The Jimquisition Game of the Year Awards 2014

We have an award show for you to cram down your gullet! Five games, five Game of the Year awards, all cop. The Jimquisition Awards honor the best games in a year that, to be honest, had quite a few disappointments. Nonetheless, these are all worthy picks, with two honorable mentions, and if you haven’t played any of them, you ought to take some time this holiday season.

Also, yes, a new microphone is coming. Planning a couple tech upgrades that probably won’t make things perfect (I need better recording space, something I really can’t do right now) but will improve things. Trust me, I’m sicker of audio issues than anybody else could be.

In any case, enjoy the show, and happy holidays!

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On Hatred, and Steam’s Sudden Interest in Quality Control

Hatred itself is so transparent in its intent that I’m barely interested in it as an actual videogame. That said, the response to it is fascinating for a number of reasons. At some point, I intend to examine the wacky events revolving around Hatred in a Jimquisition, but since my episodes are locked down with end-of-year content right now, I figured I’d toss something up in the meantime. This is a video discussing Valve’s recent decision to refuse Hatred a place on Steam Greenlight, something that has gaming’s loyalest champions up in arms. Personally, I find it interesting that this is the game Valve’s almost exclusively taking a stand on, when there are titles I find far more offensive – even if my offense is less conventional than the ol’ aversion to violent content.

Yes, Hatred is infantile in its attempts to be shocking, and I ultimately care little whether it sells or not. It’s not Air Control though, and that was on Steam for months.

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The Jimquisition: Regarding My Inquisitor And Vaginas

This is the last “standard” Jimquisition of 2014, as we see out the rest of the year with our annual Jimquisition Awards and Top Ten Shittiest Games. How exciting!

Before we get to all the celebratory stuff, how about a bit of satire? This week, we send up the kind of people who are furious at the mere existence of diverse romance options in BioWare’s games. For those who already asked – yes, there are actually people who think and talk like this, and it’s really quite sad.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to pounding it…

And pounding it.

And pounding it.

And pounding it.

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Podquisition Episode 3: Naughty Horse Conspiracy

This week, the crew uncover a sinister horse conspiracy, Kirby’s gluttonous crimes are unveiled, and there’s more reference to arse piss because we’re grown ups.

Also, we chat about the Game Awards, The Last of Us’ execution animations, and Gav’s Iron Bull voice melts our loins!

You can listen/download directly here.

Also, check out Laura Kate’s Patreon page!

Also also, check out Miracle of Sound’s channel!

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You may have heard disturbing reports and written them off as hysteria and scaremongering. In fact, your concerns may have been alleviated by the so-called “officials” telling us to keep calm and carry on. Make no mistake, however – AMIIBOGEDDON is here, and we’re all going to suffer.

According to reports, Nintendo’s amiibo figures are growing scarce to the point of near-extinction. It’s already becoming next to impossible to secure the Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, or Marth figures, and the latest stories suggest no more are being made. These amiibo shortages are quite possibly going to lead us into another Great Depression, and neither Nintendo nor the government are doing anything to help. We’re on our own, people! We’ve been abandoned by our overseers, and ignored by our false gods. We’re in the middle of an apocaliipse, and all we can do now is try to survive. We really are The Last of Us.

Now is not the time to panic, however. Grab the amiibo you have, secure yourself, and prepare for the coldest winter of your God damn lives. Follow my tips for surviving AMIIBOGEDDON, and please… for the very sake of humanity… keep yourself alive.


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Today’s video was a calm, rational analysis of Target Australia’s decision to no longer stock Grand Theft Auto VNaturally, this prompted raging responses from people who quite blatantly watched less than half of the episode before marching to the comment sections, pitchforks in hand. My favorite comment was from a guy who told everyone to withdraw support of my Patreon until I was forced to agree with him more. That would certainly promote integrity!

As I explain in the video if you watch all of it, I do not agree with Target Australia’s decision. I see why the decision was made, and I do not think this is the worst thing to happen to videogames, however. This sucks, but given Australia’s history with censorship, it’s a bump in the road toward progress.

Enjoy the video, but I’d probably not wade too deep into the comments. My not being as mad as some people who are mad have only made the mad people madder!

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