Jim Won’t Give Ian His VR: Episode 1

Comedian and podcaster Ian Boldsworth wants Jim Sterling’s virtual reality headset. Jim Sterling doesn’t want to give it to him.

Witness the beginning of one man’s attempt to psychologically break someone in the name of free stuff.

Download/listen directly here.

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  • Gorantharon

    One hour thirty eight minutes? WHY?

    • Because it’s so fucking good.

      • Benj

        I’m pretty sure he meant WHY is not 2 hours longer!

        • Gorantharon

          I’m not sure about that.

          I just had to ask.

  • Polishfury5000

    Well, this is now my whole morning.

  • KaoTeK

    Hell yeah, I became a big fan of Parapod because of you Jim, can’t wait to give this a listen. Should be very interesting hearing Ian sparring with someone…Err… Not Barry. (Love you Barry but Jim is, well, Jim)

  • carcrash12

    The character getting killed off on JQ is Chip right?

    Surely it can’t be the Cornflake Homunculus!

    • Polishfury5000

      The Cornflake Homunculus exists outside the understood parameters of entropy, so he’s probably “fine”.

      • The Cornflake Homunculus, as much as it wishes otherwise, has not been scheduled for termination.

        • InfamousDS

          I expect you to introduce like 20 new side characters over the coming months, then on Halloween you pick one at random to kill off just so we can’t call you a liar for saying you may do it in this episode.

          Upshot: 19 new JQ characters for us to adore for seemingly no reason.

          • galactix100

            Like the American Dad episode where they kill 100 characters but funnier.

        • George

          *gasp* It’s not pog-fucker is it??

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      No, the Homunculus just wishes it was dead.

  • InfamousDS

    20 minutes in:
    This is fucking brilliant.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    So this is what happens when Gav and Laura get into that transporter machine from The Fly to fuse into one. I like it.

  • Ben Rogencamp

    30 minutes in, what the fuck is this? and why am I laughing so much?

  • carcrash12

    Just got done listening to it, that ending had me in tears, would love for this to be a series.

  • SilentPony

    Okay so is Ian going to be co-host, or is each episode gonna’ have someone new and you guys just go for it?

    Also is that theme music from The Sexy Brutale?
    Also I’m loving the Sexy Brutale! I just got to Tequila Belle last night.

  • Landy Alexander

    Hypothesis: Jim’s wife does not exist, and is also cucking him. How? It is a great mystery.

    • John Doe

      Virtual reality, mate. That’s your answer.

  • Jerry

    Dunno what the fuck this is but when the page loaded some bullet points describing what happens kinda like show notes loaded and then disappeared again.

  • kieron George

    I’m glad this coalesced into something with any viewpoint to have a go at seeing sense on the horizon.

    The amount of contextless nonsense it opened with was doing me some serious mental damage.

  • Brendand

    “Of course she’s made of centipedes, she’s a Tory”
    Headcanon that everyone in the Jimquisition extended family is voiced by talented vocalist Gavin Dune, who is under contract and quite bitter about the whole thing.

  • One thing that gets me about the “Jim’s not real thing”? Like…what do you and everyone else get out of it? Seems it’s gone on a little too long and is a bit too elaborate for a joke, you know, but what do I know. I’m a fan and I’m in on this long game, whatever it is.

    Money laundering?

    • Somespaniard

      I think it goes in the same line as that theory Jim is somehow bought by the same companies he constantly slags off on. Except he is directly just created by them.

      I mean, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE and that’s enough proof for some people.

      • One neat thing about humans is that we have such a wide variety of beliefs.

        One terrifying thing about humans is that we don’t need actual proof for such beliefs.

        Such is our wonderful, horrible world.

  • RSL

    Oof, this was even more relentless than I expected. Enjoyed listening to it very much and wish you the best of fortitude for the next episodes, Jim.

  • kimiyoribaka

    Expanding on that silly theory, perhaps the other personas from Jim’s youtube channel are what the writers come up with in the break room while drunk.

  • Fish

    Big fan of both charles (If i may) and Ian and this has been a long time coming. I listen to the radio show every week. Please do more of these guys!

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Why does the intro music sound like a version of Conker’s BFD’s Great Mighty Poo track?

  • theeheadache


    jim sterling aka jams stanton is actually chuck tingle’s twin yeti brother charles..

  • Leah

    The start, where you talk about money, is really off putting and awkward, but the podcast improves significantly as it goes.

  • サイラス

    Lol, I’ve been listening to Ian/Ray since when he was recording the Ray Peacock podcast. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Wellsy487

    Brilliant guys. The best podcast to date. If you’ve ever heard any of Ian’s previous work, you’ll how funny the guy is. Hope this keeps going.

  • BuzzInLazerBeam

    Geez, I think that he out Jim’d Jim.

  • Darkzentai

    So brilliant and funny reminds me of the digital homicide interview .

    • Somespaniard

      Except this one is way less ludicrous.

      • Darkzentai

        Jim was still getting flabbergasted by some of the comments and questions .
        It was so funny.

  • Doug Greenwood

    Well, another (regular?) fixture to add to my already overloaded podcast itinerary. Thanks, Jim. *thanks god for Jim*

    But hay, this was great and I’ll gladly find time for it as often as it appears. The Jimquisition family grows, and I am happy. Top stuff!

  • thegreatpumpkinking

    so he is not a person but an organization hmmmm the organization of J.I.M Jumping International Memes. I knew it!!!!!

  • Somespaniard

    Hey Jim, can I have your VR headset?

  • Michael Garcia

    Now I wish I chimed in earlier when I was enjoying your podcast. Maybe I could have laid the groundwork that I enjoy the antics of you, Gavin, and Laura and built up some goodwill. However, I didn’t so I might as well be that jerk that only comments with negativity: this podcast was impossible to listen to. Ian isn’t nearly as charming as you two must think. His constant interruptions with the same joke over and over again were insufferable. Even when you asked to stay more on point he kept up his schtick which wasn’t funny 10 minutes in and was infuriating an hour later. In addition, if I was in Carrie Mulligan shoes, and had to put up with this guy bullshit on set, I would be furious too.

    • Morgan Carter

      I sadly (mostly) agree. Perhaps this could be done again but there would need to be a much stronger structure. It was really all over the place and hard to follow, I am sorry to say. The natural flow in all of your other podcasts, from early podtoids all the way to the most recent Podquisition, was totally lacking here.

      • Muddy Scarecrow

        But guys. It’s a podcast called Jim Won’t Give Ian His VR. I wasn’t expecting ANY structure. Hell I didn’t even think this was real when he announced it. I didn’t even think it was real when it popped up on the site. Thought it was just gonna be an hour and a half of silence. All things considered it was much better than I thought it’d be. Tho to be fair Ian’s interruptions were annoying. But not because I have anything against him. I just hate it when someone is trying to say something and they keep getting side tracked.

        • Morgan Carter

          Perhaos I slightly misspoke. Structure isn’t what I was expecting and I don’t actually think it would fix the episode, or any future ones. Having structure would just be better than this one. I really think the good back and forth and rapport which Jim and his usual members have makes the podcast flow much smoother and also makes it more entertaining. I just think this was a misfire in terms of quality.

    • Steamed Boot

      Well I absolutely loved it. As a fan of Jim’s earlier podcasts (Jonathan Holmes-era), I though it was fantastic return to form.

    • George

      I mostly agree with Micheal here.

      I had a few mild chuckles every now and again but I found this particular episode a bit annoying for the most part. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was insufferable though.

      And as someone who usually likes Jim’s more absurd and “far out there” work, like Jimsaw, Pogfucker, Mass Effect Gay Erotic Gay Love Story ect….I found this one to be lacking. In my very humble opinion, it either doesn’t go far enough or needs to be pulled back a bit. I’m not sure which one.

    • Wolf

      Impossible to listen to and yet, you did.

  • mrhair

    It could use tightening (and less echo), but I certainly understand that Ian doesn’t want to spend a lot of time editing a (non-monotized?) side-project. s’all good though.

  • WeightGain4000

    oh my god you actually did it. I thought you were just joking when you were talking about it on twitter. then again, so were probably you yourself, at least in the beginning.
    you utterly mad, mad geniuses.

  • Chris

    Hey Jim, thought I’d throw in my two cents… I loved the podcast (besides the echo you had through the whole show). Hope you and Ian do more episodes together!

  • Sibirian Blue

    The jokes were funny, but the level of abuse was hard to listen to sometimes.

    • Mgibs

      I mean, I agree the abuse was pretty full on, but Jim seemed to love it – I mean, REALLY love it. Some people have to pay a lot of money for that kind of verbal humiliation y’know

      • Noah Ishmael

        Wow that’s…wow.

    • Terriosaurus Hex

      In the UK, it’s not abuse, it’s friendly banter. People often make that mistake who haven’t experienced that sort of communication before. There are simple ways to tell the difference between banter and intentionally insulting behaviour, but am preferring to keep this brief. Suffice to say, this is nought to worry about m’lad..

    • Forrest Kayssen

      Am I alone in not even noticing any examples of Ian being harsh to Jim? I mean, he almost immediately set up a scenario where ‘Jim’ is actually a construct performed by an actor, and most of the digs were going back to him as he ‘pulled back the curtain’, so to speak. At no point did he actually insult Jim as a person or a content creator.

  • Wolf

    This was great. If it proves anything its the we need more northerners on the JimQ and or the pod. Oh, and that Ray Peacock needs some VR.

    • AtomAton


  • Rico

    not sure if jim was ready for ian’s big juicy cock but he sure sounded delighted.

  • The Outsider

    You know what would be really funny Jim… If after all this, for no good reason you sent your VR set to a complete stranger like me.

  • Jacob the Screaming Horse

    Was it Ian that drove you to licking the mold off of old Boglins, Jim?

    Bizarre podcast, but far from unpleasant, would definitely listen to another.

  • Tommo

    I’m late to this, but I can’t believe how many people don’t seem to be getting it in the comments. To me, the banter is pretty great.

  • MrSaxon

    I thought this was brilliant. Would love another one of these as you two have great chemistry.

  • Forrest Kayssen

    My initial thoughts were “What the hell is this?”
    Now I’m just wishing there was more.

    I hope Jim never gives over that VR.