Why I Don’t Have A Titanfall 2 Review

[Update: I’ve learned more about the situation, and that 47 Communications does not apparently have a grudge. Read more here.]

Titanfall 2 reviews went up today, but not on The Jimquisition, where I’m still currently working on the Battlefield 1 review.

This is because as far as Electronic Arts and Eastern-developed Square Enix games go, I’ve been unable to reliably obtain review codes for well over a year now. The problem has only worsened in recent months, to the point where I’ve practically given up planning to ever get a review for an EA or Japanese Square Enix game published at embargo date.

Exact reasons for this remain a mystery to me. At first I would have assumed Electronic Arts or Square Enix blacklisted me – given my often unflattering coverage of either company, it wouldn’t be a surprise – but lately I’ve begun to believe that the PR company handling their games, FortySeven Communications, might be the problem.

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Here’s Some Art Teasing For Jim Sterling’s Licensed Game Experience

Last year I announced Jim Sterling’s Licensed Game Experience at Jimquisition Live. Since then, not a lot’s been said about it – mostly because it’s a game being put together by a group of people who are ridiculously busy all of the time and have about ten thousand side projects, so really it was silly of us to ever do this game even though we really want to.


Character designs are in as we move ahead with development of the game, which will be a fun little mobile thing that I’m going to severely undersell to you out of crippling fear of failure. Let’s take a look or something!

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Special: E3 2016 Jimpressions

Your ol’ pal Jim Sterling got together with fellow movie boy Conrad Zimmerman to discuss each E3 press conference of 2016.

Original a five-part video series on YouTube, we’ve compiled our recordings as one full podcast for your listening delight.

Hear our thoughts on Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony!

The Jimquisition ‘Corporate Takeover’ Poster Is Pretty Good!

A new bit of Jimquisition merchandise hit the official store today, offering something for your wall instead of your beautiful chest like usual.

“Corporate Takeover” was an image designed by Tom Cala. Originally fan art, I adored the picture so much I bought it from him and now Shark Robot is offering is at a sensual poster for your moist bedrooms.

Hopefully you all buy one because Shark Robot doesn’t stock ’em if they don’t sell that many (booooo) and I want to get one. That’s basically the main reason I do merchandise – so I can buy the shit for myself.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the store for T-shirts. Shark Robot’s whittled the stock down to the most popular shirts – and I still can’t believe the Splatoon/Killing Joke one wasn’t loved!