Metabombed: Star Wars Battlefront II Is ‘The Epitome Of Years Of Corporate Greed’

Like a Star Wars Holiday Special, Battlefront II has left us all confused and feeling exploited.

The backlash was so huge, EA had to temporarily retreat and take the microtransactions out of the game. A disastrous Reddit AMA, worried investors, prying regulators, and mainstream news headlines forced them to pull back and find a more palatable way to deploy its glorified gambling.

However, that wasn’t before it received one of the biggest Metabombings in history. Oh yes, let’s get stuck in!

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Podquisition Episode 156: Darth Vendor

It’s difficult to talk about anything other than the sheer mess that has been Star Wars Battlefront II.

We discuss 2017’s most controversial game while refreshing its subreddit waiting for EA DICE’s ill-fated AMA to start.

Also, Hand of Fate 2, DOOM for Switch, and some other stuff!

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