The Jimquisition: The Mic Trick

We’ve heard of bullshots, we’ve heard of “downgrade” controversies. A relatively new form of misleading hype is something I’ve dubbed “The Mic Trick.”

Ubisoft has been slyly performing the trick for the past two E3s, and it’s time we talked about it, because I’ve got this weird feeling that Europe’s EA doesn’t quite realize we’ve cottoned onto it yet.

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Podquisition Episode 34: Iwata x Pitchford x Pregnant Minions

This week, we have some fond things to say about Satoru Iwata, honoring his passing with sincerity and respect. Then we talk about Randy Pitchford with basically the opposite tone.

Elsewhere, we talk about the terrible GODZILLA game, Gavin becomes the GrundleGav, and Laura eats toad-in-the-hole. Also, pregnant Minions!

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The #AskRandy Hashtag Is As Big A Trainwreck As Colonial Marines

Oh, Twitter hashtags. When will people learn they’re playing with fire when such things are used?

Recently, Develop invited users to ask Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford questions via the #AskRandy hashtag. It was amazing timing, considering I’d just published a video about Gearbox’s latest weaseling regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Can you guess what the hashtag devolved into? That’s right! It didn’t take long for Colonial Marines to come up, as yet another attempt to use Twitter for promotion went amazingly wrong.

Let’s look at some of the juiciest questions thrown Randy’s way. I wonder if he’ll answer any of them.

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The Jimquisition: Aliens: Colonial Marines – Game Over, Randy!

Randy Pitchford recently boasted about avoiding a lawsuit regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whether or not Gearbox Software should have been sued for it is irrelevant – Randy has never explained himself nor the lies told, and never said sorry.

In this quick-to-forget industry, Gearbox Software may be sitting pretty comfortably, happy to have wriggled out of trouble for one of gaming’s shameful releases. For some of us, however, it’s never game over, Rand. It’s never game over.