The Jimquisition: Brutal Force – A Steam Sleaze Story

Last episode was a last-minute schedule change, and while we could postpone the originally planned one until Monday, why wait? Have an extra Jimquisition this week – another of our classic Steam Stories.

This particular tale talks of Brutal Force, a game that could have remained off the radar as an unassuming Nuclear Throne lite… had its developer not been made out of literal goofs.

Podquisition Episode 40: #FucKonami

Konami gets yet another well-deserved thrashing as we talk about review “boot camps” for Metal Gear Solid V and the looming threat of microtransactions in Hideo Kojima’s latest. Only Konami could turn MGSV into yet another conversation about how awful it is.

Elsewhere, we talk about Gravity Ghost, Until Dawn, and some other stuff we’ve forgotten about. Also, stay tuned to the end for some real talk. Some sappy, heartfelt real talk.

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The Jimquisition: Fee 2 Pay

With the imminent launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a fresh outrage has spawned over its inclusion of microtransactions. I love outrages about microtransactions, so much so that I coined the phrase “Fee To Pay” years ago.

Here we are again – the practice of “Fee To Pay” is more common, but no less distasteful. Let’s revisit the stupid world of “feemium” games, where you gotta pay… if you wanna pay.

Steam Vote Rigging And Shady Connections: The Curious Case Of Bob Middleton

Let’s tell the tale of a hopeful indie developer by the name of Bob Middleton. This person, trading under the name of bobmiddleton80, has three games currently trying to get attention on Steam Greenlight, Black Star CompanyMurderU, and The Clickerton Gang. A cursory glance at each wannabe Steam release shows nothing spectacular – a generic shooter, a humdrum survival horror, and yet another “clicker” game.

Peel away the surface, however, and you might just find something more interesting than the products Mr. Middleton attempts to peddle.

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Podquisition Episode 39: Pumpkin Flavored Anal Beads – With Guest Max Scoville!

Max Scoville of IGN and The Comedy Button joins your regular crew for a wild ride that includes pigs stuffed with POGs, pumpkin sex toys, and Mysterio blowjibbers.

There’s plenty of content to make our furry and futa fans happy too. Because that’s how we roll.

This is… an amazing episode.

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Darkest Dungeon And The Perils Of Early Access

Darkest Dungeon is a game I’ve been rooting for ever since I first set eyes on it. As a Dungeons & Dragons player with a ruthless dungeon master, the idea of a game that promised lasting effects and mental stresses on characters forced to face eldritch monstrosities appealed to me greatly.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a promising launch on Early Access, things were looking great for this beautifully crafted, intensely challenging roleplaying game. You wouldn’t think it right now, looking at a store page absolutely filling up with negative reviews.

Just what the hell happened?

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