Metabombed: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Is “Nothing But Digital Waste”

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 has been an overwhelming letdown. Its litany of glitches and general shoddiness have been cataloged mercilessly by the Internet, and while Activision has issued a half-hearted non-apology, the damage is most certainly irreparable.

As always, disappointed players have taken to Metacritic’s user reviews to air their grievances, making the latest Tony Hawk game a prime example of what happens when you get METABOMBED!

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Podquisition Episode 45: The Patreon Conspiracy

On this week’s episode, we laugh at some rando who has no idea how Patreon works and believes The Jimquisition should be investigated by the government. We also explain to people how shouting on Twitter doesn’t work.

Elsewhere, there’s talk of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, we look at the ridiculous Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 publicity stunt, and there’s a bit more SOMA chat.

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The Jimquisition: Performance Matters

Voice actors are doing what they do best and speaking up, uniting under the #PerformanceMatters group to demand better treatment in the game industry.

Ideally, the game industry should treat EVERYONE way better than it does, but in this case, it should come as no surprise that I most definitely stand with the voice actors and support them. Performance does matter, even as the industry sickeningly pretends it doesn’t.

Podquisition Episode 44: David Cameron F*cked A Pig

On this week’s show, we cannot resist talking about David Cameron being a naughty boy with a bit of an animal. We also spend some time discussing why you shouldn’t do a poo in a bathtub.

Elsewhere, we chat about a game in which you scrub up naked dudes, SOMA gets some deserved love, and we make fun of Jonathan Blow a little bit. Love ya, Jonny!

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Also, check out Laura Kate’s Patreon page!

Also also, check out Miracle of Sound’s channel!

Digital Homicide And The Case Of The Sockpuppet Developers

Watchers of my YouTube channel will know that I love to record myself playing random games on Steam. Sometimes I stumble upon a gem, but more than likely I find something awful – the most famous of which was Digital Homicide’s The Slaughtering Grounds. After that company’s infamous meltdown and litany of terrible releases, it had gone very quiet for a while.

So quiet, in fact, that when I played Galactic Hitman and Devil’s Share, I had no idea I was playing yet more Digital Homicide games, although their poor quality should have been a surefire clue. This was because both these awful experiences were published by ECC Games… or were they?

See, there is an ECC Games, but it’s sure as hell not the company publishing crappy first-person shooters to Steam.

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The Official #FucKonami T-shirt Is Here!

Celebrate the #FucKonami phenomenon (because it IS a phenomenon) in style with a BRAND new shirt from The Jimquisition Store!

The #FucKonami shirt is now available for your purchasing glee! It’ll be officially available from October 7, but you can do that pre-order thing if you want. I’m not a pre-orderer myself, but that’s how these printing sites do their thing, so it’s NOT ME DOING IT OKAY!?

Not convinced you need one of these? Check out the amazing sales pitch below!

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