Activision Fucks Up Modern Warfare Remastered Further With DLC More Expensive Than It Used To Be

Bit of a blunt headline for this article, but it says what needs to be said. Activision, not content to piss all over Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered with microtransactions, has decided to resell old downloadable content for the game with a price hike.

Yes, map packs for the remastered 2007 hit will be $5.00 more expensive than they were when they originally came out. The fact they’re charging at all for this is incomprehensible – to charge even more reeks of a company seeing just how far it can mock its customers and get away with it.

Usually, remastered games include all previously downloadable content to present a “definitive” version of the product.

This has been true of almost every game rereleased this generation, and it makes perfect sense – it can tempt a second purchase from those who might have already played the game and are unswayed just by prettier graphics, and it just looks really greedy to try and resell DLC on top of the game you’re already reselling.

Activision naturally doesn’t give a fuck about looking greedy and withheld a number of maps to flog a second time at an increased price. Oh, and if you bought Infinite Warfare‘s Season Pass, you not only made a bad call to begin with, you won’t be getting these maps as part of it. Sorry about that!

The “Variety Map Pack” will cost $14.99 when it’s available later in March. Nine years ago, this same package of maps cost only $9.99. I guess they had the sheer astounding nerve to adjust for inflation.

Despite rereleased games typically heightening their value prospect by offering more content for less money, Modern Warfare Remastered opts to offer no additional value for more money. Because it can, because it’s Activision, because fuck you right in the head.

The state of Modern Warfare Remasteredmy controversial pick for worst game of 2016 – is an absolute mess of corporate excess. Customers were already galled at the fact you could only access the game by purchasing it alongside Infinite Warfare, then Activision added microtransactions just to make it extra scummy.

That should have been bad enough, but with Activision you can always sink lower!

Held to ransom and lousy with fee-to-pay swindling, Modern Warfare Remastered only continues to be devalued and disrespected with this latest scam – and I say that as someone who thinks “scam” is a terribly overused word. Not only is Activision attempting to double down on DLC, it’s doing it at a premium.

A premium on a game that, let me remind you, is nine fucking years old!

As I said when I talked about the microtransactions, this is Activision yet again setting an insidious precedent and drawing up new boundaries for what is acceptable. If this scheme works – and there are enough zealous fans of COD remaining that it will – then publishers have essentially been given the green light to go ahead and start holding back DLC it’s already released in order to sell it a second time.

Like so many features we used to have in games, yet another thing that once was part of a base experience will be carved out as standard… and unlike cheat codes or unlockable costumes, we didn’t even have that much time with “definitive” remasters before a company went ahead and shat all over them.

The trailer – which urges you to PRE-ORDER this nine-year-old DLC that was cut from a remastered nine-year-old game that you can only buy with a less popular sequel and contains brand new microtransactions FUCKING JESUS HELL CHRIST – is getting a pounding on YouTube, where Sony’s channel uploaded it to a chorus of dislikes and outraged commentary.

As it should, because this is fucking dreadful. I’d say Activision’s string-pullers ought to be ashamed, but you can’t use words like “shame” when describing these grubby little maggot fuckers.

Fuck this rubbish garbage shit.

  • JeronimoPW

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition: $70
    That means MWR costs $20 in this package
    Variety Map Pack with four old maps: $15 (basically 75% compared to MWR price)

    Honestly this practice is the most disgusting and stupid I’ve ever seen in any market. It’s worse than EA. wt f

    • Nikita Kress

      No, MWR costs 80$, the same as IW. There is no separating them, because they are sold together.
      And let’s be real, if people are still dumb enough to buy CoD, they will buy this DLC too. FFS, people who bitch about how awful this policy is, ask for the next CoD in the same comment, that’s how retarded they are.

      • darksteel6

        People who still buy Cod are not “dumb” just because you say so, that’s completely asinine.

        I’m not complaining about the policy because I never had any interest in MWR to begin with, not when I can get the original version at the same quality by getting the original version on Steam and modding it with HD texture packs.

        Also i’ve never once bought a season pass or any map packs for COD, cause I only buy them for the single player.

  • Fallen Prime

    Activision is the reason COD fans can’t have nice things.

    • Nikita Kress

      They can, they don’t want to. I was like 15 yo, when BO came out, before it I bought MW and MW2, And even at this age I understood, that I am being milked. Because no respectable game allows itself to come out once per fucking year and keep asking not only for 60$, but for player to pay for DLC too. People who buy COD are the reason Activision keeps milking them, because those people are stupid, and will rather bitch about how Activision is evil, while keeping buying their shit.

      I once promised that I won’t buy anything from EA or Ubisoft, until they pull their shit together. Guess what, EA now try to release full games with no season passes (Titanfall 2, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, ME: Andromeda), from like 2010, I haven’t bought a single EA game until like a couple of weeks ago, because I have my principles, because I value myself, while people who buy COD, don’t.

      On a side note. EA also has the best customer support I’ve seen to date.

      • darksteel6

        You can’t assume that ALL people who actually like COD are “stupid” or have “no principles” that just makes you sound like a condescending dickhead.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Even after nearly 10 years, Activision still thinks they’ve won the industry rather than competing against rival companies.

    • Anton

      To some degree, they kinda have. Even when dying, their top IP is making huge profits.

      A couple of years from now, that won’t be the case, but these people are not known for forward-thinking.

  • Panzer Magier

    We need an Elon Musk in the gaming industry. To come and sweep out competition out from these tossers.

    • Miliardo

      Speaking as a car guy and a video game guy, I think I prefer having Elon Musk right where he is. If you’re looking for a corollary, look no further than Peter Molyneux. Not an exact fit, to be sure, but certainly the first person that comes to mind.

  • Scaper

    Good Lord God Jesus Christ Pope…

  • HerbertGW

    I’m really looking forward to reading the feeble-minded justifications that some spunk dribbling sycophant inevitably comes out with for this travesty.

  • InfamousDS

    No words to describe this… except the ones you wrote.

    Goddamn, Activision. Get your shit together.

  • Muffiteer

    If you *just* adjust for inflation since the original, they’d apparently only charge $11.70. Which makes this even more completely indefensible on top of the fact they shouldn’t be charging for it at all!

    • InfamousDS

      Gotta make a profit somehow. That extra $3.30 is the difference between a Merlot and a box wine with dinner at the 5-star restaurant tonight. Can’t have that.

  • Kecaw

    Yo dawg! we heard you like to be butt F’ed so we are butt F’ing you while we butt F’ed you.

  • Wtf Activision. Sigh. Guess I’m not that surprised.

  • RipTide

    you know micro-transactions were stupid, BS, and just plain naked greed, but it was not unexpected. They are the “great new innovation” that was added to cod gamed and the fans expect them now (no matter how sickening that is). But to not only, not include all the DLC for a 9 year old remastered game, but charge more for it than when it originally came out… I just have no words for how just plain disgusting that is.

    I hope this fails, I hope nobody buys it, and that this finally snaps them into realizing that making anti-consumer moves doesn’t pay off in the end. But that is nothing but a dream, the target/core cod audience doesn’t care how much liquid shit they are standing in. They will still bow down and kiss the floor every time a new offering plops into the sludge before them.

  • Giorgos Katsas

    On another note, Titanfall 2 is getting a new map, new prime Titans and a new gun this month. Map is free, so is the gun. Last update to the game was the same.

    Battlefield is getting a French DLC. Brand new.

    Activision must have realised COD is going down the drain and decided to get as much money as possible before its goose dies. Pity cause I would had liked a MW 2 remaster.

    Go drop in a ditch, Activision. Fuck you for what you did to a game series I adored.

    • keironsmith123

      TF2 has nailed how you do it, i’m even fine with the payed stuff as there isn’t that much of it and its fairly cheap and has no impact on gameplay.

      • Giorgos Katsas

        I know right, buying Ion and Scorch Prime and the Caliburn callcard has to be the best money I’ve spent on non gameplay impacting cosmetics ever. You just can’t beat Ion Prime’s execution.

        • BeerDone

          Yes you can.

          Northstar is bae.

          • Giorgos Katsas

            His is good as well it’s just that I get toasted when I apporach someone to do it cause she is squishy.

            I did execute an enemy NS in mid-air once, though. Super weird 😛

          • BeerDone

            Heh 🙂 My Titanfall 1 preferred loadout was always a railgun stryder, so I’m very much at home with NS. Just bait them in and abuse the dashes, it’s very easy to pick someone apart with the railgun to doomed state and then lead them to a corner, dashing in before they can react.

            Easily most executions on my Northstar thanks to the dashes. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Prime. Wonder what the execution will be…

    • Fallen Prime

      I have a friend with a PS4 and a to-be-enacted open-door policy. Maybe we should double down for Titanfall 2.

      …crossing that off my “sentences I never thought I’d say” list…

      • Giorgos Katsas

        You should. You really, REALLY should. Ever heard of ‘skill based movement’ ? It’s that. With mechs.

    • Polishfury5000

      Let’s not forget the other big MP only game, Overwatch. The third new, free, character is dropping this month.

      Yeah it still has the shitty lootbox system, but all content with substance has been free.

      A drip-feed of free substance is how you keep a community.

      • Giorgos Katsas

        Holy crap, yeah, I forgot about that mini-titan chick !

    • darksteel6

      I don’t think COD is going down the drain, I think it’s still a good franchise.

      • Andrzej Sugier

        You sound suspiciously like suprisingly absent Diamond, that Alpha Protokol avatar doesn’t help one bit.

        • InfamousDS

          Your right, but I don’t think this is diamond. He isn’t arguing with us or calling us names, and his points have been backed up by more than just “Because I said so”.

          • Polishfury5000

            He may not be Diamond. He may just coincidently use the same syntax and same habit of responding to everyone with minimal context as Diamond. I’m sure the mention of Yahtzee yesterday in regards to Zelda opinions is just coincidence too. And the weird fixation about Federation Force.

            It’s obvious we’ve got doppelgangers mucking about. Gotta find the brood mother before things get out of control.

          • InfamousDS

            Was I just DigiHommed? God I hope not, he’ll stick that feather in his cap about me responding to him even though i said I was done.

          • galactix100

            I find the possibility of a JQ site regular using the tactics of Jim’s, for want of a better phrase, arch nemesis both hilarious and fascinating.

          • InfamousDS

            Who better than to learn from the masters, with a play-by-play written by Jim himself?

          • galactix100

            Just looking at the comments on the Zelda review and darksteel’s definitely diamond. Seen a bunch of posts that are just “dumbfuck” which we all know is one of diamond’s registered trademarks.

          • InfamousDS

            Wish I could have been there. So many comments that Disqus doesn’t have the memory to load them on Jim’s site.

          • galactix100

            It was carnage.

          • InfamousDS

            Speaking of which, it seems like Jim got DDoS again. I keep getting an archived version of the site, and it only loads the most recent version on old articles.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            Might be just a touch of self-restraint to go with a new coat of paint. But welp, you won’t see me complaining. It’s always nice to hear new voices in our little community.

          • InfamousDS

            I don’t know which is stranger: That they haven’t denied the accusation, or that they haven’t admitted to the accusation. Completely ignoring it is an odd gambit, and I hope that Polish and I are both wrong based on our conclusions in the offshoot. This person seems like they might ruffle a few feathers, but otherwise get along fine.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Look at his earliest comments two days ago, they are recommending people watch Yahtzee videos to understand why Nintendo products are so overrated by fanboys.

            That’s diamond right there, he got tired of being called out for his trolling.

          • InfamousDS

            If it really is, then he does this once a year apparently.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            He’s started trying to actively deny it now, claiming he has no idea what I’m referring to, then going right back to obsessing over Federation Force and how Yahtzee is brilliant and everyone should base their purchase decisions on his videos and thus ‘Yahtzee said so’ is a valid argument in any conversation.

            So he’s not even trying to hide it is what I’m saying.

          • InfamousDS

            I’ve read more of this comment section now instead of just the notifications.

            Definitely diamond.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            For me it sugests there is some merit to those suspicions, I can’t imagine a complete stranger that doesn’t shy from confrontation ignoring statements like that, even from sheer curiosity.

          • InfamousDS

            I’ve pretty much realized it has to be him at this point. Still debating whether or not to block the new alt with myself. Likely won’t unless I just get fed up with his bullshit again.

      • Giorgos Katsas

        Nothing (with the possible exception of the MW nuke just for the wow factor), in the entire franchise this far, MP or SP, has topped dropping a nuclear bomb on the opposite team or getting a pentakill with the ever so satisfying predator missile. And these were both in the same game !

  • keironsmith123

    Fucking terrible, Remastered games should never have DLC (unless its free) and should contain all the DLC what the game had originlly included with it. Activision really do have the worst “Remasters” out there as they seriously do not get how they work or even care, say what you will about EA but at least they have very slighly improved with them actually giving out a fair bit of free DLC lately in TF2 and Star Wars Battlefront (the free stuff was good enough that i didn’t even bother with the SP) and with all new maps being free in the new Mass Effect. Activision really are the worst, lets face it without Destiny and COD they wouldn’t even be around as that is all they have, even Marvel doesn’t want to work with them because of how bad they are.

    • I should hope Andromeda’s updates are free, they were in the third game and actually made the multiplayer fun.

  • ManuOtaku

    From sometime, since this generation, now I do apply the same philosophy i have in live for pretty much everything else, tomorrow will be worst than today, therefore enjoy and be happy today because it will be better than tomorrow.

    In this regard, schemes of tomorrow will be worst than schemes of today, therefore be happy today with the schemes they throw at us. I know is a bleak way to see things, but due our current circumstances it does work, at least for me.

    P.S: That doesn´t mean we shouldn´t be vocal about it, just being happy while being vocal.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Simultaneously taking the piss out of the nostalgic and the newcomers…Godspeed to your innovative greed, Activision.
    Sucks to be a COD fan it appears. Come to Titanfall 2! And Battlefield! We have cookies, ice-cream AND a prominent lack of spoilt, shouty kids with Mommy’s credit card. Unless you are a spoilt, shouty kid, in which case…

    • Anton

      Unfortunately, BF abuses the lootbox model, with actual gameplay elements. I wouldn’t say it’s all that much better than activision.

      • Terriosaurus Hex

        True, there is a lot yet to improve on there and EA aren’t much better. But in comparison to Activision’s consistent zero-fucks-given approach, it’s a marginally greener pasture for now. 😉

    • darksteel6

      I play all three games.

  • mrhair

    Fucking wow.

  • Anton

    The escalation is good. We’re getting that much closer to the point when people give up on this kind of shit altogether.

  • Will Bertazzo

    In case anyone is wondering, when adjusting for US dollar inflation since the release of the original Modern Warfare, $9.99 would now be $11.70. Even that exceptionally weak defense wouldn’t be able to hold water.

  • David Everard

    Fucking hell, Activision seems to be leading the charge again for “most short-sightedly greedy corporate entity”

    • Camilo Fernández

      They want that silver medal so badly! (Konami already got the gold)

  • EtosiGiR

    “zealous fans of COD”

    fuck ’em

  • BAH!

    If they were “adjusting for inflation”, they were quite generous in their yearly average. 50% over nine years is… alarming.

  • Loth A

    And this is one of the reasons i will boycott all Activision products until they fondamentaly change the way they treat their customers. In a world where CDPR – to give one example – exists, i have no time nor money for greedy publishers thinking i’m a brainless cash cow and nothing more.

    • darksteel6

      Not me, i’ll still buy the games, but MWR will not be one of them.

      • InfamousDS

        “I’ll still buy the games”

        You are part of the problem, not the solution.

        • darksteel6

          I fail to see that, why should I refuse to buy games from a franchise I actually like just because of that? I’m not going to do that, besides like Jim himself has said, boycotts for games almost never work anyways, so me not buying COD will accomplish absolutely nothing.

          • InfamousDS

            Boycotts don’t work because people keep saying “Boycotts don’t work, my one purchase won’t matter”. That times about 3 million is why they keep making them, because 3 million people are so certain their completely valid tactic won’t work they don’t even try.

            Refuse to buy things you like so they don’t eventually become things you don’t like. Or buy used/secondhand and ignore the in-game paywalls so that Activison gets no money.

          • darksteel6

            I’ve never once paid for a map pack or season pass for COD, I guess I could buy them used.

          • Lies That Bind

            Not to advocate what Activision or doing or encouraging sales but fans might also be scared if they don’t buy the games the publisher will kill off the series. These guys have a habit of shutting down studios if games don’t sell

          • InfamousDS

            “Remember me as I was, not as I am.”

          • Giorgos Katsas

            Next time you, for example, litter, just consider that millions of people on the planet just did the same thing. It adds up BECAUSE you don’t think it matters.

          • darksteel6

            I did indeed buy the stand-alone version as I saw no need to buy a remastered version of a game I could easily get on Steam and mod with HD textures so it looks as good if not better then the remastered version.

    • Daniel Guy

      CDPR is fine and all but not every game or company can or should be like them (they were subsidized by the government yo). What Activision did with Infinite warfare is pretty greedy and awful… But man Activision has Blizzard (damn fine makers of games imo) and Bungie. Destiny 2 seems like it’ll be dope.

      This is the same problem with EA. I love Bioware. They are deserving of all the money. I buy those games and I leave the sports titles alone. And I buy the DLC because I want to show them I appreciate when they let devs make good games. I’m not gunna stop supporting the good stuff too. Voting with the wallet works!

  • “Oh, and if you bought Infinite Warfare‘s Season Pass, you not only made a bad call to begin with, you won’t be getting these maps as part of it.”

    *deep breath*


  • jdbruiser

    Let the customers be fooled because no one is doing anything about this shit. Activision gets away with it because the fanbase is too loyal and are likely to not even care. If Call of Duty Remastered cost £300 at launch and the dlc was £100 then I’m sure that’ll fly too. But let’s just sit back and complain about it on the internet because we don’t really want change we want to tweet and hashtag about it because we’re too powerless to do anything else.

    • darksteel6

      Or we simply don’t care because we had zero interest in MWR to begin with and saw no need to pay extra for it, especially not when we can get the original MW up to the same quality by getting it on PC and modding it with HD textures.

  • Jack Trevor

    This doesn’t shock me at all considering Activision never has a Steam sale that goes below 25%.

    This is essentially a company that refuses to take less money because they think it will devalue the brand image. Never mind the fact that they are already doing that with a vast majority of gamers being bored with seeing the same damn game every year.

    • Nevac

      Quite right. It’s always bugged me that CoD games do not seem to follow or reflect the pricing pattern of the industry at large. Always more expensive, regardless of duration from release. Regardless of critical reception. They seem to fancy themselves as a bit of an exception and it is a major repellant.

    • darksteel6

      Nah they still have a pretty big fanbase.

  • Polishfury5000

    Every few months Activision just sets the bar higher and higher in not giving a shit.

    Holding the game ransom had never been done before. Post release microtransactions on a remaster had never been done before, let alone microtransactions on a remaster. Now releasing remastered dlc for a more expensive price? No other company is trying this hard to break new ground in greed.

    I was ready to be done supporting the series months ago, it’s like they’re just daring me to never give them cash at this point.

    • darksteel6

      I’m still supporting COD, but I never saw the need to fork over extra money for MWR when I can essentially get the original COD4 at the same quality as the remaster by buying the original version on Steam and modding it with HD texture packs.

  • Rover86

    I haven’t purchased an Activision product in forever, they’re usually too expensive for me anyway. The people in charge of that company can go eat a whole bag of rabies infected dicks.

    • Jan Leer

      are they allowed to have drink with that, I was either thinking cold piss, are stale cum

  • darksteel6

    I still like Activision’s games but this really has me scratching my head. Still I am sure that in a few months time MWR will be available as a stand-alone game.

  • nikolas orava

    I hope MWR gets a stand alone version this year so it can be jimquistions worst game of the year 2 times in a row.

    • darksteel6

      I doubt he’ll do that, Jim wouldn’t waste a slot on a game he put on his list last year, but he might give it a quick dishonorable mention.

      For the shittiest game of 2016 was Federation Force, it took a massive dump all over the franchise and it may never recover from that, especially given how terrible the sales were(to be fair i’d played No Man’s Sky that would probably be on my worst list, as that game looks about as exciting as watching paint dry)

    • Polishfury5000

      Ha, I support this. No other company has gone this far to mess with fans while simultaneously reinventing greedy practices.

      Has to be worth some sort of reward.

  • Elia Dante Magrinelli

    Thank god for Jim, and for Capcom which releases MvC 3 on PC with all DLC at 25€

  • Captain Pipsqueak

    And this is why I pirate games.

    • ThEjOkErIsWiLd

      If it’s worth playing, it’s worth paying for.

      • The Interloper

        By that logic, we should still keep paying for Bram Stoker’s Dracula 100+ years later because it’s worth reading, even though it’s 100% worth not paying for. Also nobody should play free to play games or mods because “they’re worth paying” for.

        At least try to make a nuanced point without trying to make it into a cheesy one-liner.

        • InfamousDS

          Flimsy justification for ethical dilemma is flimsy. Publishers are assholes, but what they do isn’t illegal. Theft of intellectual property is extremely illegal, and the only reason there isn’t more prosecution is the lack of monetary gains to be had by the state/rights holder.

          • The Interloper

            Some things are illegal for good reasons, others aren’t. Nonviolent, moderate drug use is also extremely illegal in many countries and regions (so much so that the US alone has wasted 3 trillion thus far for the inane War on Drugs), it’s also illegal in all countries except for approximately seven to commit physician-assisted suicide (something which I don’t think anyone can make a logical case for the immorality of death with dignity–either you’re for forcing people to suffer from terminal illnesses or giving them the choice to take control of their death), I don’t think that either is immoral inherently because of their illegality. Law =/= morality, that’s a fallacy. The legal systems abroad are very much behind the times in many regards (another example: atheism, homosexuality, and so on are illegal in countries such as Saudi Arabia), so I’ll have to point out just how flimsy your point is itself. Now if you can actually tie piracy to immorality (inherently, not vague examples which may apply in some cases), then you might actually have a case, but I don’t think it can be done.

            And you act as though the law isn’t overly in favor of owners of respective IP’s–a music company once sued a deaf woman for pirating one of their songs and they WON. They kept throwing money at the wall and drove the woman to settling despite the fact she literally could not have done what she was accused of doing.

            As an aspiring creator myself, I see piracy as being nothing which can harm me. At worst, some dick reads whatever I wrote for free and doesn’t do anything in return. They’re not really taking money away from me because nobody can prove they would’ve bought it in the first place if they didn’t pirate it. If they didn’t like it, I don’t want their money anyways and if they did enjoy it then I’m glad I made someone happy (even if they’re a dick). At best, they really like it, buy it themselves, and spread the word with their friends who may then also read and/or buy it. Piracy is actually a benefit in certain industries, like the comics market (which is what I’m most familiar with, being a long-time writer and recently becoming a writer).

            Big cheese writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright, Daredevil) actually wrote an article about this on his personal website and went into more detail about. He’s admittedly more reputable than I am, being that he’s an established professional and I’m not (yet). He’s actually done a clever thing of turning piracy into a marketing tool for his own creator-owned, self-published comics (like Insufferable and the new volumes of Empire (which was originally published by DC but the rights have reverted back to him)). He’s basically done a torrent uploader’s job for them, making it extremely easy for them to get a file and upload it–but Waid also slipped in a page where it gives readers a link to read his comics more legitimately if they liked it. It’s a really clever thing to do, and it’s working well for him since Thrillbent (his self-publishing brand) has been doing rather well and has cultivated a nice little community, many of whom are appreciative for not being talked down to or reviled. I can send you the article I’m referring to if you’d like, it’s a good read even if you disagree with its stance.

    • ManuOtaku

      Two wrongs doesn´t make one right.

      • The Interloper

        One inane platitude you learned in preschool does not make one good counterpoint.

  • RiesenRatte

    I really would like to see sales figurs on the game.

    I mean, MWR was basically REALLY expensive DLC or Bonus content, right?
    So, I imagine that alot of people don’t have it.
    Adding another paid DLC to that is again splitting the user base.

    How active is MWRs Multiplayer?

    • Polishfury5000

      The active population is kinda smaller.

      PC version tends to have trouble filling lobbies, especially for anything outside TDM.

      Consoles is OK, but the new dlc is just going to split the community even further.

      The new maps should really have been free for the sake of having a deeper active community.

  • Appretaur

    If Blizzard falls under the Activision umbrella, another all-new piece of Activision scummery took place where you might not have expected it of most other companies:

    Hearthstone pack prices are now going *up* for regions outside the U.S., opposite of what you would ideally expect for a digital CCG that has been out for three years now. Supposedly it’s to keep up with inflating exchange rates between the USD and all the other currencies, but apparently the price increases are a fair bit higher than what that would warrant, and some have pointed out that it’s now costing more to buy digital cards than physical ones.

    • Jiryn

      Well the company is Activison-Blizzard
      Though many Blizzard employees claim Acti doesn’t interfere with their devbusiness model… but many decisions since the merger seem to tell a different story.

  • Beans199883

    Fuck these fucking scumbags. Activision are so petty it’s unbelievable. Selling DLC for a remastered game that should have all the DLC in it. Greedy cunts and the cowards will never show their faces.

  • johnnie88

    WOW. The fucking audacity of these guys. I thought it was a given that if a company wants to resell you an old remastered game, they release it with all the DLC included and market it as the “Definitive Edition.” Because who in their right mind is going to pay full MSRP for a 10 year old game AND shell out for the same DLC? That is bonkers.

    • SaburoDaimando

      Not the same for DLC. More for the DLC.

  • BawjawzMcGraw

    Wouldn’t even be an issue if were MWR was free to begin with instead of essentially a £20 add on and is especially insulting after being expected to applaud when given the rest of the original maps for ‘free’ after the release.

  • How far can you look down on your customers and fan base to charge that much money for this?

    I mean, I’m not surprised that they would do this, considering they release a game every year with very few changes to it, but this is just another level of greed here.

    • darksteel6

      I don’t agree with the whole “COD is the same game every year” meme.

      • I didn’t say they were the same, dude. People get there’s a difference between CoD Classic, Modern Warfare, Black Ops and crap, it’s just there’s thirteen games in the series and, like, only four or five that really change things up from the games put out before them.

        And I get there’s stories and stuff but it just seems the little changes between them, gameplay wise, it’s not worth paying $60 to buy something that’s just gonna come out next year with a different plot.

        • darksteel6

          It may nopt be worth it for you, does not mean it’s not worth it for everyone, whatever you may about COD, it offers good value for money with having a campaign, MP modes and Zombies, so it absolutely is worth it for many people.

          • Deena

            That’s exactly the mindset that lets Activision get away with fucking its own fanbase over, though. If what they do gets rationalized as “well, some people like it”, those same people will be the ones targeted for exploitation.

            To paraphrase the immortal words of Charlotte Finn: Activision will never love you back.

          • darksteel6

            I’m just talking about the game itself though, not the microtransactions, the season pass or the map packs, there’s plenty of people like me who just buy the game and nothing else(no MTs, no DLC, no season pass, no nothing).

            I’m well aware that publishers are not my friends, I was never under any illusions that they were, that does not mean I won’t buy their games though.

          • Daniel Guy

            I’m with you, man. Nobody gets pissy at the next Madden title. It’s even more similar than CoD. And we all bought Overwatch and screamed it’s praises and it’s multiplayer only.

            CoD give you a full single payer game, a full MP experience and Zombies. Like, yeah this is super shitty of Activision. They make aweful decisions. But CoD itself is alright. Not usually my cup of tea but the vanilla version is usually worth the 60$ price. It ain’t the Order 1886.

          • I, uh, I’m actually not a fan of the Madden and FIFA or whatever games every year either, and I have heard criticism of them.

            It’s my opinion if you aren’t gonna totally overhaul a game or storyline in the next title–using a new engine, starting a new story arc, whatever–like…You can use DLC for that. Extend the story with an expansion, add characters in a pack, you don’t have to put out a brand new game every year, dudes.

            Of course, admittedly, I’m not a fan of war games (but I do like sports games) and I prefer single player experiences over multiplayer (not that I don’t like multiplayer, I just prefer playing mostly with my friends); I’m also really frugal, so paying $60 for a similar experience every year isn’t my cup of tea, especially if there isn’t much difference from the previous game.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            When someone like a Nintendo product their a fanboy sheep who is too stupid to realize how evil the company is and deserves to be called homophobic slurs while you actively root for them to suffer and cry.

            But when it’s a series you like it’s okay to overlook bad business practices and shitty treatment of customers because…

            Get back to me if you have a reason that isn’t flagrant hypocrisy, because I don’t have one. Did Yahtzee tell you to think this way?

          • darksteel6

            I’m fine with people liking Nintendo products, nothing wrong with that, though I do take serious issue with people who think it’s totally OK for Nintendo to copyright claim videos left and right for no good reason.

            There’s no hypocrisy, I never even brought up Nintendo on this page, so i’m not sure why the hell you even brought it up.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Riiiggghhhttt, so you’re going to pretend this isn’t Diamond desperately trying to get out from under your well deserved reputation as an asshole troll? Because if so you might want to stop making references back to things you’ve talked about in the past like Federation Force, as I think you’re the only person still hung up on that game. Even Yahtzee has probably forgotten about it by now. I’d also recommend not name checking Yahtzee every third post as ‘evidence’ for your arguments. Again you’re the only one who cares what he thinks.

            But really, it’s mostly just sad that you think anyone will fall for this.

          • darksteel6

            Oh plenty of people despise that game, just look at the user reviews on Metacritic.

            Plenty of people do care what Yahtzee thinks, otherwise he would not have lasted this long, are you saying you don’t think he’s very talented? Saying i’m the only person who cares what he thinks is highly inaccurate to say the least, you’d be surprised how many people base their purchasing decisions on his reviews.

          • darksteel6

            Not sure why you’re trying to provoke me here, i’ve done nothing to you.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Except for all the times you called me a cock sucker, as though you thought that it was an insult to imply I was gay, or a fucking moron or a stupid idiot or any other number of names. There was the time you compared me to an admitted pedophile for disagreeing with you that Ubisoft was right to be called out for their irresponsible portrayal of Bolivia in the new Ghost Recon. And that’s all in the past week.

          • darksteel6

            I’m not trying to cause any trouble here, i’m sure I don’t understand what your problem is or why you seem to be so irrationally angry right now.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            I’m not irrationally angry. Because a) I’m not currently angry, and b) I just listed all the reasons I don’t like you and they are quite rational. You’ve been a pretty major asshole to me and quite a few other people on here in the past, and creating a new account and pretending not to still be the same person doesn’t just absolve you of that. And, again, diamond, if you’re going to pretend to be someone new, perhaps learning how to press the ‘shift’ key when you need to make a capital ‘I’ would be a good start. Also not logging the diamond account back on to throw some single line insults around when you start being called out on your obvious shenanigans, because that is just making it even more obvious to everyone who this is.

            All anyone has to do is look at your modest post history, which started on the same day that your other account suddenly went silent (I believe your first post as darksteel6 was literally in the same comment thread as your last one as diamond), notice the obvious identical syntax, the obsession over the same games (seriously, someone search Jim’s site for mentions of Metroid Prime Federation Force and tell me if anyone has mentioned that game at all since it came out besides you) and the same style of argument (well I don’t like that game, and Yahtzee agrees with me, therefore I’m right. And I’ll ignore all the times that Yahtzee has actively hated a game that I liked like RE6 without even a tiny sliver of self awareness).

          • darksteel6

            Never said their business practices were OK, I think they are scummy, just saying i’m not going to stop buying COD because of it, and i’ve never said anything about how people should never buy anything from Nintendo, so i’m not really seeing a connection here.

  • Wellsy487

    Well this is where they have realised that people are growing tired of CoD, and now they are stripping the corpse of every ounce of meat it has.

    • darksteel6

      I don’t know about that, i’ll see how well this year’s COD sells before declaring the franchise dead.

      • Wellsy487

        The sales were less than previous years, but still outsold almost every other game of 2016.

        I never said it was dead yet, but it is clear that this Gravy Train is on the last stretch. They would have to pull one hell of a trick this year to bring it back round.

        • darksteel6

          Since it’s Sledgehammer’s turn for COD, i’m very interested to see what they come up with.

          • Wellsy487

            Don’t get me wrong, I do hope that they make games people enjoy, but actions like this show not just greed but concern.

  • Joshua Chap

    This is a special kind of stupid sadly this will likely sell and will do good enough for Activision too keep doing this.

  • Kyle Pierce

    Activision provides their fans only the highest quality of “Fuck YOU!” for your money.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Activision are just greedy fucks. I thought Valve were bad with their keys, crates and hats scam, but Activision win the greedy twats award.

  • James Richardson

    Ultimately, what will really sneak up on activision here is that, while it will initially be that people take the bait on this, eventually as they continue to take more and more bites, they will eventually be left with nothing. If Activision isn’t able to rest on their laurels at some point, they will eventually overreach and by that time the damage will already be done. These sorts of businesses present themselves as invincible until they suddenly fall apart.

    • Deena

      I honestly don’t think that matters to them, though – if this strategy is any indication, they’re more interested in short-term gain than anything else. The company can burn itself to the ground in five years, so long as they squeeze every dime out of customers for four.

      • Mitchell

        Right. The executives will take their millions to the bank and get jobs screwing up some other company while the real workers will be kicked to the curb and lose sleep over where they can find a job to support their families. The guys making these decisions don’t care about long-term; long-term only matters to the peasants who don’t have silver spoons and golden parachutes.

  • Eventually they’ll run out of ideas and gut the franchise once it’s no longer profitable.

    • darksteel6

      it’ll be a long time before that happens.

    • Viking Mana

      You mean: “They’re currently gutting the franchise because they’ve clearly run out of ideas.”

  • Nitrium
    • YoDude

      Legitimately can’t tell bro.

  • Chürz


  • La Chica Incognita

    I remember when video games had free demos to see if you liked it. I remember when video games didn’t have DLC but full well crafted expansion packs that often times would make a mediocre game great (Brood Wars). I remember when patches for games were RARE and often times would be minor bug fixes with free additional content cause the devs did some stuff in their free time to add into the game.

    I’ve tacitly advocated for piracy as a “try before you buy” solution in the past but at this point how the fuck do these companies expect us to treat them and their intellectual property with any respect. Why the fuck should we be giving them any money when they outright treat us like inhumane sacks of money to be milked.

    • darksteel6

      you still can get free trials for games these days.

      I remember when games shipped with bugs and could not be fixed, I don’t want to go back to those days.

      • Mitchell

        Fortunately it doesn’t have to be one or the other. We could have the easy patchability of today’s internet AND consumer-friendly practices.

        Also thumbs-up for the Alpha Protocol avatar.

        • darksteel6

          Thanks man! It’s one of my all-time favorite RPGs, played through it more times then I can count.

      • XionEternum

        Bugs? Sure, but often obscure and easily missed without the internet to tell you where they were. Because back then we had paid testers who did it as a job; not buy-ins for Early Access!

        • darksteel6

          Not so obscure, I remember in True Crime New York City on Xbox, there was one boss that was unbeatable without using cheats.

          • Allan Weallans

            And VtMB on PC was unfinishable without a third-party patch due to an unavoidable CtD. Hey, those were both Activision games, too.

          • darksteel6

            What does CTD stand for?

          • XionEternum

            Never heard of it.

          • darksteel6

            The True Crime series was Activision’s answer to the GTA series(to the point where it poked fun at the franchise) Streets of LA and NYC sold pretty well, Sleeping Dogs was originally going to be called True Crime Hong Kong before almost getting cancelled and renamed.

          • XionEternum

            I think you pinned down really well why it was buggy/broken at launch. Thank you.

        • Games are also quite a bit more expensive to develop and test these days, and the more sophisticated the systems running a game are, the more bugs it will produce.

          • Lewis w

            So? Then make the games less expensive!

            It’s not the consumer’s job to care about how hard making games is. That’s no excuse.

            And in the case of the Skyrim remaster, there was absolutely no excuse for the same 5 year old bugs to be in there. That just reeks of “fuck it, that’ll do”, a phrase I imagine it uttered quite a lot in boardrooms full of incomprehensively rich CEOs.

          • Uh?

          • Lewis w

            You’re saying that games are harder to make and test now, right? I’m saying that that’s not our problem, it’s theirs, and they’re pushing it on to us and expecting us to understand, which is wrong of them.

            Unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick somewhere along the line.

          • That’s not at all what I’m saying. I’m saying that games now have more bugs than games back then because they’re so much more complex.

          • Lewis w

            Whatever, my mistake. It’s not worth arguing over.

          • XionEternum

            Aye, I can understand that. It’s far and wide easier to check a few dozen or even a few hundred MB of game code for inconsistencies and conflicts than it is the several GB many newer games consist of… depending on how much of that is graphical and how much is game code. I can admit to inflation requiring devs get paid more reducing available budget for a project. Comparatively a Gamecube game was worthy of a “Player’s Choice” re-release at $20 for being a million seller, but now AAA games are considered failures if they don’t break 4 million in sales. But it’s a self-defeating trend in and of itself is the heart of the point. They are sacrificing more and more of what made games stable at launch and requiring almost no patching after launch all while nickle’n’diming their consumers with DLC and microtransactions to… *shrugs* offset inflation? Nah… still just typical capitalist profiteering. What I find funny is that it BOTH costs more and less than it used to to make games now. There are free engines available and it can invariably cost nothing to make a decent game, but meanwhile you have over-inflated budget games like Destiny pushing the boundaries of development budgets into the half billion USD range. Yet they can’t spare more for proper testing and validation than they used to in the past. That’s gone downhill in spite of production, team size, marketing, and all costs associated with them going up… I’m sorry but that’s a flimsy excuse.

          • Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not making any excuses for publishers’ shitty exploitative practices. I’m just saying developing a full AAA title these days takes quite a bit more labor, expertise, and time than it used to. Games are pricier, CEO’s need to maintain their profit margins for their trust funds, devs get overworked constantly, capitalism’s inherent contradictions close in on all of us.

          • XionEternum

            And really who’s fault is it that this is even happening? The devs for their willingness to work under these conditions? The publishers for their willingness to yank that noose tighter and tighter for the sake of impressing their investors? The consumers for turning a blind eye to these work conditions? /long-sigh
            Every creative medium industrialized turns into this… And here’s hoping things can rebalance fairly for all parties.
            A key point many forget when publishers pull shit like this is that it’s often because they were trying to get more money from their investors. Either by making a sales-pitch or because an investor said “Do it or you get nothing.” And when something as simple and trivial as this is on the line in the face of millions of USD investment, it’s really easy to make that call.

  • Muddy Scarecrow

    Huh. And here I was noticing how few anti consumerist industry BS stories Jim was giving us. Though to be fair it’s pretty easy to get distracted by the coverage of great games, whiny asset flippers, and whatever the hell Trump tweets on a given weekday afternoon. Ah well. I knew it was too good to last anyway.

  • Sperium3000

    Well that sucks major donkey doodles.

    • BAH!

      That is a massive insult to the honorable profession of donkey doodle sucking.

  • David Sayers


    Jesus Cumshot Christ how desperate are they?!

  • galactix100

    And here we have the latest reason to just stop video games and start again.

  • TheEmperor

    Well It’s 3:30 am where I’m at and I’m sincerely hoping I’m dreaming right now.
    This, there’s just nothing to say about this. The nerve, the greed, even the thought of doing this is outrageous, let alone the fact that it’s actually already been done.

  • eeyore

    Here comes worst company of the year again 2016 or 2017

  • sillyskeleton

    Activision is pathetic as always, but the real real shame is on the gamers that buy this shit.

  • DX’s Super Soakers

    This is just a bag of dicks. A further reminder of why I bailed after Blops 1.

  • amb

    Jesus Christ, Activision. Even Nintendo is going to include the two DLC packs, plus that new battle mode, with their rerelease of Mario Kart 8 for the Switch.

  • Coldar

    I don’t care if its your favorite game of all time omg-I-will-die-without-it, any gamer that ever even dares to consider approving this tactic of DLC-for-remasters should forever be branded an outright traitor and summarily drawn and quartered, then shat and pissed on for good measure.

    Every gamer worth a damn -fuck, every human being- must reject this practice no matter what. There is absolutely zero excuse for *anyone* who pays for *any game’s* “remastered DLC” at *any cost* – I don’t care if the fuckers responsible are offering an “unprecedented discount” and charging a penny on top of the remastered’s cost for any DLC.

    Fuck. This. Shit. And fuck anyone who goes along with it, in the most unpleasant of fuckable ways. (aka up the arsehole.)

    • YoDude

      Okay. Settle down. It’s just a video game company being a bag of dicks. The entire human race has way more important shit to worry about than reselling dlc lol.

      • Coldar

        The problem is the slippery slope – this opens up the doorway to other companies doing similarly, or at the very least, not including all DLC in future remasters from the start. That is pure and utter bullshit, and as someone who quite enjoys remasters and having favorite past games on my current console and with trophy support, I find that personally offensive.

        Mind you, had they done this with *any* game, it’d have been utter bullshit. But the fact they did it on a remaster that was already fucking fans by requiring you to buy a completely different game just to access it…? It ups the level of bullshittery to unprecedented points.

        Bottom line? Going, “Oh, just ignore it, its no big deal! Besides, this is Activision, what did you expect?!” translates to making the odds other companies might try likewise in the future with their own properties from a solid “Maybe” into a near definitive. The *only* way to ensure this is a one and only time offense not repeated anywhere is if fans go apeshit to the point of cyber rioting. And, quite frankly, given the despicable level this act descends to, few instances I can think of are as worthy of having gamers go rabid as this right here.

        I mean, really, this is one of the most fucking insulting things I’ve ever dared imagine. Not just charging for remastered DLC on a remaster that isn’t openly available, but *INCREASING THE PRICE FROM TEN YEARS AGO* for the same content…? I mean, wtf – I don’t even understand how it was possible they could have merely contemplated that internally, let alone moved forward with it. God damn if any other companies pull this.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      I take great offense to this!!

      When done right, being fucked up the arsehole can be quite enjoyable.

      Activision are still complete shits though.

  • HisDivineOrder

    This is Activision trying to ratchet up the profits on a game proposition (i.e., Infinite Warfare) that didn’t make the record profits they require in order to sleep at night.

    “Infinite Warfare didn’t make bank like other CoD’s? Let’s DLC the crap out of its extra bonus feature!”

    And somewhere Bobby Kotick buys another yacht.

  • XionEternum


  • florian

    BS like this are what makes me not too worried about the lack of aaa support for the switch, almost to the point of it being a pro for that console.

  • Matt

    … These look like levels I played in my youth… Like a radio broadcast centre, a grassy sniper place with a cave and a warehouse with storage containers right? I don’t remember paying for any DLC with the original, they gave us bonus levels (like the Xmas level) with the update patches for free I thought? Anyone else remembering these as free?

    • Polishfury5000

      Console versions definitely had to pay $10 for the map pack. I believe PC was the only version that got the Christmas map (unless I’m mistaken, I just don’t remember playing it on my 360).

      The original pack was Creek (open forest map with a cave/tunnel in the middle with houses at either end), Chinatown, Kill-House (the small, training course level with the plywood structures), and Broadcast (middle eastern tv station from the SP).

      • Matt

        Well it’s definitely stuff I had at the least, it was PC and I got them much later after I started so they were certainly downloaded… I’ll have to do some research

    • Watchmedance

      I had the GOTY edition, which came with the extra maps. Maybe that’s what you had?

  • c00ch

    Well, sign of the times, innit? Enough people are complacent, indifferent or fan-boy-y enough to make this mockery pay out for Activision. And if they keep on with it, it may become the new norm. Heck, whole countries are run that way these days…

  • Dr. Chaotix

    What a coincidence. I was just thinking about how Activision was Satanic as fuck at random before coming on here and seeing the news.

  • Gergely Farkas

    Hm. No tags on this article?

  • Not Lord Atkin

    You know how there’s a Jimquisition episode dedicated to almost every one of the really dickish companies out there?
    Was Activision just too dickish for one? Too low hanging a fruit? I mean they are by far the worst of the bunch and have been for nearly two decades now.

    • darksteel6

      EA stole their thunder for a long time with things like the whole SimCity always-online DRM debacle.

      • Not Lord Atkin

        yeah but even as EA was doing this Activision has just been doing its thing of pushing out shovelware, ruining devs and either running IPs into the ground or locking them in a box to be forgotten.
        Activision almost never makes a good decision. Bobby Kotick famously went on about his contempt for games and the people who play them. Every game publishing deal they’ve made ended up a horror story for the developer.
        Is it the status quo? Is Activision less interesting to hate on than EA or Ubisoft because that’s just what Activision does?

        • darksteel6

          I wouldn’t say almost never, and Peter Moore is hardly any better, I don’t remember Activision closing down nearly as many studios as EA did.

          People did used to really hate Activision in the late 2000s when EA was starting to improve, then the roles kind or reversed.

  • Ronnie Komstedt

    im just glad i dont care about 99% of Activisions games, becourse they are a bunch of dicks

  • florian

    Hmmm, activision and micro-transactions….

    Ah yes, the writing was on the wall with their king acquisition, wasn’t it? What else did you need, a new company motto, like “Fuck You!”?

  • Jallen

    Well this astounding, well at least you know where you stand with Activision; 10 meters away and paying for the privilege of being in the same room. Of course people will buy it, new money for old rope, so it’ll be profitable no matter what.

  • PhyrePhox

    Just like most things in life, nothing with video games is sacred. That being said, it’s still an INCREDIBLY scummy move by Activision.

  • Paddleton Tallylicker

    The really upsetting part is that people are / will buy it in spades, which will only encourage this shitty behavior further 🙁

    • Bashtarle

      They have accepted death by a thousand papercuts.

  • Ohbaaskah

    Just curious – is this a PC only problem?

    • Ben Driver

      No, this is the case for both PC and consoles.

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT. How low is the bar, now? How much lower CAN it go? Dare I even imagine?

    • Viking Mana

      I think it’s low enough to firmly be stuck to a tectonic plate at this point.

      • Marcelo Ou Hare Pirani

        Yeah, and it’s still a long way to Earth’s core…

    • Fred Davis

      You forget that mobile games have already made “paying for each regular level” a thing. So extend that to AAA games.

      And next after that is “pay per options”, as in you need to pay micro-transactions for basic setting options; Want to change the resolution? shadow complexity? turn off motion blur? $9.99 dollars per setting to unlock it. And changing mouse sensitivity or volume will be like changing your screen name in a MOBA or battlenet, where you get one free change and then you have to pay $9.99 for any modification of those settings afterwards.

      And you know how Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have people paying for internet connectivity a second time? What if, instead of charging a flat fee per time period of access, they charge $0.99 per megabyte like the old dialups? With an additional $1.99 surchage for using the internet you already pay for at “peak times”, of course.

  • Ayon Windsor

    I so want to play this game, but I so won’t pay any of it. I won’t shell out 80 dollars for a modified infinite warfare purchase and I surely won’t shell out 95 for a complete product. I can tame my urge for a nostalgia trip in as much that I’ll probably never play it since, as it was with every CoD to date, even if it releases solo it’ll stay at a premium pricetag for so long that it’ll outlive the actvity level to ensure problem-free online play.

    • darksteel6

      Just get COD4 on Steam and mod it with HD textures, you’ll get a better experience.,

      • ZrdFrv

        Also, PeZBOTs for multiplayer(for MW and WaW). MW2 also has one with RSE Bot.
        Still play MW, WaW, and MW2. Never thought of any other CoD titles after those.

    • For real, you’d think a game that comes every year would depreciate in price quickly, but NOPE. Can’t even play them as a curiosity without busting the wallet.

  • Viking Mana

    Maybe this is a good thing?

    Maybe this is the bundle of grime-encrusted hay that crushes the spine of the camel that died three days ago?

    I mean, it’s not going to be the end of it. Not by a long shot. Activision are going to refuse to comment on any of this, and if pressured sufficiently, they will make up some bullshit excuse as to why it’s actually not only okay, but a really great and benevolent deal on their part. They’ll piss and moan about how challenging it is to remaster a game and sell it on it’s own, and conveniently forget that they’ve only done it to artificially inflate the perceived popularity of Infinite Warfare. Then, when their next misguided sequel that no one really wants comes out, they’ll announce a World at War remaster to go along with it, but this the set will be 120 dollars, and the 120 dollar edition will be the only way to get the World at War remaster. Then they’ll ask us all to thank them for being so kind.

    In my heart’s heart of hearts, there is this minute glimmer of hope though. A tiny little inkling of hope that maybe, just maybe, this is going to eventually generate so much backlash that Activision will ease the greed in their next release, and that other developers will think twice about following their example.

  • Lewis w

    And this is why Activision are the devil. I haven’t bought any of their games for a while anyway, and now I’m not going to ever again.

    I bet they also support whale hunting and seal clubbing, because that’s the kind of thing that malevolent entities from eldritch dimensions are in to, right?

    • Violent Pineapple

      Don’t forget the eating of baby kittens.

    • Dog Food

      Malevolent entities from eldritch dimensions are also into getting people to buy Trump as president. And then, Lucifer willing, they get those same fools to buy the Season Pass that includes said whale hunting, seal clubbing, and Steve Bannon – the ultimate Lovecraftian villain who makes up what he lacks in love and craft with pure malice.

  • Kyle Pierce

    Activision is the worst publisher currently in existence & they know it.

    That’s why they don’t give a shit anymore & are just milking the ever living shit out of CoD before the ship sinks.

    • Mostafa Shahin

      Idk about calling them the worst,man. Like,Konami and Warner bros still exist.

      • Coldar

        Konami primarily just fucks its fanbase by doing next to nothing with beloved IPs. It’d be like that hot chick you’re into just ignoring you, while fucking your (far uglier+less likeable) best friend in the next room.

        Activision pulling this is like Big Bubba from D-Block shoving a knife up your urethra as foreplay for the “main event.”

        And look, Silent Hill is my favorite thing ever, but even I can’t place Konami on the same level as this, as somebody who also loathes all of CoD and has played all of one title from the franchise in its entire history. It’s just night and fucking day. Christ, this makes introducing microtransactions look like a miraculous blessing bestowed upon gamers everywhere in comparison.

        • Mostafa Shahin

          Good points

    • Dog Food

      I have to wonder whether this type of thing doesn’t speed up CoD’s death. If Activision made a few positive PR moves, I bet CoD could see a few more prosperous years. At this rate, people are clamoring for another military franchise to play.

  • davegorack

    Maybe they know that Call of Duty is slowely loosing fans
    and theyve only got a few more games left in it, so they try bullshit like this to make
    as much money off it befor it dies.

  • StuM91


  • sillyskeleton

    Just popping in here to say it looks like the comments section of Jim’s Zelda review has completely shit itself. 2.5k comments and it just won’t load. That is a lot of angry Nintendo fanboys…

    • Yeah, I noticed that too.

      But, like, at least the traffic might make some money, at least? If it doesn’t mess up the website first.

      Bet they’re calling it click bait even though the score isn’t until the bottom.

      • Harzzach SeniorGamer

        “But, like, at least the traffic might make some money, at least? If it doesn’t mess up the website first.”

        There is no advertisement here. Jim makes no money off traffic, ads or Youtube subscriptions, only from Patreon and merchandising.

        • Oh, yeah, kinda forgot about that.

          In my defense it’s almost 3am.

          • Harzzach SeniorGamer

            ‘Goodnight you prince of Maine, you king of New England’ 🙂

          • Close. I actually live in California, but I don’t think there’s a quote for that involves sleep…I don’t think. Nice reference, though, thank you. 😀

          • Harzzach SeniorGamer

            From a few lightyears away New England and California are just the same 🙂

    • Kintari

      So you’re spilling the shit into this comments section too?

    • Michael Hudgins

      I wish I was one of his webmasters because I know exactly how to fix his problem. He just needs to add a line of php to his wordpress config that expands the memory allowance.

  • Kintari

    I wonder what’s next.

    Threaten to shut down the servers unless you buy another Activision title to support the studio?

    Kickstarter for re-releasing more previously released DLC?

    Re-release MW2, except it requires you to re-buy MW1 rebastard even though you already own it?

    Let people steal your XP and charge for insurance against that?

    There’s no floodgates left to contain this shit. Nothing will surprise me anymore.

    • Jeremy

      Stop giving them ideas! These seem ridiculous to us, but there is no low Activision won’t stoop to to get a few bucks.

    • Fred Davis

      Actually there’s a thing in Let It Die where you can pay to ignore the cool down on things you buy from the in-game shop – LID is free-to-play though and so that sort of nickel-and-diming shit is almost excusable, except that they’ve clearly only added a cool down on upgrading items and buying things so they can then add micro-payments to ignore them, so it’s still a nasty thing to see tested out “hey kids wanna buy a second degradable, unreloadable, gun in the next 5 minutes? Better pay up!”

      I could easily see something like that being ported to a full price AAA game like MW; Add guns that degrade when you fire them, or ammo you have to purchase between games, and then put a cool down timer on the shop that you can pay real money to ignore so that you can have the privilege of buying more things using earned ingame currency.

    • jp

      Servers? what servers? for COD servers died when it became a console game, I rememer they had dedicated servers, Activision is just freaking cheap as fuck.

  • Putang Inamo

    I feel like a broken record, but this game has a fucking BROKEN BEER BOTTLE as a melee weapon.

    From there I knew this game was dead.

  • Boy Noodlez

    Hey Jim, it was $14.99, 9 years ago too actually, they’re charging the same price

    • makiHyunda

      Actually it’s cheaper as a little thing called inflation has happened since..

      • Ron Baron

        The dollar has not inflated that much since 2007. What inflation calculator are you looking at?

    • Ron Baron

      The dollar has not inflated that much since 2007.

  • CyberInsaneoHD

    At this point, does saying that we should attempt to destroy Activition through subversive means sound like going too far?

  • moviereviewrsports


  • Gaealiege

    Sadly any outrage will be drowned out by the masses of mindless brodude consumers racing to purchase rehashed content for a premium price.

    You can’t argue with mindless consumption. Otherwise people would have never purchased those stupid ass pool shoes or purses with C’s on them.

  • Nonki


  • Daemoroth

    The worst part: They will get away with it. So many gamers will balk and scream and complain, and then buy the pack the second it’s out for sale.

  • Swollen Rhino

    Despite PS4 getting DLC 1st, i can download the file extract the data, change the script an make it playable on Xbox One ! I own both consoles. PS4 Fan’s Vs Xbox Fans’s ? Pure entertainment!

  • Christoph Brinkmann

    Quite glad I let the Call of Duty train take off almost a decade ago. Played the one and only good one – the original Modern Warfare, and that was it.

  • Funkproductions

    Ass to ass

  • Achtung Englander

    I know I am not going to win much support here but Activision can do whatever it wants provided its legal. While charging more for reselling DLC is precedent and a dick move, gamers should exercise their own choice and not buy it if they disagree. At the end of the day we are talking about entertainment. Video games is not life or death, they are not bought as a necessity which, if it were a necessity in this circumstance than Activision’s decision here would be indefensible. This is a shitty practice and they should be called out for it, but you know what – say fuck them and do not buy their games. Christ, we are drowning in games – go play something else !

    • Ceci Pipe

      Child porn is legal in some countries.

      But you see, legal and moral are two very different things and just because you can technically get away with something doesn’t mean you should. See the banks crashing the global economy for instance. Legal, but fuck you all the same you self righteous cunt.

      And I know, video games aren’t child porn. It’s the same argument though, legal therefore okay.

      • Achtung Englander

        I think example that is taking it a bit too far. I agree with all the sentiments here about how this decision is stupid and taking advantage of a (tired) franchise, but we are talking about Activision. I used to work for Activision and I know exactly the mentality of this company. So this move does not surprise me but as I said, voting with your wallet is the only way some companies learn

  • DeRP

    We’ve come a long way since 2007 when the “map pack dlc” was called patch 1.6 for the price of free to download.