viewed, and still view, the lawsuit as an attempted attack on my freedom to do my legally protected job. I personally perceive it as an attack launched by a man who is unable to deal with criticism in a reasonable fashion and has sought to blame me, continuously, for his failures.

Even Digital Homicide’s removal from Steam following an attempt to sue 100 anonymous community members was falsely linked to me, Romine’s final amendment adding claims of conspiracy between myself and Valve Corporation.

Romine and his brother Robert have consistently laid the blame for their many failures at my feet, and at some point they are going to have to accept that if they’d stop continuing and escalating the animosity between themselves and the rest of the world, they’d stand a chance of improving themselves and their lot in life. A little reflection would do them both good, and I sincerely hope they emotionally steel themselves enough to partake of it one day.

There is no conspiracy. There is no orchestrated terror campaign. There is simply what there has always been – one random critic in  a sea of them having a stupid fight with a pair of brothers who don’t make a lot of sense and whose claims have a strained relationship with reality.

Many will have come here expecting humor or laughter, but I want to make it quite clear that I do not find this lawsuit funny in the slightest. Even getting the result I wanted is bittersweet, as it’s the result to a situation that should never have occurred – a distasteful situation that fills me with surrogate embarrassment for the man who filed it.

I find this lawsuit disgusting. It was and it is and it shall forever be disgusting.

While the accusations found within the lawsuit are farcical and definitively veer into comedy territory – as we’ll find out when I go through it in detail at a later date – the existence of it is simply grotesque. That you can be made to spend that much money and effort defending yourself from spurious claims should be a worrying prospect for anybody whose job involves saying things that some people aren’t going to like.

During the course of this whole ordeal, the subject of harassment has come up, with Romine alleging serious criminal acts committed against him. On a very serious note indeed, I would like to remind everybody that harassment is not a valid response to any argument, and that anything of the sort done in my name is something I quite vehemently oppose. We are better than that.

I’d like to thank everybody for their kind words and support over a trying year. I’d like to thank my wife and close friends who kept me spirited and laughing. I’d also like to thank my Patreon patrons, without whom I’d have a much harder time defending myself from this sort of awfulness.

There is more to be said, perhaps in a lighter tone, but right now I am tired and reflective, and should probably just play some videogames for a minute.

Thank you all once again for your continued support. I dread to think how facing this alone would have been.

Yours sexily,
James Fucking Stanton Son.

P.S. I did not enjoy playing The Slaughtering Grounds very much.

  • Chris N

    Thank god for you, Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.

  • Jonas Håkansson


  • Sperium3000

    Yup, definetely doesn’t have the same oomph. But we shall love you anyway, Mr. Stanterling.

  • craze

    and iiiiiii willll alllwaaaays loovvvee youuuuuuuuuuu jim fucking sterling son

  • Ciaran O’Brien

    Congratulations! I’m glad that whole sorry business can finally be left in the past. Have yourself a well-earned break (those Chains Of Love).

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      Don’t give up, don’t give up
      Together with me and my baby
      Break the chains of love

  • Michael O’Connor

    Hopefully this will have something good come of it. A precedent or something, in regards to trying to silence opinions.

    Congratulations on surviving that ordeal.

  • Ron Mahan

    Thank God for you, glad to hear its finally over.

  • Amy

    Fucking finally – I’m glad for your sake that this is all over <3

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  • Alexander K

    This was a good day to receive my Jimquisition logo t-shirt.

  • Fallen Prime

    Do you accept hugs by email?

  • Chuster M. Merino

    Glad that the whole affair has finished already…

  • ErroneousNickname

    A part of me expected a page of…


    But I’m glad you took a far more analytical and professional approach. Thank god for you

    • Alexander K

      You’re not the only one. But knowing Jim, we’ll get our AHAHAHA – at a later date.

      • HelixShade

        I guess that Jimquisition we’ve all been expecting is coming, huh? ^^

        • Alexander K

          I’d wager Jim needs more than 1 week to prep a Jimquisition of these.. proportions.

          • HelixShade

            However long it waits, I can wait ^^

          • Eon264

            If he’s doing one he’ll probably have been prepping it for a long, long time now.

        • Chris

          It’s just going to be an image of the papers showing the dismissed case and Jim laughing hysterically for a solid 2 minutes.

          • HelixShade

            It’s still going to be the most entertaining two minutes of Jim laughing, the papers showing the case being dismissed, and maybe Jim dancing to Chains of Love. Maybe.

  • Sup

    What a bloody waste of time and money that was eh. Glad it is over with.

  • Thank God for you, Jim! Glad to see you out from this horrid situation.

  • Deena

    Congratulations, Jim. The fatigue is certainly understandable, but a few nights from now when it feels less raw, have yourself a nice glass of wine and smile. This was a win for you, and a cautionary tale for any thin-skinned crackpot who equates critical thinking with assault.

  • Maddy

    Scratch one grub!

  • Kev’ Bryant

    Great news! Well done!

  • Duncan Parker Newton-Gaines

    Thank fuck that’s over, eh?

  • Anton

    Congrats Jim! Although, at this point, I’d be slightly concerned about this nutcase showing up at your doorstep looking for a fist fight.

    • Dr_Juice1

      did you see James Romine? he was the small, quiet one in the background of the Digital Homicide “interview.” he’s a mouse lol

      • Anton

        Knife fight, then, whatever.

  • Appretaur

    Looks like you managed to weather dealing with the Nintendo of defamation claims…

  • Robert Williams

    I dunno about anyone else, but i found the whole thing very educational. I mean, i didn’t even know that “Dismissed with Prejudice” was a thing until today. Congrats, and hopefully your victory will be counted as one more nail in the coffin of the abuse of copy-write law to harass critics.

  • M.D.H.

    Glad everything worked out. I think we were all very worried about what kind of precedent this case would of set if you had lost.

  • Never expected any other outcome. But Jim, you personally owe me (I pay for your lawyer after all) a deep, humorous, cold, calculated and entertaining look at behind the scenes of this entire process in a future video. I’m so tired of hearing half the story from other Youtubers.

    Tell the entire story, and please stop the dance around Romine’s feelings when you do. He lost, he deserves whatever public fallout there will be.

    Congrats – and get to work 🙂

  • MstrFantastic


  • Tommy W. (Behemothbear)

    Got ’em.

  • arketiat

    Thank god for that result and thank god for you

  • Cat Treadwell

    Well done for such professionalism and honesty, sir. Hopefully this sets precedent so that such idiocy will be prevented in future.

    Whenever you’re ready though… have a little dance. We’re all applauding out here, glad but happy for you. Son. x

  • David Fuller

    Glad to hear it’s over. Play some HZD and chill.

  • But can you call The Slaughtering grounds an “absolute failure”?

  • SilentPony

    Any Milo lost his job too. Today was a good day.

    • Nemrex

      *I cross my fingers, and whisper silently to the mirror.*

      Trump Impeached.

      Trump Impeached.

      Trump Impeached.

      • Sned

        Pence is worse than Trump, keep them fingers straight.

        • Nemrex

          Pence falls down well.

          Pence falls down well.

          Pence falls down well.

          • Bannon suffers fatal heart attack

            Bannon suffers fatal heart attack

            Bannon suffers fatal heart attack

          • Anton

            Milo tied up in my basement

            Milo tied up in my basement

            Milo tied up in my basement

            What are we doing, again?

          • I don’t know but my knife drawer just spontaneously opened.

          • Anton

            Damn, you’re scary. I was just going for my dildo drawer.

          • Benj

            Wow, you must be a real prude to be able to fit ALL your dildos in just one drawer.

          • Anton

            I use Russian nesting dildos to save space.

          • Benj

            I bow to your superior expertise… or I bend over at least.

          • JoYKiLL


        • SilentPony

          Pence at the very least believes in reality. He hasn’t made up crowd sizes or terrorist attacks.


        • Salador

          Pence is at least smart enough to be scared. Trump is so audacious and that’s why he’s dangerous. Because anyone else with Trump’s history and circumstances would have dropped out before the primaries. But Trump was that one in a million bold enough to fail his way to the White House. Pence, at least, would be too afraid to upset the system to do everything he wants to.

          What worries me is Pence might learn all the wrong lessons i.e lie about everything ever, attack minorities even more, become an unbearable braggart, never apologise, spend your time sunning in florida resorts or slamming people on twitter and not, you know, presiding over the country.

      • Benj

        Personally I’m hoping that he suffers a major breakdown and then kills himself on live TV during a presidential broadcast…

        But impeachment would be a decent back-up.

        • Kyle Pierce

          You are a horrible person.

          • Benj

            I feel that it would be rather patronising to explaining that my comment was a silly hyperbole said in jest.

            So I’m just going to assume that you were joking as well.

      • Kyle Pierce

        Trump is a great president.

        Ya’ll just need to stop following mainstream bullshit media in order to see it.

        • fastlanestranger

          This might shock you, but I haven’t liked Trump since, like, WAY before the “mainstream bullshit media” gave two shits about him.

        • Benj

          I can’t trust the mainstream media?

          Damn, I suppose I’ll just have to rely on the judgement of a massive number of scientists, economists, sociologists, public servants, human rights organisations, judges, business leaders, assorted intellectuals and countless scores of ordinary people in every part of the globe.

          Or I could just rely on my own judgement.

    • Anton

      Unfortunately, this particular loss works out in Milo’s favor. It just strengthens him as a free speech martyr.

      • Fallen Prime

        On the other hand, it was for openly advocating pedophilia. There’s not much on the right that they think is indefensible, but that’s a high mark right there.

        No one is gonna be behind him after that.

        • Anton

          His priest did *rimshot*.

          Buuuuuut seriously, the fact that Milo got as far as he did – advocating against gay rights, women’s rights, transgender rights, etc, etc.. – tells me that people are still going to defend him. He was already coasting along – with the GOP mainstream approval – on the idea that the message does not matter, the right to say it does.

          • SilentPony

            Oh for sure. There are still a lot of Romines in the world. And personally I do think it was wrong to have riots to stop him. His views are terrible and he needed to get taken down a peg, but violence wasn’t the right call.

          • qorl123

            Why was a gay man advocating against gay rights, again?

          • Anton

            He had to, in order to be fully embraced by his alt-right base. It’s also a great fallback for his trolling, because he’s “allowed to” attack any disenfranchised minorities, because he is one.

            As to a REASONABLE why… some people just want to watch the world burn.

          • Benj

            I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard someone on the right say “we AREN’T ALLOWED to criticise minorities” in their straight-white-men-are-the-most-oppressed-group-in-the-world tirades.

            Consistency is nice.

          • Because he’s a black hole of self-loathing.

          • Benj

            African american hole of self-loathing


          • Benj

            Don’t try to understand anything that guy does in any rational sense.

            That path just leads to depression and migraines.

          • SilentPony

            Honestly he’s just a selfish asshole. And being gay is no longer as in-vogue as it used to be, so he lashed out at other gays and transgenders for basically taking his spotlight.

          • Transgender is an adjective, non a noun. Someone can be transgender, but they cannot be a transgender.

          • Anton

            They can be in Alabama

          • SilentPony

            My point still stands, parlance regardless.

          • Benj

            Can’t you make the same point for “gays”?

            Not to mention “blacks”!

          • No, because they’re different words with different etymologies.

          • Benj

            Are you making a point about offensiveness or just grammar?

            Because I’m on board with the offensiveness point but transgender can totally be used as a noun in a grammatically correct sense.

            Like “black”, “colored”, “gay”, “Christian”, “(the) disabled”, “criminal”, “American”, “Bisexual” etc.

          • My point was kind of both, it’s partly grammatically incorrect but also referring to people as ‘transgenders’ is the typical form used by people wanting to disparage or dehumanise trans people.

          • Salador

            Not with that attitude!

          • CaitSeith

            There will be, but not as many. Trump made Milo obsolete. The anti-PC crowd now have the freaking president of USA as their champion, echoing their opinions. If Milo ended up in jail now; most of them wouldn’t even shed a tear.

          • Anton

            Yes and no. Trump is president, but he is also an embarrassing buffoon. Milo is one of the very few charming individuals the alt right has, one capable of giving the movement a veneer of intelligence.

          • CaitSeith

            You should go to one of Trump’s public appearances and watch the crowd. It’s freaking scary…

          • Anton

            No. No, I should not. Those people terrify me.

          • Benj

            I read this as “his priest did a rimshot”

            I blame you for the mental images and psychological stress associated with them.

            I’m going to call my lawyer!

        • Benj

          Was he definitely advocating pedophilia or just gay May-December romances?

          If there’s a scenario in which this charade can benefit Milo in the long run it’d be people misconstruing the latter as the former.

          • Fallen Prime

            It was fucking February-December. He straight-up low-capped it at age THIRTEEN, and tried to explain the intricate difference between pedophilia and the one that only goes back to the dawn of puberty.

            Hebephilia? Was that it? I’m not looking it up, Christ knows no one deserves that in their search history.

          • Benj

            Oh shit! I completely withdraw my objection. That is unambiguously advocating for pedophilia.

            I think Hebephilia is the correct term for that. I read a book about the morality of sex once and…didn’t read past the chapter that mentioned it.

        • CyanManta

          I actually feel sorry for the guy. Clearly he hasn’t worked through his feelings about the abuse that was committed against him when he was a child, he’s just been masking them or pushing them aside. The particular lines in the sand that he chose to draw in his arguments suggest to me that he blames himself for being molested.

          Lena Dunham, on the other hand, I have no sympathy for.

      • SilentPony

        As I’m sure DH thinks of itself the first victims of a developer holocaust from the courts.

      • drownedsummer

        I’d link to the article on Polygon about Free Speech if the link would be approved. It was about Pewdiepie but still on the same point.

        • Anton

          Read it. A fair point, but poorly written.

    • fastlanestranger

      “I didn’t even have to read that cray gay.
      Today was a good day.”

  • Sammy Kennedy

    I’m glad this is done Jim, have a rest, you really deserve it. <3

  • Polishfury5000

    A singular strike!
    These creatures can be felled…they can be beaten!

    Goofs aside, congratulations on being done with all this garbage. I’m happy this is was thrown out so soundly, but you have my condolences for having to deal with this for a whole year.

    You certainly did nothing wrong, and even though it may have seen like an easy win from the start, I’m sure there were stressful doubts that would creep in as this dragged out.

    It’s probably the same feeling as taking a STD test and waiting a year to get results. You know you’re in the clear, but man those “what ifs” are no joke on the psyche.

  • HelixShade

    Well, Jim might be mature about this whole thing, but I won’t be. Good riddance to Digital Homicide. Added to that, we now have a Court Case other Youtube Reviewers and the like can use if anyone else tries to pull this.

    And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go dance to Chains of Love to celebrate. Or join the other guys doing that. One of the two.

  • Gus

    Thank God.

  • Dr_Juice1

    Disappointing to hear you won’t sue to recover legal fees. I think that’s a move that would send a permanent message to other devs like DH (i.e., Dentola) who are trying similar moves.

    • Marg0

      I mean he couldn’t pay his own. What makes you think he’d be able to pay Jim back?

      • Dr_Juice1

        “that’s a move that would send a permanent message to other devs”

        • greyXstar

          But it would cost him more legal fees and time, and he’d get nothing back because the Romines are already completely broke.

          • Dr_Juice1

            the problem is that this could still happen again. i don’t see this ruling deterring the shittiest of devs. what punishment have DH received for their frivolousness? nothing; just a waste of their own time. i’d hate to see Jim or any other critic get bullied like this again, and i feel like completely annihilating the Romines would quash all future attempts.

          • drownedsummer

            They’ve bankrupted themselves and ruined their own lives?

          • Dr_Juice1

            how did they bankrupt themselves from this lawsuit? they didn’t hire a lawyer. they wasted their time learning how to phrase and type up a legal suit — isn’t that it?

          • drownedsummer

            As the legal system isn’t free even if you’ve not paid for a lawyer.

          • Dr_Juice1

            submitting a suit is a 1-time fee.

          • Fallen Prime

            It cost them money to learn that stuff, and it cost them money to go through the channels to represent themselves and file the suit, and it cost them money to keep traveling to Arizona (where they don’t actually live) to keep the thing going.

            It also cost them money to try and blanket-sue those hundred Steam users, and trying to bully Steam into giving them the users’ real names and addresses cost them their means of MAKING money.

          • Dr_Juice1

            it cost time to learn “that stuff,” not money. also, if the suit took place in Arizona then that’s self-inflicted; a more savvy person would turn the lawsuit to their own advantage.
            yes, but i’m not talking about the suit against the Steam users.

            also, are you aware that, at this point, you’re basically defending DH?

          • Fallen Prime

            How the fuck am I defending them? I’m telling you that they blew more money than you think on this, because that’s how fucking petty and delusional they are.

          • drownedsummer

            Advising of what DH’s potential legal costs are is not the same as defending something. I’m not even sure how that conclusion can even be reached

          • greyXstar

            I want to see them ground to paste too. But think of it this way. They’re totally ruined financially. The one guy said he has a wife and kids. How do you think she feels knowing her husband ruined their future and his business? How do you think his kids are going to react when they grow up not being able to rely on their parents to help with college or anything because he wasted everything on this clown show? That’s the punishment, his life is ruined. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer douchebag.

          • Dr_Juice1

            i know, and i mostly agree. however, i feel it’s an even bigger tragedy for Jim or another honest critic to have to go through this again. i respect your viewpoint, but i still feel that nothing short of absolute justice will prevent this happening in the future.

  • MrSaxon

    Congratulations, Jim.

  • SilentPony

    I would ask if there’s gonna be a Jimquisition but honestly I don’t think there needs to be one. We all know the score, we all hate DH and sorta kinda like Jim and that’s that.
    Why bother wasting more time on those fuck faces?!

    • drownedsummer

      His closing points do suggest something further is going to be covered about it.

  • Mike Fitzgerald

    Justice served

  • Asher

    So glad this has been resolved! Take some time for yourself – we’ll still be here when you get back. Thank God for you!

  • Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

    I’m really glad to hear that, Jim. Real glad. Hope you can breathe a wee bit easier with all that bullshit behind you.

  • MG_Salad

    Great work breaking those chains…. of stupidity!

  • Ryan Mc Donagh

    Can I just shock you? I actually liked The Slaughtering Grounds.


    Well done, Jimmy 🙂

  • Cameron Ward

    Awesome that it’s finally done. Hopefully with the experience and time that this court case was going on, every stupid steam dev can learn to not do what DH and to not do what crappy devs do when people criticize their work…..

    it’s such a shame that it took this long and because of it DH is financially ruined because they couldn’t handle criticism.

    Thank goodness you are now in the clear and DH can now be forgotten like the trash they are.

  • Wain

    Love you Jim! Congratulations! and SO happy to see this not getting dragged out even further.

  • Engoni

    Great to hear Jim, Everyone knew that the lawsuit was to insane to go anywhere. Thank God for you.

  • CutCrane

    I am very happy to hear this. Thanks for sticking through it all.

  • Tommy

    That’s great news. Well done, Sir.

  • Just for sake of argument; cant Jim file suit for lost money and time? I think it’s ridiculous not to, since his lawyer expenses ware probably not small and a lot of time was wasted on all of that.

    • MrInsecure

      If he did, it would probably cost more to file that suit than he would get if he won. In other words, it’s not worth it.

    • Muramasa

      I get the Jimpression that the Romines bankrupted themselves trying to sue the world.

    • drownedsummer

      He could but there a few reasons that he wouldn’t and somewhat alludes to that above

      1) It would be sinking to their level and diminishes his integrity by doing so.
      2) As others have pointed out the Romine’s due to a complete lack of common sense have bankrupted themselves doing this and if Graham Stark and co weren’t just taking the piss on Checkpoint they’ve stopped making games.
      3) Even if he were to do so how long would it take to actually reclaim it all.
      4) It prolongs things even further. A case which has already taken most of a year and fair amount of that has just been waiting for it to be dismissed.
      5) There would be the legal feel he would have to pay before the case is successful. Assuming it is.

      • qorl123

        You’re probably right but I really disagree with the first one.

      • This are legit reasons, and you are right; getting on their level won’t do anybody no good. I just hope that this entire thing was enough of lesson and warning to all future developers who might have same idea.

    • greyXstar

      If they couldn’t afford a lawyer to file the suit in the first place, there’s no way they’d have the money to cover Jim’s expenses.

  • hinasakukimi

    I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this, Jim. This was so utterly pointless.

  • David Sayers

    Good riddance. I hope it doesn’t take too long for the normality of laughter to resume.

  • Steven White

    Congratulations Jim. It’s finally over and you were a champ through all of it.

  • MrInsecure

    The perfect ending to a perfect statement.

    Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling, son.

  • Sned

    How can I explain
    When there are few words I can choose
    How can I explain
    When words get broken

    Do you remember
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  • Nemrex
    • Sparky

      A holy meme if I’ve ever seen one!

  • FireEmblemFan

    And with that the digital homicide saga has come to a close.

  • 7_13

    I am glad this is over. Hopefully it is a hint to others that might try going down the same road. Don’t make shitty games and sue people that say it’s shit.
    Don’t make shitty games at all. Please?

  • Jose

    Thank god for you Jim Fucking Sterling Son.

  • Hank Garretson

    In terms of sheer schadenfreude, I’m kinda disappointed this case wasn’t ended by a judge giving Romine a VERY unamused stare-down, which would top off his humiliating fall from… well, not fall from ‘grace’… fall from SOMETHING.

    But I’m glad it’s over. DigiHom has no one to blame but themselves, and I hope one day they learn this.

    Until then…
    “Hoooowww can I explaaaaaaaain, when there are feeeeewwww wo-oooords…”

  • Nemrex
    • Anton

      Holy shit that’s perfect.

    • SilentPony

      Hey, how do you post gifs/pictures here? Every time I’ve tried it just ends up in moderation and no one ever gets approved.

      • Fallen Prime


      • Anton

        You have to post it from your PC, not as a link. All links get shot down.

      • Nemrex

        I honestly have no idea. Perhaps I am just…favored.

        *Image of me kneeling in prayer to Jim’s face as the Sun but I fucked up the photoshop so eh.*

        • SilentPony

          Technically I could be on a secret Jim black list. Certainly have sparred with the man on this site enough.

          • Anton

            I so very much doubt that.

          • SilentPony

            Spoken like someone trying to cover up a secret black list!

  • TheMagicLemur

    *sad trombone for Digital Homicide*

    • Christian Neihart

      *slow clap*

    • Scott John Harrison

      *two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff*

    • TheMagicLemur

      Seriously, though, congrats Jim.

      And fuck that guy. What a massive prick.

      Which I imagine is what people say about you, just in a positive context.

    • Savletto Polvere

      *sound of penis slapping against the table in the darkness*

      • TheMagicLemur

        Hey, my fetish!

      • Anton

        Just slapping it….
        Slapping it….
        Slapping it….


  • Rob Hestar

    Together we’ll break these chains of love!

  • qorl123

    Congrats Jim. I’m sorry you had to waste the money, time and patience, however much it was, dealing with this frivolous bullshit. Could this have been Romine’s aim all along, though? Just spitefully making you spend time and money? What do you think Jim?

  • GodzillaGuy92

    Don’t smile because it’s over. Cry because it happened.

    • Zach

      Wow, I don’t think I could have conceived worse advice if I tried.

      • Jasper Theo

        Let’s try that again. “Shame it happened, but at least it’s over”.

      • GodzillaGuy92

        For the record, I was just making a reversal of Dr. Seuss’s (alleged) quote “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened” for comedic purposes. My hopes of course go out to Jim that he can manage to smile about all this sooner rather than later.

  • Jeremy Hoffman

    I hope that Dentola Studios is paying attention to this because the route they are taking to silence criticism is the same route digi-hom took at first, it needs to be shown that no matter what anyone does to stifle critics, it will not work in the end, congrats for taking the high road in this matter.

  • Astralfury

    Shame it can’t be dismissed with extreme prejudice.

    • Benj

      1950s Alabama style prejudice!

  • Pulak Kumar

    Good thing it’s all done at last. I really hope the precedent it sets is a strong one.

  • Hive_tyrant

    We love you Jim.

    I like to think that even in the most dark and shitty situations we can find ourselves in, there are always learnings to be had and ways to make ourselves better because of it….

    Unfortunately you’re perfect so I don’t think that’ll happen for you but I’m glad none-the-less!

  • Thomas Edward ‘Timothy’ Smith

    All the while reading this I kept picturing Jim Sterling in some War hammer Chaos style armour stood over the Romine brothers with lightning in the background readying a giant dildo sword for the final swing that will end their agonising existence.

    Also there’s a Parrot because Parrots are tiny assholes that rock.

  • Nick Ringelpietz

    Thank God for this, Jim. And for you, of course. Now you can finally leave that crap behind. All the best and break the chains of love!

  • Appretaur

    Meanwhile, “our favorite copyright attorney” Leonard French has posted his update, look for it on YouTube. youtube DOT com/watch?v=8Uo9jNVJx6w

    • Chris

      That second part of the title… “Digital Homicide v. Jim Sterling Lawsuit DISMISSED for good, and why Jim’s a great guy”

    • qorl123

      I had a feeling leonard would be posting a video soon

  • 👏!

  • eatmywords

    lol you should do a Slaughtering Grounds livestream to celebrate 😀

  • Harvey Chesterfield

    Oh good. Finally we can be open and honest about our opinions on the matter.
    Because let’s be brutally honest here, The Slaughtering Grounds was a bit toss

    • Chris

      Shh! Do you want to get sued!?

    • Let’s be honest. It was AN ABSOLUTE FAILURE.

  • Benj

    James Romine is an ABSOLUTE FAILURE.

  • Chris

    Congrats Jim! I hope you take the rest of the day off and get a birthday cake martini (if you can’t because of week day, get one on the weekend)

  • Paul

    Jim, should you wish to set up a funding campaign to cover your legals on this, I would happily contribute.

    I understand that you personally may not need the money (or may not want to ask for it), but it’s not solely about helping you out (as worthy as that is). I think it’s important to to send a message to anyone contemplating similar action that they will not be able to harm you financially, and to start to set this precedent within the industry.

    These types of scumbags need to understand that we, your patrons, will have your back on this and in the future. Please consider it on this basis.

    • Sned

      I think if you want to support him, contributing to his Patreon would be most beneficial.

      • Paul

        I’m already a patron.

    • johnway

      Better ye,t T shirts or memorabilia like ” i survived the Digital stupidity”, “thank god for me”, “jim fucking sterling son”, ” remember 21/02/2017″ , etc etc

    • Alex Liddell

      A fundraising stream perhaps? I do like Jim & co’s livestreams anyway so it would be a nice excuse to do one.

    • drownedsummer

      I think one of the reasons is not wanting to have to endure another lengthy and emotionally tiring legal struggle, which clearly has had an effect on Jim over the past year.

    • Thomas Vincent Szaban

      If it is a thing to specifically help him recoup his lawyers fees I would gladly donate 20 bucks. I did it for Laura’s surgery and I’d do it for him as well.

  • Edward Bailey

    Read this while listening to chains of love.

  • Will Bertazzo

    I hope Jim celebrates with a big video covering as much of digihom’s shit as possible.

  • Agent9

    Excellent news, I do hope though that Digital Homicide can make a turnaround for the better after all this.

  • johnnie88

    Congratulations! I’m sorry you had to endure this absurd process. You’re made of tougher stuff than most people. Thank God for you!

  • Lucas SetArk

    Jim, you magnificent beast!

    It’s great to see this situation to an end. Gonna admit, part of me, wanted to see them losing anything the still had.
    But well, justice has been served, and i hope, that at least, they’ve learned to not mess around with our lord Jimquisitor.

  • Alex Liddell

    So glad it’s over, but it’s a damning indictment of how fucked up the libel system is in America, Romnie’s suit should have been laughed away by the legal system within a few months but the courts saw fit to entertain their delusions.
    On the bright side, this can be viewed as a cautionary tale for any future Digital Homocides looking to pull the same tactics, all it does it foster support for the accused and a mass waste of time for everyone.

  • ichkanns

    “should probably just play some videogames for a minute.”

    Always a good call. Glad things worked out, but I can’t imagine the stress level this must have caused.

  • Darth Raven

    Long Live Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • cowboyjimmy

    when will the delusional brothers romnie strike again? find out next time on Dragon Ball Zee!

  • Thomas Vincent Szaban

    Please be careful now Jim. The Romino brothers seem like the types who might buy weapons and diapers to make a cross country trip. Gun Laws in Mississippi are fucking backwards, but that might be a good thing in this case. This goes against some of my most strongly held convictions but If I were you I’d buy a firearm and keep it close until we are sure these lunatics aren’t going to try anything really crazy. Maybe this is just my natural tendency to assume the worst will happen acting up, but when dealing with people as erratic as these nutjobs nothing is certain. Stay safe. Break those chains of love.

  • Zeeshan Jaffar

    “And so the magnificent sexy beast known by mortal tongues as Jim Fucking Sterling Son conquered (so to speak) the whiny and annoying embarrassment of a games studio Digital Homicide. May the not rest in piece, but be forever tormented with the shit they tried to pull on our messiah. Thank God for him!”

  • Shui Gor

    Congrats, Jim.

    ….so: when are the movie rights going to be sold?

  • Nivmarx

    Man, this took longer than it should have… Congrats on finally getting through this madness.

  • William Jones

    You are a VERY excellent person Jim and you’ve just proved it. I wish more people were like you in the world, the dignity you’ve allowed him to walk away with, to your own cost is absolutely fucking magnificent!

  • Derek Osterholm

    I am so glad this is over for you I know how exhausting court can be enjoy your self

  • Drakeonian

    Congrats my man! Put your feet up for a while and bask in your victory. You deserve a rest after all this shite.

  • Jerome Handy

    I will save my parody song for the funnier times. I will speak now, of my wholehearted agreement with James Stanton(no offense intended dude, but I think people need to divorce the character from the reality) about the wastefulness of this lawsuit. As much time, money and effort that was wasted on Jim’s side, I can only IMAGINE the amount of waste on the part of the Romine brothers. Let’s look at this objectively:

    – The Romines had no lawyer, meaning they had to spend time researching case law, which itself is a densely packed forest of information, precedents and codification. Assuming both men took the most obvious option, and signed up for Westlaw as a pair of attorneys so they could look at case law in Arizona on a computer, over $2,000 was spent JUST on that expense alone, to say nothing of the time and effort of sourcing citations and precedents.

    – The Romines chose to have this lawsuit in Arizona, by paying Jim $1 to his Patreon, to prove business was conducted in that state to validate a lawsuit. Something tells me they didn’t LIVE in Arizona, or they wouldn’t have needed to use dubious legal standing for their lawsuit. So, we can factor in travel time, lodging, and costs, for this endeavor. Let’s be fantastically generous, and say they lived one state over, in San Diego California. That’s a 350 mile, six hour trip to be present for the necessary motions and hearings, or twelve hours if you want to somehow round-trip it. And that’s assuming that IS where they lived. If they had to FLY, and stay in hotels or motels…….Oh, and before I forget. If I remember correctly, you must also have a commercial residence IN a state, to push a lawsuit forward. I believe there is a cottage industry in AZ, where people rent out empty offices or stores to people, for that express purpose, but the rent is NOT free. Even if it came down to just a single studio apartment in a respectable suburb, you’re talking $1,500 a month.

    – Courts do not work for free. On top of EVERYTHING else they were paying for, the Romines had to pay the necessary fees and obligated duties, on pushing this lawsuit forward in the Arizona legal system. Normally, a lawyer handles that by using saved money which they then tack onto their bill to the client. But the Romines went into this with nothing but arrogance, and were paying money out faster than anyone could EVER earn it while traveling six hours every few weeks, to personally prosecute a lawsuit.

    Almost a year in non-litigation, spending $2,000 to try and speed-read Arizona case law, traveling to another state, paying for their fake office space, their food, their travel and their living expenses, to hastily write and present legal documentation……here is what they…no, here is what EVERYONE(The Romines, Jim, the judge, the fucking BAILIFF and the COURT REPORTER!!) could have been doing instead:

    – Spending time with their families
    – Caring for and providing FOR those families
    – Seeing their parents more
    – Watching their kids grow up
    – Making a difference in their community
    – Securing their retirement and preparing their children to become responsible adults

    Instead, these two men, and I am LOATHE to use that descriptor, wasted their limited funds, limited time, and limited effort, to pursue a lawsuit with no true merit. All they did was steal time and money from other people, for their fading 15 minutes of fame.

    So I say again, that I agree absolutely with Mr. Stanton that this was a waste of time. And many years from now, when the Romine brothers are looking back on their lives, they’re going to not only have to rationalize this part of their lives with themselves, they’ll have to explain to their kids why daddy and their uncle, didn’t have time to be with them or teach them something or help them with a problem. And I can think of no better punishment than that little moment.

    • Zeeshan Jaffar

      Less 15 minutes of fame and more almost 3 years of infamy and now nothing more than an example of how it pays in both time and money to accept responsibility sooner rather than later and get your shit together and get your head down to earth, where reality is the law, not blindly scraping for your own contorted view of “justice” or whatever word the rabid brothers would use to describe it. Still, I totally agree.

    • thyri Carver

      Its so true. I only wish I had been a fly on the wall to Attorney Hartman’s conversation with James Romine. I can only guess that the conversation went “you realize that if you take this any further, you rank amateur hack, my billable hours start at 450 an hour, do you realize how much of my time I’ve wasted on this lawsuit of yours. Do you realize how much I can countersue you for. I’m a practicing attorney with 30 years of litigation experience, you’re a sad indie developer who cant even write a coherent sentence in your plea to the court to even hear your case. The judge demanded that you retain an attorney to file this suit, which you doubled down on claiming a different company, not Digital Homicide was the focus of Stanton’s reviews. I did my research, there was no registered company that you mentioned in your ammended complaint. The judge is about to throw out your entire complaint and I’ll be able to sue you for my legal fees of chasing down this entire farce of a lawsuit. So, drop the case here and now, or I file a countersuit for my fees, which I WILL win, and the thousands of dollars you’ve wasted on this suit will all be for naught.
      I can only dream this is how the conversation went.

      • Jerome Handy

        I don’t think it even got that far. I think Jim’s lawyer summed it up perfectly with a countersuit:

        “Sir, if you continue this lawsuit, past the point where reason and honest mistakes will be regarded as permissible, you will lose. And when you lose, my client will counter-sue you for the time, effort and hardships you imposed upon him. Every cross-country flight he has to take away from his family, I’m going to make sure the judge knows about. Every day he has to miss doing his job, I’m going to make sure you are held accountable for. You want $15 million dollars from my client. That presumes he had that much to give. My client will be keeping a very detailed, meticulously accounted billing for his time and effort, and MY time and effort. And my effort, STARTS at $450 an hour.

        “So consider the years I’ll parade you before the court like a monkey with a drum, Consider the long list of legal filings you will have to pay for. And then watch that money, be a drop in the bucket when I come back at you with my counter-suit. I don’t think you have a million dollars to your name, but I PROMISE you sir, I WILL get every bit of money, property, and public image you have. And all, because you felt the need to shout at the thunder, and erroneously believe someone infringed on your copyright.”

    • Daniel Jensen

      There was an article about them in the Arizona Times (or whatever) that said they were locals. Naturally it only got their side of the story.

  • Tyroki

    Honestly, the best thing to do here (other than dance to Chains of Love) is keep being serious about it. Never stop reminding people that the lawsuit was disgusting, and a complete waste of time (and money). We really need to not see this casually happen to anyone else (unless of course they actually do what is accused, which you didn’t).

  • CyberlekVox

    I’m so happy, Jim. You didn’t deserve to go through such bull crap, when all you do is bring joy to peoples lives! Well, apart from angry game “developers” who can’t take criticism.

  • Rueben Jones

    Congratulations Jim, enjoy your well-earned respite and the end to the legal drain on your finances.

  • Tri

    Hear, hear!

  • Toru Koroshi

    Not going to even lie, DH deserved what he got, and every goddamn bit of it. Grats Jim, I hope you show those wankers a thing or two in your next videos!


    • Lloyd

      The air shall be filled with “Chains of Love” and the children will run through the streets dancing with their pogs and boglins!

      • Jasper Theo

        “So yeah, I found this website…”

  • Alex

    Congratulations Jim! I realize that it’s a hollow victory, but it’s a victory nonetheless and I’m sure it feels good to have that weight off your mind.

  • mrhair

    It’s a disgrace that those morons were able to cost you so much money and time, but congratulations on you well-deserved victory.

  • GuardianSoulBlade

    I’m happy this part of your life is done, and even though it didn’t “set a precedent” I hope it gives indie devs a chance to pause and reconsider going crazy when it comes to legit criticism of their work, especially since Steam Greenlight is being replaced with Steam Direct. I’m hoping that the era of “indie devs” throwing crap up on Steam will at least be slowed down by the changes on Steam.

  • Lloyd

    Congrats Jim, take as long as you need to rest you deserve it!

  • Nathan Tipton


    • Jasper Theo


  • John Doe
    • qorl123

      Nice choice of meme, well done.

  • Benedikt A.T.

    Lets hope your case can set an example for all those that think the legal system is their personal weapon to silence those they disagree with.

  • there was a conspiracy. the Romine Brothers conspired to bring about their own ruin…

  • Andy C

    The result wa s inevitable and everyone knew that this would happen, but the fact that it took this long was just crazy. Also the fact that Romine needed that result spelled out to him is just as nuts. Glad to hear it this is all over and now you get some peace of mind from knowing this is done.

    Thank god for Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • zarathustra2k1

    ” leaving the developer who may have spent months and years on that particular game with an eviscerated husk”

    Months and years…





  • greyXstar

    A conspiracy with Valve. As if Gabe would be bothered to lift a finger doing anything other than damage control these days…

  • Mr Ink 5000

    Congratulations Jimothy

  • Sunset Shimmer

    Your lawyer deserves a hug and more clients!

  • David Everard

    Don’t worry, Jim. Together, we’ll break these chains of love

  • Muddy Scarecrow

    Wait, he seriously tried to claim that you made a deal with Valve to get Digital Homicide kicked off Steam? Ok, this is seriously and sadly starting to sound like the guy just has a very unhealthy obsession with you. Either he’s deluded with hatred to the same level as SJW haters where he sees your face in everyone of his misfortunes, or he just REALLY wants to have a rivalry with you like the Joker in Lego Batman.

  • tomster2300

    Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling, SON! Go break those chains and enjoy your overdue victory.

  • Miles Saintborough

    Thank goodness this whole thing is over. I may not always agree with what Jim says, but the bullshit he had to endure from Digital Homicide was a colossal waste of time. This will be a distant memory soon and a footnote in history.

  • Nitrium

    Well that’s great news! Always thought this lawsuit was seriously reaching and spurious.
    Little typo: “Romine and his brother Robert” should be “James and his brother Robert” (not that it matters, because none of this matters now).

    • His real name is Romine Romine.

      • Fallen Prime

        His brother is Luigi Romine.

        • Anton

          From the Not-So-Super Romine Bros

        • Captain Pipsqueak

          And don’t forget little Yoshi Romine.

    • Captain Pipsqueak

      We call them the Lettuce Brothers.

  • TJ Barke


  • Michael Mooney

    Chains of love to you Jim. Thank God for you.

  • Pocket Nerd

    Good news indeed! Congratulations, and as always, thank God for you.

  • Linda Sofia Hartlén

    *twirls around to chains of love* victory!! so glad that nightmare is over, it must have been so draining emotionally (and of course financially). And the very real danger that the whole lawsuit represented to critics. I hope you will celebrate with some fun stuff tonight, hopefully involving leather, lace, and whips ^^

    • Jim dresses up as Cornflake Homunculus for sex.

      • Linda Sofia Hartlén

        oh.. be still my heart ^^

      • Jasper Theo

        All the cornflakes seem to obscure his vision though. He might accidentally make out with that Colonial Marines blow up doll.

  • So I guess this lawsuit was an ABSOLUTE FAILURE?

    • Jasper Theo

      *bling bling bling* 7! 7! 7! Something something jackpot something!

  • La Chica Incognita

    Keep in mind this guy blames you for ruining his career and now sees that the legal system is not on his side…he might try even more nefarious ways to seek revenge. Hate to be the one ruining the party, but please just be careful.

    From the way you were talking in one of your older videos (I think Genesis Online? It was the minecraft clone in a tiny little plot of land floating in limbo) he’s already allegedly been behind trying to find out/post your address on the internet to get
    people to harass you as well as a number of juvenile tumblr blogs…this indicates to me he doesn’t really give a fuck about “justice” he just wants revenge and to hurt you any way he could.

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      This depresses me but honestly I didn’t think he was done either. As Jim himself states Romine has been putting more money and time into this than ANYONE should. He’s not just going to give up after all the effort he’s exhausted. Though perhaps there’s a silver lining here. Like…isn’t Doxing illegal? In his blind lust for revenge he may actually end up putting himself into legal trouble. That would be kind of beautiful.

      • I don’t think publishing someone’s address on the internet is actually illegal.

        • Muddy Scarecrow

          Yeah damnit I didn’t think so. But he’s got to slip up eventually. Like trespassing on Jim’s property himself.

          • That would require him to go cross-country to stalk Jim. He’s a narcissistic arsehole, but I don’t think he’s that bad.

        • Salador

          But it’s surely enough to prove criminal intent with the other shit. It’s clearly a persistent campaign against Jim.

          At the very least, Jim can get himself a restraining order out of it.

          • I don’t think the justice system has updated restraining orders to include online actions yet.

      • Andreas Langberg

        Not to worry. He accepted a deal to dismiss the case in favour of stopping future repercussions against himself. He’s obviously capable of thinking in terms of consequences, like normal adults, and thusly it’s not likely for him to do anything with even more repercussions. A crazy person who’s likely to turn violent rarely thinks of consequences, and such a person would not accept a dismissal.

    • Salador

      Jim should just stay strapped up.

      I hate guns, and their existence terrifies me, but let a motherfucker try to threaten my life.

      • froyton

        I just wanted to say I like your avatar, as well as your taste in anime.

    • Benj

      Worst case scenario.

      Romine/Romine 2020

    • JoYKiLL

      I just expressed the same sentiments, it worries me.

  • Wolfie

    In action that is both righteous in its display, but heinous in its delay, orderly law has finally prevailed. We can only hope this serves as a deterrent from others who may consider such actions, though I fear that is only a false hope.

    While we congratulate Jim Sterling, we must not forget that this lawsuit was able to be fought against BECAUSE he is Jim Sterling. A man who has a reputation behind him, a base that supports him, and a notoriety that empowers him as an icon. Someone of lesser stature may have been forced to give into the weighty pressure, to settle rather than to fight.

    That should be considered a great sin of our legal system. However, for now, we should at least take pride that it is, at the very least, in this pathetic diatribe excuse of a lawsuit, is finally where it belongs; with the rot and bones of others like it where it and those others so rightfully and richly deserve.

    Congratulations, Jim Sterling. And fuck you, Romine.

    FUCK. YOU.

    • Anton

      Great post, but my mind immediately went to “righteous in the streets and heinous in the sheets”

      • Wolfie

        Which, really, perfectly summarizes Jim.

        You haven’t seen The Sterling until you see the dragon dildo come out of its velvet-lined drawer.

    • Captain Pipsqueak

      Would that make it righeinous?

  • boylandtheliberator

    I asked the question on sidalpha’s video and I ask I ask it now in sense of optimism and hope for this community is there a way for them to redeem themselves? I consider myself as I would hope all others in the gaming community as open minded and fair minded. While I disrespect the actions and agree the lawsuit is disgusting and do not approve of it. I do hope even if its slim that Robert and james see you criticism for what it was in reality a critics first impression of in reality was a second game fo a slew they put out in that single year. Now I thought and hoped things were getting better when you cover dungeons anf krengmor on your channel and showed thme if not them you were fair and gave it a fair critique saying you had good things you could say and improvements that could be suggested to the quality. I just hope dh may take time away hone a game of oquality and let the market place do its best where I hope it sells to prove that no matter what sins you have committed int he past we are all guilty of something stupid or bad in all oURS.

    • Clark Kent

      I’ll admit I didn’t read your full comment because it was a dense, poorly spelled wall of text, but to answer you first question : no. Even if, through the grace of some god, they received enlightenment and suddenly realized how shitty they have been there are a few issues for them ever being in business again :
      1) They lost all public credibility and everything they will ever develop will be met with scorn form whoever sees their name.
      2) They managed to get banned from Steam, which was their best chance to get a decent customer base.
      3) They are probably completely out of money and I doubt they can afford seriously working on a game.
      4) They were never good at making game, so why would they pursue in that branch?

      No. Game development is dead for them, which isn’t something to cry over. Good riddance, now we can forget them, move on and thank God for Jim.

      • boylandtheliberator

        Sorry I have mid dyspraxia and spelling can be a little bit of a difficulty. However I say this from adversity sometimes the best art does come. Well personally I hope they do nothing better in my mind than redemption story especially one that sunken this low. I think jim rightly is annoyed and angered with them. I think it could be bad if its their only means of income as don’t know about james but from what I remember about jim’s conversation with Robert he was married with two children. If this puts them close to the breadline or even below it not good. As I personally never want to see any family suffer and if it does happen may it is the reality shock they need.

        • Clark Kent

          I’m not saying that I want them to starve to death in he streets, just that they will have to find a new line of work. It’s not like videogames were a good match for them anyway.

          • boylandtheliberator

            I hope they do as it could be good thing for the community and industry from a company so hatred and despised to produce something fo quality

    • Wolfie

      For me, yes, actually. If they apologized, and I mean legitimately apologized, not some bullshit “I’m sorry everyone else sucks” apology, that’s the first step.

      And I dare say the second step would actually to make a competent product. Prove they actually learned something from all of this. If they can do those two things, then at least for me, I dare say there is hope for some kind of redemption.

      Though I may be an exception to the rule on that one.

  • Alex Olinkiewicz

    Finally, as someone who is currently taking college classes in Game Development and have some plan projects I want to create some day. And while I do say that Digital Homicide give true indie developers, I still can’t deny that the BS these brothers did to Jim and allot of other people have been a great reminder that I’m so far on the right path on being a good game developer and I will most likely will never take any of the paths that lead Romine to where he is now.

    • boylandtheliberator

      Well I am hoping they redeem themelves. I know robert has a family and hopefully theya re not in financial ahrsship. No one wants to see that. Hopefully this si the wakeup call he obviously needs

  • Burt Humperdink

    I never doubted you would not be made to pay anything. Is there the chance that you were a little lenient with him though as Leonard French suspects?

  • Beathil Tenchijeff

    A shame it ended this way. I wish those two were still able to make games, even though they were terrible games. They were consumed by hate and it destroyed their company, they have only themselves to blame.

  • altdoom

    So happy to hear this Jim, now we can look ahead to a Boglin filled future.

  • Three last lines (including the P.S.) are such a perfect and dignified sendoff to this ridiculous case.

    Thank God for James Fucking Stanton Son!

  • Jallen

    Glad the ordeal is finally over, you suffered it with aplomb. Congratulations and thank God for you!

  • beranie

    Congratulations, this went on for far too long indeed. I’m glad that in this case, justice and the letter of the law were on the same side.
    You never know when it comes to the old legal systems assessing anything remotely pertaining to digital copyrightlaw.
    I’m really looking forward to the whole story.

    Could it be that Romine and Trump share some character traits?

    Enjoy your victory, Peace.

  • neil pavitt

    well done Jim, sure it must have been a much bigger burden than you ever let on to us mere mortals, chill…. relax and keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • Ryan Furlong

    I loved the P.S. XD

  • Salador

    So the day the lawsuit gets squashed Jim’s site magically goes down?

    Go fuck yourself, you cunt.

    • Nemrex

      I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion.

      Most likely, Jim’s site got flooded by people who wanted more juice on what happened, as well as to congratulate him!

      • Salador

        I hope so, but I doubt it.

        • Fallen Prime

          Dude, this is what happens every time Jim gets a ton of traffic. This article has 20+ comments in two hours, which DEFINITELY counts as a ton of traffic.

          Plus, after all the cash they wasted on the most bullshit lawsuit in legal history, what resources would they have to do that?

          • Salador

            I imagine DDOSs aren’t that expensive. And the lawsuit ended when it did precisely because Jim wanted to save time, money and effort.

            And never underestimate the lengths people will go to to get revenge.

          • Fallen Prime

            That’s what the whole suit was.

            It’s traffic. Put your conspiracy box down, you don’t need anything in there.

    • Depending on the article (like a major game review), Jim’s site will go down because of too much traffic. Naturally, a LOT of people wanted to read this one.

      • Salador

        Fair point, but Digihom have targeted Jim’s site before. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  • chozohybrid

    I’m happy to hear that’s finally over for you Jim. I’ll be having a drink in your honor with my friends this evening!

  • Glad to hear you’re clear of this malarkey, Jim. Now… exhale and do your thing.

  • Oxycominum

    I am just happy your indie-status still stands strong after such an exhausting experience. I see it with my country that has no fair use. The entertainment we produce is mostly awful because critics do not have the ressources to properly critique and our finer arts, films, music, games, anything, can not properly advance and not catch up. I have expressed my agreement and disegreement regarding any of your content whenever I felt the need to, somteimes more proper than other times but no matter what comes, the job you do here is so very important. So catch a breath and then keep on rolling!

    I think the two are still onto you so do us all a favour keep your guard up.

  • Joshua Chap

    This lawsuit was a 0 out of 10. Would not play again.

  • FireEmblemFan

    And with that the digital homicide saga has come to a close.

  • Gary Pitts

    Congratulations! i knew this would eventually get thrown out, too bad it took this long. I hope the financial strain wasnt too much.

  • MrFreemantle

    What was done was appalling, but everyone knew you’d come out on top. It went on for far too long, I personally thought it would of been done within 2 months from when I heard what was going on. I cannot even imagine the stress of knowing that someone is out to get 15 million(Seriously wtf) from you for a criticism of their own lack of work and effort . You’ve done good Jim. Now cmon, we’ve got some games to play eh??? =)

  • Dave Kennington

    Great news JFFS! All the best.

  • Salador

    OK, so I made one comment that was a little spicy, let’s start again.

    First of all, congrats to Jim, though he didn’t get anything out of this, this particular beef probably isn’t over yet. If Digihom were smart, they’d never have let this gone this far. I expect them to bear this grudge out of stupidity alone, never mind the crazy persecution complex that losing has probably only reinforced.

    Second, I hope Jim’s site went down because everyone flooded here to get info/congratulate him, and not because of some petty parthian shot. Because people have targeted it before (remember when Jim dared to give No Man’s Sky a 5/10), and will probably do it again in the future.

    • Benj

      I don’t believe the Romines have the support or technical know-how to bring a website down… I totally wouldn’t put it past them though.

      • Heh, exactly. They can’t even competently make a game. You think they’d know how to properly DDoS a website?

        • Salador

          6 year old kids can DDOS someone. It’s notoriously easy. I’m not exactly Mr Robot myself – I couldn’t code pong – but I’m aware that real hackers tend to laugh at script kiddies who think they’re a big deal cos they DDOSed someone.

          • This is the Romine brother’s we’re dealing with, though. I think it’s time you put this conspiracy to bed, pal. The site’s working fine now. It was overloaded for awhile because everyone wanted to read Jim’s statement.

          • Salador

            You’re right. I think the (numerous) horrible experiences I’ve had with Twitch in the past have sort of created the knee-jerk reaction of: Site gone down = probably DDOS that I tend to jump to.

  • Nathan Gainsborough

    Fantastic news! Despite the fact this situation should never have occured It’s good to see it at an end. Keep on being Jim fucking Sterling son.

  • WomansRIghtsLOL

    What lawsuit? When did this happen? /s

  • サイラス

    P.S. I did not enjoy playing The Slaughtering Grounds very much.

    Moral of the story.

    • Jasper Theo

      Break the Chains of Dun, Dun, Dun dun dun, Dun, Dun, Dun dun da-da-dun.

  • Sonicron86

    Good riddance to this colossal waste of time and resources – this conclusion has been long overdue.
    Congratulations on this legal victory, Jim. I know the feeling of utter emotional exhaustion after such drawn-out proceedings, so… probably best to just sleep for 48 hours and then go do something you love.
    Thank God for you. 🙂

    • And by “doing something” you mean sex, right? Can you imagine that? Jim fucking someone or something? Just pounding it…pounding it….pounding it….POUNDing it…POUNDing it….POUNDING it…POUNDING it….POUNDING IT…


  • Tornd

    So glad this is finally over. You could probably write an interesting book about this whole sordid experience.

    • Benj

      When Jim Sterling finally decides to write his memoirs these fuckers won’t amount to more than a fucking footnote!

    • Tyler Boone

      Like ‘the Disaster Artist’, only with even less rational people. Then James Franco and Seth Rogen can star in a movie based on it!

    • BlanketMonster

      If a book is written, they will probably sue Jim wanting their cut of the profits!

  • The Outsider

    Who saw this coming? I did! Am I special?

  • Tyler Boone

    Congrats, Jim. I’ve been worried about this and the potential consequences it could have on critics for some time now, and it’s great to see that the calm, rational side won out here. I’m very much looking forward to any and all further insight/discussions you’ll have on this, and I’m sure I’m in the majority here. When you’re ready to do so, that is.

  • ChaoticEnigma

    I demand a Jimquisition out of this, but do take your time getting to it.

    • CyanManta

      It’s already scheduled for Monday. Something tells me he’s had the material assembled for months now and he was just waiting for the ruling.

      • ChaoticEnigma

        Saw that, I am counting the seconds. Tick…… Tock….

  • Scott Neil

    Congratulations the farce is finally over sir,wishing you peace and rest.

  • For better or worse, congrats on the victory Jim. It’s good that you can finally put this behind you.

  • Reclusiarch Reclu

    I’m so happy for you, Jim, congrats!

  • Appretaur

    For those who played the recent Ace Attorney game Spirit of Justice, try imagining the lyrics “I’m Jim Fucking Sterling, Son” applied to the primary seven-note loop within its cross-examination theme. That should be the backing music of the Jimquisition(s) on this subject…

  • BigFuriousGamer

    I know you’re not happy that you had to go through this, but I’m going to celebrate tonight in your honor. Very pleased this will soon be over for you sir. Now get back to making the content we all love and we will get back to thanking god for you.

  • Jeremy Ahola

    How hard and fast did you wank one out? After this whole sordid ordeal

  • JoYKiLL

    Jim, I hope this gets to you. I want to say in all seriousness; please watch your back. Many of us love you here, and you are the highlight of every Monday. This (these) Romine(s) seem unhinged and I worry they will come for you in a different way if they can’t do it with money. I know it seems silly, and maybe it is, but I have worried about this possibility since this all started. Just……watch your six for a while.

    • Anonymouselouse


  • 7thGuest

    Let’s all join hands (virtually, please) and together we will bellow such chant to echo through the ages:

    “Thank god for Jim Fucking Sterling Son!”

    • Drake Warnock

      Did you change your profile picture recently?
      I’ve gotten virus alerts when loading the comments on a couple places that use Disqus and you’re the only person that posted in both areas that I could find. It’s possible to embed malicious code into an image, so it might be your profile picture on here.

      It might have been something else, too. I’m just giving you a heads up is all.

      • 7thGuest


        Have this pic for a few months now, though I’ve changed the profile description a couple of days ago, perhaps that’s it? Never heard of such thing :v

        • Drake Warnock

          It isn’t something that is done often but you can. I’m not getting the messages anymore, though, so maybe it was something else that Disqus was doing or something.

          • 7thGuest

            I see, really weird. 0.o

  • Josh Mc Arthur

    Glad it’s finally over. I’m having a drink in your honor tonight Jim. Thank god for Jim motherfucking Sterling son.

  • Charles Davies

    Yesssssssssssss, congrats. You didn’t deserve to go through all that. X

  • RotwangRevived

    I will have a glass of Scotch for you tonight. So glad that this nonsense got thrown out.

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    gonna smoke a fat blunt in your honor tonight jimbo

  • Doogie2K

    Congrats on getting that bullshit out of your life forever.

    As for making fun/going over it…do what you gotta on your own time, if you ever even want to. We’re all gonna be here either way.

  • Anonymouselouse

    Well played sir. I look forward to the post mortem.

  • twigcollins


  • Clark Kent

    Glad for you, of course. It took way too long, but the hanged corpse of DH on your lawn should serve as a warning to some other shit devs who would have the same idea. So, no matter how tiring and costly this was, you can at least rest assured that you made the gaming community better for everyone, and that’s a pretty nice thought.

  • Caggles

    Looking forward to watching you tear the whole thing apart on what I assume will be a future Jimquisition, or however else you wanna do that.

  • TheTingler

    Well done Jim, glad this utter ludicrous situation has passed now. Breathe a sigh of relief and know that it’s behind you.

  • YuCMi

    I’m bummed that you couldn’t recuperate costs for this ordeal, especially because he was the one to initiate.

  • Nathan Montez

    It is still worth congratulations, even if the thing should never have happened in the first place. Congratulations!

  • NudeBeachLifeguard

    Congratulations, Jim! Obviously this was a terrible position for you to have been in in the first place but I’m glad we can now put it behind us. Thank god for you and thank god for happy endings.

  • Michael R Rivers

    I read this while listening to Piano Arrangement of Born Depressed (Extended) and my GOD was it cleansing. But at the last, though the shackles and yolk are free from you, I understand that while you found justice, you did not find peace. My condolences, Mr. Sterling, and may you gather the strength you need to be James Fucking Stanton Son.

    • MJC

      “though the shackles and yolk are free from you”

      One might even say the chains are broken 😉

      • Michael R Rivers

        Yes, those ‘chains of love’ are finally broken and Jim is now burdened, no more from this experience.

  • Otaku World Order

    This suit died as it lived. Without a point, without a clue and without a chance of success.

    Good riddance.

    I saw a video on YouTube by copyright lawyer, Leonard French, who made a number of them on this suit, on this final item this afternoon. Not only has Mr. French repeatedly pointed out how pathetic Digital Homicide’s case is, but in today’s video said that Jim was being generous for not asking for legal fees and damages from Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

    That’s our, Jim. Magnanimous even in victory.

    • Mr. Q

      Saw that video too. Glad to have that man around cause this legal BS can be a pain in the ass to decipher.

  • Mr. Q

    Congratulations, Jim, on the win. I would have wished a much better punishment for the parties that started this whole mess but, for now, I’ll settle for this shit show being over with.

    May better days await you with good times and great games.

  • Nick Outterside

    The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.

  • Zack Kirback

    I had a feeling this was coming as you name dropped Digital Suicide yesterday for the first time in a year.

    Congrats, Jim. You more than earned it.

  • Matrim

    Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger!

  • Matt

    You beautiful fucker. Congratulations on the win Jim, and thank you for your content, you’re one of the few creators that manages to be both informative and funny. You’re my number one Boglin Boy.

  • Analiza Marie O’Brien

    I am happy to see this turn out the way that it did.

  • Toby Teh

    *manly hug* Congrats, mate.

  • Evil Genius

    Good riddance to a load of bad rubbish!
    Carry on my wayward Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • Good to hear it was dismissed.

  • George

    Congratulations!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    I'm glad it all worked out. Now it is time to celebrate. But I echo other's sentiment on this page, please be careful for a while.

    The Romine brothers are cunts.

    • RedWolf

      The Romine brothers are cun- SKELETON WARRIORS!!!

  • Lies That Bind

    I’m happy for you Jim but worried if other people might go as far as DH have. How were they even able to get a court case and are there ways to prevent it in future?

    • Paradoxical Intention

      I think that maybe once other jackass “developers” see how this went, they’ll maybe think twice about it. I mean, they’d have to have the money to go to court, not just the blind, stupid bravery to.

      Of course, I doubt YouTube is going to get off their duffs to protect their content creators from this nonsense anytime soon though, so…?

      • MJC

        I dunno. It took Romine himself a year and finally a good talking to from Jim’s lawyer before realizing how bad it would be to continue. And since nobody really knows what happened except for Romine and the lawyer, I sadly don’t know how much other “developers” will learn from this incident. We might get some people even worse than Romine who see this and think “well I’m not going to be a pussy and give up like Romine did, I’ll see it through!”

        • Paradoxical Intention

          That’s true. We don’t know how far others will go in order to “make a point”, or to try and take down Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.

          At this point, he’s kind of The Undertaker of the Games Journalism world. : / Every shithead with a bone to pick gotta be gunning for him, thinking they’ll be the one to take him down.

          While I envy Jim’s wit, I don’t envy his position, that’s for sure.

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    Congrats and glad it’s over. You’ve definitely earned a break. 🙂

  • Gamedick

    so if making you sleepless and broke for a year was their goal, they kinda succeeded, right? it’s pretty awful that this went on as long as it did, and you handled it like a fucking champion, one couldn’t even tell anything was going on in most of your videos

    other thing i’m wondering: how the hell could THEY afford this? did they not hire a lawyer? and what are the consequences for them besides needing to legally change their names now?

  • Touma

    Thank god it’s fucking over, and thank god for Jim fucking Sterling Son!

  • ckmondavi

    Well here’s to putting this behind you Jim! May this victory mean more time and money to devote to the Jimquisition site and youtube channel. I can’t believe you were dealing with this while still putting out grade A content. Can’t wait to see what can bring with a clear head and this weight off your shoulders!

  • Jacob Rosen

    Brilliant. Congrats, Jim!

  • Dent

    James Stanton sounds like the name of a lawyer, a really sexy lawyer.

  • Curtis Jones

    Don’t forget to refund his dollar. Lol.

  • DreamingTheseDays

    I’m really glad for you, Jim. I can only imagine how much of an ordeal it was to go through this. Obviously you’ve got a lawyer who knows their stuff and is able to do their job well and that’s another great thing. It’s unfortunate that this whole thing happened but now that it’s finally over, you can breathe again and…well, maybe play some video games. Some good ones. Oh and do a Boglin special, please, because that is how one properly celebrates after a long and tiresome battle.

  • Martina Veselá

    I’m honestly shocked it took so long to end this. Robert Romine is very obviously mentally ill and should seek psychiatric help rather than legal. Oh well, I’m glad this mess is finally over. Congrats to your victory, even if it’s bittersweet!

  • Rodrigues

    You are awesome Jim. I am glad that ended nice for you

  • Not Lord Atkin

    Not the least bit surprising but still a relief. Glad you finally get to see the end of it.

  • DeadlyYellow

    I’m glad it ended now. A few more years and this might have seen a drastically different outcome, given the current political atmosphere about factual accreditation and accountability.

  • K Rb

    I await the “Jim Sterling laughs for 10 hours” video to follow this up.

  • Bart Vanzetti

    Glad for you to be able to put this one in your rearview mirror. Still can’t believe this thing wasn’t booted almost immediately on 1A/Fair Use grounds alone. It’s not as if they had anything even slightly substantive to prove malice or intent to libel.

  • Leod

    Cheers, Jim. I’m a tad disappointed you didn’t file a counter claim to at least recoup your legal fees and teach that dolt a lesson, but at the same time it’s somehow even more satisfying to end it like this. I’m sure Mr. Romine appreciates the mercy you’ve shown him.

    Nah. He don’t.

    • Jochem Sev

      Filing a counter claim would be useless and a waste of time and resources. The idiot has no money, he even needed a fundraiser to pay for a lawyer, which failed.
      The only outcome would have been to bankrupt him and impound all his possessions. That is probably a few steps too far and way beyond the message Jim would want to send.
      All in all, this is definitely the preferred ending to this whole insane debacle and I’m just glad this is over with.
      And may we never hear the name Romine again.
      Thank god for Jim’s lawyers!

  • Matthew Jenkinson

    You can feel the emotion behind your words. Glad it’s all over. Kudos to your lawyer.

  • Delnoir

    I think we’re all pretty damned eager to finally have this put to bed. It’s a good day. Jim’s lawsuit has been dismissed, Totalbiscuit is out of surgery, and all feels pretty okay in my world…

  • Ceroxis

    Hey Jim, glad this is over and you can finally relax a bit and de-stress, here is hoping Nintendo don’t open up a new one against you with this weeks JQ tho.

  • RedWolf

    I can only imagine how trying this year must have been for you, Jim. I’m glad the lawsuit is finally over, for your sake and for the sake of the future of the industry. It is a lawsuit that should never have been allowed to happen.
    To give my final two cents on the man in question, I think James Romine has some serious mental issues. I’ve done a lot of reading about the notorious Christian Weston Chandler recently, and I saw a worrying amount of similarities between those two in terms of their attitudes towards and understanding of society. I couldn’t care less about either of them personally, nor will I ever condone such behaviour, but it at least gave me some sort of understanding as to where Mr Romine was coming from.
    Now that all is said and done, let’s let the critics give their final thoughts and analysise of the whole debacle and then all move on with our lives. I think we owe Jim that much.

  • Paxillus

    Nice one Jim. Bout time. Holiday time for you boy!

  • Andrew Butt

    I’m happy for you that this is finally concluded Jim. Here’s to a year free of back injuries and lawsuits so that you can get back to doing the things you love! ^^

  • cprincipe


  • Camden

    I am so happy to hear this Jim, I started watching your youtube channel mid to late 2015 and to hear that a lawsuit was filed against you not long after I became a regular viewer ticked me off, so happy am I that I got two new games from my Steam wishlist in celebration. Love your work man, you inspire me.

  • Aidan Long

    Thank god the lawsuit itself is over. I’m hoping that Romine just slinks away, but something tells me he might try something else. Either way, I thank god for you Jim Fucking Sterling Son and hope that you at least get to live your normal life without the added weight of lawsuits and back injuries.

    • Steven Furtado

      Thankfully a “Dismissal With Prejudice” means that no judge will even remotely look at a filed case from Romaine against Jim Stirling that even slightly looks slightly like this. They won’t even let him file the claim. Period.

      • Aidan Long

        I’m more worried about stuff like doxing or anything outside of a lawsuit. Given Romine’s track record I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries something like that.

  • BiggusDisqus

    Here’s to you, Jim, and to the best possible outcome available for a situation that would really have to try to be worse.

    Glory to you in victory, Jim Fucking Sterling Son.

  • LilayM

    A drain on the resources it might have been, but as far as silver linings go – we’ve had many delightful laughs over this. I’m sorry you (and many others) had to deal with this, Jim. The shit sandwich was certainly undeserved. Still, thank god for you and the entertainment you managed to make out of this. Thank you.

    And so ends the episode of lame asset flips #332. Next week on…

  • Congratulations, Jim.

  • Loona Chan

    So what you’re saying is The Slaughtering Grounds was a not a very good game?

  • sillyskeleton

    Great news, though very bitter sweet indeed. It pisses me off to think of the legal fees you must have accumulated over having to fight such an absurd claim. I certainly hope karma has something special in store for him after what he’s put you through.

    Assuming all of the legal barriers are now dispensed with, I’d love to see you tear them a new one and rub your victory in their face on an upcoming Jimquisition.

    • Xell

      In reality, it already has hit him. He’s lost tons of money just as much as Jim has and all of the money he lost trying to file stuff against Steam made Digi Hom go out of business and he had to amend the statement, not to mention Steam kicked them from their store. Really, karma has already hit Romine hard. What we should hope isn’t that he gets what he deserves, but that he learns not to take negative criticism the way he has decided to in the past. As Jim said, he wasn’t there to be bashing them every step of the way no matter what they did, good or bad. He’d be just as happy to see a great game from them as any other company, if not happier because they took the criticism to heart and used it to their benefit (i.e. the Scott Cawthon Jimquisition him being happy of Scott’s success)

      • MJC

        You can even prove Jim wasn’t there to bash them every step of the way, because his video about their MMO style game was a pretty positive one.

        • Xell

          It’s a shame that never went anywhere and never improved. I would have played it if it did get better, and the asking price was worth it.

          • MJC

            Many of us would have. But my understanding is that it didn’t sell well immediately (heaven forbid you have to continue investing time in a single project to make it worthwhile!) so they went back to quick and dirty asset flips.

  • Riley Holt

    I saw SidAlpha post on this, and was looking forward to your direct response. At the least, I learned of a few other YouTubers fighting the good fight, and we got the world’s greatest moniker “Jim Fucking Sterling Son.” Silver linings, mate.

    Looking forward to seeing you tear thing thing apart in a video at a later date. Take a breath, have a drink, and relax, Jim. You deserve it.

  • Govinda Tutu Sharma

    To me, you are not James Stanton. To me, you are Jim Sterling and you will forever be Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.

    • Jasper Theo

      And above all, FucKonami.

  • Chürz

    To the Romines: boo hoo, what were you expecting? You had no case. Be happy that the judge didn’t force you to pony up the bill for Jim’s lawyer, because, in all seriousness, that’s what should have happened. Now you’re pariahs in the gaming world, your legacy is dead, your future prospects of getting anywhere in gaming (as if you ever had any to begin with) are tainted over any possible repair. You got what you deserved. I hope you serve as an example to all other hack “developers” (more like glorified lego builders) who think Youtube’s copyright strike system is a weapon they can throw at anyone publishing any criticism. You need to have a thicker skin to be able to prosper in this world and you seem to be as soft as pancakes and as harmless as a bath sponge.

    Good riddance.

  • Skullsy

    Sorry you had to go through that Jim it sounds like it was enormously draining. I can tell you don’t find the lawsuit funny but I had been following the case by reading the legal documents and it gave me a lot of laughs. I hope nobody else sues you Jim and that you keep making the great content that you do.

  • Randell Hunt

    It’s a sad day when people can drag things out for so long and bleed people’s finances and mental/emotional state with little more than a selfish whim. Take some time to recover a bit, and then let us have a glorious episode about it so I can once more thank god for you :D.

    • Miles Saintborough

      It’s scary when you think about it; people with more power and money or corporations with the best lawyers in the field can financially ruin the opposition by dragging out the lawsuit or sue people into oblivion. Even if the people suing know they can’t win, they’ll make sure that the other side goes down too.

  • Sam

    “jim fucking sterling son”
    Carry that phrase with you always Jim, as a trophy and as eternal proof that they tried to take you down and they failed.

    • Jasper Theo

      Digpex Studio was so much classier when they stopped at their incoherent drivel.

  • Paradoxical Intention

    Can I just say one, I’m glad this is all over and we’ve gotten a favorable outcome, two, I’m sorry this shit had to happen in the first place.

    And three, can people please stop armchair diagnosing the Romines with “mental illness” in the comments? *I’m* mentally ill and I don’t act like this fucking turd sandwich of a “game” “developer”. Asshole is not a mental illness. Mentally ill people CAN be assholes, but not all assholes are mentally ill. Claiming that they are throws people like me, who actually do try to be good people, under the bus. So, let’s not?

    Just because James Romine is an asshole, it doesn’t mean he’s “mentally ill”, and even if he WAS, that’s a matter between him and a mental health professional, not a comments section on the internet.

    Thanks for your time.

    *hops off soapbox*

    • MJC

      “Claiming that they are throws people like me, who actually do try to be good people, under the bus.”

      No it doesn’t. I don’t see a single person condemning all mentally ill people after saying the Romines are mentally ill. You’re just taking it too personally. Nobody’s trying to shit on every person with mental issues here.

      • Paradoxical Intention

        When people see a person being an asshole, and immediately jump to “He MUST be mentally ill to be this much of an asshole”, then yeah, it is throwing me, and other mentally ill people, under the bus.

        No, no one here is outright saying “all mentally ill people are assholes just like Romine!”, but that’s what they’re *implying* when they immediately jump to “he must be mentally ill” without any evidence or personal knowledge of him. Sure, they’re not *trying* to shit on every person with mental illnesses, but it feels like they did.

        Intent isn’t magical. You can step on my foot without having MEANT to, but you still stepped on my foot, and telling me you didn’t mean to isn’t the same as trying not to step on my tootsies again. Same thing applies here.

        We don’t know Romine’s life. We don’t know anything about him personally. We only know him “professionally”, and we know what he’s done to Jim. Even for a mental health professional, that’s not enough information for a diagnosis, even the vaguest one of “he must be mentally ill”.

        I AM taking this personally, because I’m a mentally ill person who is sick of seeing it. I see this shit everywhere. Every time someone is a giant newsworthy asshole, I see the same thing. “They *must* be mentally ill”.

        No. Maybe they’re just an asshole, and maybe we should be a little more considerate to people who have mental illnesses and not automagically lump them together based on nothing more than an uneducated hunch. Because not only is that a shitty thing to do to people with mental illnesses, but it also doesn’t address the actual issue of “this person’s being an asshole”.

        So, with all due respect, PLEASE stop doing this and please stop trying to excuse it.

        • Fray Joker

          This is someone who you should be listening to and learning from MJC.

    • Wolfie

      Here’s the thing. Well, firstly, I’m not really paying any attention, so I wasn’t even aware that Romine being mentally ill was even something people were assuming. But whatever.

      It’s not because he’s an asshole. It’s because what he has been doing is batshit insane. Filing a frivolous lawsuit is one thing. Representing yourself, as someone who has no understanding of law, not just once BUT TWICE? And then making the most insane arguments in both court filings?

      Well, that’s rather deranged. As in, not something most people would do, even if they were assholes, because as someone who can be quite an ass, we got limits. This guy totally self-destructed in quite the bizarre and explosive fashion. That is, quite frankly, not something you’d usually see in a stable person.

      And, also, no offense but there’s a lot of different kinds of mental illness, with a lot of different spectrums and cross-overs and shit. So, like, while I get what you’re saying, and I sympathize, I really do, this is important shit that people are not talking about.

      • guy

        No offense, but you really aren’t making any coherent points, and you don’t give the impression that you have any experience with the mental health profession. I won’t call you deranged or nutty, but it doesn’t speak well of your maturity level. No offense.

        Sometimes, the best thing to do is type your thoughts out, carefully read them, and then delete it. This was probably one of those times.

        • Wolfie

          Sorry, what?

          I’m not the one who made two frivolous, wholly incoherent lawsuits with no lawyer and no education in law, one -suing random and anonymous people- because some critic didn’t like my clearly shitty games.

          If you got a point, then make it. Don’t passive-aggressively try to put me down. I don’t make any coherent points? How. Seems pretty coherent to me.

          Or are you just a dick, because if you want to play that game, I’m more than happy to be a dick right back.

      • Paradoxical Intention

        “Here’s the thing. Well, firstly, I’m not really paying any attention, so I wasn’t even aware that Romine being mentally ill was even something people were assuming. But whatever.”

        Practically every other comment in this comment section alone was saying “He MUST be mentally ill”. I wouldn’t have really said anything and just not bothered if it was one or two people, but it was a LOT, and you just added to the pile.

        “It’s not because he’s an asshole. It’s because what he has been doing is batshit insane. […]”

        Even if those are symptoms common to any mental illnesses, as I mentioned in another reply, *that’s not enough to diagnose him with a mental illness.*

        It’s enough to say he’s a dumbass, and a self-righteous, petty, greedy, snotty little one at that, but it’s not nearly enough to say he’s fucking mentally ill.

        That would be a matter between him and a mental health professional, not an internet comments section. We don’t know him personally enough to make these sort of really shitty claims. We only know him professionally and via what he’s done to Jim. It makes zero sense to just casually toss out a “well, he MUST be insane!” remark when he does something stupid.

        Humans are stupid creatures sometimes. It doesn’t mean that everyone who does something stupid is doing so because of “mental illness”.

        Never attribute to “mental illness” what can be attributed to ignorance and malice.

        “And, also, no offense but there’s a lot of different kinds of mental illness, with a lot of different spectrums and cross-overs and shit.”

        I am aware of that. I have two mental illnesses that are on spectrums (depression and anxiety). I am well aware of how they work via personal experience. And, again, my mental illnesses don’t automagically mean that I’m an asshole.

        ” So, like, while I get what you’re saying, and I sympathize, I really do, this is important shit that people are not talking about.”

        I don’t quite understand what you meant by this, can you elaborate?

        • Wolfie

          Yeah, and I got my share of problems too. But I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

          • Paradoxical Intention

            I’m pointing out a very harmful worldview that has real-world impact on people like me. Yeah, everyone’s got their own problems, but this does affect me, even if only indirectly.

            Why is it such a big deal to YOU to defend this armchair diagnosis, and why is it so important to YOU that you get to say it, my points be damned? Hell, I even offered alternatives that are far better than just damning him with mental illness.

            Why is trying to convince me that I’m “making a mountain out of a molehill” so important to you that you’ll continue this conversation?

          • Wolfie

            Honestly? Because I’m bored and I was partially critical of your response. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, that’s never my aim generally, yet arguing is at least somewhat stimulating, so I do it and continue to do so. Christ, you should see some of the people I’ve dealt with before.

            However, it’s not just out of boredom, but also out of curiosity of what they’ll say next. At its “worse,” I suppose you could call it, it becomes a practice of attrition. I keep talking to see how far down the rabbit hole someone is willing to go, or in some cases, how deep of hole they’re willing to dig themselves into. To be fair, you’re not that. You? It’s because I actually like to talk about topics of ethics and morality. You have a fair point to an extent, but then you take it to the next step, and that’s where I think it falls apart.

            Look, if you don’t want criticisms, then don’t post your opinion, yeah? I mean, if you do, expect criticism. I found your alternatives lacking to explain his self-destructive and erratic behavior, precisely because his behavior was so erratic and self-destructive. I mean, he files a frivolous lawsuit he has no hope to win, with what I can assume is with very little money, and no lawyers, and then does it a second time not against some critic, but essentially against a major corporation. No matter which way you look at it, that is not behavior typical of a stable person. It just isn’t. Simply “being an asshole” doesn’t explain that. Even an asshole has a sense of self-preservation.

            Those people who flag fake ContentID or file fake DMCA takedowns? They’re assholes. Yeah, they may even threaten to sue, but that’s just an empty threat because the prospect of being sued is scary. But they know their place, they know they’re not going to actually do anything.

            This guy did. He is the exception to the rule. He did basically everything different than the rule, and it thoroughly ruined him, and for what? Spite? That’s why people suggest he’s unstable, because we’ve seen this shit time and again, but we’ve never seen someone like him before. He could’ve stopped early, he could have quit well before things got to where they did, but he didn’t. Yeah, it’s malicious, but people are not malicious by default, and not to the degree where they’ll metaphorically burn their own house down just to get back at their neighbor.

            There comes a point where something is clearly wrong. I’ll agree that reaching an affirmative conclusion is a bit stupid, but suggesting that maybe he’s unstable is not, because it’s a suggestion. It’s a possibility. What it could be? Who knows, but something is very clearly wrong with him in some capacity.

            And honestly, you can say we don’t have the right to discuss it, or that “it’s between him and a professional,” except not in this case. He was very public about his shit. If it was just some private affair between him and Jim, sure, okay, but it wasn’t from the start. It wasn’t when he made those videos bashing Jim on Youtube for the world to see. And it certainly wasn’t when he tried to sue anonymous users on Steam because he didn’t like their opinions of his trash. He lost the right for it to be only “between him and a professional” because he himself made himself public. Now that doesn’t mean he has to come out and announce his medical records or anything, no, but what it does mean is the idea that we shouldn’t talk about him is off the table.

          • Paradoxical Intention

            “To be fair, you’re not that. You? It’s because I actually like to talk about topics of ethics and morality. You have a fair point to an extent, but then you take it to the next step, and that’s where I think it falls apart.”

            I’m glad you’re at least willing to have a civil conversation with me. Thank you for that.

            However, I don’t think I see where I “take it to the next step”, whatever that means.

            “Look, if you don’t want criticisms, then don’t post your opinion, yeah? I mean, if you do, expect criticism.”

            I never said I didn’t want criticism (I’m pretty sure that’s how we got into this situation in the first place). I just tried to explain how this attitude affects me. It indirectly affects me, but it affects me, and other people like me.

            “I found your alternatives lacking to explain his self-destructive and erratic behavior, precisely because his behavior was so erratic and self-destructive.”

            All I said was “maybe he’s just an asshole”, what other ‘explanation’ do you think there could be beyond armchair diagnoses with no real basis in his actual mental state (because none of us could possibly know that)?

            You can be “erratic and self-destructive” and not be “mentally ill”. I’m just wondering why you’re so damn eager to pin it on that. Why do you feel the need to pin it on that and try to talk me down from saying “maybe he’s just a douchebag who decided to go that far because he could”?

            He had the means to do this, so he did it. Some people just do things because they *can*, sane or not.

            Romine was trying to make an example out of Jim, and legitimately thought he had the right to do so. It doesn’t mean he’s “mentally ill”, it just means that he was wrong.

            “There comes a point where something is clearly wrong. I’ll agree that reaching an affirmative conclusion is a bit stupid, but suggesting that maybe he’s unstable is not, because it’s a suggestion.”

            A suggestion that has real-world consequences for me and people like me.

            When you engage in “this asshole is acting in a way I don’t think a sane human would act”, especially without any personal knowledge of the asshole in question, it encourages people to lump them in with us solely on the knowledge that this person is an asshole, which leads to the idea that “mentally ill person = asshole/assholish behavior”.

            Not only does it not actually address the problem of the person being an asshole (and there *is* a discussion to be had about how far YouTube and the court system let this bullshit go), but it also makes it harder for people to treat people like me with respect, because for all they know, *I’m* one of those assholes, and that means I’m going to “snap” on them or something. So now I have to walk on eggshells around people because they hear the words “mentally ill” and think of people like Romine.

            There’s a huge stigma around being mentally ill, and that leads to people misunderstanding and fearing people who have mental illnesses. This leads to misinformation and it makes my life, and the lives of other mentally ill people, a hell of a lot harder because now we have to work harder to pass as neurotypical, or we have to take extra care to make sure people don’t see or are inconvenienced by our less tasteful symptoms, instead of getting the help and understanding we need.

            Granted, not everyone on the planet (thankfully) wants mentally ill people dead, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there that really needs to be addressed, and I think this is one of those times.

            “It’s a possibility. What it could be? Who knows, but something is very clearly wrong with him in some capacity.”

            He’s an asshole who thought he could take a critic to task for daring to disagree with him. *That’s* what’s wrong with him.

            “And honestly, you can say we don’t have the right to discuss it,”

            I never said anyone “didn’t have the right” to discuss it, I just tried to explain why it’s shitty and how it effects me and the mentally ill community at large. I don’t have any control over what you have the right to say, but I do have the right myself to say I find it shitty and why.

            “or that “it’s between him and a professional,” except not in this case. He was very public about his shit.”

            Again, we don’t know anything about him personally. We only know him professionally.

            Sure, we can say he’s *professionally* an asshole and his career is thankfully tanked, but it doesn’t do anything but harm to make assumptions on his mental state with no information.

            “He lost the right for it to be only “between him and a professional” because he himself made himself public.”

            No, he still has the right, because it’s a damn shitty thing to do. We don’t have the right to pry into his personal affairs. He made himself *professionally* public. Not personally.

            Shit on his career all you want, I have no problem with that. But you’re making assumptions about really personal shit with no information other than his behavior, which could have any number of motives behind it.

            Granted, I’m not saying that there’s absolutely no way he’s mentally ill at all, but what I’m saying is that it’s unfair to not only Romine, but also other mentally ill people to just assume that from the start with no evidence beyond “he’s not acting in a way I think is normal”.

            “Now that doesn’t mean he has to come out and announce his medical records or anything, no, but what it does mean is the idea that we shouldn’t talk about him is off the table.”

            I never said we shouldn’t talk about him *period*. We really do need to have a conversation about his actions and what we can do to prevent some other fart-huffing, self-absorbed asshole from taking the same steps in the future.

            All I’m saying is that making baseless assumptions about his mental state is a pointless endeavor, because it doesn’t add anything to the conversation, and only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes about people with actual mental illnesses.

    • Chijiru .

      Sorry, this is unrelated but, do you post on We Hunted the Mammoth?

      • Paradoxical Intention

        Yes, yes I do.

        • Chijiru .

          Thought I seen your image before, so I just wanted to shoot in the dark. 😀

          Interesting coincidence.

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    Your awesome dude.

    • Jasper Theo

      Indeed, his awesome.

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    Once again, congratulations! Glad to hear this shit is finally over.

  • Kintari

    > P.S. I did not enjoy playing The Slaughtering Grounds very much.

    Libel! I have nothing to do with DH but you’ll be hearing from my lawyers anyway.

    Also will be filing a motion to disclose the emails of everyone who disagrees in the comments so I can sue them too.

  • FuTeffla

    Keep on keeping on, you magnificent beast <3

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    I’m glad this ordeal is over. Congratulations… Now go to the Pub and celebrate (or whatever US equivalent is)

    • Loona Chan

      We go to bars to celebrate, which is much better. Unless the best bar is an Irish pub, in which case it’s the same I guess.

  • Darkseid200

    I fucking love you. Just saying.

  • Knight_On_Fire

    Was there ever any doubt? Then again… The world has taken a step backwards lately. It is scary to think you need lots of cash to defend your right to free speech. Do you have a right to free speech?

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    Play some video games. It is actually what we enjoy you doing most of all. We all get the benefit of it, after all.

  • StandingCow

    Awesome news Jim!! Glad to see this fool’s errand come to an end!

  • padaco

    so you’re saying that The Slaughtering Grounds is good then?

  • There is more to be said, perhaps in a lighter tone, but right now I am
    tired and reflective, and should probably just play some videogames for a

    As long as it’s not their games… 😛

    • Jasper Theo


  • Joep Nijveld

    Well done mate, threw the year your content didn’t suffer, you kept your head up high, and now is the time to really thank, the one, the only, JIM FUCKING STERLING SON!

  • SickboyWPG

    Congratulations Mr. Sterling!

  • Buzzard Follower

    Congrats Jim Im happy this BS is over for you

  • Jack Trevor

    Goodbye and good riddance.

    That’s the best thing to say about bad rubbish.

  • OctopussGrift

    There has been too much violence, too much pain. But Jim Sterling has an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Abandon your lawsuit, your takedowns, and your whole vendetta against The Jimquisition, and I’ll spare your lives. Just walk away and we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.

    • Thomas Higgins

      Nice one. Adaptation of Lord Humungus’ rant from Road Warrior? Good choice if so.

      • OctopussGrift

        Indeed it is.

  • jcdenton2012

    Pride before the fall… upon The Slaughtering Grounds.

  • goatonastick

    Were you able to recover your legal fees?

    • Mathnerdmo

      Unless I’m misreading it, part of the deal he cut with Romine is that Jim would pay his own legal fees and Romine would just leave him alone.

      Feels a little like a Pyrrhic victory, but Jim just gained my personal respect [whatever that is worth] for not “punching down”. I just hope Jim more-than-recoups his legal fees from patreon!

    • Nitrium

      No he hasn’t. There is a Youtube video detailing the outcome (he calls Jim “benevolent”). I guess Jim just wanted this to go away, rather than dragging it out even longer by trying to recoup legal costs (and actually James Romine would almost certainly not have signed off on it if that was on the cards).

      • Council

        Correction, it did see a judge once, just not in court. His Honor John Tuchi has …well, Roasted the original claims Romine made as much as legalese allows, and required them to amend it, to contain a measure of sanity(they added more nonsense instead).

        • Nitrium

          Yes I realise that. I was talking about the settlement not the case, i.e. a judge didn’t dismiss it, Romine did it himself (after talking to Jim’s lawyer).

  • I was waiting for the day when Jim can finally beat this damn frivolous lawsuit. I’m happy for you man.

  • So in the end even the lawsuit was an absolute failure?

    They didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell but I can only imagine how stressful this whole thing must have been. Go treat yourself, you really deserve it!

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    Jim Sterling is number 1 kissy boy!

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      Kissboy #1

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    Jim, this is one of the best thing’s I’ve heard all year! I am so happy for you! Congratulations, my man! We all knew you could do it, I’m just sorry that you had to go through such Hell. If it’s any condolence, your case being thrown out will help set a precedent for future cases of this variety.

  • Jack Burton

    wish you the best, got your back, particularly the butthole part

  • Fuzzy Barbarian

    This is great news, Jim. Legal issues, no matter how stupid, take a toll, and they just take a shit on your life. What the Romine brothers did is petty, and I really hope they’ve learned from it and don’t try it again. Kudos to Jim’s lawyers too.

  • Jack Burton

    I generally abhor the unsanctified regions of man’s holy butt, but goddamn, if some mushrooms and ecstasy don’t bring down god on your soul and tell you what is and what isn’t, then I pray for us both

  • Drake Warnock

    Jim, I’m glad you don’t have to put up with this any longer. If I lived closer I’d give you a hug.

  • Yay ^_^

  • Renaissance_nerd

    I’m surprised you just let it go with a dismissal Jim. You said time and time again “when this is over . Ah well probably best outcome as it was a waste of time for everyone.

    • Eon264

      to be fair, without Jim lifting a finger this lawsuit resulted in the utter destruction of their business and probably more legal fees than they can immediately pay. If Jim put the boot in any further it would come out their mouth, and nobody wants to see that.

      • Tom Bell

        They didn’t have a lawyer. Their legal fees amount to however much they value their time… which I’d value as nothing.

        • Reaces

          That’s not entirely correct. Nearly everything they did incurred filing costs which will likely have cost them a few thousand dollars in the end. Which is money that they likely couldn’t afford and were hoping to recoup in the lawsuit.

          • Tom Bell

            Oh ok, thanks for the correction.

        • Eon264

          There are plenty of court fees they have to pay, fees for a lawyer are just one part of what it takes to go to court.

    • HerbertGW

      An ordinary dismissal may have led to further cases, and thus might precipitate a pre-emptive strike from Jim. That the case was dismissed with prejudice, as Jim said, means that the dipshit boys can never bother him again.

      Counter suing them now would just prolong this bullshit, and would likely have zero monetary gain for Jim, given how poorly those two inbred twats run their lives.

      • Alex Wheatley

        He can’t counter-sue them now anyway – part of the dismissal agreement was that both parties agree to pay their own legal fees. Given that this was a joint agreement between the parties (and not a judicial ruling), I suspect Jim’s lawyer offered Romine this as an escape hatch as his last chance to not get counter-sued.

  • Winter Wonder Sylph

    I was hoping for Jimqusition episode, but I guess it will not happen.
    Nevertheless, congrats Jim, rest and play some good games.

    • Miles Saintborough

      Oh it may be coming sooner than you think!

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    Grats Jim, it was never really in doubt, but I’m glad you can move on and put this bullshit behind you.

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    Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling, Son. Our #1 Kissboy. Wish you all the best. You deserve a vacation now when this is finally over.

  • Chad

    It was a ridiculous set of circumstances that Romine dragged out because his feelings got hurt. Try to relax and enjoy your victory. That much you can do.

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  • Nathaniel Smith

    All my <3 Jim. I've followed you since the beginning. You used to be kind of an asshole but, here you are standing up to bigger assholes than the one you used to be yourself. You're awesome 🙂

  • Gabriel Gama

    You know, it’s easy to pretend youtubers live an easy life, but to think Jim had to go through an year of that nonsense and can’t even take proper vacations off is rather sobering! Grats on your hard fought victory Jim, take some time to recharge your batteries if you can, you earned it. We’ll be there when you’re back to make us roll our eyes at Ubisoft, shake our heads when Nintendo nintendoes and say #fuckonami because Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst… well maybe second worst after Digital Homicide.

  • Somnus92

    Congratulation Jim! Glad to be one of your pledges on Patreon 😀

  • Michael ‘Meatasaurus’ Daisley

    ‘Dismissal with prejudice’ is basically judicial speak for ‘this, and you, disgust me, get out of my sight’. In a place where everyone is explicitly required to be well spoken and formal, it’s as ‘fuck off’ as it gets.

    • Council

      The parallel is accurate, but honestly spoken, polite and formal speech will never quite have the same meaning. In honesty it is closer to ‘There is no point to this, and we will not talk of it ever again’.

    • Alex Wheatley

      Not quite in this case, since this was a mutually agreed motion by the parties, not a judicial ruling. Reading between the lines, I get the sense that Jim’s lawyer spoke to Romine and said “first, here’s exactly how we’ll destroy you in court. Second, you can agree to this dismissal with prejudice right now or we’ll take every last penny that you still own”.
      I agree when it comes to dismissals with prejudice that are judicial rulings though – it’s the judge’s way of saying “I would have torn this up as soon as I’d read it, but apparently the Constitution says I can’t do that”.

      • shayneo

        I’m wondering if jims lawyers where going to ask that the DH twerps have funds frozen. Basically you say to a judge “Im suing this guy and I dont want him to spend the money I claim he owes me so please freeze those funds”. Thats how you scare the *shit* out of any dipshit who tries it on.

    • shayneo

      It basically means “This lawsuit is over, and you can not restart it”. Ie if something is dismissed “without prejudice” , it means “Your lawsuit is over, but if you can prove it later down the case you may restart it”

  • Panzadolphin56

    Congrats Jim! Glad it’s finally been thrown out.

  • Congrats Jim. I’m sensing a t-shirt variant…

  • anomalous material

    somehow this read as pretty much how I thought you’d respond. Not with dancing glee, but with a resigned “Thank God for Jim that’s over”.

    I still want to see you dancing to We Are The Champions though.

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    Are you refunding the $2.00 for the Patreon???😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Drunken_Hobo

    I’m still convinced the whole Digital Homicide incident was a conspiracy to promote Jim’s Patreon. It just got a little out of hand.

    • Jasper Theo

      Loony Nutty confirmed?

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      Jim Sterling can’t melt steel beams.

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    Good on you Jim, glad it’s over for you.

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    I thought it was ridiculous that it lasted so long. I’m glad it’s finally over for You!

  • Chip

    Thank god for Bradley Hartman too, kudos to Jim’s lawyer for finally getting this whole stinking mess put to bed.

    Whilst part of me really wanted to see you rip DigiHiom to pieces and take the Romine’s for every penny they probably don’t have, I really respect this measured, classy and respectful statement. I know a lot of it probably comes from tired frustration, but still, show’s who the bigger man is – and no, that’s not a fat joke, you’ve been looking rather svelte recently Mr Sterling, has Chip not been feeding you properly?

    Still want to see a glorious victory video at some point though – I would accept three hours of you dancing to Erasure on loop instead, but that’s possibly just me.

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    Stellar news! Long may the Jim shine!

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    Glad it’s over. Thank God for you.

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    Congratulation Jim Fucking Stirling Son!

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    That Romine guy is mental. Unfortunately I don’t think he will learn anything from this. Even if he can’t legally continue with his ridiculous accusations, deep inside he will still believe he was right and that he lost because there was a conspiracy against him. And that’s something that really makes me sad… Is there no way to actually make him see the light? Maybe he should speak with some psychologist or I don’t know… He just disconnected himself from reality.

    • Jens Hansen

      Judging by recent events, he seems destined to make it far in politics.

    • Weasel Biggs

      “FAKE NEWS! Jim Sterling didn’t file for dismissal – WE HAVE A CASE! Biased court system is a travesty! #savedigihom”
      – A prospective Tweet from James Romine, in the spirit of Cheeto Berlusconi.

  • Neil Amos

    Awesome news, well done for sticking it out!

  • Ronnie Komstedt

    Congratulation Jim Fucking Stirling Son!
    good to hear that this unpleasentnes has finally ended, so yeah you go play some games and gather your energies for a future without that shite in the back of your mind

  • niallasd

    Congrats Jim, it can finally be put to bed.

  • Great, great news. Congratulations. Have a break, play lots of Horizon Zero Dawn and eat your fave food. I doubt these events will give the brothers a wake up call, but I hope it does. If they work hard on one game for a few years and take criticism with dignity… they might end up being game developers yet. All the best, Jim.

  • Chance S.

    Congrats! I am glad that this is over and you can move on. Thank god for Jim Fucking Sterling, son!

  • The Super Action Squad of One

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Natalia

    I love you Jim! This made me emotional. So happy it’s over.

  • Redh00f

    great to hear. play some vidya gaymes, have zome pizza, a good fucking NAP, and go back to being your awesome self.
    Thank god for you.

  • Gracious as always, congrats.

  • Banana

    Well, I’m happy for you Jim. It is good your lawyer managed to talk some sense into these dimwits and got them off your back.

  • Wheresmymonkey

    Could be worse mate. You could be staring down the barrel of a govenemrnt proposal which would make any and all deformation claims the financial responsibility of the publication that apprently printed the libel. Regardless of whether they win in court or not. That’s what’s currenlty happening back in the UK.

    • shayneo

      Thats actually the law in most countries, however modified as it is by the notion of “innocent discemination” safe harbors (Ie google doesnt deliberately spread toret urls, it just indexes blindly, so its not responsible , until a DMCA claim brings it to their attention). If a publication DOES print libel and an editor read it and aproved it, then yes that publication does in fact bear responsibility. In fact international law goes a step further and suggests that if your magazine in a foreign country slanders me, but I can read that magazine in my countr y, I can sue you in my country. And in fact i can even sue the man who sold me the magazine.

      • Wheresmymonkey

        I think you misunderstand. This proposal would mean that the publication would have to pay legal costs even if the claim was proven false. So in Jim’s case he would have had to pay digital homicides legal costs, even though the claim was thrown out.

        • shayneo

          Oh right i get you.

  • The Ghost Pirate LeChuck

    Glad to hear it’s finally over Jim.

    I experienced this myself a couple of years ago (another ridiculous claim) and the whole legal system is just built for solicitors.

    Anyway, let’s hope that’s the last one you have to deal with. Keep up the good work!

  • Jen Cappelli

    That took WAY too long.

  • Lewis Stonier

    Congratulations for getting a ruling in the favour of common sense.

    Can’t wait to see you get back to buisness as usualy without all the stress and worry this has caused.

    “Still want to see a glorious victory video at some point though – I
    would accept three hours of you dancing to Erasure on loop instead, but
    that’s possibly just me.”

    I will happily second this!

  • Smiling-gamer

    Good to see it’s over
    But their are lessons both DH and Jim to learn from this .

    DH over reacted but so did Jim .
    Was it worth all the coverage Jim did for all the stress and money spent for what he got back out of it ?

    As its not accomplished anything good except a bit of entertainment for us and all the YouTubers sponging off the story .
    I would preferred Jim had covered good games that need the coverage.l instead.

    • Dozi

      I think much of this has to do with Jim being a “curator” as much as he is a reviewer. Sure, good games needs exposure too. But then again a good game being used to scam consumers is… quite rare I think, cant think of an example at the moment.
      And I dont want Jim, or anyone else in the games media (or any other media either actually) to stop doing and saying what they know is right due to fear and fatigue of the aftermath. It would be a shame if the people or companies being (rightfully) criticised can just “wear out” the journalist and then keep doing their shady business.

      • Smiling-gamer

        Total biscuit has been trying to drum up support for good games that are not getting the attention they need .
        And I can’t help but think the time with DH could of been better spent on helping good games .

        A good example the game bloody boobs no one would of seen or cared about it but now people like Jim have covered it .

        which the attention helps it sales instead of more deserving games .

    • Not Lord Atkin

      Wait, you’re saying that Jim overreacted to being sued? what?
      Look, Jim is a critic. He did his job. This Romine bloke tried to prevent Jim from doing his job because his feelings were hurt or something.
      Remember that Romine could have easily ignored the criticism – or even better, take it to heart and attempt to improve as a developer. Instead he decided to launch a barrage of personal attacks against Jim, then attempt to abuse the legal system to get his way.
      There is no other course of action Jim could have taken without compromising his livelihood in order to appease a glorified scam artist. It’s unfortunate that Romine was stupid enough to sue. He never had anything resembling a case in the first place but he thought he did out of sheer ignorance and there was no way Jim could have foreseen that.
      It’s actually surprisingly difficult to account for idiocy when dealing with people.

      • Smiling-gamer

        No I’m saying a year covering of DH was Jims reply and a waste of good video time .

        • Not Lord Atkin

          I also think that picking the coverage is Jim’s prerogative and that he was absolutely justified in choosing to do so. I cannot emphasise enough just how important it is that creators can curate their own content without having to fear frivolous litigation.
          By standing his ground Jim sent a powerful message without perhaps even intending to.

          • Smiling-gamer

            Jim was justified in doing that I’m not saying he is not but it was not the smartest thing to of done .
            It’s cost him more in money ,time and stress by having a fight with a Dev that did not matter to anyone.
            As in the end was it worth ?

          • PeterParkour

            Was it worth it? I would say yes. Not only was it about principles but now every wannabe game dev will see that they’re going to be ripped apart if they think they can pull this kinda thing on critics. Jim not only helped defend game critics but all critics from malicious and ridiculous claims from people like the Romines. You only see this as a money issue but for most people who do similar work like Jim it’s him further pushing the rights for critics and reviewers.

          • Smiling-gamer

            I would no the opposite has happen as what was it 40% of steams games appeared last years this has not scarred them off it encouraged them .
            DH made a fortune and not even Jim stopped them it was steam it self .
            We have now got more crappy devs on steam and now PS4 and this fight has shown them they can get away with it .

          • Miles Saintborough

            DH made a “fortune”? Really? I don’t think they made as much as you think they did. If they really had the money, they wouldn’t have asked people to fund their kickstarter to hire a lawyer. As someone else said, you’re only focusing on the money aspect of the case. The actual point is Jim defending his rights as a critic. Yes, shitty games will never stop coming, but people have the right to criticize bad games and not be threatened for simply doing their jobs.

            It’s principles.

  • SavageSwB


    I just want to say Congratulations. I am a long time viewer, I joined you from the start of your tenure with The Escapist and I just want to say you’ve brought happiness and quite a lot of me yelling “Preach the word Brother.”

    I am happy to see that this has finally been resolved. I can’t imagine the burden its been on you. I look forwards to seeing your lighter hearted take on it.

    Don’t give up! And Keep on Preaching Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • Gabbeh

    Thank god for you

  • Sath oon

    Cookies make love like everything does

  • Johannes Barber

    Such good news 🙂 When you wrote about the continuation of the process a few weeks ago I was a bit worried for you. Not that they would win but that it would become too emotionally draining for you. Good thing you are such a strong person and that you have such a good lawyer. Get some rest and have a fabulous evening ^___^

  • GangsterHamster

    Relieved to hear it is finally over Jim. The chuckle brothers at digital homicide were so out of touch with reality that I almost felt sorry for them.

    Thank god for you!

  • Thank God for common sense

  • Daemosa

    Definitely congratulations are in order. It’s a sorry world we live in when we have adults who throw legal temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way. I’ve made it a point to get myself caught up with everything up until this point, and seeing the childish retaliation on the part of the Romine’s just goes to show that they are not ready to compete in this arena.
    I agree that having to pay all of your own legal fees is ludicrous, however, I believe at this point had you made the motion to recoup those fees, you’d be met with nothing as they have most likely spent everything they had on a prayer you would lose.
    Once again, congratulations, and continue doing what you do.
    (From one Stanton to another, rock on!)

  • Matt Bergles

    As the Pickle Party confidently predicted: Reason will prevail!

  • Hunter Mearo

    “Hartman’s enviable reasoning ability.”
    He’s actually a mafioso isn’t he?

    • P-Gap

      Made them an offer they can’t refuse perhaps?

      • Josh Arch

        “Ya dismiss dis case, see? Or you’s sleepin’ wit da fishes, see?”

        • Drake Warnock

          Well in this case I’m guessing it was less ‘sleeping with the fishes’ and more ‘We’ll countersue you so hard you’ll have literally nothing left’.

          • Weasel Biggs

            Which more or less means the same thing, IMO.

            That said, I hope the Romines are at least still employable to a degree and that whatever meagre coding or designing skills they have can get converted into a basic I.T. position.

            They might’ve been assholes, I still hate seeing people dig themselves into a hole they can’t climb out of. You could also say they need professional help, seeing as pushing so hard against someone whose only differing opinion was towards their product means they have a heck of a serious problem with criticism in general.

            I mean, if I’d sued for defamation every time someone in a writing shop class called my stories derivative, I’d have had nowhere left to go pretty quickly.

          • Josh Arch

            Didn’t have “See?” on the end. Untrue. All lawyers are midcard cast from The Sopranos

  • I have to agree wholeheartedly with Jim’s remarks in this post. As a lawyer myself, I think it is disgusting that claims of this nature can even be raised; while we look at this and see Jim as a victor, it does not account for the sums of money which Jim had to spend to defend himself from this claim; money that he won’t be getting back.

    It is an unfortunate truth that, in many ways, Jim has actually lost here, just not as badly as he could have; he has had to spend time, effort, emotional resources and cold hard cash in defending himself from something that, from the outset, was never more than spurious. Looking at it through this lens you might even consider that the Romine brothers have achieved what they wanted: they have hurt Jim. They may not have taken away the $15 million they claimed for, but they have successfully used the legal system to cause harm, and that is an unpleasant thing to see becoming precedent.

    • chimpy

      Does it not count as a SLAPP lawsuit? Could Jim fucking Sterling son countersue?

      • Sojourn

        It absolutely does. I’m fairly certain that the dismissal with prejudice is a nod to that. The entire point of the lawsuit was harassment and to drain Jim’s financial resources, to intimidate and silence a critic and offer a warning to others what might happen to them if they speak up. I wish Jim would counter-sue, not for him, but for the next guy who gets attacked like this. Though I understand him being tired of the whole affair and ready to wash his hands of it.

        • Miles Saintborough

          Sadly, the Romine brothers have nothing but their name. Jim would gain nothing in a countersuit.

      • Drake Warnock

        He probably could have, but the document that his lawyer made and that Jim and the Romine guy I can’t remember the first name of signed basically said that wouldn’t happen.

        My guess is Jim was just tired of dealing with all this BS and offered to just drop everything if Romine-man would do the same.

      • MrInsecure

        Well, he’d probably have a decent case, IMO, but the cost Probably wouldn’t be worth what he’d get from Romine, especially since, from the sound of things, the Romine brothers don’t have much in the way of liquid assets.

  • Congrats, Jim. I’m really happy, that law is actually based on common sense and not on bureaucracy only for people to be exploited.

    Anyway. Even if this pointless cost you money, which is a shame, it at least turned some good publicity on your end. So maybe you won’t actually have any damage from this, at all.

  • Josh Arch

    Congrats Jim. Rest up with some games and a coffee or something. Jeez, I can only imagine how seriously this affected you.

  • Za_Docta


    • Alex Hemming

      Well, here comes the pain!

  • Nomadski

    Well done Jimmy lad. Should never have gone this far, and you showed yourself to be far the better man for not even counter suing for your own costs. I’m not sure I would have done the same, as I’m sure the anger at DH would not have rested so easy with me, but massive kudos (or whatever they refer to respect these days) to you.

  • PrinceKonami

    Congratulations. I’m happy for you, that this whole atrocity is over.

  • Raging Raving

    Congrat’s on your victory over the Lawsuit Jim, also is that image header a Bloodborne related image, looks very similar, and yeah I know its meant to be the Slaughtering Grounds “cover art” (stolen art most likely)

    • Weasel Biggs

      It’s actually one of the few DeviantArt works the Romines stole in putting together bullshots for The Slaughtering Grounds.

      Back when the game had a Store page, that was one of the few images passing as a screenshot.

  • Dylan Sharp

    Wait you have a wife

  • Jon Rumble

    I’m a crap cook, I know I’m a crap cook but if anyone says I’m crap, that you were physically sick, your children have food poisoning then let it be known that I am not at fault.
    It is the responsibility of the customer to choose whether to eat it or not. Not to be told by a critic, food hygiene board, council, or the rats in the kitchen.
    I can completely understand this poor man’s plight in offering his food to you and have it literally spat out. Do you have any idea how that make me feel, when customers throw up my product and then don’t bother clearing it up for the world to take it as a sign for my poor cooking skills. I hope your proud that your not incarcerated, and free to spread the word, your actions clearly how little faith I have in humanity and how the voice of one can dissuade others from eating what I prepare. It’s not like anyone died or anything..

    -troll post. 🙂

    • Davorbasic

      Damn you were convincing

    • Charlie Koszulinski

      Oh, thank God it said troll post. I was scared for a second, lol.

    • CyanManta

      Sure, you could listen to the ‘experts’ who tell you anthrax is hazardous to your health, but why let their opinions taint yours? Get in there and try that shit for yourself, then decide if it’s really a bad idea.

    • CaitSeith

      The “throw up” part activated my sarcasm detector (I got it fixed).

  • James LaValle

    Congrats jim! We’ve all been pulling for you over the year. And while yes the claims James and Robert made towards you were spurious, there was a kernel of some truth to their complaints about harassment in general and how it is viewed by the court system. While they had no legal case against you, there was a severe problem with the idea that other people were attempting to send them death threats and (allegedly) boxes of packaged shit in the mail in your name. As fucking stupid as the romines have been over the course of this entire debacle, nobody deserves to be threatened like that, especially when doing it in the name of someone such as yourself who does not endorse such acts as stated by your previous coverage of Anita Sarkisian, Zoe quinn, Phil Phish, and Laura in the past. Online harassment is a big deal and I’m glad that you go out of your way to tell other people that even your worst enemies do not deserve it. The romines were truly scummy to you. And yet your stance on not harassing others is so strong that you made sure to tell others never to do it (for all the good that really did in hindsight). Either way, congratulations jim. I’m glad you finally put this to rest, and I’m very glad that you took the high road the whole time.

  • Jon V

    I would say congratulations to you, but I feel like that’s a disservice. No one really won here. Your time was wasted and while DH didn’t win anything, they cost you more money than they’re worth. It’s finally over though. Now you can get that weight off your shoulders and move on with your family, friends, and fans. Looking forward to new videos and podcasts with you, Laura, and Gavin.

  • carnmarth

    Happy to hear it Jim <3
    thank god for you

  • Alex Hemming

    I can’t believe that you managed to get Dan Akroyd to defend you Jim! 😛

  • Wolf

    Thank God For You James Fucking Stanton, Son.

  • Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan

    This turned out to be the most time consuming/expensive way of acquiring a new nickname ever.

    But Jim fucking Sterling, Son was still probably worth it.

    • The Ghost Pirate LeChuck

      They didn’t like it, but they’ll have to go along with it.

      Nichten Lichten.

  • Psychosociality

    Overjoyed. May the bloodsucking parasite that is Romine rot with the compost heap he calls a game collection.

  • Dazza Bee

    Glad it turned out this way, Jim – FYI if in the unlikely scenario that they had ‘won’ the $15 mil, I’m sure the many people around the world would have chipped in so you’d get that money back.
    I’m sure critics feel a little safer now. 🙂 I’m glad you got a lot of publicity from it. Have a good rest.

  • Michael Rossing Jensen

    Long time fan and lover of the Jimquisition, today breathes a sigh of relieve that this ordeal is finally over.

    Although clear to most people, the absurdity of the filings from Romine never posed a real danger, until you consider that stranger things has happened.
    The US election results for one.

    Still I was feerful, as one would be when a loved one is threatened, even if the threat has no hold in reality.

    For make no mistake Jim…. May I call you Jim?
    You are loved. Loved by many.
    Because of what you stand for… the truth, integrity and Boglins…

    A guy from Denmark

  • Eric

    HUGE kudos for managing to stay entirely professional, seriously considering ramifications of flying off the handle and indeed managing to keep completely silent about the entire case for that long. VERY well done,and excellent legal terminology used here and in the past to make sure not to incriminate yourself. Quite impressive.

  • Just Some Guy

    At least that’s finally done, and over with. Now we just need to hope this result will pose some sort of measure to deter some other dipstick from coming along, and trying to do the same thing to you, or another critic.

  • drhalpinstein

    Well, Jim, they say you can tell the quality of a man by the quality of his… thinking about it that would be just a pretty brutal insult to you. Forget I said that part and feel free to either fist pump or thrust your pelvis in their general direction. You’ve earned it.

    • The Super Action Squad of One

      The “Quality of an individual = quality of their enemies” axiom is probably why these kinds fraudulent clowns go after well-known people like Jim and Total Biscuit in the first place. Painfully obvious that they’re just trying to big themselves up by becoming the WORTHY ADVERSARIES of much more well-known people.

  • Imago3d

    Thank you, Jim. It might have been a trying time in your life. I know how being falsely accused feels. But the fact that you stood up to them with grace and not stooping to name calling or just bashing makes you a god among men. Everyone has been grasping at bits of information we could find about it and listening to others talk about it on their own youtube channels.

    You have bolstered and protected the community whether or not you know it. Had Digital Homicide won the lawsuit this would have opened the flood gates for every game developer or company who’s feelings had been hurt by a critic to enlist lawyers to silence said critics.

    I am so happy that you have won. I do hope you will continue to weed out bad developers and to also call out bad and depressing moves by companies for decades to come.

    Thank god for you, James Fucking Stanton, Son!

  • HisDivineOrder

    Congrats. A well-earned respite before the storm. For you have risked the wrath of Nintendo and Nintendo does not allow interlopers to challenge their authority to resell you the same copy of Super Mario Bros on every Nintendo platform you ever buy repeatedly.

    Watch out for mushroom-shaped poop on your car hood…

  • Gulliver Thoday

    What is also really sad about this whole story is that (unintentionally maybe) Jim actually set DH up with a wonderful opportunity. The publicity they got following their first altercations with Jim is something that many small devs would kill for. If, rather than spending all their time trying to make ridiculous legal claims stick, they had just sat down and spent the last year or so working on one decent game they could be in such a great position now.

    I even wrote to James and Robert and told them this, but they really do seem that closed-minded stupid and ignorant, they wouldn’t listen. Mind you, it comes as little surprise now that there are going to be people as stupid as the Romines in a country that elected a vein, ignorant and incompetent pseudo-dictator.

    Glad it’s over Jim, congrats… btw, I watched a lot of your videos over the last couple of years… first time I ever heard you mention that you are married and have a wife. I had no idea!! 🙂

    • CyanManta

      Right before the lawsuit happened, Jim even played one of their games on his Jimpressions series and said it had potential. Before that, he finished a Jimquisition episode by saying that he would be the very first to congratulate DH if and when they finally put out a good game. Of course, now that’s never going to happen because they fucked up and got kicked off Steam entirely, something that had nothing to do with Jim at all.

      • Gulliver Thoday

        Yeah I remember that I think, the “sorcery” style game where the player had a staff and cast spells in an fps kind of way. I really believe Jim when he said he would be the first in line to say well done to DH, and as a result they would have gotten great publicity and could have done very well.

        • Ryan Hebbard

          I believe that would be Dungeons of Kragmor?
          (I recall he also said that Deadly Profits had a bit of potential… unless I’m horribly out of touch with such *ancient* news.)

    • Just think where they could have been if they’d actually listened to the criticism like Scott Cawthorn did. He listened to Jim’s criticisms and now has an ultra-successful series of horror games AND a movie deal for Five Nights at Freddy’s.

      • Gulliver Thoday

        Yeah exactly. It’s just such a waste, all that negative energy on trying to destroy Jim rather than trying to create something worthwhile.

      • Artemiy

        AND also TWO books.

  • John

    You come at the king, you best not miss.

  • Weasel Biggs

    Congratulations, Jim. It’s probably more of a Pyrrhic victory at this point, given the incurred costs, but at least this means you, wifey and Chip will finally go back to something approaching normalcy.

    I bet Chip misses being the subject of excoriating discharges of bilious contempt worthy of a Victorian Era factory boss and part-time slave-driver.

  • Jango

    You know whats sad? It might be that they might actually still be around. Just google for Digital Homicide and ‘Loot Toot’

  • LordRedBird

    Congrats Jim, I’ve been following this since it reared it ugly head.

  • Jim published his Squirty Play video of The Slaughtering grounds on Nov 1, 2014.

    Three years. THREE YEARS Jim has been feuding with Digital Homicide. And
    this is where it all started. I’m honestly amazed at this debacle’s
    journey. We had:

    -Review the Reviewer
    -A takedown notice
    -Countless attempts to one-up Jim like making him a Slaughtering Grounds trading card
    -Calling him out on Twitter
    -The infamous hour and a half long interview
    -Studio name changing to hide that they’re still pumping out endless crap games
    -Threatening to sue Jim
    -ACTUALLY attempting to sue Jim
    -Attempting to sue 100 Steam users
    -Getting banned from Steam

    I’m sure I’m missing a few things in this insane roller-coaster ride. I don’t even know what you could call it anymore. It’s bigger than a saga at this point.

    • Benj

      Since Nov 2014 I’ve acquired a Master’s degree, a driving license, a graduate job, dual Irish citizenship and become significantly fitter, healthier and happier.

      Imagine how much the Romines could have improved in game design in this time if they’d actually put the effort into learning.

      • Chris

        Wow! let’s make this a meme. What have we accomplished while DH was crying and sueing:
        Got full time steady job, proposed to my gf, married her. Also bought and built our first house together.

        • Thomas Vincent Szaban

          I got a Master’s in psychology, got out of a toxic relationship, did a thesis and got accepted to a Ph.D program

      • Angel

        Hmm, what did I do in that time…
        I joined my university student newspaper, went from a proofreader to a section editor and now a photo editor, declared a double major and a minor, became a frosh week leader, saw my friend win the president seat of our student union, and joined a startup incubator. Yep, definitely more productive than the Romines.

      • kaipur

        Hmmm. WELL I moved from Kentucky back to Ohio. Got a job. Lost a job. Got an old job. Changed tax brackets for the better as I made more money overall. Saw my son head towards law enforcement. Got a pair of rabbits. Lost a cat. Got a “new” car. Finished an animated series. Started several new ones. Wrote two books (published neither). And continue to post a stream of art to deviantart. Yup. They could have done sooooo much more. Oh yeah…I started work on two rpg maker vx ace games that I haven’t completed but have the scripts finished to AND am drawing up original sprites for said games and…You know what. I’m going to stop now. Thank GOD for Jim FUCKING Sterling son.

      • This is good meme “What could I have been productively doing instead of being a crybaby on the internet (since Jim reviewed Slaughtering Grounds)”

        – Get new jobs/clients
        – Visit family, see new additions to the family
        – Invest in the stock market and doubled what I put in. Oh wait, 2014, that means it was all brexit/trumpbump

        All sort of exciting stuff.

      • DNutty12345

        lets see, my part time job became my full time job, i got a girlfriend, that girlfriend became my wife, and we welcomed a baby boy into the world 🙂

        • Benj

          Your child will never know a pre-slaughtering grounds world.

          Poor kid.

      • InfamousDS

        A job I enjoyed devolved into a job where I get excited when I’m sick or the mail doesn’t run (I can take those days off).
        I learned C++, and mastered parallel processing (multi-threading) in both Java and C#. I learned enough core skills to make video games, theoretically.
        I started following FFXV almost religiously, played it all the way through, and even killed the Adamantoise that SE never shuts up about. It is my first Platinum Trophy on a full-price AAA game.
        I brainstormed and wrote design documents for 5 games. 3 turn-based RPGs, a 2D collectathon platformer, and a homunculus of genre blending that I’m sure would be good if I ever actually put the idea in code. I have not progressed beyond the design stage because I have no art skills and am tone-deaf. One of these I could easily cheat at, the other… well let’s just say my ideas are esoteric and need custom work.
        I started learning Japanese, but due to time-constraints I never got past the fully-in-English introduction chapter of the text.

        Huh. That’s some 2 years.

      • ImaLemming

        Since Nov 2014, I went back to school and got a degree in Computer Informations which included classes in C#, web design, and Java, got a subscription on Lynda and learned a few things about Photoshop painting and Illustrator, made a couple game prototypes that are probably still more playable than anything from DigiHom… and got myself addicted to World of Warcraft.

        Huh, things were going pretty well until that last part…

      • Fallen Prime

        In my life… got a job, got my license and a car, a friend from Detroit moved back to Detroit and then back here again, another friend moved up here from Missouri and then went back, and I finally realized the thing I’d like to do with my life involves video editing.

        Oh, and new family dog. My sister named him Thor.

      • Artemiy

        In July 2014 I graduated from the University. Since then, I enrolled in an aftergraduate school, dropped out after half a year, and changed several jobs, training myself in the art of web programming. I joined several warm communities on the Internet, started my blog and got into bass guitar and board games.

    • Ryan Hebbard

      TO expand on the studio name changing thing – all the different names they were using, and Jim reviewing their games by sheer accident as a result (Devil’s Share, etc.)

      There’s also the whole Bundle Blitz thing.

  • Greenhooves

    What a long strange journey it’s been…

    • marbeltoast

      I know, right? I’m still waiting for my violet proto-drake in the post, btw…

      • ImaLemming

        I think they just appear in your mount collection now, so check for a gift box in there.

  • But it brought you, Mr. Sterling, a lot of media coverage and in this way it showed that your opinion is considered to be important. But when it comes to Trico I totally disagree with you and think that some of your reviews are much+++ too harsh.

  • adampoole

    i always thought Jim Sterling was his real name..looks like we need some “James Fucking Stanton Son” t-shirts made.. in all serious congratulations on winning, even though it shouldn’t have been allowed to continue this long.. at least it’s finally over and you masturbate over a pile of skeletor pogs in peace and quiet

    • Peter McIntyre

      He’d rather not be called Stanton so you may want to put a hold on that t-shirt order

  • THT

    You know, someone on this site once compared the Romine brothers to Dr. Wily, and to this day I find the comparison incredibly fitting; both so incredibly petty over things anyone else should have put behind them by now, use of disguises and proxies to hide their involvement, never learning from their past failures, and of course, never giving the fuck up.

    Hopefully this last debacle from them will be the end of it, though (though there’s still the chance they’ve uploaded four pieces of secret shovelware to get them out of bankruptcy, and we should be wary about evil storebought assets falling from space). It was a bloody waste of Jim’s time and money simply because “he was MEAN to me!”, and nobody should have to put up with that shit.

  • Saxit

    For some reason I was expecting a review score at the bottom..

    • Chris

      1/10. The lawsuit was an absolute failure

      • NudeBeachLifeguard

        Underrated comment

  • babinro

    I think throughout this whole process the only thing that comes close to validity was the subject of harassment. Clearly Jim is in the right from a legal standpoint as this case proves but it ‘feels’ wrong as a spectator to have listened to a years worth of his content where so much anger/negativity was geared towards Digital Homicide either directly or through subtlety.

    Clearly this wasn’t legal harassment but It really wasn’t ‘cool’ either. Jim ‘won’ in the end but I strongly believe both parties lost in terms of acting like mature and reasonable adults. Jim’s actions and words came off as bullying. As does his continued comments (in videos, not referring to this written piece) now that he’s been free to talk about the situation more.

    Would I be any better if I were put into the same situation? God only knows.

    I would like to think that Jim will learn from this situation and mature from it. While I have no personal interest in the lives of those at Digital Homicide it goes without saying that they have much more to learn from this whole ordeal. I can only hope all involved become better people rather than revert to their old ways.

    • Myrdhale

      you cannot be serious

    • Miles Saintborough

      Nope, the Romine brothers lost all forms of respect and credibility when they tried to silence Jim and then sue him over criticism. Had the brothers not attempted to silence Jim through threats and intimidation, this would have ended far sooner.

    • Артемий Андреев

      The Romine brothers weren’t exactly paragons of maturity and respect and scooped to bullying from the get-go.

    • CaitSeith

      It isn’t like Jim didn’t give them the chance to settle things as adults (their Skype conversation comes to my mind); but all attempts of negotiation ended in failure.

    • ThinkerT

      From virtually everything I saw from Jim related to them that wasn’t directly related to game criticism, it was in response to something else that they said or did that related to Jim. I don’t recall him ever initiating conflict with them. While you can argue that Jim didn’t “take the high road” in some cases, virtually nothing I ever saw him do could legitimately be construed as “bullying”, IMO.

    • You’re wrong here. Jim made his criticism and was perfectly willing to leave it at that. It was the Romine brothers who decided to behave the way that they did and spurred things on to the level that they got to. The things that they should have considered was either have another look at their game and make changes, or simply dismiss Jim Sterling as a critic with his opinion and left it at that.

      The Romine brothers decided to behave like children (especially in the case of Robert during the Skype interview), and pushed on with the idea of the lawsuit instead of making improvements to their game. My opinion is that they looked at all of the people that were criticizing their game and decided that Jim was the softest target of them all and then went forward with the lawsuit in order to silence Jim and get money to maybe improve on their games, or just to improve on the thickness of their wallets, which is what I think was the main focus since they went to Steam and demanded that they turn over the identities of customers that they planned to sue as well and then, if memory serves correctly, they claimed that Steam was in on a conspiracy against them.

      I firmly believe that were you were facing a lawsuit that in reality should never have happened, you would react with negativity and anger too because you would have to spend a large amount of money defending yourself against something that you shouldn’t have to defend yourself against…

  • Gaijin-

    Good to hear. Congratulations, Jim.

  • Terezi Pyrope

    This made my day go from horribly depressing to one of the best days of the past month. Thank God for Jim FUCKING Sterling Son.

  • Dariush

    Plaintiff? More like plain-thief, amirite?

  • CMcD

    Can Jim counter sue for damages?

    • Ryan Hebbard

      He could, but he’s opted not to. Not only would that mean dragging things out even further, but I think he would see it as kicking them while they’re down.

      • CMcD

        True. But a counter suit for damages serves as a way to tell future Devs who want to try to use law suits to punish critics that not only is it not profitable, it’s financially detrimental. They might be the first but they won’t be the last crazy Dev who attempts something like this. I feel like setting a precedent here is important for the future of free speech and all that.

        • Ryan Hebbard

          Oh, I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying what I believe, as far as I know, to be Jim’s reasoning. I’m sure someone else will eventually set that precedent.

        • Alex Wheatley

          Part of the dismissal agreement was “each party shall pay their own legal fees” – which essentially means that one of the terms of the dismissal is that Jim can’t pursue them for fees. He potentially could for other damages, but he’d have a hard time proving he had any.

      • Pocket

        Much as I enjoy me some poetic justice, I’d say it was the right call to make. I can’t imagine they’d have any money to take at this point anyway, since they couldn’t even afford a lawyer the first time around. And “kicking them while they’re down” wouldn’t begin to describe it. Between being shit at making money already and having now been banned from Steam as well as having their real names associated with this mess, they’ll already be lucky if they don’t end up freezing to death under a bridge somewhere.

    • Dariush

      you mean riposte?

  • Mark

    Unfortunately, we may see more of this crap as a generation comes into the game development world that are all about themselves and hate those who do the love them and give them praise (kinda like our president). But thank God that Jim Fucking Sterling was there to set an example for the rest of us. We will not be silenced. **And does anyone find it mildly ironic that an English twat is the one man who has won defending America’s 1st Amendment? No? Must just be me

    • kaipur

      LOL! Oh shit. Yup. Sometimes I think the Brit’s admire our system of checks and balances more than we do. Afterall, look who we elected president…

  • We’re going to need a name for this kind of activity. How about “Criticism without Consequence”

    Jim, I like your work, but sometimes it gets a little mean and obviously that will ruffle the feathers of those with thin skins who take it as a personal attack at best and a campaign to harass at worst. The quickest way to shutdown a critic or a troll is to in fact find malice in the comment, which is why one should never joke about committing a crime against the target that you make a joke of. However you have to be mindful that those who watch your content will hear dog-whistles that don’t actually exist. It may not be your intent to harass a developer, but your audience may see that as an invitation to do so.

    But as they say, never attribute malice to what you can attribute to stupidity (Hanlon’s razor.) “It was just a joke” is the typical response from a troll once their bullying goes too far and has real consequences, and thus this was the conclusion to find in the Stanton’s agreeing to dismiss the lawsuit. The Stanton’s were the ones acting as bullies in this case, it went too far when they decided to file a lawsuit instead of maybe leaving it at the more joke-worthy youtube response to your review. Pretty much everyone I know who knows about this case were face-palming at the actions taken by Digital Homicide.

    But this is an activity that has gone one for decades with other developers and publications (See Amiga Power magazine vs Team17) , so you never really know who has thin skin, and it would be better to ‘own’ a bad review by not releasing rubbish the next time.

    • When you say the Stanton’s, I think you mean the Romine’s. Stanton is Jim Sterling’s real last name. Romine is the two brothers behind Digital Homicide.

      • ugh you’re right, there was too many “James” in the title. Let me fix that.

        • Happens to the best of us. 🙂

    • drownedsummer

      Digital Homicide’s ‘review the reviewer’ video was in 2014. They first started the suit in 2016.

  • HomerNarr

    Respect sexy Stanton-Son Sir!

  • smiggypig

    Good I’m glad. I wonder what these two will do next? I am genuinely interested to see what they do with their lives now.

  • Ghost

    The monster screams one final howl and falls to the floor, exploding. The Chosen undead Jim Stering gives a bow as respect to the camra as the words Victory Achieved at the top of the screen. Steam can rest easier now that the DH is dead.

  • Артемий Андреев

    Good to hear that this shit has finally been dealt with.
    And as always, thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling, son.

  • InfamousDS

    Too little too late, as Jim has likely moved on from this comment section, but Extra Credits released an explanation this week as to why there are so many stupid, suicidal devs on Steam and the App Stores. Not their words, obviously, as the show is written and voiced by people trying to catch flies with honey instead of vinegar.

    In short, these games aren’t meant for the general public. They release them into the wild in hopes they succeed (like Flappy Bird), but otherwise have no financial goals in mind. Their low investment in money but high investment in time and energy makes the games deeply personal. They aren’t products, they are art. Art which is meaningful to them, and their family. They can’t see the flaws because they did the best they could, and everyone they know loves it and is proud of them.

    Food for thought.

    • CaitSeith

      Unfortunately that wasn’t the case of DH. Slaughtering Grounds was priced at $10, and they already had one or two other games on Steam before it. They were making games for profit. And after that, they kept making game after game after game.

      • InfamousDS

        I know that became their goal in the end once they discovered the great trading card scam, but $10 was a pretty standard Steam price at the time. Many mobile titles were being ported for that price on the cheap, and it was rare to see something for less than that if it wasn’t entirely free-to-play or during the once-great “Steam Sales”.

        Never forget they also released “Forsaken Uprising” (somewhat earlier than the Slaughtering Grounds), a lower-quality bog-standard survival crafting game that was set in a somewhat unique world where the store-bought assets weren’t quite as blatant and the bugs were painful but not stupidly so. Jim, if I recall correctly, spent most of the video complaining about how he couldn’t make survival games interesting and not complaining about the game. It, along with Kragmor, may be the only two games where they actually gave a crap.

    • drownedsummer

      There are definitely two different groups. One is the group making abyssmal games which they personally consider to be art and unable to perceive the flaws with it and defend it.

      The other is the people who clearly trying to grift for the purposes of making a profit.

      Amusingly two of the games which were released recently on the PS4 are two examples of both. Life of Black Tiger is a very good example of the latter with Gachduinne being a good example of the first.

      While certainly perspectives on DH are biased by their later actions.With their output I find it hard to believe that they were ever doing other than trying to make a profit and putting as little effort as possible.

      • InfamousDS

        He cited a history of writing textbooks in the suit. He seems like a person who knew IT/programming and would make a genuine effort. Until those genuine efforts were crapped on, an easier alternative to profit became obvious, and the name was ruined by grossly over-reacting to criticism.

        • drownedsummer

          The problem is though the game that brought them to everyone’s attention they clearly didn’t make a genuine effort and has many of the hallmarks of their other games.

          • InfamousDS

            That wasn’t their first game on Steam, though. Their first game wasn’t quite as blatantly terrible. Still bad, but not horrifically bad, and a far cry from the just plain lazy which came to define their careers.

          • drownedsummer

            That’s the bias point mentioned. It’s tricky to look back at their earlier stuff and think was their point when they weren’t just making stuff to try and make money?

          • Koalaman412

            I saw the books that James Romine wrote and those were books about MUD, which is Multi-User Dungeon/Dimension (or something like that). It was written by both him and someone named Rawn Shah. Although, I’m not sure how much James was actually involved in writing these books since it might’ve been mainly Rawn Shah that did most of the work, but that’s just my opinion.
            In terms of programming, he doesn’t have have any experience at all for that. Back when he had his LinkedIn public, plus before the whole redesign of the website, a lot of his past work were just system administrator and technician which doesn’t involve with any kind of programming at all. He might’ve had some IT experience during the past two decades, but there was nothing listed in his past experience as a software engineer. The first time that he ever done programming was back in 2014, which is around the time when he and his brother Robert created Digital Homicide and created both Forsaken Uprising and The Slaughtering Grounds during that year. He listed himself as a “Senior Programmer” even though he never has done any previous programming work at all. For that, it seems he was just being overconfident and cocky about himself just because he knows the basics of Unity development.
            Now, he kept his profile private a few months after he got banned from Steam and the only thing that was listed was he was doing work in the fishing business (and again, before LinkedIn updated their website). So it seems that, from what I can see, he never had the time, effort, and mostly, any interest in learning programming at all which makes sense as to why all of his games are using unity assets and are all in a very bad quality. Maybe they did try to do it at some points on some of their games, but it seems it was never for them to begin with.

          • Bpdelia

            But see here’s the thing. I’ve been a musician (often professional) for 31 years.

            At the start, when I stunk, I would NEVER have attempted to sell my work.

            If you’re giving it away then it should be treated kindly.

            The moment you charge somebody for an album or a ticket you are a professional and are now responsible to deliver value and quality and if you don’t to hear people angry that you sold them something crappy.

            When you sell something you’re open top criticism.

            If you play a house party for free banging out Descendents covers then it’s a whole different animal.

    • Lloyd

      That certainly can explain some of the games on Greenlight and similar sites. However there are countless games obviously shoved out as cynical money makers or to be trolls or simply because they could. Regardless where they fall, when you put a game out into the public you need to be prepared for it to be torn to shreds, even if unfairly. You are going to have to deal with that fact one way or another.

      As many have said countless times, at any point if Digital Homicide could have just let it go they would have been so much better off for it. Sometimes in life you need to know when to cut your losses and swallow your pride, no matter how bitter the taste is.

      In the end it’s the people who do genuinely want to make art and make games that I feel sorry for.

  • Sam Geuvenen

    Wait, I thought it was Robert that had the problem in the first place, but James was the one suing? Are we absolutely certain that there actually are two Romine brothers, and not just one guy with a Gollum complex?

    • Miles Saintborough

      Who knows? Maybe James and Robert Romine are the same people.

      • gibbyo

        “It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m here for you, James. See? I’m real.” – Robert Romine

        • Nathan Stapleton

          So, was that also said rather suggestively through some prison bars in some weird underground maybe-self-created-regret-prison-thing?

    • drownedsummer

      Yes there are two people involved in terms of the other party during the interview Jim did with them. Robert was being consistently handed information by another person who wasn’t talking.

      • Sam Geuvenen

        Are you sure that was another person? Could it just be Robert trying to get himself information and pretending that another person was handing it to him?

        • drownedsummer

          Yes. Not really sure why there’s this idea of there being only one of them when Jim has clearly referenced interacting with two individuals.

  • Anthony D.

    Congrats, Jim. Your continued perseverance and strength in the face of these outrageous allegations is a model for the industry.

    Thank God for you.

  • cerpin

    A drop hands offer was a seriously classy move Jim.

    As a claimant lawyer who has from time to time faced the no-win situation of either filing a discontinuance and facing a hefty adverse costs bill, or chancing it at trial and facing a hefty adverse costs order I can attest to just how strong that offer was.

    Sometimes that lifeline allowing you to walk away before shit really hits the fan is all you need.

    Jim didn’t have to do it, he could have let the man hang himself and sought his costs, but he gave romine and way out (presumably backed up with a healthy amount of putting the fear into him ;p). And I suppose that’s why Jim has a strong fanbase.

    Much respect.

  • Stephen Moyer

    So what are these two blithering imbeciles saying now that they’ve lost their suit? Surely they’ve blogged their feelings somewhere.

  • StoneBasilisk

    I find it interesting that the Romine brothers were able to raise even that paltry $450 on that GoFundMe page. Assuming it wasn’t just some troll trying to stoke the fire for a laugh, this means that //someone// out there actually believed the Romines’ ridiculous lawsuit was worth supporting.

    • Frebu

      Often people have relatives or friends “seed” a GoFundMe to make it appear that others agree with the goal(or believe that it is real) so it is possibly the case here.

    • I heard rumors about it that I never got clearance to share. But I heard rumors.

  • Xel Unknown

    *claps* I may not be a big fan of your work, but what little I’ve seen was enjoyable. And I’m happy to hear that this was the result of the madness you’d gone though. I do agree it’s a disgusting event to have gone though regardless and tis bittersweet to have gotten the best of endings. Given the prolongated hell you had been though.

  • Beverly Shitposter

    Maybe…Just maybe, they’ll learn that if they want to make legit money, they should try learning programming, not recycling & stealing assets, & not trying to play victims & cash in on a critic who rightfully exposed their theft, ineptitude, & laziness.

  • GiganticTager21

    Bravo Jim! It’s great that this can now be put behind you! On the bright side, you got an amazing nickname out of the ordeal! All hail Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • xjpmanx

    glad it all worked out in the end. Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son!

  • Skias

    Jim, I love your material and I’m a long time listener to your podcast. My girlfriend and I enjoyed watching your let’s plays. I’m really glad your ordeal with Homocide came to an end in your favor. I know it must have been pretty garbage dealing with that mess.

    Thanks for all the entertainment!

  • crowmanhunter

    Thank god for James Fucking Stanton

  • Thomas Walsh

    Congrats Jim. I’m glad your nightmare is officially over. Keep up the good work.

  • Taylor Hildebrand

    Hi, Jim. I’m glad this is finally over. I can only imagine how much stress the whole thing put on you. It would be exhausting. I hope you can have a good rest after this and get back to putting your time and energy into the things you love. Keep being awesome!! <3

  • Anne-Marie A.-D.

    Congrats Jim and thank god for you! I am so glad this is all over. What a ridiculous situation.

  • Death’s Head

    Thank fuck that’s over with, yes?

    Have Nintendo filed a suit yet?

  • Jay Symon

    Way to take the high road, and thank gawd for you, sir.

  • José Pérez

    Jim Sterling is my god and I am humbled to be his 666th comenter on this thread

  • Viggo

    “There is more to be said, perhaps in a lighter tone, but…”
    “P.S. I did not enjoy playing The Slaughtering Grounds very much.”

  • makiHyunda

    Good but I’d personally go after the legal fees as this only let’s them off with a spank when they needed to be effectively ruined to prevent them from future bs.

    I personally contacted digital homicide on my own behalf as a fan of Jim who had followed every aspect of the case. I genuinely at that time after hearing their interview with Jim, felt sympathy for their total inability to understand that part of being a creator runs at the very real risk of being criticised as much as applauded for your work.

    But I found them to be arrogant and ignorant and bitter so fuck them and the lame horse they fell off of!

    People like them are much less worse than the ubisofts and Konami s of this world but those companies make quality games now and again while digital homicide and their kin make crap up about others who actually know their shit..like Jim.

    So shame on them and thank god for Jim!