Below Expectations (The Jimquisition)

We’ve all heard the story. “AAA” game comes out, “AAA” game is a critical and commercial success, “AAA” game disappoints its publisher for failing to meet expectations.

When you pull back and see just how often this dance is performed, it paints the picture of a panicked and desperate industry, a rotten swan kicking its decaying legs frantically across a poisoned swamp. Because that’s what it is. The industry is a rotten swan.


Another good news in fact for you, you still enjoy kirby right? Maybe you should boot up star allies again, a 1 go update has been added at end of november. 1. Include new extra stage in story mode 2. A mode that let’s you play the whole main game in a time trial fashion with any character of the game (It does feel like a better version of smash run) 3. A boss rush mode where you can choose any combination of power and allies. 4. A new special world where the game test your skill with all the… Read more »