Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review – Full Priced Edition

Great game, awful product.

Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: Gearbox Software (unaffiliated with G2A)
Format: PC, PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One
Released: April 7, 2017
Copy purchased

Bulletstorm was a great game back in the day, released as a big “screw you” to the modern military shooters that had flooded the market at the time. Despite featuring regenerating health and forcing players to wield only two guns, Bulletstorm‘s focus on skittish action and ludicrous violence won it a passionate fandom even if it didn’t perform very well in the sales department.

Indeed, Bulletstorm failed to make a profit and it seemed doomed to obscurity until Gearbox Software stepped in as the surprise publisher of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, a remastered version of what Epic Games once merrily backed.

Bulletstorm is a delightfully stupid shooter about tearing into armies of mutants and monsters with wanton abandon. Drunk space pirate Grayson Hunt – voiced to perfection by the ever-present Steve Blum – is tracking down the evil General Sarrano on a planet gone to shit, and he’s only got a bunch of oversized guns, a superhuman kick, and an energy lasso at his side.

That’s actually a lot of things, and he puts them all to vicious use.

Enemies are flung around the environment with Gray’s whip and bucked into the walls via his almighty boot while being torn to literal chunks by an assortment of assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, and that one really cool weapon with the drills that send opponents flying. The world itself is full of things that aid in slaughter – electric cables, death drops, spike-lined walls – all waiting to fry, swallow, or impale any would-be attacker that comes Gray’s way.

The more punishing and inventive the death, the more points players earn, which in turn may be spent on upgrading and refilling the ammo of their weaponry.

Players are encourage to shoot, whip, and kick their way around a level, observing their surroundings and scouting opportunities for new and inventive deaths. While the game can be more or less played as an ordinary shooter, it’s both materially and psychologically rewarding to experiment and see just how sadistic things get.

Every single weapon has its own selection of “skill shots” that hold unique point values, and they’re all given appropriately silly names because Bulletstorm is, at its heart, a very silly game indeed.

Despite the constant dick references and frequent attempts at edgy humor, Bulletstorm tells an entertaining and almost touching little story about revenge with some genuinely likable characters. Even the villainous Sarrano – a mass murderer, a racist, and a genuinely loathsome individual – has some level of affability if just for his unrelenting audacity.

Bulletstorm remains a vastly amusing romp of butchery that maintains an impressive pace for the several hours it lasts. Under normal circumstances, this would be one of my more positive reviews, a glowing recommendation of a game that offers a throwback experience without being bogged down in dated ideas – a satisfying merger of the old and the new.

Unfortunately, somebody at Gearbox or People Can Fly decided a game that failed to turn a profit in 2011 could be rereleased six years later for the exact same price. With its MSRP of $59.99, Full Clip Edition quite literally double dips with a game over half a decade old.

Even worse, the heavily advertised Duke Nukem Bulletstorm Tour is not included as part of the basic package. Instead, it was used as pre-order DLC and then sold on launch day for an additional $4.99. Five bucks gets you additional content for a five-year-old game that, I remind you again, needs all the help it can get because the original sold really fucking badly.

Naturally I had zero interest in purchasing it but reports claim it’s awkwardly shoehorned into the campaign and Jon St. John sounds bored while reading his unfunny lines.

Although price is usually a factor in any review I do, it’s normally not of significant importance. Some short games can be worth just as much money as longer ones, and if length automatically added value, there are a lot of terrible games I’d be handing out awards to.

A remaster, however, is a different prospect. The artistry of it is second to its nature as a commercial product.

These are old games publishers rerelease specifically to try and make more money from old content. With that in mind, the value prospect to the customer has to be a more integral part of the critique, and Full Clip Edition‘s value prospect is dreadful.

While it’s not as insulting as the litany of things Activision’s done with Modern Warfare Remastered, it may represent the second worse way a remaster’s been sold.

The remaster itself, tragically, is really quite good. It runs beautifully in 4K at a smooth 60 frames-per-second, with characters and environments that still look striking today. Aside from some occasionally buggy ally A.I., it’s polished up nicely, and I wish I could say it was worth rushing out to buy.

At $59.99 however, with launch-day DLC besides, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is little more than a pisstake.

And that’s that.

Note: if you find this on sale for at least half the price, consider the score 8/10

  • Barnacle_Britches

    Two scores for one game!? You madman Jim! Well, I’ll be on the lookout for the 8/10 version. Which will clearly be better than Breath of the Wild.

    • Kev’ Bryant

      Wild card, bitches!

  • RedWolf

    Well, guess I’ll look for this on sale. I like the look and sound of it, but 30 quid for a 6 year-old game is just taking the piss.

    • Silvershock

      I wish people would tell Nintendo that, when they refuse to drop the prices of their games for years after launch. Mario Kart 8 for the U is *still* $65 CAD on Amazon, 3 years after release, and 6 months after the console it was released for was declared dead. Actually, I’d love to see someone give them shit for Twilight Princess HD, which as I’m looking at it is also $65 CAD on Amazon, despite being a remaster from one dead system for another fucking dead system.

  • BAH!

    Are you certain it’s a pre-order bonus, Jim? Because I saw it earlier in a store advertised (on the case) as including the extra content- in the form of a download code, naturally. Heaven forbid they actually put it on the fucking disc. But either way, I suspect it’s more of a “early run bonus” that some games have done. Still not great, obviously.

    • Mr. Atlas

      From what I can tell, the physical version may have it included, but the digital/Steam version seems to have it separate (or in a bundle worth about the total price), unless you pre-ordered.

      • BAH!


      • Christian Pohl

        I’ve bought the physical PS4 version. The Duke tour is just an unlock code on a packed-in voucher, no download after you redeem it. Much like the online passes back then.

  • jencaasi

    I know I’m outraged by one of those scores. I’ll get back to you on which one.

    • HaveSomeOatmeal

      Let me know when you decide so I know which one to hate, too.

      Thanks, babe.

    • Tank Soul

      I’m outraged now, look forward to being outraged later for a completely different reason once the price comes down.

  • Nobody’s Fanboy

    Hey Jim,

    Is there any word on whether or not it still requires GFWL and all kinds of other nonsense, or has that junk been cast to the pits of hell where they belong? It’s why I never bought a PC copy, but if that crud’s been removed then I’ll pick it up when it hits a steam sale.

    • RetroNomad

      GFWL is not in this version ( Thankfully ) but this seems to be their
      answer to the slue of fans that were asking for it’s removal just to be
      able to play the game in the first place…. So do with that as you will

    • ZeroAbbadon

      It doesn’t

    • Xell

      GFWL has been down for years, as far as I’m aware.

    • Sned

      That’s all gone now. The removal of all that BS integration is basically what you’re paying for in the first place.

    • Artemiy

      TotalBiscuit said in his port report that the remaster doesn’t require GFWL.

    • MJC

      GFWL is gone.

      Denuvo is in.

  • JonnyDoLake

    Yeah… 60$ for a remaster is just pure greed, particularly when compared to Bayonetta, which released on PC this week (you could call it a remaster) for 20$ and it’s a much better game.

    • RetroNomad

      GFWL is not in this version ( Thankfully ) but this seems to be their answer to the slue of fans that were asking for it’s removal just to be able to play the game in the first place…. So take that as you will.

    • Marco Funke

      “you could call it a remaster” … yeah… it isn’t.

      • Jiryn

        Remasters are usually just ports that are optimized for the new platform and higher, more stable resolution. Very few go out of their way to update the models and shaders.

        • Kevin Wilson

          If it was released for the Switch it would be a remaster. A game becoming available for PC from console is just called a port.

          • Jiryn

            They also upped the resolution, though not sure about the texture work.
            As I said, remasters are just a (type of) port.

          • Marco Funke

            A remaster is a remaster, a port is a port… simple. ^^
            Even if there isn’t that much of a difference, it is different.

          • Jiryn

            At least people aren’t using remaster and remake interchangeably.
            That’s one of my little minor pet peeves.

            I look at the descriptions of Remaster and Remake like you’d see in the movie industry. Where a remaster is just cleaning up, and sometimes upressing the original footage, while a Remake is an entirely new production with new assets based on the same/original story.

          • Jiryn

            I did have to double check to see what they were officially calling the game. I see, as you said, they are just calling it a port.
            I how to see it on PS4 sometime as well.

  • Sjur Hansen Gaustad

    Looks really hecking fun, gonna look for it on the next big Steam sale.

  • Edward Turvey

    I was going to say that if you play on PC, just buy the original as it looks about the same or better depending on who you ask and will probably be cheaper, until I just discovered it has been removed from Steam and Origin to make way for this obscenely expensive, remastered version

    • Yeah, since EA lost rights to Gearbox, the old version had to be pulled. Technically, it could be just put back by Gearbox, but instead they remastered it. Which is a valiant effort, if not for the ridiculous price

      • ZeroAbbadon

        No, Gearbox could not put up the original version, that is still owned by EA. Just because there was a rights transfer back to People Can Fly doesn’t mean they also get their code back, that was work they were contracted to do for EA and unless they specifically asked for it back it still belongs to EA, as evidenced by EA still selling the original version digitally for Xbox 360 and PS3. I imagine part of the deal for reclaiming the IP for the game was negotiating with EA about removing the PC version from sale specifically because of the upcoming remaster

      • Anton

        How much of a “remaster” is it, really? Looks like they just upped the resolution for the newer consoles.

        • darksteel6

          There’s a number of improved options on PC from what I can see on Total Biscuit’s port report video(I.E. an FOV slider, being able to get up to 240 FPS)

    • RetroNomad

      Those of us lucky enough to own the original on Steam are also unlucky enough to deal with the fallout of Game for Windows shutting down causing issue with launching the game. There are user developed tools to get around this, however they disable multiplayer (dead anyway really ) and mess up Echos.
      So this is even more so damming considering this was their answer to us asking for GFWL removal… why not try to squeeze $60 more out of us as a work around…

    • Tank Soul

      It wasn’t available on steam even before the remaster. They were well aware the original is unplayable on modern os even if you own the disc.

      • Edward Turvey

        The original was removed from Steam on the 14th March 2017. I managed to find a CD key for it online and it is still downloadable from Origin and still works with a GFLW workaround.

    • Benj

      Damn, I bought it the last time it went on sale and then got really annoyed with myself that I’d done after hearing about the remaster.

      I totally lucked out on that one.

  • Anton

    75% off on Steam in 3 months, almost guaranteed. Looking forward to it.

    • goodbyejojo

      they are probably bundle that shit with battleborn

      • TheMagicLemur

        “Buy Bulletstorm and get this free useless chunk of data for your hard drive!”

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      Just wait for the next big seasonal sale, so yeah probably in a couple of months during the summer sale you’ll see it deeply discounted. I’d still rather not give gearbox my money, I don’t want to reward them for almost partnering with criminals like g2a and only backing down when people literally had to do their sure diligence for them, but at least a significant discount would help ease that pain some.

  • Blagger76

    Really enjoyed this game 6 years ago, which feels like 5 minutes ago, when you get as ancient as me. I’ve been hearing about server problems and matchmaking issues, this was a unfortunate feature 6 years ago! Disappointing they hadn’t sorted these issues out.

  • ZeroAbbadon

    I preorderd on PS4, it had a 15% ps+ discount and i freaking love the game, I’m not ashamed of that. I still find it kinda gross that gearbox has the gall to charge as much as they did but i never bought it new back when it first came out so i guess this is my penance.

  • HaveSomeOatmeal

    “You’re gonna shoot my dick off?!?”

  • Pangalaktichki

    I just reinstalled the original Bulletstorm on Steam, runs like a dream. Gearbox can fuck right off for not giving a cent of discount for people that already owned the game.

    • HaveSomeOatmeal

      Agreed. I consider moves like these to be less psychological manipulation and more direct insults to my intelligence.

      • TheMagicLemur

        They’re both, you see.

        They want to manipulate you; they just also think you’re so stupid they don’t need to try very hard.

    • Turi

      Sadly you can not buy the originale anymore.
      At least i can not find it on steam o.o

      • Pangalaktichki

        Yep, they removed it from Steam once they announced the remaster. IIRC it was already difficult to obtain, because of GFWL, it was blocked from purchase in many countries and you’d have to get it as a Steam gift.

    • MJC

      If by “runs like a dream” you mean “can’t disable mouse acceleration because the option is locked in an encrypted INI file”, then sure.

      Also games for windows live.

      • Pangalaktichki

        OK, haven’t noticed mouse acceleration (might be just me being used to high dpi and sensitivity). GFWL can be patched out by a simple dll file. I’ve already had that installed and the game posted my recent achievement on Xbox Live… somehow. But, can confirm, it can be patched and the game runs properly.

  • Appretaur

    If you publish through Gearbox, your game’s head will end up impaled on a Pitchford at some point or another.

  • MeatMan

    For PC players, you can currently get a Steam key for just under $32 from GameBillet, according to isthereanydeal DOT com.

    I own the original game digitally on PC, but had problems due to shitty GFWL, so I only played it for a couple of hours before uninstalling. Regardless of how cheap the remaster gets on PC, I won’t be buying it, because it uses Denuvo DRM.

    F-ck you, Gearbox.

  • LegendaryFrog

    Such a shame because I really like the game. I didn’t buy it (Gamefly) due to financial restraints (college), but I will definitely pick it up if it drops to under $40.

    Thanks again, Jim.

  • bimmyz
  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    It’ll lose value in a year’s time. Bulletstorm is gonna suffer again and not because people don’t want games like Bulletstorm, or think it’s shit, but because Gearbox’s name is inherently shit, and they made shit moves that make me wonder why aren’t they collaborating with Konami?

    • darksteel6

      Not really, there’s lots of people that aren’t familiar with Gearbox.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      That would require Konami to make a video game, not pachinko machines.

      Besides, as bad as Konami is, they don’t collaborate with active criminals like G2A, and they aren’t anywhere near as flagrant about false advertising and trying to scam customers. So they’ve got a leg up on Gearbox.

  • Austin_sj

    Paid full price for the original version on PS3. Really enjoyed it. Not a chance will I pay full price again for a remaster.

    • TheMagicLemur

      I’m sure Randy Pitchford considers that to be the behavior of a monster who is actively trying to ruin his company.

  • mrhair

    I can pick up Bulletstorm for the PS3 for two bucks plus $4 shipping, is the thing. Are the remasters so good that I need to pay an extra $54 for them? Probably not!

    • frkmgnt1

      I’d say, no. What could they possibly do to the game that would make the SAME EXACT PRODUCT worth $54 more? This wasn’t a PS One game, or a 64 bit game. It was a last gen game. Last Gen to this gen are really not that different (don’t kill me, but they’re not. Not really). Was Skyrim remastered really worth the $60? No. Not if you already owned it, it wasn’t. At least, in my humble opinion. People can spend their money however they want. But, as an idiot who bought the new Skyrim, it wasn’t worth it when I’d already spent ~$110 on the last version with all DLC. Just my opinion, and obviously not meant to tell you how to spend your money.

    • LazyAza

      The console versions run better, but you’re ostensibly just getting the experience people like me had with the PC version minus the games for windows live crap back in 2011.

      It’s an amazingly dumb, gleefully silly joyfully fun shooter. Replayed it more times than I can remember, easily still among my top 5, perhaps only outclassed by Doom 2016.

      But this re-release is a fucking joke. I love LOVE the fucking game and I have zero desire to give Gearbox 60 dollars for one of the laziest remasters of all time.

    • MJC

      The game itself isn’t good enough to be worth the $6 you can spend on the original. Give it a miss.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Gearbox seems to be the poster-boy of bad decision-making tainting good IPs, bad IPs and themselves. It’s like the clumsy, jam-covered kid who drops and breaks literally everything he touches, and when he gets close to your expensive shit, you have no option but to shout “just. fucking. STOP!! I’ll get it my bloody self! I’ll do it my damn well self…Just please stop…please??”

    And that was only him trying to open your front door to leave.

  • SpearmintTea

    This seems weird. Is MSRP factored into every other review in the same way?

    • frkmgnt1

      I would guess that MSRP is not a factor in brand new games in quite the same way it is in remastered versions of 6 year old games. Though Jim Fucking Sterling Son has mentioned MSRP for indie titles, DLC, and Fee to Pay games in the past. So, price matters when you’re reviewing for consumers and not for publisher/developer egos. (This may sound more hostile than I mean it. It’s a knock at the industry and their pricing, not you.)

      • SpearmintTea

        You make a good argument. I just think that there are two different approaches to reviews being taken here.

        One is a review of a game as a piece of art and entertainment, and the other is rating a commercial transaction.

        Personally, I don’t think the latter makes much sense. Many games go on sale shortly after release. Does that mean how you feel about the game changes accordingly? Are games I got for cheap in a Humble Bundle or something better than games I pay full price for? Are games I get with my 20% Amazon Prime discount 25% better than any other game at full retail? Are games sold in countries with high import tariffs just uniformly worse?

        I also don’t really get the idea behind dinging something in price just because it’s a repackaged version of an older game. I’m not rating Star Wars on Blu Ray lower just because I got the VHS version for the same price 20 years ago.

        • HisDivineOrder

          So you are saying egregious pricing should have absolutely no impact on a game’s value proposition? Reviews are not solely about the cultural impact a piece of media has.

          • frkmgnt1

            I agree that reviews are designed more for consumers than as a theoretical critical examination of a piece of art. It may be unfortunate, but as long as people have limited means with which to purchase games (in other words, forever) then the price should factor into consumer decisions.

            I guess I can understand why SpearmintTea doesn’t think it should factor into a score. I’ll have to think about it more. At this point, I think price is a reasonable factor for consumers (and therefore consumer advocates) to judge.

          • SpearmintTea

            1.) I think $59.99 for a retail release is the industry standard, not egregious.
            2.) Maybe there is a space to review products like that. But I feel like that kind of has to be your shtick if you’re going to do it.

          • frkmgnt1

            It’s the industry standard for a brand new product. Does this qualify? Should this be the same price as Horizon: Zero Dawn, or BoTW, or Nier:Automata? The work that goes into an update can’t possibly justify the same MSRP as a brand new IP. They didn’t make the money the first time, so they’re trying to double-dip now. Or, at least it seems that way.

          • SpearmintTea

            I don’t know. I guess it comes down to personal preference. I had no issue shelling out full retail (or something close to it) for 1080p versions of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I don’t seem to recall any complaints from the public at large either.

            The 8th gen versions of GTAIV, Tomb Raider, and the Last of Us seemed to get a pass too.

          • frkmgnt1

            The fact that many people give them a ‘pass’ doesn’t really mean it’s okay. I don’t give it a pass. I got The Last of Us remastered free with my PS4. But yeah, this is a personal issue, I think. There have been times in my life where I’ve had plenty of disposable income to spend on games, so price didn’t matter, and times where it did matter. I have money, but much less time now. So, I tend only to pay full retail for new games as a general rule (I’ve still made mistakes like Skyrim in 2016).

            So, I don’t hold price against this and not others. I think remastered copies are a ripoff in general. Now, I tend to wait longer.

            Jim is consistent about the issues, which is what should count in his scoring. I am not saying remastered games are all terrible, but time and money do now factor in more than they used to for me. I don’t have a major issue with it knocking a score down. And paid DLC in an older, remastered game is an absolute NO for me. That’s beyond the pale.

          • frkmgnt1

            I do think that we agree that this is a personal preference. For some people, price is not a factor in the same way it is for others. I get your point, even I’m not sure if I entirely agree. But you gave me something to think about.

          • SpearmintTea

            Good talk man!

        • frkmgnt1

          That’s fair enough. If you’re looking at a review just as strictly based on an artistic metric rather than as a piece of merchandise someone is purchasing, then the MSRP is not relevant in the score.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          But this isn’t a piece of art, it’s a rehash of an existing thing being sold for full price while the existing thing is available much cheaper. That means the value of the new, rehashed version has to be taken into account.

          As does the scumbag, borderline criminal behavior of the people the publisher is willing to do business with and this who that full price purchase would be going towards.

        • Ivan Sorensen

          The number is just a made-up thing. Dont sweat it too much

  • Sned

    I bet in a couple weeks time G2A will steal some keys and sell them for 29.99, effectively creating a very strange situation….
    “The game is 8/10, but only if you buy from G2A….”

    • Anton

      “Introducing the new G2A ScoreBooster Service! Only $10/Month, Plus we steal your credit card”

      • SmaMan

        Shhh! It’s not G2A doing the stealing. It’s the gang of Russians they turn a blind eye to who run the skimmers and keyloggers oh so conveniently installed on their checkout page.

    • Human Bean

      Ugh, what a terrible service. It lures you in with it’s low prices for games you probably can’t afford, but then hits you with everything wrong with a service like it: fake and/or stolen keys, and a half-assed attempt to stop that. Funny thing is, you can’t really ever stop such a thing as ‘fake and/or stolen keys’ in a grey-market service, (unless they were all to shut down) the most that can happen is that they can try, hard as they can, to slow it down.

  • Kyle Pierce

    The best part about this game is laughing at how stupid GearBox is while you play Bayonetta on PC instead.

    • darksteel6

      They are not stupid.

      • Landy Alexander

        He’s right you know. Stupid criminals go to jail.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          Gearbox may be many things, but stupid probably isn’t one of them. Greedy, unethical, bald faced liars, willing to get into bed with known criminals like G2A, but they’ve managed to stay in business and even have people still willing to defend them for some reason. So that means they must have some idea what they’re doing.

          Here’s to it all falling down around them soon I hope.

    • ENAY

      I hope this means one day we can see Bayonetta 2, and released on a proper gaming system, ANY gaming system. WiiU doesn’t count.

      • Stelios Markios

        At best we’ll get a Switch remaster, which won’t be much of an upgrade in terms of visuals over the Wii U anyway. Nintendo holds Bayonetta 2 by the balls, as if it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t even exist.

  • HisDivineOrder

    I just don’t know why People Can Fly didn’t just go it alone, launch this without Duke, and price it at a Bayonetta-like $20. In that world, this is a great buy for gamers that missed it the first go-round. In this world, owners of the original release get this Steam-focused release for half off.

    Massive sales, insane word of mouth, here comes Bulletstorm 2’s kickstarter…

    • Anton

      I would imagine that they never owned the publishing rights.

      • HisDivineOrder

        They do now though…

        • Anton

          Gearbox does.

  • Mauricio

    I’ll just keep playing Bayonetta :P.

  • Speed_Lancer

    I was really quite happy to hear the Duke Nukem bit was DLC and didn’t have to worry about it being good or not, if I eventually buy this.I had the original on Steam Wish List since original release, but never found the funds or a cheap enough sale that wouldn’t hurt me.

    Hopefully it’ll get that good discount next year.

  • Polishfury5000

    Jim, did you play the Duke campaign? You said there was comments on it being shoehorned, but I didn’t see any confirmation in the review.

    Other than the pretty graphics, I don’t see the appeal of buying this over a $5 last gen copy. It’s a damn fun game, but that pricetag is a bit steep feeling.

    6 months from now, when it’s marked down to $20, I can see myself grabbing it.

    • BarthVader

      Jim offhandedly mentioned he “had zero interest in purchasing it”.

      • Polishfury5000

        I didn’t know if he meant until he heard about Duke’s campaign or not.

        • TheMagicLemur

          I imagine his enthusiasm could only go downhill upon hearing of Duke Nukem’s involvement. Blech.

          • darksteel6

            I think it’s cool, i’m really curious to see what that’s like.

  • Sperium3000

    Yeah, sounds about right. Will wait for a sale, which I imagine won’t take long because I can’t see this selling much given all the shit you just described.

  • SpearmintTea

    Jim, I went back and read your review of Twilight Princess HD.

    There was no mention of publisher antics, or doubling dipping on an old game (despite the fact that TP was nearly a decade old at the time). The physical retail version of the game was $59.99, but there was no mention of the price in the review and it evidently didn’t affect how you felt about the game given that the review was pretty glowing and the score was an 8.8.

    The HD graphics received praise, but you praised the 4K 60FPS of Bulletstorm too. Judging from what you said about TPHD’s amiibo functionality (“don’t expect much compelling gameplay”, “It’s just sort of there.”), I don’t think that could be the difference either.

    You purchased Bulletstorm, whereas TP:HD was provided by the publisher, but I doubt you’d let that affect the review.

    I gotta ask, what gives?

    • TheMagicLemur

      I’d say what gives is that this game was largely considered not worth the price the first time around, and has new DLC on top of that.

      • TheMagicLemur

        Ultimately it boils down to the situation being different and the games being different.

        This is sort of like the old Mario Kart/Call of Duty “controversy”; two different games on two different systems with two different histories, etc. The only thing they really have in common is that they are video games.

        • SpearmintTea

          I don’t know. It’s hard enough to wrap my head around a game’s review being affected by it’s retail price. (After all, we don’t adjust criticisms or change scores when retail prices change)

          Even harder to wrap my head around MSRP being such a big part of one review while being completely absent from others.

          • TheMagicLemur

            Again; different circumstances. Game reviews are all subjective anyway, and Jim clearly considered the price offensive for this one whereas some remasters he feels it’s not as bad.

            Ultimately it boils down to “This is just Jim’s opinion”. Opinions can be somewhat inconsistent and are entirely influenced by taste.


          • SpearmintTea

            Sure. I totally get that. He is free to critique a game in any way he chooses. And he’s free to change what he values or what he finds worth mentioning on a whim.

            I read this though, and It just seemed like he wrote the review as an excuse to grind an axe about Gearbox some more.

            …it’s weird.

          • TheMagicLemur

            I think that his personal disgust at Gearbox’s behavior has dampened his enthusiasm, to be sure.

            Chalk it up to him being a human being with personal biases, just like the rest of us.

          • darksteel6

            he’s complained about Nintendo charging full price for remasters numerous times

          • Gorantharon

            A game review is always a product review, too, and thus the value proposition should not be totally absent.

            I do agree that there is a bit of a discrepancy between the two reviews, but at the end I think it comes down to:

            TP was even as a remaster still worth the money to Jim.

            Bullerstorm is appartently not.

    • Za_Docta

      Well Twilight Princess HD didn’t also tack on additional day-one DLC.

      • SpearmintTea

        Yeah but Jim said in the review that he didn’t even mess with the DLC so that can’t be it. Unless you could be so offended by the existence of some optional content that it affects your enjoyment of the product that you did buy.

        • TheMagicLemur

          Um.. have you read anything else by Jim? Because that’s pretty accurate. Sort of like how F2P elements knock the score and make them ineligible for award consideration.

          • TheMagicLemur

            The thing is that’s how DLC like that is designed to work. The GOAL is to diminish your enjoyment of the game because you don’t have all the content. Whether it works on you or not is obviously different from person to person, but if it didn’t work reasonably well, they wouldn’t do it. It actually DOES affect my enjoyment of a game, because it creates that nagging little voice that says “It’d be cool if you could also use this thing from the DLC”. And that’s the idea.

            No publisher puts paid DLC in as a favor to you. Ever. They do it to cajole more money out of you after you’ve already paid for a game. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to bring it up and indeed for it to affect how one scores a game.

            For example: Trials Fusion on PS4. If it wasn’t choked with DLC, I’d probably rate it pretty highly; say 7-8/10. Because crap is gated off behind paywalls on top of the $20 I dropped on it, though, I put it around 5/10.

        • Za_Docta

          It’s more offense at the idea that they’re carving out dev time to produce additional content for a game that failed once already and then asking us to pay even more for its inclusion than they asked us to pay last time. The arrogance of how much they’re asking for proportional to how much work it took them to produce it.

      • MJC

        Yes it did. amiibo are physical DLC, and Twilight Princess HD tacked on a lot of that shit day-one.

        • CaitSeith

          Wasn’t Jim still in love with the amiibos back then? Or it was written after Jim accused Nintendo of making them intentionally scarce?

        • Za_Docta

          Jim’s done an entire episode railing against shitty business practices with the Amiibo and their DLC practices. You could hardly accuse Jim of hypocrisy on that front.

    • Xetelian

      Twilight Princess was a successful game, Bulletstorm was not. You can expect a highly anticipated game to charge more than a game that died a miserable death and resuscitating it shouldn’t cost full price if they want to actually sell copies of it.

      TP was a guaranteed win, BS was not.

    • Landy Alexander

      Jim is a filthy Zelda fanboy.

  • TheMagicLemur

    Thank god for my local rental place. I can have my fun for 8 bucks. I didn’t personally feel the game was worth 60 the first time around (clearly not a rare opinion).

  • Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan

    If I see this going second hand for cheap a year from now I’ll consider it.

    But $60 straight into the pocket of world class shitbirds like Gearbox is not on my agenda.

    • TheMagicLemur

      I deliberately buy Gearbox games used whenever possible so that Dandy Randy doesn’t get any of my cash.

    • darksteel6

      I got no problem giving them money, but 60 bucks for a remaster is too steep for me.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      This is exactly why I won’t buy it at this price, and why I’ve honestly avoided picking up the Borderlands games even on sale. At this point I’d rather not give Gearbox money, especially now that they are willing to associate with outright criminals like G2A.

  • Bulletstorm and Vanquish are two games I have fond memories of for just being what they were. As cliché as the characters and the writing was in Vanquish, I still enjoyed the mechanics of sliding around all over the place.

  • Edward Turvey

    Managed to snag an original Bulletstorm Origin CD key for £4. Up yours Randy.

  • Nicholas W Sullivan

    Once more Randy’s hunger for profits leads him to fluff up again.

    And I’m pretty sure Gearbox wont make the money they invested in this, simply because they set the release price too high, which probably means no Bulletstorm 2, though that’s not such a bad thing given Gearbox would likely be involved.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      After the scum baggery of the whole g2a thing a big failure for gearbox would be well earned.

    • darksteel6

      I’d love to see Gearbox do Bulletstorm 2, I think the Borderlands style of humor would translate really well into that games universe.

      • Andrzej Sugier

        Yeah, you’re right! The Borderland universe tone seems like a much better fit than what the game actually had.

  • Darkseid200

    I got the original free with PS Plus years ago. I really enjoyed it but I’ve no reason to pony up for a remaster at that price.

    • MJC

      (no you didn’t, there are no free PS Plus games because you have to pay the subscription cost and you don’t get to keep the games if you stop paying, so you rented the original with PS Plus years ago)

      • Darkseid200

        You’re right. I drank the cool aid.
        I wont be renewing it this year. I don’t play online and I haven’t been interested in enough of the monthly games for it to be worth it for quite a while.

      • Ivan Sorensen

        This comment wasn’t free, because it took you 15 seconds to type out, and as we all have limited life spans, the price of posting comments is literally infinite

  • t3hdow

    In an age when Blizzard is about to re-release the original Starcraft and Brood war for free, and in an age when video game consumers go insane lengths to buy discount games, the prospect of a 6 year old game charging full price AND $5 DLC is ludicrous. Hell, this was barely acceptable 15 years ago.

    Remember the shit Capcom received when they re-released Resident Evil 2, 3, and Code Veronica for $40 each ($50 being the industry standard then)? Unlike the RE1 remaster, which almost re-designed the game from the ground up, those games were mere ports that didn’t offer anything new. It didn’t help that the better $20 Dreamcast ports were released in late 2000 compared to early 2003. Also, at that time Nintendo offered Ocarina of Time for free as a pre-order bonus, which made Capcom’s overpricing look even more absurd.

    Look, I get that companies want to make money on their products, but after the CoD4 Remastered debacle, why Gearbox would sell this for $60 PLUS $5 DLC is beyond reason.

    • Darkseid200

      I couldn’t agree more.
      If I remember correctly that bonus disk also included Majoras Mask and a remixed version of Ocarina called Master Quest.
      All for free.
      Good times.

      • t3hdow

        The Majora’s Mask disc came later, and that one also came with OoT Zelda 1 and 2. Still, the Wind Waker pre-order bonus was the first time Nintendo released Master Quest outside of Japan. Sadly, that special pre-order incentive is what probably jumped started pre-order culture, and all the trouble that wrought.

        • Darkseid200

          Been a long time since I’ve looked at my Gamecube games. I need to dig them out again.
          Everything’s blurred into a rose coloured haze.

        • Darkseid200

          I found both discs. The disc with OOT and Majora and LOZ 1 & 2 also has a Windwaker demo on it. I’m assuming that’s what made my addled memory merge them into one disc.
          Found some Nintendo soundtrack cd’s while I was digging around (Zelda and Smash Bros) Still wrapped in cellophane. And a few diferent packs of nintendo playing cards.
          Don’t remember what magazine any of this stuff came with.
          I miss that era of gaming.

      • MJC

        You don’t remember correctly.

        Wind Waker had a disc with OoT and OoT Master Quest.

        There was another disc later if you bought a subscription to Nintendo Power that had Zelda 1, Zelda 2, OoT, and Majora’s Mask.

        • Darkseid200

          I’ve just dug out both discs. My memory is so crap I don’t even remember having a subscription to Nintendo Power.
          It has a playable demo of Windwaker on it so I’m just going to assume that’s what made me remember them as one disc.
          That’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway.
          Because the fact that I’m sat with it in my hand and I still don’t remember it is a bit alarming.

  • Nel_Annette

    So if I give it about a year, it’ll be an 8/10 game on sale for cheap? Nice!

  • Chürz

    I’m tired of publishers re-releasing old games for new consoles. It’s a new low after the sequel-itis of the last few years. What’s next???

    • darksteel6

      I’m fine with it when it’s done well like with Bioshock collection, but not when it’s done half-assed like with Prototype Biohazard collection

  • Donald Milliken

    Bulletstorm was one of my favorite games of the last generation and I have every intention of buying this remaster. Once it hits $20. Which honestly shouldn’t take long.

  • b-rom

    I have long had a fondness in my heart for Bulletstorm. It has one of my favourite intro sequences in a video game ever. My delight at the intro was tempered slightly once I got into the game a bit and realized that I wasn’t actually playing a fun-loving but violent and drunken space pirate, but instead playing a fairly bog-standard disillusioned ex-military squad just waiting for their chance to prove they’re actually good-guys. Then the gameplay won me over all over again when I got points for shooting somebody in the balls and kicking them into a cactus.

    I agree that this should have been a success when it first released. Now the price point is just an insult.

    • Andrzej Sugier

      Yup, the story had some weird dissonances, and was definitely the weakest part of the game (but still not terrible)

  • Lloyd

    Before release I saw a bit of the early game with Duke and yeah, it was awkward and not at all interesting. That was what changed my mind NOT to preorder the game.

  • A Roast Beef Sandwich

    Aaaaand it’s already down to $50. Smooth guys

  • sillyskeleton

    I had a good ol’ laugh when I saw the Duke Nukem stuff was being sold at an additional cost to the already ludicrous price of the standard edition.

    To put things in perspective, Bayonetta’s release (not just a re-release, but its PC debut) is less than half the price.
    Gearbox is seriously taking the piss.

  • Arella Jardin

    I won’t lie, I bought the Skyrim Special Edition for Xbox One, first day, full $60. Hadn’t played it in years, wanted access to mods, and it’s a game I can easily put more than 100+ hours into. Well worth it, to me.

    Bulletstorm? $40, tops.

    • JoshK31

      I’ll wait for PS Plus. Unless there is a Bulletstorm 2, there is no way I’m replaying a game to be left disappointed by an open ending all over again. At least the developers could have added a few final missions with this re-release to wrap up the story and set up a potential sequel. As is, I’d steer clear.

    • Ivan Sorensen

      I dont agree that a remaster is never worth full price but as you say, it depends on the game.
      I had no hesitation paying full price for the skyrim remaster either 🙂

  • Max Waller

    cmon Jim this deserves a 2/10 as well, $60 for this gimme a break Greedbox

  • Stelios Markios

    I’m still waiting for the Aliens colonial marines remaster at $60

  • Tank Soul

    So apparently sales of the remaster will decide whether Gearbox agree to publish a sequel.
    I can think of 2 reason’s they would charge such an extortionate price: 1 Some PR fuck at Gearbox desperately wants to prove this won’t sell and therefore prevent a sequel from happening. 2 Gearbox want to use profits from this against funding a sequel. Either way, basically were getting fucked out of Bulletstorm 2 and Gearbox can merrily pass the blame onto the consumer. Absolute cunt-dribbles!!

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      More likely they’d pull a Colonial Marines anyway and use the money they claim is going for Bulletstorm 2 to fund another Borderlands game or whatever it is they actually want to work on, then shove Bulletstorm 2 out the door in a broken, unplayable state and shrug their shoulders and laugh when anyone calls them on it. They don’t deserve any trust or goodwill at this point, the fact that they are so greedy and give so little shit about the industry or their customers that they would go into business with criminals like G2A shows that no one should support them or do business with them.

    • MJC

      Are we really getting fucked out of something we don’t want in the first place? Gearbox are absolute cunt-dribbles for sure, but they’re not fucking us out of Bulletstorm 2.

      • Tank Soul

        They certainly are. People can fly (devs) are desperate to make the game. Being a small dev team and because of poor sales i put down to piss poor marketing (none of my friends even knew this game existed at the time of release) people can fly were happy to accept any offer/conditions to get the funding.

      • Andrzej Sugier

        Speak for yourself man, I’ve personally beaten Bullestorm 3 times by now and would absolutely love a sequel. Those people really know how to make kickass guns.

  • archvile78

    I’ll wait a sale then.

  • Sned

    HRK is selling the game for $32 right now.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Randy ‘Smarmy Fuckface’ Pitchford is the smarmiest fuckface ever to slide out of a woman. This is a fact! Look up the definition of smarmy and try not to think of Pitchford. Anyway, I digress; How the bloody hell did they come up with that $60 price tag? $10 for each year the game has been out? Or maybe they lost so much money on Aliens: Colonial Marines that they thought they’d add $30 onto the six-year-old game?

  • Themoonlightwolf1

    Can’t believe they’d charge for the Duke Nukem content, after seeing what gearbox did with DK: Forever they’d have to pay me before I considered putting that unfunny douche into my game (and I say that as someone who enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D)

    • dsmush

      Donkey Kong Forever? I must’ve missed that game when it came out. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bananas…and I’m all outta bananas” 😉

  • Jiryn

    I love the original release, and will be grabbing this the moment the price even drops below $30 for the complete package.
    The Duke Nukem inclusion I find less the half assed, hell quarter assed. They claim it’s a new campaign but instead they just there Dukes model into the game, into of the original main character. Right down to using all the same ani atiins and movements in cutscenes. They just had John St John record dialogue that would match the original dialogue of the supporting cast who speak as if they were speaking to the original character. Hell, John just sounds bored and tired playing Duke again after all these years.

  • Otaku World Order

    This pricing looks especially bad when you consider that Sega just released a remaster of Bayonetta with 4K support and new graphics options for twenty bucks.

    And since I already have Bulletstorment on my Steam account, I’m definitely not paying full price for the exact same game again with slightly improved graphics.

    Why do you make it so hard to like you, Gearbox?

    • Allan Weallans

      To say nothing of the Skyrim remaster, which, although it had a nominally higher price point (I’m seeing £30), was free if you already owned the original version and the DLC on PC.

      To be fair, the main advantage of Skyrim SE as far as PC is concerned is that it finally has a proper 64-bit version, which many would argue should have been there from the start, so charging extra for it wouldn’t have been great. But still.

      • Otaku World Order

        There was also a similar deal for Bioshock and Bioshock 2 remastered on Steam.

  • MJC

    I wouldn’t pay $5 for this crap. The game itself is bad and plays identically to the modern military shooters it was mocking in its advertising thanks to the stupid regenerating health. Having to stop playing constantly to hide behind a rock until the jam disappears from the screen makes you a modern military shooter clone. All the fancy game mechanics it promised don’t matter, you never get to use them because you have to play it like CoD. Get behind that rock or wall or whatever and pop out with your rifle every now and then like a good little soldier!

    • Tank Soul

      Wow i had a completely different experience to you. I found literally hundreds of creative ways of dispatching foes, and very rarely would use my assult rifle from behind cover. The exception being one level with a bunch of arsehole snipers scattered on every platform. That aside i was frequently using my wip in combination with the kick and primarily weapon to create unique combo’s.
      If you spend your time behind cover i can only suggest turning the difficulty down.

      • Andrzej Sugier

        + the starting rifle is really boring and weak, it makes a bad first impression. The games star showing it’s true colors when you get the two-bombs-connected-by-chain gun that is soo, sooooooo satisfying to use.

        • Tank Soul

          Ahhh yes happy memories. Fire chain mines at enemy, wip enemy towards you and kick towards another group of enemies to explode in a glorious cloud of satisfaction. Never gets old…

          • Andrzej Sugier

            My favorite was shooting the balls-on-chain in a way that only one of them sticks to a corner, and then the other one whips around and decapitates a guy. Friggin’ ingenious.

      • Joe

        I thought the game was very good. Not sure where the hate is. Of course the price tag is odd for an already released game, but not sure why the hate

    • dfx7

      Strange, the only time I had to take cover in bulletstorm was when I got too greedy and got myself surrounded by enemies.
      Every weapon after the first gun is fun and satisfying. And before you get the third weapon you can just make do with kicking and pulling.


    • Anton

      You’re doing it wrong.

    • Cptn Flashheart

      Yep because a colourful, innovative shooter is definitely similar to the latest pile of shite released by Activision. I know it’s suppose to be daft to say you’re playing a game wrong….

      But you’re playing it wrong.

  • Tomás Soares

    So, on sale, its better than Breath of the Wild?

    • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

      No, because Breath of the Wild on sale for at least half the price would be 8.1.

      • Smürglüdörg

        Or maybe breath of the wild is a seven, no matter the price.

        • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

          Or maybe Breath of the Wild is a seven at full price and a 10 when on sale.

          • Eon264

            Is breath of the wild a remaster? Because the reason Jim’s giving this a 5 instead of an 8 is because it’s a /remaster/ of a game that didn’t sell well in the first place and is being resold at full price.

            Rtfm… or “r” as the case may be here.

          • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

            And “if you find this on sale for at least half the price, consider the score 8/10”.

            So, if you buy Zelda:BotW at half price then 7 becomes 10 and Ed Sheeran albums become 3. These be facts Eon!

          • Eon264

            … You have a very loose understanding of what the word “fact” means. It being a remaster that’s overpriced is literally the reason stated in the review that /this game/ got a 5. The price is not one of the problems Jim had with BotW, they don’t go away when you change the price.

          • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

            Well, according to Jim they do. The price is too high, so he gave it a 5. Get it cheap and it’s now an 8.

            He gave BotW a 7. Get it cheap and it’s a 10.

            No idea why you’re finding this difficult to accept. Are you an Ed Sheeran fan?

          • Eon264

            You’re either trolling or a real dipshit. I’m leaning toward the latter.

          • Snowskeeper

            Trolls typically are real dipshits.

          • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

            Scores are fucking irrelevant ffs!

          • Eon264

            Why are you telling me? I’m the one quoting the review, not the one ignoring it to focus entirely on the numbers stapled to the end lol.

          • Drake Warnock

            But that would mean Ride to Hell would be like… a 4/10 if you found it half off.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      Objectively so, yes.

      • Anton

        Scientifically, even.

    • CaitSeith

      But no better than BotW on sale. 😉

  • Heh

  • Eliot Ferrer

    I would just like to add a small parenthesis and mention that Miracle of Sound made a really funny and catchy song about this game back when it was new, and his work was published on the escapist. It’s called “fire in your hole”, or something very similar, and is a really fun song. Give it a listen! 🙂

  • ZeldaFN

    8/10 ? Better than BotW again ?

    You’re a joke !

    What’s next, a modern military shooter that’s going to receive your undying praise with a score above BotW as well ?

    Disgrace, really.
    And to think I once read your reviews and thought you’re one of the fairest there are.

    • Davorbasic

      Please be sarcasm

      • Anton

        With that user name, it’s gotta be…. RIGHT?!?!

        • Davorbasic

          You can never be sure on the Internet

        • ZeldaFN

          That username is just a coincidence and doesn’t have anything to do with my comment.

          • Drake Warnock

            So it is just a coincidence you created your account two days ago and have thus far only made comments on how much you hate Jim Sterling’s review scores?

      • RipTide

        don’t count on it, he posted a similar comment and argued it in the sexy Brutale comments…

        • Davorbasic

          Oh wow

      • Drake Warnock

        No it is just a troll account.

    • Andrzej Sugier


    • RipTide

      How about we look at the reviews rather than the scores. Bulletstorm is a good game over all, everything works great and it keeps the game fun at all times, but it doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular. A game that is fun to play but doesn’t go above and beyond. BotW is a spectacular game that does great things, but some of the basic mechanics butt in and interrupt the enjoyable game play.

      So from this I would say Jim find a consistently enjoyable experience that does nothing too special better than a great experience that is often interrupted by poor mechanics. Which seems fitting to me, I would rather ride an ok roller coaster that just goes than one that is fantastic but comes to a stop every 10 sec.

      • ZeldaFN

        I’ve said this once before.
        If every game is scored on a same linear scale of 1 -10, then every game is comparable to each other.
        And that fantastic roller coaster of yours is broken.
        It either stops every 10 seconds because it’s designed to, or because something broke.

        • RipTide

          That is kind of what I’m saying… If as you are saying every game is scored on the same linear 1-10 scale the constancy of Bulletstorm is something it has over BotW and, in Jims opinion, factors in to a greater degree than any single moment, hence its higher score. The rollercoaster example was with the intention that it had been designed to stop every 10 sec, to say some people prefer to just have a consistently enjoyable experience more than great time, full stop(weapon broke), great time, full stop(raining and can’t climb a mountain), great time, full stop (wait for stamina to recover). the whole thing is to just come back to the fact that even with your logic it will always come down to some people just don’t enjoy the same things as you and will rate their experience differently than other people.

        • XionEternum

          Jim’s score is his opinion.
          Your opinion is your opinion.
          Your opinion differs from Jim’s opinion.
          What’s the fucking problem?

          • ZeldaFN

            Jim’s faulty opinion of course !

          • XionEternum

            That is in and of itself a fallacy. If his opinion is faulty, then all opinion is faulty. Opinion by nature is indeed faulty; because it’s an ideal shared by not everyone. Just as your opinion is faulty in that it’s also not shared by everyone. Now stop trolling and fuck off.

      • squid spitt

        I agree with your comment on BOTW. Its a very good attempt at ópen world’ by NINTENDO, but not for ZELDA. BOTW is more irritating than enjoyable. ZELDA needs to stick to its fundamental roots. If NINTENDO want to do open world…….choose a new IP……..If they can??!!!!!LOL

    • Michael Zebley

      And apparently you are STILL reading them!

      • ZeldaFN

        Because he tends to make good points, until he doesn’t.

    • Reese Burns

      The reason it scored better than Breath of the Wild is ’cause it’s a better game than Breath of the Wild.

      • Drake Warnock


      • ZeldaFN

        Hah, In your dreams boyo.

        • Reese Burns

          Breath of the Wild? 6 outta ten. Easy. Objectivity is a thing.

        • Bpdelia

          Why do you care? Honest question. Like, why does it actually bother you that one guy gave one game a score you disagree with. I find this perplexing and fairly sad.

          I disagree with many reviews. My reaction is generally, “Hmm, I disagree with that.”

          Then I go on about my life.

    • CaitSeith

      Like, let’s say, Battlefield 1?

      • ZeldaFN

        There’s nothing new in BF1 except for some reskins of characters, weapons and new maps.
        It’s literally the same BF3 and 4 with a new coat of paint.

        • CaitSeith

          And yet… 9/10

        • Michael Campbell

          “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”.

    • La Chica Incognita

      Are you going to comment on all his reviews bringing this up?

      • ZeldaFN

        Only if he’s wrong I will.
        Until he admits he did it because he hates Nintendo.

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          He gave Xenoblade Chronickes X a n i n e o u t o f t e n

    • Drake Warnock

      Obvious troll account.

    • Ivan Sorensen

      “Fair” doesn’t mean “agrees with me”

    • James LaValle

      It’s a troll account everyone; please ignore him.

    • YoDude

      Who fucking cares bud?

  • Dream gazer

    TIL free games are Infinity/10.

  • Cptn Flashheart

    I literally bought this game for £1.50 yesterday. Completely agree, good review Jim!

  • Gaijin-

    The review discusses a very serious anti-consumer practice, but all we look at and care to comment on is the score. Great.

  • UncleBartek

    Nice to see that our angry little friends are still upset about BotW/ Let me reiterare: The scores on this website reflect Jim’s opinions on games, not the completely objective universal journalistic standard (that doesn’t exist).

    If Jim’s scores routinely make you angry, it just means the site isn’t for you. I could recommend a myriad of websites who have unconditional love for all Nintendo games. Unfortunately for you, some people actually agree and appreciate Jim’s critique. This is why he’s on your beloved metacritic.

    BotW was an 8 for me on launch, went up to 9 with the patches. HOWEVER, I still respect other people’s rights to not like a game as much as I did. INSIDE was the most pretentiously dull platformer I’ve ever played and a real disappoinment compared to LIMBO. Jim gave INSIDE a 10 which I disagree with on so many levels. Still, I accept the possibility that a game just didn’t click for me. These things happen.

    P.S: I recommend actually playing BotW. It’s really good, you know… Infinitely more interesting than expressing outrage on the internet 🙂

  • Clark O’Brien

    Capcom are releasing the 9 year old remaster of the 25 year old Street Fighter 2 for $40 on Switch so this isn’t a surprise.

  • Jack Trevor

    Hearing about the Duke sounding bored, that doesn’t surprise me.

    There was a video I saw on Lazy Game Reviews that was taking about Duke Nukem 3D World Tour where he was lukewarm about it. And that’s saying something as he is a BIG Duke fan.

    A lot of that mediocre response came from the fact that Gearbox did some pretty messed up stuff like removing the superior MegaTon edition of the game from Steam, gave less than satisfactory options, and made the awesome idea of the original voice for Duke come back with new lines a complete joke. I recommend giving it a watch.

    So seeing how that went, it doesn’t shock me that Gearbox fucked up another remaster. Which is a shame considering how the Homeworld remaster turned out.

  • Bitcoon

    Jim, the message that follows is an attempt to turn your attention toward a glaring issue in your review. It is a vile and awful error and greatly in need of correction at this very second. It is of utmost importance that you fix this immediately.

    The note at the end should say “at most half the price”, rather than at least. See, because the way you worded it, any price between $30 and $59.98 would technically fulfill your criteria, making it an 8/10 even if the sale is only a paltry 0.1% off.

    This is of utmost importance.

  • Pvt Dirt

    Wasn’t Bulletstorm selling for something like $20 on Steam the day before this was released? If I had a time machine I’d buy it out of spite, but ain’t no way in hell I’m touching this thing now.

  • A Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Bulletstorm didnt need a remaster, it needed a full fledged sequel with more content.

  • Snschl

    THAT SCORE! I AM OUTRANGED by Widow because I main S76.

  • Jallen

    Back in the day I both loathed a loved this game. Gameplay wise it was amazing but I just couldn’t get past the packaging they put it in, yeah it was trying to be a parody but just fell short of the mark IMO and all the characters and dialogue just grated. “Eat my dick” script writers.

  • magemasher13

    I like the note at the end, admitting the game is an 8/10 for the right price. Its honest and something I wish I would see more often. Cliffy B. even admitted that Bulletstorm was only released by Epic so that they could have a game to “fuck with Killzone” and thats a direct quote, check his twitter from Feb 22, 2011.

    I bought this game shortly after it launched in 2011, I had been playing the crap out of Killzone 3 and found Bulletstorm on sale for $35 around a month after release and bought it. I would not have given the game an 8/10, personally. I found it, despite its best efforts, kinda dull with story that didn’t grab me. I didn’t take to the weapons like so many others did and Steve Blum’s performance in it was not one of his best. On your scale I’d probably give it a 4/10.

  • LaCr0

    What is it with JSJ? 1st he voice Duke badly in Duke 3D World Tour, and now in this? He IS Duke Nukem and he said it’s EZ to do Duke’s voice. Then what is the problem? Is he tired of it?

    • ChampionOfLight

      Having played through the Campaign with the Duke mode on – I don’t know who is telling him this. JSJ does perfectly fine and the way they write his lines around previously scripted scenes actually makes the game a lot funnier most of the time (there are a few points where he HAS to redeliever lines from Grey’s story or say things the character wouldn’t normally say because anything else would make zero sense to the following lines).

      For me, it made the purchase worth it but wouldn’t for everyone (and I bought it via pre order so didn’t pay extra for Duke stuff).

  • logat890

    Denuvo also turned me away from this.