The Jimquisition ‘Corporate Takeover’ Poster Is Pretty Good!

A new bit of Jimquisition merchandise hit the official store today, offering something for your wall instead of your beautiful chest like usual.

“Corporate Takeover” was an image designed by Tom Cala. Originally fan art, I adored the picture so much I bought it from him and now Shark Robot is offering is at a sensual poster for your moist bedrooms.

Hopefully you all buy one because Shark Robot doesn’t stock ’em if they don’t sell that many (booooo) and I want to get one. That’s basically the main reason I do merchandise – so I can buy the shit for myself.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the store for T-shirts. Shark Robot’s whittled the stock down to the most popular shirts – and I still can’t believe the Splatoon/Killing Joke one wasn’t loved!

List Of ContentID Exploiters

ContentID is a broken, messy, poorly conceived attempt by YouTube to satisfy corporations who don’t understand or respect fair use. This, we already know. We also know the Copyright Deadlock – the use of multiple ContentID flagged sources to ensure no third party monetize’s one’s videos – works.

The only problem with the Copyright Deadlock is that it requires one to know in advance what content is flagged for claiming by YouTube’s shitty automated system. If you know what publishers try to seize your ad revenue, you can deny them their pound of flesh – but you do need to know.

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The Jimquisition Store Updated With New Shirts

Hey sexy monstrosities, it’s your old pal Jim Sterling here with some more damn shirts for your consuming pleasure. Check out the official store right now to see them.

Among my personal favorites are the TV that looks like an apple and the YouTube takedown shirt.

We also have a shirt to help fight the SJW menace, and a boiled piss shirt that’d go hand in hand with it. Or you could just get a Xenomorph Pikachu. It’s cute!

You’ll notice some older shirts aren’t on the store now. You can try to grab the last ones in clearance before they’re gone forever.


Friday The 13th: The Game Interview – Jason Lives… Again

Friday the 13th is easily my favorite slasher movie of the genre’s bloody heyday, with Jason Voorhees standing tall as one of my most beloved horror icons. The mask, the stoicism, the underrated sense of morbid humor, Jason is a character I’ve been fascinated by most of my life.

The news that Slasher Vol. 1 Summer Camp had officially become Friday the 13th: The Game made me do a little bit of giddy wee in my pants, and I backed its Kickstarter without hesitation. Naturally, I wanted to know more about the game, so I spoke with the team at Gun Media – chiefly Randy Greenback, Ronnie Hobbs, and Adam Sessler, to find out more.


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The Sterlist: 5 Games That Need To Be Remade For Current Gen

Who doesn’t love lists? It’s the Internet’s favorite thing. The Jimquisition branches out with its own ride on the gravy train, listing five things from things so we can talk about the things!

Let us look at five games that deserve to be remade. While the game industry incessantly doubles down on rereleases, I’ve decided to point them in the right direction.