Darksiders III – DarkSoulsSiders (Jimpressions)


Darksiders used to be a damn good copy of Zelda. Now it’s a damn awful ripoff of Dark Souls. Yet another game that doesn’t understand why the Souls series is successful, THQ Nordic’s heartbreaking Darksiders III annoys and exasperates at every turn.

On top of that, it’s a stripped down sequel, thoroughly reduced in scale compared to Darksiders II… and the first Darksiders, for that matter! It’s ugly, its performance is horrible, and goes so far in cloning Dark Souls it even starts stealing lore and terminology. Utter garbage.

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such a shame, I was really looking forward to this one 🙁


Personally, while I have enjoyed the entire series.. I feel the first game was the best one. The second one was too long in the tooth. Ever quest had multiple sub quests, and quests had sub quests of their own. Much of the game felt like it was directionless padding compared to the tight package of the original. The third I am working through right now, so I can’t give any opinion on it.. besides some of the already mentioned Souls Series derivative gameplay, and the horrible (IMHO) scaling of enemies in a linear game. Though I have enjoyed the… Read more »


I always felt that each game was a Clone/Inspiration of a different game. Darksiders 1 = Zelda (This pissed off people I know IRL, Darksiders 2 = Soul Reaver with Loot Darksiders 3 = Demon’s Souls/Souls Games While I enjoy this game, the progression really did tick me off. I never feel “Scaling” is needed for a game like this, especially one as linear as this game is. For those who don’t know, the mobs/monsters always scale to your level. The moment you kill a boss, everything scales up, and even though you’re supposed to be a Horsement, the embodiment… Read more »