Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Travis Strikes Out (Jimpressions)

Words like “repetitive” and “bland” should never really be associated with a Grasshopper game, but Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a sadly repetitive and bland affair.

A humdrum spinoff of No More Heroes, this self referential mundanity is a far cry from what makes Suda51’s work stand out.

Is Loot Box Regulation Censorship Of Art? (The Jimquisition)

Loot boxes remain a touchy issue in the game industry, especially now that prospect of regulation has become very real. The defenses, the lies, and the propaganda in support of them has ramped up quite a bit.

The “AAA” industry is going along a rather expected path, hiding behind the concept of art to defend itself. If you regulate loot boxes, they argue, you’re censoring art.

David Jaffe has been going off on this very point, and his voice joins others in equating gambling with art. Either naively, or deliberately. Are they right? They are not.

Podquisition 214: Little Shop Of Horrors Without The Plant

How do you do Little Shop of Horrors without the plant? One self-aggrandizing drama teacher tried it.

Also, we wrap up 2018’s games and look forward to 2019’s games. As you do.

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