Extinction – It Stinks, Son! (Jimpressions)

Developer: Iron Galaxy
Publisher: Maximum Games
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Released: April 10, 2018
Copy purchased

This is an absolute horror show of a game and I cannot recommend anybody buy it or even accept it for free. Sod this Attack on Titan ripoff.

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3 Comments on "Extinction – It Stinks, Son! (Jimpressions)"


Jesus, that made for a grim viewing experience, and reminds me of how lucky I am that I don’t have to play games I don’t want to play. It was like AOT was held down and sodomized by the spirit of Kingdoms of Amalur, while some generic $10 Steam game masturbated furiously, watching the spectacle unfold.

Jim, even your entertaining commentary couldn’t keep the dread from filling me every time you sent another load of civvies through a crystal portal.


It’s rare that I’m grateful that I can’t afford to just buy games when they come out any more. This one looked so promising, too.

Terry-Osaurusus Hex XI

What bewilders me is that somehow the publisher had enough confidence in this to release 3 versions and a season pass for the lucky consumer to pontificate over.
Are they hiring homeopathic playtesters by any chance? Faith debuggers?