Metabombed: Fallout 4 Is “Vomit Trash”

I still remember the fury that scorched the Internet when Bethesda first showed us Fallout 3. While perhaps not the worst of game-specific fandoms out there (certainly nowhere near Sonic levels), the more zealous aspects of the Fallout audience is nonetheless vicious in its anger. At least, I think they’re fans. Some of them aren’t. Some of them just hate Bethesda. Or Fallout. Or something. It’s a cocking mess.

Even yesterday, before the game was available, some commenters were outraged that Fallout 4 was getting positive reviews like this one I wrote. While I adore the game, I knew for a fact this would be the next METABOMB victim, as a mass of virulence was coming this game’s way no matter what.

So, let’s look at the Metacritic user reviews and see just how bad Bethesda’s latest offering got it, shall we?

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The Jimquisition: Fallout 4’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L Relationships

Fallout 4 does something very S.P.E.C.I.A.L with its relationships. It’s not every day a “AAA” videogame gets something right, much less something that so personally resonates with your ol’ pal Jim Sterling.

So, let’s talk about the companion system of Fallout 4, and the thing it allows that makes it one of the more surprisingly progressive things a big-budget mainstream game’s ever done.

Metabombed: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Is Like “A Bugs Bunny Cartoon”

Nothing brings out the venom in Real Hardcore Gamers(tm) quite like a Call of Duty launch. I’m clearly weary of the series, and admitted as much in my somewhat nihilistic review of Black Ops III, but I’m never not shocked by the sheer rage some people have over the mere fact this series exists. If you want to see such rage manifested in easily compiled text, there’s no better place than the Metacritic user reviews.

Yep, it’s time for another trip into the abyss, as we look at what people have to say about Black Ops III. Most notably, we check out reactions to the PC version of the game, which launched in a less than favorable state.

Strap yourselves in, folks, because Black Ops III has been METABOMBED!

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The Bullshit Roundup: Microtransactions Everywhere, Warhammer Bollocks, And Arkham Knight PC’s Still Buggered

Time for another Bullshit Roundup, your one-stop shot for all the horrible nonsense that’s happened in the world of “AAA” videogames this week.

We’ve announcements of yet more microtransactions in games where they don’t belong, the promise of more microtransactions in games where they don’t belong, Sega doubling down on its pre-order chicanery…

… and Arkham Knight is still a hot mess on PC. Who woulda thought!?

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