• Mark Patten

    Took me a minute to realise that flipping it upside down was how it originally came… why.

  • no name

    They should have added the main character standing there right side up.

  • Sapphire Crook

    You could just download an extension to flip the screen, or physically lift and flip your screen.
    Because, you know, being professional and convenient is for pirates, not corporations.

    • Cameron Davis

      Alternatively, ctrl+alt+ down arrow to flip the screen then ctrl+alt+up arrow to put it back to normal.

      • drownedsummer

        Shortcuts people quickly work out when colleagues leave their machines unlocked at work.

        • El Gonzo

          Like how quickly they figure out how to make a screenshot of the unlocked desktop, putting this screenshot as background image and close/minimize all open windows and remove all desktop icons. It’s amazing how fast people can learn computer stuff given the right motivation …;)

        • Cameron Davis

          Or when cats mash the keys and somehow turn the screen as has happened both at work and to my mum.

          • drownedsummer

            Could be worse my Uncle has lost at least two machines to cat piss.

    • Sapphire Crook,

      Yeah, flipping a phone is Sony’s intended recourse I think. Which isn’t super convenient when you’ve never had to lock the screen on your relatively new phone and the option isn’t apparent in the settings menu. 🙂

      • Sapphire Crook

        I get that much.
        But screen rotation is a thing, some people use work desktops/laptops.
        Like, the only time this joke was kinda OK and funny was if it was a physical letter.

        Like props for actually giving two hoots about being slightly more interesting than the office newsletter but I feel it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to include a non-flipped version in an appendix or something.

  • William Jones

    Because I’m old, I spent a good few minutes wondering why you didn’t just turn the letter over.

    • The Jünger Ludendorf

      Maybe his doctor forbid him from picking up his monitor because he gave himself another back injury during the latest Jimquisition?

  • Wow. This is quite a few different flavours of awful.

  • Neto

    More companies should do this kind of thing. Like, Ubisoft could send you a huge map, with every word scattered around it. Or Square Enix making it so that you have to go through 10 layers of zippers in order to get to the proper letter. And the letter is 20 pages long. And most of it is useless shite.

    • drownedsummer

      I could see Ubisoft building an actual radio tower for people to climb then getting into massive legal trouble when someone injures themselves.

      The two best I can think of were ID sending bags of animal organs out to magazines to promote Doom 2, many of those bags split and to promote some horror game that I fail to remember the name of a PR firm semi-abducted a group of journalists to took them to an abandoned farm.

      • Stush cinta

        I remember one company tried to send journalists knuckle dusters, which are illegal in a lot of places. Like, just run it by a lawyer, guys.

  • Scaper

    At first I thought flipping the email upside down was also part of your censorship, but then I realized… god fucking damn it Sony, don’t try to be clever with the people you are doing business with!!!

  • I thought it was cute

    • Geebun

      So did I. I don’t really see anything wrong with it either.

    • Alex Wheatley

      It’s cute, for sure, but I strongly suspect it gets drastically less cute if your job involves carefully reading it and referring back to it multiple times to make sure you’re abiding by the terms it sets out.

      • Eh.

        I got the same email and I just made a copy of the image and flipped it and sent it over to our reviewer. It’s really not a big deal, maybe an extra minute of work and that was worth it to me personally for the surprise.

  • oshigoroshi

    ˙llᴉɥǝloɯ ɯoɹɟ uᴉɐʇunoɯ ‘ɔᴉɟɟɐɹʇ ʎʌɐǝɥ ǝʇᴉsqǝʍ ǝɥʇ puɐ ǝɹnʇɔᴉd ʇᴉɐq ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉɹǝpᴉsuoɔ ‘pǝʇuᴉoddɐsᴉp ʇᴉq ɐ ɯᴉ ʎɐs ɐʇʇoƃ ‘llǝʍ

    • You fucking…

    • El Gonzo

      LOL, i like how the rotation confuses mean line with ascender height 🙂

    • Artemiy

      You magnificent bastard!

  • That’s more quirky than shrewd, and they should have tested this idea with a few people outside the colleague circle to get the proper feedback.
    P.S. Google does a barrel roll better.

    • Dragons Advocate

      *Aileron roll

  • AppleJinx

    All you have to do is grab and hold the monitor upside down easy

  • Scopetime

    OoooOooohhhhh Ubis- Wait, someone else pulls this bullshit. Oh alright it was Sony. Nothing too unusual. Silly Sony!

  • Chris Mitchell

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is the best Zelda game.

  • Polishfury5000

    Oh that’s kind of fun, I’d get a chuckle out of getting that in my inbox.

    Little things like this makes the company look like they give a shit about their product, or at least the illusion they give a shit.

    • The Jünger Ludendorf

      It also makes me not want to read the letter, and would probably frustrate the hell out of me if I tried.

      So it’s a cute gimmick, and it makes it looks less cookie-cutter, but it also makes your promotional material unreadable 😛

      • Polishfury5000

        To be fair, this doesn’t look like promotional material. It looks like something only people with review codes would get.

        But yeah, the ginmick’s milage will certainly vary per person. I wouldn’t mourn the few seconds it takes to either cut and rotate, or screenshot and rotate, but I get why someone with a tight schedule or having a bad day wouldn’t like the extra hoops needed.

        • drownedsummer

          For some reason Jim only mentioned that it contained the embargo info and the codes on twitter.

    • Benj

      A letter would be a funny idea because you can just turn it upside down after you get the joke… an e-mail is just obnoxious because you’d have to fiddle around with the bloody thing before you could read it.

  • Dooid

    Sterling! It’s posts like this that have made you the unpredictable wildcard that you are. You’ll be on the Sony blacklist now

  • David Cloverfield

    Don’t tell me even this gave you a headache/vertigo/backpain/made you PHI-SI-CALLY SICK!

  • Stellionate

    Snipping tool, rotate in windows photos. About 3 seconds. Come on Jim, why do we listen to you?

    • Oxycominum

      Alt+Ctrl+Arrow key down, half a second, and back another half.

    • Richard Cadman

      Hey now, you can’t smart ass a smart ass!

  • Sotiris Galanos

    Cute as it is, don’t ever do that again. I can’t turn my head upside down.

  • Jimmy Browne

    I am able to post now and wanted to. Also you should email them pics of you performing sexual acts with pogs.

  • Fagballs

    Actually this is totally hilarious and a great idea.

  • Allan Weallans

    This is the sort of thing I would expect from a little-known nascent indie, and even then only after they had failed with other PR avenues and were starting to get desperate. C’mon Sony, you’re better than this.

    • The Jünger Ludendorf

      It does have a certain veneer of “Please notice us oh god!!”.
      Then again, it’s jim. Who wouldn’t be desperate for his attention?

  • I can smell the desperation of Sony’s PR team to get people interested in this.

  • Chicken008

    No fun allowed.

    • Richard Cadman

      I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to take this complaint that seriously.

  • DarknessTear

    I like it. I approve.

  • Cameron Ward

    I think it’s funny, but I get that it’s annoying

  • RedWolf

    This does smack of trying too hard.

  • Chürz

    Hey, at least they show they have a good sense of humor. Be glad of it.

    • Artemiy

      Time and place though. If it was a poster, it would be a cute joke. On an official paper from a PR team with seemingly lots of text… Not so much, I think.

  • Chürz

    Also, it’s not so hard to read: export it to pdf, turn it 180º and Bob’s your uncle.

  • Sperium3000

    I get how it can be annoying, but you can very easily turn the image upside-up again. But I get it. I’d be annoyed too.

  • Ponyus Underground-Aficionado

    I mean, I find it fun. I can see how it’s anoying, especially if you have large batches of PR bullshit to sift through. Jim, if you read this, would you rather that all PR is simple, non-gimicky letters or that is it okay if it has some non-intrusive flare? Hopefully I’ll have to send you some in the future 🙂

  • Tinimations

    Well now people are talking about their game, so jokes on you Jim!

  • Gene Auhl

    hey australian view

  • CaitSeith

    You’re exaggerating. Just export the email, print it on paper, hang it on the wall and read it while doing a handstand. Have some common sense! /s

    • Sapphire Crook

      Beats fiddling with extensions, plugins and other computer wizardry.

  • Limit Break

    Would would petrol your house, Jimmy-boy ? ;3

  • BDAZZLE129

    but its for the players

  • Marco Funke

    Good Lord… I think that’s really nice.
    I love when some things break out of their monotonous standards, so it’s more like real people with a sense of humor are behind this, instead of a roboter.
    And to flip it, you don’t need 500,-€ software or more than 30 seconds.
    Someone had a nice little idea, and suddenly, a wild Jim appeared who forgot his medicine this morning and is annoyed by everything…

    • prh99

      Upside down text is not nice, never has been never will be. Its not particularly creative either, just annoying.
      Also 30 seconds to flip a PR companies message…how about respect people’s time.

      • ATBro

        Get a grip.

    • drownedsummer

      However it isn’t just a fluff piece it is also the embargo details and the codes I can see why that would be prove to be annoying.

    • Marco Funke

      The world needs more humor…
      And not this “I flail a giant dildo around!”-humor…

    • Andrzej Sugier

      How about you have your cake and eat it too, by sending an image like that, and below a mirrored image, you could go an extra mile and make it look visually peasing somehow (making it look like it’s reflected in a window/lake, somthing along those lines). This way you could chuckle at the idea and THEN read it with no hassle.

      • Artemiy

        I mean, really, you could’ve had your chuckle by doing the reverse thing: flipping the logo upside down (and maybe include the main heroine standing on the top of the letter upside down.

      • ATBro

        But that doesn’t fit with the premise of the game. Why would they do that? I wouldn’t make sense.

  • SpiceMustFlow

    You know, at first, I was a little pissed at Jim, because I was like,”Jim, why the fuck did you turn this upside down just for a joke. This is really hard to read.” It took a little too long for me to realize it was Sony who did it, not Jim. Now I get it. Shame on you, Sony.

    • 44KPanda

      lmao, same.

  • gasmaskangel

    Yeah, this is obnoxious. There are ways of fixing it, of course but frankly those aren’t worth the effort it would take to read a bunch of marketing drivel.

    Consider this: to most potential customers, all advertising is an intrusion at best. If given the option we all tend to block it. Therefor, if you’re going to make an advertisement you should do everything in your power to not come off as a load of irritating bullshit.

  • ckmondavi

    Guess sony hates paper. Only way to read this is either A print the email out or B use the resolution setting on your PC to flip you desktop. Yeah this was a bad idea!

    • Viking Mana

      Or, like.. Save the E-mail as a PDF and flip it. Or take a screenshot and flip that.

      It’s silly, but hardly unmanageable.

      • ckmondavi

        Or You know, agree with Jim and Tell Sony to Sony not to send a PR email upside down. I know that their’s probably 100 different ways to flip a email, but companies should do a better job regulating their PR firms to make it so their media contacts are’t troubled with any kind of inconvenience.

        • Viking Mana

          Or, you know, use your own brain for thinking and don’t just blindly agree with Jim every time he says something? 🙂

          Maybe you shouldn’t take everything so seriously either, and realize that they were obviously just trying to be a bit funny about it, and didn’t actually intend to “Inconvenience” their media contacts. I doubt this was an intentional attempt at sabotage. 🙂

          Lastly, this “Inconvenience” would take 2-4 minutes to fix at best. Sure, the premise of the joke didn’t work out, but I don’t think any casualties were counted during the reading of this email.

    • ATBro

      You could open it up as a jpg or what-not and flip it in any photo viewer.

    • CX316

      Or open it on an iPad or phone and turn the device upside down >.>

  • Quin the Magnificent

    For promotional material, this would probably be alright, but for official correspondence to inform a critic on policies and procedures for the review copy, pretty terrible. Imagine this for a professor Layton game, having to solve a puzzle so you can find your voucher code, streaming guidelines, etc. It’d make a great ad, but a terrible business PR email.

    • Right, exactly. There’s supposed to be actual useful information on this thing that requires a close read.

      If it were me, I’d probably flagrantly break embargo and reply, “Sorry, I couldn’t read your fucking embargo notice, maybe send it right side up next time,” when Sony PR complained about it.

    • Charlie Koszulinski

      Oh, c’mon. Where’s your sense of humor?

      • Quin the Magnificent

        I did say as an AD, it would be great. But when you’re giving out official communications that are meant to convey important info in a timely manner, this is unnecessary bullshit. Promotional material can do this stuff, because it’s main focus is drawing attention and cleverly promoting the material. This is a PR email communicating official procedures and information for a critic, it is best to be short and concise. It doesn’t need to draw attention or entice the audience (an audience that is consuming it as part of their job, not because they necessarily want to), it needs to convey information. The way they presented it detracts from that main focus.

        • Charlie Koszulinski

          So there’s no room for humor in a business email?

          • Artemiy

            Very little. Maybe for a polite joke or two.

          • SmaMan

            Let’s look at this from Sony’s end. Say some critic getting this email were to be completely unable to understand it, and… break embargo.

            Sony would be fuming mad, but the critic would have a solid case to argue, “I couldn’t read the damn thing, so I didn’t know when or that there even was an embargo.”

            It makes everyone look unprofessional.

          • Quin the Magnificent

            Exactly. @atbro:disqus seems to think that it says

          • Quin the Magnificent

            It’s not that there isn’t room, it’s that it takes finesse to fit it in without detracting from the main focus of this PR email, to inform the critic. It would take more time and effort than flipping the text upside down. To weave in a good joke or clever way of presenting the information while still making it easy to read and get the information for those who just want to do their job without the extra work deciphering it is not a simple task.

        • ATBro

          Jesus fucking christ, Jim has created a monster.

    • ATBro

      Get a grip. It’s a joke. It saying the same thing that they say for every game. They know what it says. Jim knows what it says without having to read it. Lighten the fuck up.

    • Tylericous

      It takes like two seconds to undo though? Having to cough is more annoying than this.

  • ATBro

    It seems a little strange that people are taking this so seriously. It makes me feel like the Jimquisition shtick might have gotten out of hand.

    If you seriously think that Sony are a bunch of dicks or that they can get fucked for doing this, you need to get a fucking grip.

    • drownedsummer

      I think it’s a minor complaint being taken far too seriously.

    • Rick James Sanchez

      Yeah it’s annoying, but in no way offensive or something.

    • Jokerman89

      I found it hilarious…. glad to see someone there has got a sense of humor, people seem to always want an axe to grind…

    • Drake Warnock

      It’s a business correspondence. As in a document people need to work. That isn’t the place to get cutesy. It isn’t that obtrusive, no, but it shouldn’t have been done because it’s unprofessional.

      • sillyskeleton

        You must really be the life of the party at your workplace.

        • Drake Warnock

          Eh, I don’t usually give a shit enough for people to notice.

      • Tylericous

        The difference is I don’t think anybody else, including Jim, actually cares.

  • MonkeyKing1969

    It is dumb, but whatever…it got Jim’s attention for sure.

  • Lewis w

    CTRL-ALT-Down arrow.

    • Greyson Xiu

      thank you.

    • Jeffrey Hayes

      Holy crap, I never knew about that.

      • Lewis w

        Neither did I until people started doing it to each other at college as a joke. You can turn the screen sideways as well.

        • Jokerman89

          I used to do it at school, just lean right over them as they were working… yeah… i was kind of a dick, but also skinny and didn’t do sports, had to get my own back some how.

    • SirAngry

      Exactly, and CTRL-ALT-Up arrow to flip it back.

  • Wellsy487

    That’s stupid. I bet who thought it up was well pleased with himself.

  • Dane Barrett

    This would have been slightly more humourous if Sony had followed up with another email stating they’d had some physics issues, and resending the email the right way up. In its current form this was more like doing a stand-up joke with no prep for the hecklers.

  • Zeemod

    What would be less annoying. Tilting my head and straining my eyes to read through this or opening photoshop just to flip this image?

  • Dariush

    They’re more creative than you, dont be jealous.

  • AndreasZ

    C’mon thats cute. Stupid but cute

  • Siddartha 85

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What, no image of Kat falling up in the margins?

  • Greyson Xiu

    my neck hurts….

  • sillyskeleton

    Please, what’s the harm in having a little fun? I think that’s actually kinda charming.
    I’m surprised Jim doesn’t see the humour in it, considering the various obnoxious ways he’s used to present his own work.

  • kimiyoribaka

    Back in middle school, I trained myself to read upside down text so I could make people wonder why I was holding books upside down. That’s the type of things middle schoolers do. How is this relevant to the above article? I wonder.

  • Veo Kye

    I kinda like it. Plus… Snipping tool + image editor to flip fixes everything.

    If you think about it, it’s an insidious way of making sure you read the e-mail because after all the work you go through to make it legible you’re GONNA FUCKIN’ WANNA KNOW WHAT THE BASTARDS HAD TO SAY!

    … or so I would think.

    • Nope too much effort, if there isn’t a copy the right way around in the same/next email it’s gonna go in the bin.

    • Imperial soul

      I agree it had me turning my phone upside down to read it .

  • Camilo Fernández

    Well, at least someone over there is having fun…

  • PrinterError

    Alright guys, I was able to decode the email and flipped it over, you can see it here:


    Obviously this was just for a laugh, thank god for Jim Sterling

    • Quin the Magnificent

      You’re the real MVP.

  • John Mark

    Right click->save; Open image->rotate.

  • chavomorris

    cool…I like offbeat stuff

  • Imperial soul

    Oh come on misery guts it was a fun idea you know you could of flip the email to read it ?

    • prh99

      Clearly, since he reviewed it. Doesn’t make it any less annoying.

      • Imperial soul

        This is not annoying it cute
        Annoying is when someone like MS or who ever puts out a £40 game then asks for a £30- £40 season pass and adds micro transactions not included in the season pass with pre-order bonuses not sold later .

        Or cancelling scale bound which was a finished game and gave a crap excuse .

        This was jim trying to make a joke that back fired a little as Jim became the joke .

        • What’s annoying is when people do things they think are ‘cute’.

          • svnhddbst

            so? this is jim, who does almost his entire job around what he thinks is “cute”. the overbearing personality act at the start and end, the presentation, the copyright clog, almost if not all of “the jimquisition” is for entertainment purposes simultaneously with it’s informative purposes.

        • drownedsummer

          It would be cute if it didn’t contain key information.

        • Baron Teapot

          Backfired? No. I don’t see anyone getting upset over this; it’s not big enough to “backfire”. It’s a little joke on a website.

          You and Jim have a different idea of what is cute and annoying, and that’s not a crime. I don’t see the point in arguing over something so trite and pointless.

          • Imperial soul

            It’s a conversation not an argument Jim was making a joke about annoying marketing and the response was stop being lazy Jim control + Alt + down and Jim became the joke equalling backfired joke .

        • Nada Namae

          Huh? Why are you suddenly throwing mud at MS without any provocation?
          >I am a self confessed Sony pony

          Ahh, a diversion I see. Just going to assume your tone would be different if it wasn’t Sony’s marketing feeling clever and putting on a clown nose here. Yeah, being disruptive to other people’s work with some groan-worthy visual pun sure is cute when you’re a deluded fanboy.

          Also stop fucking plenking while we’re talking about things that are annoying and not cute.

          • Imperial soul

            Is it a bit corny yes but it’s a good game behind it you look at it and think yes I get that that’s gravity rush this ad is aimed at me
            And it worked it conveyed what it was from a glance to the market that would play that game.

            And I’m free to throw mud at MS when ever I choose they earned it for crap they done over the years but I don’t want to open that can of worms .

  • Imperial soul

    Could you give your thoughts on MS cancelling scalebound ?
    What the hell is MS doing ?

    • drownedsummer

      I suspect that will come up in podquisistion.

      • Imperial soul

        I hope so I am a self confessed Sony pony
        But what the bloody hell is MS playing at ?

        Sony are giving us more exclusives then I could possibly afford and MS seen to can’t get motivated about anything even Scorpio is losing steam .

        I don’t understand how MS are going to win the market back by not making games for their console ?
        It’s like their giving up Sony spent years winning people back after PS3 mistakes even Nintendo are on the come back but MS don’t want to even try I don’t get it ?

        • drownedsummer

          To be honest I’m more curious as to why I haven’t been able to get into MSDN for three days. However all their other exclusive titles seem to be on track. One cancellation is one cancellation.

          • Imperial soul

            According to angry Joe two other games have been delayed .
            The problem with this cancellation is the game was finished ready to release it made no sense to cancel it .

          • drownedsummer

            Was it actually finished though? As the reports are it had multiple issues during development.

          • Imperial soul

            I’ve only heard rumours that MS where demanding things platinum game where refusing to do but what I don’t know .
            I have noticed MS do tend the be controlling over its games where Sony are a bit more hands off .
            Just look at the weird thing Kojima is making for them.

            I wonder sometimes if the two swapped games how would they come out ?
            Would the last of us be as good if MS made it or if Sony got hold of halo ?

          • drownedsummer

            And Microsoft are also responsible for D4 the game Swery made after Deadly Premonition which is just as weird as Death Stranding.

  • ATBro

    I’m going to add something to my general message of “get a fucking grip” to people complaining about this.

    If this is something that get’s you riled up about “AAA games companies” it’s time to find a new hobby. This one might be too much for you to handle. When a joke gets the same type of reaction that something like predatory design practices gets, You’ve gone off the deep end. For your sake, get away from gaming, because you’re going to go mental.

    Or just go away. You’re fucking obnoxious.

    • Ayon Windsor

      You are on his site. Take your own advice. Just go away. You don’t need to be here.

      • drownedsummer

        He’s commenting on the people complaining the problem is by doing so you place yourself in the exact same group you’re commenting on.

    • John Smith

      You can say ‘this is stupid’ without getting emotionally invested, you know. You don’t need to take everything so SERIOUSLY.

  • mickeyGfunk

    ¿sn uıoɾ ou noʎ ʎɥʍ ‘2 ɥsnɹ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ɹoɟ ʇıɥs ɹno ƃuıddılɟ llɐ ǝeɹ,ǝʍ ‘ɯıɾ uoɯ,ɔ

    • Jasper Theo

      ow my neck…

      • nikolas orava

        You can press ctrl alt down arrow to flip your screen.

        • YoDude

          Thus is one of those times I appreciate teaching myself to read upside down.

          Helped me cheat in tests 😉

  • …To be fair, it was probably a clever idea in theory. Absolutely fuckheaded in practice, and something they clearly should have thought about before they did it, but amusing on paper. Or…email, as the case may be.

  • Simon

    Oh well, guess I’m too late to the party on this. Moving on…

  • Lloyd

    Ain’t that cute….BUT IT’S WRONG!

  • goombacrusher

    I will fully admit to turning my laptop over to read this

  • Aluin Kali

    I actually like that quite a bit and I Imagine it isn’t to much of a hassle to turn the letter by 180°

  • John Smith

    This is like when you work in an office and your boss declares ‘Silly hat day’.

    Reviewers are just playing the game for work. They don’t need to be sold marketing gimmicks. They’re not the target audience.

  • Bedinsis

    Try using [Alt Gr] + [Down].