The Bullshit Roundup: Microtransactions Everywhere, Warhammer Bollocks, And Arkham Knight PC’s Still Buggered

Time for another Bullshit Roundup, your one-stop shot for all the horrible nonsense that’s happened in the world of “AAA” videogames this week.

We’ve announcements of yet more microtransactions in games where they don’t belong, the promise of more microtransactions in games where they don’t belong, Sega doubling down on its pre-order chicanery…

… and Arkham Knight is still a hot mess on PC. Who woulda thought!?

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Podquisition Episode 50: Peach Or Vomit?

We all get a detailed lesson on the rich lore of Halo this week as we prepare for a Halo 5 review that MIGHT DEFINITELY HAPPEN MAYBE.

Oh, and Laura eats vom-flavored jellybeans. Eats them until horrible things happen. Horrible, horrible things.

Loads of other stuff happens this week, but seriously. Vom jellybeans.

The Jimquisition: The Golden Sins Of Horror Games

Having played far too many of the cynical horror games that have cropped up over the past few years, your ol’ pal Jim has noticed some awful trends.

Those trends now get their comeuppance, as we look at the Golden Sins of horror games, the things that no spooky experience should ever do again.

Also, Jimsaw plays his final card.

Kerry Dyer making Jimsaw’s mask –…

Ben Rama –

Friday The 13th: The Game Interview – Jason Lives… Again

Friday the 13th is easily my favorite slasher movie of the genre’s bloody heyday, with Jason Voorhees standing tall as one of my most beloved horror icons. The mask, the stoicism, the underrated sense of morbid humor, Jason is a character I’ve been fascinated by most of my life.

The news that Slasher Vol. 1 Summer Camp had officially become Friday the 13th: The Game made me do a little bit of giddy wee in my pants, and I backed its Kickstarter without hesitation. Naturally, I wanted to know more about the game, so I spoke with the team at Gun Media – chiefly Randy Greenback, Ronnie Hobbs, and Adam Sessler, to find out more.


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Podquisition 49: David Cage Writes Science Fiction

David Cage is BACK, baby! He’s writing a sci-fi game called Detroit, but it’s totally not a sci-fi game because he said it wasn’t. It’s about Robocop or something.

Also, Laura’s journalism is unquestionable as Until Dawn‘s DLC is revealed, the new Assassin’s Creed is actually rather good, and Tri-Force Heroes is delicious.

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Metabombed: Payday 2 Is “Utter Toilet”

By now you should all be well aware of the Payday 2 microtransaction controversy. After “shaming” us for ever believing Overkill would put premium currency in the co-op shooter, such currency was introduced as part of this year’s “Crimefest” event. It’s a move that has angered many.

After refusing to talk to press about the situation, brand manager Almir Listo blamed the press for not knowing enough about the situation, branding criticism as “clickbait” and painting his company as the victim. The studio has since included a chance to earn premium “drills” as free loot drops, though the chances of getting them seem quite slim.

Regardless of Almir’s protestations, the press is positively generous compared to what the community itself has been saying. To that end, it’s time to once again look at a game being METABOMBED as Payday 2 players vent frustration the only way they know how – via Metacritic user reviews.

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