The Spin-off Doctors: Alone In The Dark

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Christian Slater is the Ruby Tuesday’s of acting in this miserable Uwe Boll shitheap.

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Podquisition Episode 129: Link Does A Gaper

We talk about the “cheeky” DLC coming to Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe‘s majesty, Little Nightmares, and probably other games too!

Elsewhere, Laura’s gonna do a wee, and Gavin’s joined the ranks of the beggarati.

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

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The Jimquisition: Paul Ryan (Not That One)

I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing about Brash Games or its owner, Paul Ryan (Not That One).

Unfortunately, those who were recently part of his libelous, treacherous, potentially illegal manifesto don’t have a choice.

And now the Cleaner Is Come.

(“Born Depressed” & “Megalovania” covers by Nathan Hanover:

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A Quick Word On Those Fucking Ads Intruding Upon Comments

You may have noticed some adverts appearing in the comments section lately. This is because Disqus has started shoving them in and charging users to have them removed.

I cannot apologize enough for this. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and the current inability to guarantee against what this site usually guarantees against.

I’m fiercely proud of my website’s ad-free policy and I feel incredibly intruded upon.

I’ve always liked the service Disqus provided, and would have considered paying for a premium service of some kind, but I’m not going to fork over money after feeling strongarmed like that. What a horrible sales tactic.

We’re going to be importing comments to a new system soon. Until then, Adblock the shit out of my site if you please.

We’ll get the ads blasted ASAP, and I’ll say no more until the Jimquisition I’ve got planned about my constant fight against advertising.

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The Jimquisition: How Nintendo Can Make Up For Being Total Dickheads

Look, we all know about the NES Classic’s discontinuation by now. That’s not worth rehashing.

Instead, let’s heal these wounds and look at the ways in which Nintendo could show it truly was sorry. That’s what Reggie said. He said they were sorry.

The Jimquisition is ready to forgive… with conditions.

Bonus Content: Oh, Ubisoft!

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