Just Cause 4 – The Sandbox Is Full (Jimpressions)


Just Cause 4 is another Just Cause game, and that’s okay if you like that sort of thing. I theoretically should like that sort of thing, but the game repeats itself and lacks escalation.

Plus, it’s time for the industry to admit that maybe the open world genre is overly crowded and that if you’re not going to give a game an obscene budget, a smaller scale might work better.

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Well, at least you have a game or two you enjoy at the moment even with all the similie game out there.

Arella Jardin
Arella Jardin

There are a lot of games I think would be better with smaller maps, or condensed focused gameplay. But just because Jim is tired of open world games, doesn’t mean everyone else is. A lot of people still love stupidly large spaces to romp around in, for good or ill. But a good example of what Jim is saying, is Darksiders 3. DS2 had an open world, and it was overly big for what it needed to be, with lots of empty space and repetitive design. It was boring. DS3 has a smaller map, but it is packed with detail,… Read more »