Dear Nintendo, I Would Like The Following Amiibo

So, Nintendo’s Amiibo seem to be a big hit. According to NeoGAF, the game-enhancing figures are proving difficult to pre-order, with reports that Best Buy, Target, and GameStop are unable to supply according to demand for the little plastic blighters. If you hadn’t already heard, an Amiibo is a little toy representation of a Nintendo (or related) character mounted on a Technology Base ™ that the Wii U’s GamePad can read. It’s a similar concept to Skylanders or Disney Infinity, but far more universal, since the interaction is built into the console and can apply to multiple games. To date, the figures work with such titles as Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros.

I was a big fan of the Skylanders concept because I grew up in the 1990s, and there’s something so very 90s about the whole thing. Seeing Nintendo hop on the bandwagon is pretty exciting, and it’s cool to see it doing so well. Hopefully this means there’ll be incentive to expand the line to all sorts of characters and games, and with that in mind, I thought I’d get in early and make some official requests to Nintenders on behalf of us all. Here is my damn list of characters that should be turned into Amiibo, so I can buy them and own them and taste their exotic flavors.

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Jimquisition Livestream: The Slaughtering Grounds

Those who follow my work will know that I recently had the developer of The Slaughtering Grounds attempt to censor me on YouTube. Using a copyright takedown notice, my original video of this spectacularly awful game was removed, and my channel was thrown into bad standing with YouTube. Despite the studio’s boasts that it would see me in court, and despite claims that lawyers were backing their case, the video was returned to me last night, indicating that Imminent Uprising (the “publisher” of the game) had failed to pursue any further action. To celebrate, I hopped onto the Jimquisition Twitch channel and played some more of it. Way more of it. Too much of it.

Up there is part one of the video. Down there is part two. Enjoy, and keep an eye on the channel, as I’m looking to do a lot more impromptu livestreams in future!

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