The Jimquisition Game of the Year Awards 2015

The Jimquisition Awards are here again! This year, we’ve got not five, but SIX top-of-the-class games who all get a Game of the Year Award.

The JQ Awards are given to games across the board, without regards for budget or status.

All games are equal, all games deserve a shot… but only six of them can get what is literally the biggest honor in videogames!

Podquisition Episode 57: Smeggnog

Prepare your ears as Laura proves terrifyingly good at ASMR and Gavin brings a whole bucket of Eddie Vedder. If you need a drink, your ol’ pal Jim has the smeggnog!

This week, we’re talking about GaymerX, Ubisoft screwing up Tetris a SECOND time, and Hideo Kojima’s magical holiday that led to a whole new indie studio.

It’s a whole lot of fun this week, easily our best and worst show yet!

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The Bullshit Roundup: Activision Goes Microtransaction Wild, Ubisoft Fucks Up Tetris AGAIN!

It’s been a while since our last roundup, but we’re back and better than ever. Got three slices of premium, grade-AAA bullshit for you to get a whiff of this week.

Activision’s jumped aboard the fee-to-pay train with glee, and its money-grubbing is getting out of control with both Destiny and Call of Duty: Black Ops III getting in on the act. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has managed to ruin Tetris for the second time in its career.

Great job!

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Counterpoint: Regarding Active-Time Battle Systems

This week’s Jimquisition on Active-Time Battles generated a lot of heated discussion – some agreed with me that ATB was a fine tradition that aged well, while others believed it had its day in the Sun and Square Enix is right to move away from such things.

Among the feedback I received was an excellent rebuttal from Em D. Being a solo operation, this site doesn’t have much of a window for dissenting opinion, but Em’s response was interesting enough that I thought it’d be nice to publish – with permission, of course.

While I maintain my respect for Active-Time Battle, and believe it still has a place, I loved this insightful response. Take it away, Em!

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The Jimquisition: Active-Time Prattle

With Final Fantasy VII Remake abandoning the Active-Time Battle system for a more action-oriented approach, the time has come to discuss whether or not traditional JRPG battles really are “dated.”

Are they dated, or is it just something the industry decided one day? What exactly is wrong with Active-Time and turn-based combat systems? I, for one, can’t say I see what makes them so distasteful.

Podquistition Episode 56: Konami The Liar

This week, we obviously talk about Kojima being barred from attending The Game Awards, because Konami is full of lies and dirty behavior.

There’s also some fine chat about Final Fantasy VII, even if two thirds of the cast are objectively wrong about it. In other news, Half-Life is old, The Old Hunters is new, and Gavin likes Just Cause 3.

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Metabombed: Just Cause 3 Is “A Boring Piece Of Buggy Beta”

Opinions have been quite split over Avalanche’s long-awaited Just Cause 3. Some people are loving it, others are hating it – I was fairly lukewarm on the whole thing myself, which is a shame.

If you really want to see extreme opposite opinions though, you need look no further than Metacritic’s user review section, where you’ll find more 10s and 0s than you could ever dream of! Oh, you better believe Just Cause 3 is the latest release to get METABOMBED!

PC gamers have taken to the user reviews in order to express their frustration at a buggy and poorly optimized launch, though the gameplay itself has suffered a fair few criticisms too. Rico Rodriguez is, sadly, not grappling his way out of this one.

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The Jimquisition: The Multiplayer-Only Problem

This generation has seen a number of big-budget games go multiplayer-only. This isn’t a problem in theory, but the practice has left more than a little to be desired.

With Titanfall, Evolve, Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege all dumping campaigns, The Jimquisition looks at why this is a problem, and why it shouldn’t be.

Also, you better goddamn believe we’ve got some #FucKonami news this week!

(End music: “Megalovania” from Undertale)