The Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Defense Force

It is Jimdependence Day, the one-year anniversary of The Jimquisition going solo and becoming an indie endeavor. To celebrate, here’s a whole extra episode!

This is a special subject for me. When I last did a Jimquisition about Dynasty Warriors, it was scheduled to be the final video I did for The Escapist – except I’d become inexplicably popular after a terrible debut, and therefore it signified the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Anyway, this is an episode defending one of the most critically maligned series of all time, Dynasty Warriors. Suck it down!

The Jimquisition: Fallout 4’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L Relationships

Fallout 4 does something very S.P.E.C.I.A.L with its relationships. It’s not every day a “AAA” videogame gets something right, much less something that so personally resonates with your ol’ pal Jim Sterling.

So, let’s talk about the companion system of Fallout 4, and the thing it allows that makes it one of the more surprisingly progressive things a big-budget mainstream game’s ever done.

The Jimquisition: The Golden Sins Of Horror Games

Having played far too many of the cynical horror games that have cropped up over the past few years, your ol’ pal Jim has noticed some awful trends.

Those trends now get their comeuppance, as we look at the Golden Sins of horror games, the things that no spooky experience should ever do again.

Also, Jimsaw plays his final card.

Kerry Dyer making Jimsaw’s mask –…

Ben Rama –

The Jimquisition: Why I Kick The Starts

I used to love Kickstarter. Then I used to resent it. Then I started loving it again. I make liberal use of Kickstarter to back certain projects, and have been doing it for games a lot more lately.

Some consider this tasteless, a potential conflict of interest. Some believe games media folk have no place contributing to crowdfunded games.

So, here’s why I do it.

Featured projects still running: Indivisible and Friday the 13th.

The Jimquisition: Pay Day

Overkill has embodied its name when it comes to downloadable content for Payday 2, but its latest shenanigan is possibly the worst.

After adding a microtransaction system to the game in an event that promised FREE updates, Payday 2 has become not just a source of community rage, but an exercise in corporate hypocrisy.

This is a game I personally championed. I take its recent heel turn personally as well.

The Sterlist: 5 Reasons Why The TPP Is Gross And Scary For Games

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is grotesque. Here’s a handy list talking about it.

Also, here’s Tarmack’s excellent (and superior) overview on the matter:

The TPP leak for your own reading:…

Handy links provided by Tarmack:

The Jimquisition: Homicide

It’s been almost a year since Digital Homicide attempted to lock horns with Jim F’n Sterling Son, failing at every turn to produce a “gotcha” or demonstrate they were anything more than hacks.

Following their latest series of stunts – stunts that involve erecting sockpuppet companies, spamming Steam, and leveling threats against yours truly over the phone, it’s time to lay it out there once and for all.

Digital Homicide, enjoy this, my anniversary gift to you.

The Jimquisition: Enjoy The Silence, Feel The Noise

As news of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate‘s microtransactions spreads, some folk roll their eyes at the usual pundits beating a dead horse and reiterating the same old outrage. This, friends, is how The Silence spreads.

The Silence is what publishers want. They keep their mouths shut and wait for their audience to get bored of the latest scandal. It’s an effective tactic, one that creates aggressive and infectious apathy. That apathy is then used to lash out at others who won’t “get over it” and continue to talk about scandalous antics.

So let’s talk about that, and the power noise has when it transcends that silence. Also, Jim has never heard of Jimsaw.

The Jimquisition: Performance Matters

Voice actors are doing what they do best and speaking up, uniting under the #PerformanceMatters group to demand better treatment in the game industry.

Ideally, the game industry should treat EVERYONE way better than it does, but in this case, it should come as no surprise that I most definitely stand with the voice actors and support them. Performance does matter, even as the industry sickeningly pretends it doesn’t.

The Jimquisition: Konami Takes The PES, Armors The Horse, And Needs To Fuck Off

Okay, who DIDN’T expect another Konami episode with the crap it’s pulled this past week?

Today, we discuss the company’s sleazy PES shenanigans, the ridiculous DLC coming to Metal Gear Solid V, and explain why Konami sodding off out of “AAA” development forever wouldn’t be a bad thing.

My your blood quench the throat of the thirsting POG GOD.