The Sterlist: 5 Games That Need To Be Remade For Current Gen

Who doesn’t love lists? It’s the Internet’s favorite thing. The Jimquisition branches out with its own ride on the gravy train, listing five things from things so we can talk about the things!

Let us look at five games that deserve to be remade. While the game industry incessantly doubles down on rereleases, I’ve decided to point them in the right direction.

The Official #FucKonami T-shirt Is Here!

Celebrate the #FucKonami phenomenon (because it IS a phenomenon) in style with a BRAND new shirt from The Jimquisition Store!

The #FucKonami shirt is now available for your purchasing glee! It’ll be officially available from October 7, but you can do that pre-order thing if you want. I’m not a pre-orderer myself, but that’s how these printing sites do their thing, so it’s NOT ME DOING IT OKAY!?

Not convinced you need one of these? Check out the amazing sales pitch below!

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Another Monday, Another Copyright Claim

YouTube’s broken copyright system is nothing new.

We’re all well aware of how ContentID is an overzealous automated system that flags content regardless of circumstance, sometimes to the point of claiming somebody’s original music on behalf of an unrelated company that has NO claim to the original work. We know how the “takedown” system allows companies to silence critics and abuse DMCA rules for the pursuit of grudges.

It throws open the floor for a lot of debate. What classifies as Fair Use? Do copyright laws need updating? At what point does gameplay footage qualify as theft of intellectual property? Should it ever?

The irony of these discussions is that they focus almost entirely on Let’s Plays – videos that feature a personality playing and commenting on whole segments of games. In my experience, it’s rarely the Let’s Play material that gets claimed, but the stuff that is even easier to argue as Fair Use.

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Please Look At My MEMES About That Oculus Rift TIME Cover

TIME Magazine did a cover story on the Oculus Rift, that innovative virtual reality headset designed for us all to have sex with anime girls. People have been laughing at the cover photo because it features Palmer Luckey – some guy who does stuff – wearing the headset and looking ridiculous.

You may be asking yourself, “is this memes?” The answer to that question is, Yes, This Is Memes

To prove that this is memes, I have made my own MEMES about the funny picture. You are encouraged to make your own, but also like and share mine, because I made memes, and they will go viral on an Internet.

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Disqus Comments By Popular Demand

You will notice I’ve now got Disqus comments running on the site – heaven help me. I’ve imported all the existing ones, so your angry shouts and wry observations remain intact.

I realize there are design issues currently. The current grey background of the site does not play nice with the comments themselves. I’ll be working on that. Or at least finding someone more competent than me to do it.

(Edit: Thanks to Pomcomic on Twitter, the comments have their own background now. I don’t know shit about design, so thanks for the tip!)

The site overall is going to get some visual overhauls as soon as I find someone trustworthy and awesome to hire. Look forward to that. Until then, please understand!