Stergazers Unite! Get Your Very Own Sterdust Shirt… CHOMP!

This week, the wrestling world was stunned by the long-awaited arrival of Sterdust. As with any good wrestler, merchandise has been made very quickly.

Not as quickly as The Shield, but we’re gettin’ there.

Justin had a brilliant idea for this one, which is why it got done so quick. The shirt lets you have a taste of Sterdom yourself with a design based off his Sterling outfit. Purple, with the silver Jimquisition wings on the front and the Sterdust logo on the back.

Order it now, for Christ’s sake! Don’t just watch the Sters, BE a Ster!

And check out some other tat while you’re there.

Official Commentocracy shirt? Official Jimquisition shirt? Sign me up, you fuckers!

Are you a true hardcore gamer like Duke Amiel du H’ardcore himself? Do you feel the need to shove that entitled snobbery right into the faces of the village peasants? Now you can!

Show the world that you’re a real H’ardcore gamer with our new Amiel shirt! Royston’s cleaning services are not part of the deal.

If you’re a fan of The Jimquisition’s entire menagerie of characters, our new Cirque du Sterling shirt will have you covered. Quite literally. Covered in cartoons of perverts and freaks.

All your favorites are there – The Cornflake Homunculus, Jimsaw, even that fat idiot Jim Sterling.

These shirts – and more capitalist tat – are available via Shark Robot, who are quite nice people from my experience.


Hey You! You Can Buy New Jimquisition Posters If You Want

Look, you don’t have to do this, but if for some bizarre reason you wanted to see my fat NES-era Ganon face on your bedroom wall every day, The Jimquisition Sellout Division has your needs – and wall – covered!

Two posters based on the carnival flyers seen in The Jimquisition’s end credits are now available via Shark Robot. You can get one of me thinking and one of me doing a punchable smile.

Each poster comes with a “pre-crinkled” look for added authenticity, and boasts the beige border that has become a staple of The Jimquisition’s visual style. Not like it’s actually iconic or anything, I just really like that border.

The Jimquisition Sellout Division still has plenty of other physical guff on offer, including the Corporate Takeover print, an adorable Jimsaw shirt, and now less than 1,000 Jimquisition emblem pins.

The Jimquisition: Steam Needs To Axe Shithead Developers

Let’s not beat about the bush. Valve can fix Steam’s nastiest problem, but it involves showing some authority.

Valve may hate to put the boot down, but if you want to stop having Digital Homicides, Dentolas, or Fun Creators, you need to look at their behavior, not the games they’re making.

Bonus Content: Life Haxz with Jim Sterling

Comments Are Back In Play

The comment system is now considered good to use. We’ve moved away from Disqus to wpDiscuz, which offers services and premium options that aren’t delivered in an offputting manner.

We’re still playing with the aesthetics, so pardon anything not looking too pretty at the moment. Be aware that the thumbs up/thumbs down rating system has a potential chance to not be retained if we break something. Actual comments, however, are safe.

Feel free to get used to it, post around, make suggestions if you got ’em.

Also, let me thank Justin for once again kicking ass and proving an invaluable full time member of the Jimquisition crew.

A Quick Word On Those Fucking Ads Intruding Upon Comments

You may have noticed some adverts appearing in the comments section lately. This is because Disqus has started shoving them in and charging users to have them removed.

I cannot apologize enough for this. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and the current inability to guarantee against what this site usually guarantees against.

I’m fiercely proud of my website’s ad-free policy and I feel incredibly intruded upon.

I’ve always liked the service Disqus provided, and would have considered paying for a premium service of some kind, but I’m not going to fork over money after feeling strongarmed like that. What a horrible sales tactic.

We’re going to be importing comments to a new system soon. Until then, Adblock the shit out of my site if you please.

We’ll get the ads blasted ASAP, and I’ll say no more until the Jimquisition I’ve got planned about my constant fight against advertising.

The Jimquisition: A Tale Of Casinos And SEO Juice

How exactly do less scrupulous blogs get deals with casino websites to lace their articles with unsubtle advertisements?

Who is pulling the strings, what sort of money changes hands, and what exactly are Casinos looking for when they ask for “SEO Juice?”

The Jimquisition went deep to blow this mother.

Bonus Content: Life Haxz with Jim Sterling