Metabombed: Dead Rising 4 Is ‘Awful, Just Awful’

Dead Rising 4 was released right at the beginning of the month, but folks are still unhappy about it. While I enjoyed the game myself, Dead Rising‘s veteran fanbase bristles with discontent at what they see as a “dumbing down” of the series and the removal of its best elements.

Usually, a controversial release like this would be drowned in negative Metacritic user reviews at launch, but it took some time for the negativity to boil over this time. Here we are though, on Christmas Eve, and what better way to celebrate a season of goodwill than looking at some really angry comments on the Internet?

Yes, Dead Rising 4 has been METABOMBED… at least after a relatively long period of accumulation.

The Xbox One version got the lion’s share of the assault, with an average user score of 4.2. 91 positive reviews were drowned out by 141 negative ones, plus plenty of disappointed paragraphs from fans.

As always, I’ve dug into those paragraphs to bring you the funny, poignant, and interesting user reviews resulting from this expressive protest.

Hawkedis kicks us off, and as a fun game you may want to guess what exact word prompted me to share this one.

Bad camera, low resolution (resulting in fuzzy/soft picture quality), poor performance even on the Xbox One S. The game’s story is short and weak. They took out the timer instead of giving players the choice. The took out co-op. They took out the psychopath bosses and instead gave us some buffed up enemies in the map that aren’t memorable in any way. The whole game screams “casual” so they could get more sales. All of this is because western developers thought they could make a better game than the japanese developers. Thanks for nothing Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver! (0/10)

Here are some thoughts from jro3001.

Awful camera. Just awful. Seriously, at no point in testing did anyone say hey that fov might be a little too narrow? I played the game for 30 minutes and was ready to throw up. Tried turning off the chase camera in options, zero improvement, deleted the game. TERRIBLE qa the game is unplayable if you have any issues at all with motion sickness. Add an option for christs sake. (0/10)

Bigredbearded’s review interests me, because I have to wonder if this their first Dead Rising. Many of the complaints here actually seem fairly consistent with the series.

I couldn’t even play this for 20 minutes. The controls are atrocious, the camera is annoying, the graphics are decent but the overall gameplay is awful and there are multiple bugs even after an 11gb patch. (0/10)

A lot of people hated the multiplayer, which I find fascinating because I’ve never cared for it in any game like this. Apparently Dead Rising multiplayer was a treasured feature. PreyingOcelot provides an example.

Single player is meh at best, good fun but no real challenge.

Multiplayer is the worst crap I’ve played in a long time. Why can’t you do the story mode in multiplayer??? WHYYY.

I’ve been a huge fan of dead rising since the beginning but this is just awful, just awful……… (0/10)

Now it’s time for eldumloido!

Totally misses why the first two games were popular. No time limit, no co-op, no fun. Resolution is awful, graphics aren’t that great and sounds suck (they changed voice actor). It’s mildly fun for like 30 minutes if your drunk. (2/10)

It’s not just the negative reviews that can raise an eyebrow. Here’s a glowing recommendation from Fahedq8_90.

The game is good i love this gameing cap com put Why weak results And vice versa is the game beautiful But no one appreciates tired of others I see do not have imaging problems (10/10)

Some more praise, this time from dlwatso15. If you’re a longtime Dead Rising fan who didn’t care for DR4, you’ll adore this review.

Excellent addition to the series. Everything the fans were asking for and more. Sure, there are some fans that only play Dead Rising and other games because they love to complain, they have made some false reviews out of hipster hate.

All in all, it’s a terrific game and a fantastic Dead Rising game. Have fun! (10/10)

Goddamn, these positive ones are great. The 10/10 reviews that crop up in response to a Metabombing are always full of delightful antagonism. Let’s see what partyintheback has to say!

Best Dead Rising yet. The timer is gone, but that allows for more exploration. The Christmas setting and level layout make this the most enjoyable Dead Rising to play. No more confusing level layout like Dead Rising 3. This is the most polished and well-designed game in the series.

Don’t let the haters dissuade you. They’re just mad because it’s supposedly not “hardcore” enough anymore. Why should you be mad that there’s no longer a timer, crappy A.I. survivors to save, etc.? They trimmed the fat. As someone who still owns the blue Dead Rising pre-order shirt from Dead Rising in 2006, I can recommend Dead Rising 4 without any hesitation. (10/10)

A lot of the user reviews go into huge amounts of detail compared to the drive-by shitposts we normally see fill user review sections. Let’s look at this novella from Just_Some_Gamer.

Just a shame, that’s all.
They could have easily had the traditional campaign, but offered a sandbox mode(story included) stripped of the timer for buffoonery. Instead of getting rid of all of it. Everyone could have been happy.

While I can appreciate buffoonery, it’s not really meaningful game play. With no essential Dead Rising campaign, there’s no reason to buy the game in my opinion.

Combat is akin to Saints Row, where you are vastly overpowered. You are free to kill thousands of zombies, if not more, in all imaginable manners. Health is regenerative and plentiful. You won’t likely die
. Gone is the combo based food and drink system, another layer of game play. There is also no longer co-op or psychopath bosses.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of the game is. There are plenty of generic zombie games out there already – I guess this one will go on to join those. Dead Rising was a unique game, it’s success was determined by it’s concept. That’s gone.

Looks nice though, and there are lots of zombies to kill.

Fans of the franchise – stay away. For the time being, you’ll need to accept that the series is just Dead.

This rating is based on the standard of the previous titles, and their subsequent depth and value – since all of that has been gutted, and replaced with nothing this is the score. With a user review, I can help determine an aggregate. If the developers had simply put in the effort, we wouldn’t have less of a game. I can’t recommend it.

Production values are ace. That’s a given. Perhaps it is your cup of tea. (1/10)

Another essay, this time from Trebor_UK.

Dead Rising used to be my favourite zombie franchise of all time. Not anymore.

Capcom are lying in every aspect when it comes to this game. They said they wanted to bring the series back to it’s roots, but if anything it is the polar opposite.

They have oversimplified the game with the following changes; adding regen health, adding
three separate inventories, so there’s no need to resource manage anymore, removing the timer (The sense of urgency is gone) oh, and they added it back in a DLC, a checkpoint save system (no more awkward saving in toilets, etc. To be fair I like this change), you can no longer throw stuff, why? Removing multiple endings, and hiding the real ending behind DLC. Really Capcom? Removing the kill counter (now it’s a hit counter), removing the psychopath bosses (now they are just random survivors who go down in a few hits), and finally, they slapped every fan in the face with the return of Frank West; Frank is totally different, and not in a good way.

Overall, gameplay wise this game is terrible and is far too easy. However, it has a nice Christmas setting that is great, and they bought Frank’s camera back, but that alone cannot redeem this train wreck of a game. Sorry Capcom, you’ve just lost a fan. (1/10)

There’s some gold in here, but Xertaron loves talking almost as much as they hate line breaks.

Seriously Capcom what the hell. Seeing how people give 10 to this game just makes me want to give this one a 0. But i won’t. Game isn’t complete garbage but compared to previous Dead Rising games it’s just a shadow of it’s former self. If you never played any Dead Rising game then it might grant you some fun moments. But for me it’s complete waste of time for various reasons:
-No time limit in any form.
I know lots of people didn’t like this part but for me it made first 2 games so intense if you wanted to go for perfect run (i did many times) and removing it completely just makes game generic. It was challenging and fun.
-No psychopaths. Instead there are maniacs.
Which are very poor replacements. They got no backstory, no motivations, no character or any personal depth. They are just slightly (and i repeat – slightly) stronger versions of regular enemies (often with minions). They die quicker from any weapon than bosses in DR1 from mini-chainsaw. They are simply pushovers.
-No different endings to the game.
Like why ? Game loses any replayability because of that. There is one ending and let me tell you – it sucks. But to be honest it’s perfect analogy of the series. Ending is just perfect considering quality of this game.
-No co-op campaign.
I don’t even know what to say about that. It was huge addition to 2nd game and it kept me playing after i beat the game on my own. Now it’s gone. But considering game is not exciting at all in single player i doubt co-op would help much here.
-Completely gutted escort missions.
Another thing that not everyone liked. I did though especially because survivors were different (sometimes they couldn’t walk by themselves, they needed specific item etc.). Here you only kill zombies around survivor (which is annoying as hell because zombies keep coming their way and they won’t move their sorry asses untill you kill every single zombie in the vicinity and they may get killed before that happens) and he just runs to the shelter. It’s tedious and it feels more like collectible or some fetch quest.
-Changing Frank West.
Now i know people change in time. But Frank changed from DR1 to Case West/Off The Record quite a bit but not to the point you can call him someone else. Frank West in DR4 is not Frank West. He’s trying to be funny all the time but really it worked much better in OTR. Here i was embarrassed to hear most of his lines. He also looks MUCH younger than in DR2 timeline (which was 11 years earlier). I just can’t take him seriously. They made Frank into someone else. It’s just not the same person. Period.
-Very generic story objectives.
It’s just take photos of few things in the room, kill all enemies in the area or go to certain location. That’s it. It never varies anything and gets dull really quickly.
-Difficulty set for microbes eating organic remains from the walls.
Dying in this game is impossible. It’s easy as hell mode entire game that gives no challenge and satisfaction from beating any part of the game. Even Dead Rising got to this point which saddens me.
-Smaller things.
Like gutted inventory management, inability to throw anything you want besides throwable weapons, boring side characters, redundant and bad designed open world.
If it wasn’t Dead Rising i would give this 6 maybe 7 out of 10. But from Dead Rising series (like every series) i have specific expectations of what i can find in those games. Dead Rising 4 throws them all away and tries to be something it doesn’t have to be. It lost it’s identity and besides combo weapons there is nothing left from Dead Rising franchise. And if Capcom thinks they can sell me dlc that adds time limit and real ending they are tremendously mistaken. This story mode won’t fit for “72 hour mode” because it wasn’t created with that in mind. It just won’t work.
Thanks Capcom for ruining yet another of my favourite franchises. (3/10)

I think iHUGcreeperz has some spoilers in here? Maybe. I didn’t read it all, I just figured there’d be some gold in this complete mess.

I was so excited for this game…once more i got the game pre order for free because my friend bought it for me.
Dead rising 1 is by far, my most favorite game of all time. and thats no joke. so being able to play as frank again back at the mall seemed amazing, but no. we got screwed pretty hard. Now im not going to go through every nit picky problem with the game like control, or franks new voice actor (which does a good job i just like the old one better) instead i would rather point out one of the things that frustrate me the most that i haven’t seen anybody talk about yet (props to you if you have talked about this issue before. DR BARNABY: this man is pretty much the single reason why the zombies were created. And why? because BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Dr. Barnaby is actually a good person…The zombies were an accident created in the attempted to, as Barnaby says (in the first game) “We were trying to mass produce cattle…do you have any idea, how much meat…Americans consume, in a single day? That research was absolutely necessary!” Dr Barnaby is taking a drastic extreme measure to help his country (and while yes kills many people) does it for the good of the people, and not to make a profit…and now dead rising 4…Dr Barnaby has been turned into a money loving, scheming power loving villain. The new story is that all of the original plot was just a complete lie. Now Dr Barnaby is looking for “the truth to immortality” So they can mass produce is and sell it to rich people…REALLY…and you know, what if the original plot is still true…then why would Barnaby want to keep people alive forever to overpopulate the country further to have even more food shortages. Its just stupid, and what really drives home the hurt for his character further are his dying words…”I…haven’t…done..anything…wrong…” Those were the words he chose to leave with…and nope he has been a villain this whole time…(shakes head) Now thats just my feelings for one character. How about something gameplay wise. Another two things that i dont see anybody mention are throwing weapons. Is it just me? or are they garbage? Honesty my main concern with them is the fact that they are set to a permanent ark that is stupidly difficult to hit anything with. Why not just right in front of you? Like honesty the throwing items in this game feel like the rocks in Friday the 13th or the textbook in bill and ted for the nes. I know i sound like AVGN now but i just cant believe that they would bring an issue from the old nes days (amazing system btw) its just weird to me tho. Another thing for gameplay is, did anybody else notice that sneaking is broken? And im not talking about sight detection, that seemed to work fine. It was the audio detection. Example: I was on the mission were you have to go shoot up the farm to save somebody right. Did you know you can walk through the main house with a LMG while sneaking, shoot somebody in the face and nobody else in the house will hear it??? Lol ok. Also quick question, what happened to the timer? Like i understand that some people had a problem with it because they felt that they couldn’t explore anything. But you do realize the whole point of the original games was you fail the main story and click “continue playing” go ahead and level up a little and try the main story again (and not to be rude but you could also get good, because lets be honest the only hard dead rising game is the first one, partly why its my favorite) but im just saying. The timer added a sense of urgency, which intern, added a cool sense of progression. Going from timer to no timer, i just didnt feel like i was accomplishing anything. Now this review has gone on long enough so im just going to make a closing statement now. One of the most infuriating things about the build up for this game, is the fact that the devs continuously mention that they were wanting to go back to their roots…(oh you mean the first game?) what a load of crap. And so my closing for this, is a list of missing content:
The timer,
Zombie rage at night,
escorting survivors,
psychopaths (good ones),
Normal zombies being an issue,
Also any sense of challenge,
Any callbacks to the original,
And any love for original characters

Yeah… that’ll do, I think.

  • Benj

    There’s an interesting debate to be had around Dead Rising 4 and it’s timers.

    Should games make it so that failure of some objectives is inevitable in a way that doesn’t explicitly saying “choose option A or B”.

    We complain about how artificial the “A or B” option is but when a game has a more organic way of making you choose it makes us feel like the game is expecting us to do the impossible.

    • Allan Weallans

      Reminds me of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. About halfway through the story, you get a choice of missions to go on, and going on one locks the other one out (so very much A or B). But then at the end you have another choice to make about which objective to pursue, but you can do both if you’re fast enough (I hear: I’m not fast enough).

      Yeah, I do think, in practice, the former worked better than the latter, though that’s at least partly because I failed one of the objectives in the latter without any feedback about why I failed.

    • Altoryu

      I do remember that a lot of people hated the time limits of the first game specifically, the time limits there for missions were especially brutal if you were trying to save as many survivors as you can.

      They loosened up in the later games but I don’t know what to think of their outright removal in the 4th.

      • Benj

        There was the added bullshit in the earlier games where survivors would spontaneously die 3 seconds away from the safe house with no zombies in site.

        I’d never defend that design decision. It was total bollocks!

        • Altoryu

          I have no doubts I know one thing that pissed a lot of people off was when you tried to receive the missions, if you got attacked you had to listen to the entire thing over again. It’s one thing I am glad they fixed in future games.

          Though admittedly a personal thing that pissed me off is the exclusivity of the Case Zero and Case West DLC to just XBOX. Made me wonder why the fuck they would release Dead Rising 2 on PS3 at all.

        • Jpkurihara

          Wait, what? That was a thing? I’m pretty sure that didn’t exist in the second game.

    • Salador

      I’d say that it’s the player who is expecting the impossible. When you think about it for a minute, then, realistically, there’s no way one guy, or even a group of guys woul be as effective or powerful as the heroes of most games.

      Gamers are so conditioned to expect to single-handedly save the world that a system in which not everyone can be saved, which presents that as a natural gameplay choice and not some Sophie’s choice cutscene is blamed for ruining our power fantasy.

      • Fyou

        That was my favorite part of the timer. There’s plenty of games for power fantasy fulfilment. It’s nice when a game doesn’t pander to it.

        • diamond

          I didn’t care about the games not pandering or whatever, I just hated that the first game had so many bad design choices that only made the time limit even more irritating, such as the godawful A.I. of your escorts, not being able to defend yourself while talking to Otis, having respawning enemies(the goddamn convicts, seriously it makes ZERO sense for them to keep respawning)

          I don’t think a game should be praised for not pandering to something, that’s “damning with faint praise” if i’ve ever heard it.

          For me Dead Rising got better once Off the Record removed the stupid save system.

  • bimmyz

    how about the fact that the game’s only available on pc via windows store? now that’s a deal breaker

    • Pangalaktichki

      This! I’m okay-ish with Microsoft wanting to wall-out their own content and shoot themselves in the foot, but for the love of Emperor, do not enforce that on third-party!

      • Clem

        Yep! Dont really need my library separated out again. Already got steam, origin, Uplay, GOG. No more, please.

        • Allan Weallans

          Everything in my Uplay library was fortunately also in my Steam library until Ubisoft gave away a bunch of games for free, the bastards.

          (To be fair, this is also half the reason I use Origin, but then Origin is usable, at least compared to Uplay.)

    • Watchmedance

      I know it won’t make me popular here, but Microsoft did help publish it. It’ll likely make its way to Steam and others, just like Rise of the Tomb Raider and even Quantum Break (which was actually a Microsoft exclusive).

  • Neo Genesis

    Why is there a review here which includes good things about the game, but still rates it 1/10? People on these sites only seem to care about two extremes. Extreme negativity or extreme love. Where’s the 6’s, the 7’s and the 8’s? If people can’t be arsed to write a proper review and give a proper score, then why bother ‘reviewing’ the game at all? It makes your review about as useless as tin foil oven mitts.

    • tomwantsrez

      Some people score 10’s because they see people scoring 1’s and want to balance it out (and vice versa). This is why user reviews are pointless.

    • Allan Weallans

      It’s a little different on Steam, because you can only recommend or not recommend, which sort of encourages extremes. But I remember I wrote a negative review of Just Cause 3 despite thinking it’s a good game. I chose not to recommend it because it’s basically the same as Just Cause 2 only four times as expensive and with almost-inexplicably inflated hardware requirements. To be fair, I actually think it’s a little better than Just Cause 2 (and I loved Just Cause 2), but not enough to justify, like I say, being four times as expensive, and it’s a little prettier, but not enough to justify the increased hardware demand. And sure, the price differential is what you get when you compare a new game to an old game, but that was kind of my point: it didn’t feel enough like a new game to earn that.

      People did not find that review helpful. Weird thing is I can’t blame them, even as I stand by it.

      • drownedsummer

        The binary system on Steam isn’t much better really. Although if they implemented something else it would just likely end up the same as metacritic.

        • Allan Weallans

          Some Steam reviewers do choose to give a game a score out of 5 or out of 10 (and I mean the genuine ones, not the joke 11/10 ones), and I do often find them helpful, but there’s a strong selection bias at play there – the people who give a game a score are precisely the people who think there’s any value in doing that rather than just saying “it’s great” or “it sucks”. If everyone had to give a game a score you can bet it would become a lot less helpful very quickly.

      • Salador

        ‘Is it good?’ and ‘would you recommend it?’ are 2 different questions. Sounds like you said yes to the former and no to the latter.

        Steam should have a third rating, ‘pick it up in a sale’.

    • Salador

      It’s inevitable. Especially cos games like Dead Rising attract younger audiences. There is a reason that professional games reviewers exist: because most people don’t really have the skills to assess and review a game to a good standard.

      Some people, myself included, just have to have their opinion heard regardless of how well researched or argued or relevant it is. People vastly overestimate their importance.

      And, of course, people get emotionally invested in the things they love or hate in a way which is unhealthy and that spills over into the more bizarre reviews, which are often done deliberately to affect the success of the game.

    • vegemonsta .

      Sounds a lot like American politics.

      • diamond

        British politics can get that way too(as evidence by Brexit and discussions about it online).

  • Richard Cadman

    “Seeing how people give 10 to this game just makes me want to give this one a 0. ”

    Well at least this guy is honest about the primary motivation for a lot of meta critic user reviews.

    • Allan Weallans

      You just want to say, “Dude, I barely care what you think of the game. I really don’t care what you think of what other people think of it.”

  • Benj

    I think the 10/10 positive metacritic user reviews should be under “metablown” rather than “metabombed”.

  • Clem

    As a fan of Dead Rising 1 and 2, I am pretty 50/50 on the changes. I hated psychopath fights, hated the escort missions. Sorta sad they just scrapped the timer (I thought it was an interesting idea that just needed work), however i see why they did.

    But you know, the game was not made for me. It was made for a wider audience. I hope one day an indie will pick up some ideas from DR 1 and 2 and make an interesting game.

    • diamond

      I loved the psychopath fights but was not fond of the escorts.

    • Fyou

      Follow-up to State of Decay seems like a decent contender, minus the goofiness.

  • Lardo

    Jim, by far the most interesting thing about this article is trying to figure out what that word that triggered you was. I have no clue, do tell!

    • Allan Weallans

      I’m going to guess ‘casual’, which is weirdly pejorative code for “people who have lives” (a category that I, incidentally, don’t include myself in).

      • drownedsummer

        That was what I suspected as well.

    • Uzuki


  • Themoonlightwolf1

    It’s strange, some of these “reviews” make legitimate points but then deteriorate into 0/10 territory as if to self sabotage any good points they might have made.
    As a fan of the first two dead rising games I was disappointed by this one, I wish they’d tightened up and refined the old mechanics like survivor escorting and timers rather than ditched them. Better AI and turning of friendly fire would have made survivor escorting much more tolerable. Still the game is in no way a terrible game the triple A production values are there even if you don’t like the gameplay direction.

  • Lloyd

    Whatever I had fun with it…well except for that final boss fight, that wasn’t fun.

  • Richard Luchies

    I know i will get a lot of hate for this but here i go

    My view on DR4. its good not amazing but good and really fun.
    it’s a fun good looking open world game with a decent story that lets you as a player kill tons of zombies in genius ways and with really fun weapons.

    Frank is not back! this isn’t the same Frank as in Dead rising 1 or Dead rising 2 OTR BUT this doesn’t mean this guy is bad. Not even close to bad, people that were worried that this game wouldn’t have its serious side can be assured that even this frank with it’s goofy stuff can still be series and interesting. and for the voice it’s not the original but we could have gotten worse… he does sometimes sound exactly like original frank and even if he doesn’t it still is Frank in some way or another… (Like when playing arkham origins and city its not the same but kinda is if you are at least a little open minded to the changes)

    The changes are noticeable but not all in a bad way it is just to make the game a bit more playable for the casual players to attract a wider crowd. of course not the best decision but it isn’t a giant loss for this game… and let’s be honest DR 1 and 2 are extremely clunky even if i do love the first one the flaws it has are more noticeable now a days.

    For the ending DLC stuff yeah that still sucks but hey this isn’t the first game to do it so don’t smash it down to a pulp just because it does it this time you can’t judge the entire game just cause of a few stupid choices.

    the only thing i can say is that imo there aren’t enough weapons like loads of lose ones but not enough combo weapons it just feels so little. maby cause it is now all categorized instead of thrown into a pile of scratch cards but hey that is some thing i did notice.
    Customization is still here as good as always… psychos (even tough now called maniacs) still here just not AS good as the first 2 games but imo 3 didn’t do it so great either. even more fun references to other capcom games yes please and thank you.
    If you are just like me enjoying every DR so far then I’m sure you’ll like this one as well they all have their flaws and so does this one but it did try to take the best elements of DR 1, 2 (otr) and 3 and tried to make it into a really fun game and in my opinion. they succeeded.

    6.5/10 all day long Good game not great… good and really fun.

  • Watchmedance

    Can’t say I’m surprised. What DOES surprise me is that The Last Guardian isn’t getting Metabombed. I would’ve figured that a Sony exclusive would draw out haters from the Microsoft camp who want to shit on a long-awaited game.

  • Tao

    I’ve not played DR4, probably won’t, and I probably won’t leave a bad review anyway because I’m not scum…I just know from what I’ve heard that at least a few elements I liked from the other games just simply aren’t there.

    I did like the escort missions in DR1 and 2. The characters you escorted felt unique and mostly had their own little ‘terms and conditions’ to whether they would follow you and stuff. I just liked the variety of it and having to escort people was believable for the situation. I also kinda just liked seeing the little hub area fill up with the people I’ve saved.
    Plus, you also got the survivors you saved who ended up going nuts AFTER you had saved them, causing extra little ‘quests’ to happen where you had to hurry back to beat the crap out of them. It added to the replay value as you took note of which survivors to leave knowing they’ll eventually kill your other survivors if you save them.

    And psychopaths were one of the highlights. These dangerous people who have truly lost their shit to become a villain you could imagine being the antagonist of a slasher movie.

    I kind of liked the timer. I think it could have done with being a little more lenient, but I still liked it. It added to the challenge in a way that felt believable (yano, DR2’s “daughter needs medicine” where in other games you could have left her for about a year and she would be fine) and added to the urgency.

    At any rate, I can at least see why the timer was taken out and why the escort missions were changed, and I could have accepted that…But taking out the psychopaths? Eh, I’ll pass…Those are kind of the thing that stopped it being another game where you mindlessly kill zombies, and we have more than enough of those…

    • drownedsummer

      There’s nothing wrong with a negative review. The issue is reviews that have zero merit ‘OMG DR4 sucks’ ‘SJW agenda it has a female character’ or well purposely giving it zero score to lower the average rating.

      • Tao

        It can be hard to tell which are genuine or not though since even the reviews that go into detail can easily just be parroting what they’ve heard elsewhere without any first hand experience.

        It’s why I don’t trust customer reviews, at least for sites which don’t in any way verify purchases. Metacritic is probably the place I trust the least given that fact as well as how obsessed people are with Metacritic scores these days in order to confirm their personal bias on whether or not they’re “right” in liking/disliking a game.

    • Jack Trevor

      The main point to remember is there is a difference between leaving an informative review that is there to let others know why you dislike a product, because they might share similar viewpoints. Versus a rant that serves nothing more than fulfill your need for petty revenge, as showcased here.

    • diamond

      I don’t mind escort missions on their face, but my god the A.I. in the first two games was godawful, because of that the games too often dipped into “fake difficulty” territory for me, where the challenge was based less on actual skill and more on hoping you get lucky that the survivors won’t get themselves.

      • Tao

        Yea, it was a while ago since I last played either of them so I may be wearing rose tinted goggles to a degree, but I didn’t hate them at the time either…I do remember one or two dying because they were too stupid to fight back or avoid zombies though (and one guy in particular I just couldn’t get to follow me through a door).

        It was mostly the detail to each survivor that I remember most fondly though since they all had their own little thing about them, whether it was something small like needing a baguette before they come with you or the thing I mentioned about them going nuts and killing everybody else.

  • Allan Weallans

    With the negative reviews, it sort of feels like even if those reviewers had got the game they wanted, the game would still have been metabombed for not “fixing” anything from the previous games.

    It must be tough to make a Dead Rising sequel. On one hand you’ve got the people who liked the previous games, and you don’t want to disappoint them, and on the other hand you’ve got people like Jim (and me) who wanted to like them, but… And you want to include them.

    This is something that cries of “dumbing down” and “casual” never distinguish. There’s a difference between making something more accessible for breakout mass appeal (which I maintain is becoming increasingly unreliable as a sales predictor anyway) and making something more accessible for people who are already interested in the franchise but hit a wall with it.

    • RedWolf

      I don’t even like the term “dumbing down”.
      What, so certain things have been altered so they’re not so much of a hassle. How is that a bad thing at all?

      • Eon264

        That’s not what “dumbing down” is meant to mean, though. Of course the internet ran away with the term as the internet is want to do, but when you say something’s “dumbed down” (and you’re not being an asshat) typically you’re talking about features being removed or stripped of depth to make a simpler or more streamlined experience, which if you ask me, is the wrong way to go about it. You can have a deep system without making it an eldritch horror for less committed players to deal with. Sure, that makes the game easier to get into, but what about the people who enjoyed those features? I’m totally for wanting to make games accessible, what I’m /not/ for is ripping out the guts of a game I like for the sake of that. I’d personally rather have a deep mess than a shallow but polished experience and that’s a taste that’s slowly becoming obsolete in the eyes of game companies. I mean in all reality I’d rather have a game that’s both deep and polished, but I take what I can get and “what I can get” seems to be constantly shrinking. I don’t begrudge anybody a game they enjoy, I just wish it didn’t have to come at the cost of one I would have.

        And all of that’s not to say I think DR4 is a bad game because I don’t, it seems perfectly serviceable, it’s just that now our roles are reversed and that’s kind of a shitty result, for me and others like me at least.

        • RedWolf

          I see where you’re coming from, and I don’t disagree. While I still see no problem in streamlining the experience of playing a videogame, I can take exception to the mechanics being compromised as a result. I do enjoy deep, well-tuned mechanics, but on top of that I don’t enjoy having to press three million onscreen buttons just to navigate some menus. That’s just an example, of course, and perhaps not exactly relevant to this point.

  • Wolfie


    This game is for CASUALS! So dumbed down has it been that a literal fetus would have no challenge. I haven’t played the game nor do I need to because of how CASUAL it is! My god. This is what happens when a Japanese parent company regurgitates its IPs to other studios that it owns overseas!
    And let me tell you about zombies so cliche that I done with because so tired in my video gameings.
    I mean, really now. Zombies. ZOMBIES. AGAIN. Way to go Dead Rising 4, way to rise above the hundred-thousand OTHER zombie games out there! Can’t try anything new, nope! It has to go for the lowest bar possible, and no coop? How about some player versus player? Oh wait… this game is for CASUALS and CAREBEARS.
    Also people keep telling me how bad it looks and the controls are jank and the camera is awful. They are so bad. Why not take a page from the first Resident Evil and do camera and controls right? I’m sure they could’ve made it work if the devs weren’t so lazy and greedy.

    10 of 0 out of 10. Game is a slap to the face to those who never played any Dead Rising. This is what happens when the SJWs spread their agenda into our games, carebears.

    • themind

      What do SJWs have to do with this game being shit?

      • diamond

        It’s a joke post.

      • drownedsummer

        They don’t. if you’ve not followed Jim’s Metabombed articles the main point is highlighting the more comedic reviews and the angrish moon logic points.

      • Weasel Biggs

        Nothing at all, Wolfie’s the resident satirist. That’s him taking the piss of hyperbolic negative reviews.

    • vegemonsta .

      The next Dead Rising should be about making peace with zombies. They should also change it so, instead of zombies, it’s countries…. so yeah. No more zombies. Just make it a game about making peace with other countries. We’ll still call it Dead Rising though, because… you know… we gotta surprise the fans. Obviously they’re just tired of the whole killing zombies thing.

    • Weasel Biggs

      Spot-on satire, Wolfie – as usual.

      Needs more carebears, though.

  • Killer_Tapir

    Honestly though, I haven’t played this one yet but as someone who liked the original two games including the timer and the psychopath fights it does sound as though this one has less of the things I like which makes me less inclined to buy it.

    The timers added a sense of urgency and turned the game into almost a puzzle you had to figure out to save as many people as possible for the ending and achievements. I think it was 43 survivors in the original and I saved 42 in a single run. I remember there being one I specifically avoided because they had an awkward location/time period. It was good game. Different to just about anything else around.

  • DucksonAPlain

    I’m all for complaining when a key feature gets removed to make a game more “casual,” but Dead Rising never actually ever figured out how to make the Timer and the Escort stuff not shit. They never really got the balance of time management Vs. Being able to do what you HAVE to do to progress. Like, sure, it is fine if you can’t accomplish every single mission without a guide, but there was hardly ever enough time to get the key missions done in the time required.

    Also, the AI of the survivors was always shit. Again, there are ways to make Idiots you have to rescue in a video game, and make it fun, but they never really went beyond giving them Super Basic AI that was a hassle to deal with.

    • Salador

      I think the kind of person who is a fan of Dead Rising is accepting of imperfect systems because they make playing the game unique and fresh.The timer wasn’t perfect, but it did make you make interesting decisions. And they just straight up removed it, rather than figuring out how to better balance it. In doing so, they removed a part of the series’ identity. The new game is basically just the same as every other open world game out there, and that’s boring. I’ll take imperfect but interesting and unique over boring any day.

      • diamond

        I feel more like the series finally removed a cancerous growth.

        • Salador

          And replaced it with another, worse one.

          • diamond

            No it did not at all.

  • Salador

    I wouldn’t dismiss the longer posts as ‘novellas’ or ‘essays’. They’re a lot shorter than Jim’s reviews, and, yes, while Jim is a professional, I don’t think that should dictate the acceptable lengths for user reviews. They at least go some way towards explaining why they have an opinion, rather than just throwing out a score and maybe 1 issue and expecting that to be worth reading. The last review can fuck right off, though.

    I just saw Errant Signal’s video on Dead Rising 4, which tore the game down pretty well, so I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the older Dead Risings.

    • diamond

      I was a fan of the older games and I thought that video was absolutely terrible.

      • Salador

        Any reason why?

        • Internet Person

          Because they liked DR4.

          Sometimes the right answer is the most obvious one.

  • Jack Trevor

    I was listening to the Giant Bombcast and according to Brad, the longer you play the more obvious the flaws are.

    Apparently it goes from being kinda fun to just a boring and generic open-world game. Which is not what you want from a Dead Rising game.

    And I’m not gonna call out Jim’s review being wrong because he did address most of these points and, like Simcity 2013, the issues are not apparent until you are deep into the mid-/late-game.

    • diamond

      I don’t agree with that at all, I never found it remotely boring at any point.

      • Jack Trevor

        Generic is still a fair criticism. Especially when you consider what makes the Dead Rising series unique. Which was not open-world fuckin’ around but replayability.

        • diamond

          What’s generic to one person is great to another, I disagree about the unique part. I think the combo weapons were the real unique part, not that damn timer.

  • Applejack

    Why does anyone care what anyone else thinks about anything? It has always confused me why someone would give a whit or even be bothered by someone else’s opinion. Everyone is allowed to believe whatever they want, be it ignorant, hypocritical, plain wrong, or otherwise. It’s called being human and it’s a flaw we all share.

    • RifleAvenger Sashiro

      Because sometimes other people’s opinions can be used to help see things from a different perspective, and some people actually put the effort in to try and justify their opinion.

      I’ve read a variety of articles (essentially people’s opinions) that have been really illuminating to me (I tried posting links, but the auto-moderator HATES links apparently). Same with some discussions I’ve had with my friends about games.

      Heck, I’m here on this site to see Jim Sterling’s opinion in an effort to help build or inform my own opinions (because I trust him to be honest and give decent explanations for his opinions/criticisms).

      While metacritic comment sections are probably awful places to try and get reasoned opinions, asking why people care about the opinions of others is rather silly. From finding other points of view to seeking validation, encountering and wanting to know what others think is a big part of being human, and quite a positive one. If no one ever cared what anyone else thought or felt society would fall apart.

      • Watchmedance

        That’s a valid point, but most people who get worked up about things like this have a weak justification for the way they feel. The discussion usually devolves into “This sucks, and anyone that disagrees is both wrong AND an idiot/shill”.

    • I hope you mean they are allowed to believe what they want from beyond the grave. Beliefs have a way of influencing actions. Whatever the fuck this reality is, it’s not a goddamned antiseptic Cartesian plane without cause or consequences. (i.e. it’s no fucking video game.)

      • Applejack

        Of course, anyone can believe whatever they want. It’s your reality, live it how you want.

        I believe live and let live; life is hard enough without someone trying to tell you what to believe, how to live, what to think. Just do you as best you can. And if you manage not to add to the massive amount of hate in the world, then maybe you’re not a terrible person. A little humility is never a bad thing, polite even.

        • But it’s not your reality. It’s our reality. You should give this more thought.

          • Applejack

            It’s my reality insofar as what I allow into it becomes my reality, what I choose to pay attention to. In a way, ignorance is bliss. The philosophical question of objective versus subjective reality is a discussion for another day.

          • I’m just stepping in to persuade readers to think twice about this blithe, solipsistic attitude you are espousing. It’s very unhealthy; while I understand that you believe you mean well.

            Belief is primary. Action is a side effect; it’s not the other way around. Our society crumbles all around us as we speak because of this mode of unthoughtthrough decadence.

  • vegemonsta .

    When was Dead Rising NOT a casual game? You go around smashing zombies with goofy weapons. That is it. In an age where a zombie apocalypse is the most overused plot device ever, Dead Rising is no longer the special snowflake people expect it to be. The game is not shit. It’s just not as unique as you remember.

    • Eon264

      That’s decidedly /not/ what the original dead rising was. You smashed zombies in a game filled with sophomoric humour, sure, but the game was about managing your time wisely, constantly improving and planning as well as player experimentation. The zombies weren’t the real enemy, the clock was. And the way you fought the zombies in this game was pretty unique too at the time. Rather than by-the-numbers shooting you could use anything and everything in your environment, encouraging the player to fiddle around and experiment. How would you best use a soccerball as a weapon? Is the traffic cone more effective as a club or a thrown weapon? I’m stuck in a hardware store and surrounded, what’s the best thing at hand to get me out of this? I have to go from point A to B and there’s two survivors along the way, do I have time to stop and equip? What’s the best place to go to do that on the route I’m taking? etc etc. You might not like that, but at least it was unique. What you described is dead rising 4, and what the games became.

  • hyjinx17

    They’re just mad Capcom finally realized time limits and escort quests are the worst game mechanics that exist.

  • Daniel F.

    Fahedq8_90 is truly a wordsmith that defines this generation

  • Apothecary

    Haha, you obviously never saw Company of Heroes 2 user ratings. The campaign plot and in-game cinematics weren’t really in favor for the Russians, since it was very Enemy at The Gates-like. And some popular Russian YouTuber, BadComedian, badmouthed it, and even been a guest on the state TV. Oh, the storm that followed…. People were creating numerous accounts each just to slap a 0 or 1 at it. It fell as low as 1.2, but recovered a little bit over time, up to 2.0… Trolls on the forums, and the pics they posted. All those “reviews” with sieg heil and stuff. Good times…

  • Otherhand

    I wonder if they realise they’re echoing that dick on the TV advert who used to say “Car insurance costs are stupid, just stupid”?

  • Nitrium

    Only one “slap in the face” and no “total joke” at all. Internet, you are letting me down.
    The PC version is rating even lower on metacritic at just 3.6/10.

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      • Weasel Biggs

        Go home, spambot. It’s Christmas.

      • This bot sure is a slap in the face.

  • YoDude

    They’re just a bunch of kids judging from how they write. Varying ages from 12-19 I’d guess.

    Just a bunch of whining kids. Ugh. I can’t believe at one point I was stupid enough to get worked up over a game.

    • Watchmedance

      But what about the Console Wars? Are you done fighting?

      Yeah, me too. I don’t care what other people play.

    • Weasel Biggs

      “But Game Such-and-Such is CLEARLY the Best Thing Ever based on Totally Objective Criteria! You’re wrong if you don’t agree! WRONG AND MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE BECAUSE TRIGGERED!”

      I also am very much glad I’ve left that behind with my collegiate phase. I figure people who write stuff like that are the same people who stage limp and forgettable campus protests on issues like Tibet’s relationship with China or the Syrian crisis.

      As if putting signs together and screaming in a megaphone on campus would change international policies.

  • Christoph Brinkmann

    I love the sheer number of people whining about the removal of the timer. “Oh no! They took out a big, giant turd! I LOVED THAT BIG GIANT TURD, GIVE IT BACK!!!”

    Loved the DR games, but the timer should’ve died 4 games ago.

    • It added an element of time management that made for an interesting challenge,
      much like pikmin
      if you didn’t like it you could just wait for it to run out and play on anyway.
      now that option is not available and they dont replace it with anything so its just a loss

      • diamond

        I wasn’t a big Pikmin fan, so it’s no loss to me.

        • Christoph Brinkmann

          The other part of that is that if you really, really want a time limit, you can set one yourself and work on adhering to it. I mean, people do speedruns on games all the time for instance.

          It was a real issue in the first game, because the survivors were morons. Their AI was horrible, and even if you gave them top end weapons to defend themselves with, every few minutes, if not seconds you’d hear “FRRRAAANNNKK! FRAAANNNKKK!!!” And that’s assuming you were lucky enough to have ones who could stand on their own two feet – often you had ones you – quite literally – had to handhold or carry, thus compromising your ability to defend yourself or other survivors. I loved the original, but these glasses ain’t rose tinted.

          • diamond

            Same here, I enjoyed the first game, but damn did it have some bad design choices.

    • Jpkurihara

      I’ll never forgive 2 for not having any Sandbox mode. I love it. Still play it. But seriously, no way to turn off the timer at all? Who was the fucking moron who made that decision?

      • Weasel Biggs

        Play on PC, use a trainer, freeze dat timer.

        Problem solved.

    • Weasel Biggs

      The timer was only seriously worthwhile once you’d finished your first optimal run, in that it triggered a fairly predictable set of “What if?” scenarios. What if you’d ignored all objectives and spent your entire time killing zombies, what if you’d saved half of or all of the survivors, what if you’d triggered this final boss instead of that one…

      The timer’s just there to push players into choosing and being proactive.

  • Chürz

    I’ve never liked these games because they play too Japanese. Now this one plays like a run out the mill sandbox. Oh well… Couldn’t care less. I’m tired of zombies, really, really tired of them.

  • James Glass

    Is there any kind of harder mode to the game that feels more like the old ones?

  • Kyle Pierce

    Dead Rising was never hard core.

  • Ryan Woodward

    Shitty opinions. Shitty opinions everywhere.

  • It’s interesting that they see the previous Dead Rising games as masterpieces. I disagree. 1 was total shit and the others have massive flaws, mostly coming down to the time limit. It punishes you for exploring too much. In a sandbox game. I’m glad they removed it from this one.

    Though why do I get the feeling Capcom will add it back into Dead Rising 5 due to “overwhelming fan request” or whatever?

    • diamond

      This game is actually DLC which puts the timer back in.

      • InfamousDS

        It wasn’t okay when what used to be cheats became DLC (quite literally in this same series), and it isn’t okay now. Either something is a feature or it isn’t, Capcom can’t have it both ways no matter how hard they try. This is anti-consumer, and Jim would normally be all over this if it wasn’t Christmas/End-of-Year and he had other plans for the Jimquisition.

        You may ask what makes this different from adding new modes via DLC in other games, The simple answer is that they weren’t core features in the prequels. The complex answer I will need to mull on since it is almost 2AM, and may never have the full answer to. And that’s coming from someone with no attachment to the series aside from passing interest.

        • diamond

          I personally just can’t bring myself to care one way or the other, out of all things Capcom has done that are DLC related, this is by far the least offensive IMO, it sure beats selling on-disc DLC.

    • Charlie Koszulinski

      In defense of the timer: yeah, the game was open world, but the timer forced you to memorize the layout of the mall and the locations of important or useful items. I guess it all comes down to personal tastes, but I liked the timer and the pressure it brings with it. It makes for some intense runs and close calls.

      As for Dead Rising 4, let’s be honest, the game was way too short for a timer to be implemented anyway. And as far as removing the timer for exploration purposes: there’s no point in exploring when they give you maps of all the collectables. It becomes an optional fetch quest at that point. There are no secrets to be found as far as I know. Unless you were interested in looking at the environments, which are nothing to write home about. The mall was kinda cool, a little empty, though. Other than that, everything looks a bit samey.

      That being said, I did enjoy my time with the game.

    • MJC

      Sounds like your opinion of a vital game feature is total shit. Don’t like the timer? Don’t play the franchise. Capcom listening to people like you who probably won’t even play it anyway are the reason DR4 sucks.

      And to top it all off, I bet you’d get pretty pissed off if a bunch of people cried to the developer to remove a vital feature of a game you like and then the next game released without it, turning it into yet another generic game with no unique features.

      • diamond

        DR4 is awesome and does not “suck” at all. Saying “don’t play the franchise” is a lazy as fuck cop-out.

        Besides there’s going to be DLC which brings back the timer, so quit your bitching and moaning LOL

        • Weasel Biggs

          Again, diamond – opinions. MJC didn’t appreciate DR4, and you did. That’s all there is to it.

  • Major_Huggins

    Do people really have that much trouble figuring out when to use “its” or “it’s”, nowadays? Seriously, this elementary (literally) mistake is in nearly every one of the above reviews. Usually I wouldn’t say anything, but it’s SO annoying to read that it inhibits the argument even if the points themselves are valid.

  • gasmaskangel

    I do kinda get where some of this rage is coming from. The timer is seen as such an essential part of the experience by a lot of Dead Rising fans that its removal can indeed be seen as a betrayal of what lent the series its personality. I’ll even agree that it should have been an optional component, an Old School mode that cut out a lot of the concessions made to the modern gaming landscape. Personally I think the timer can go die in a trash fire since it only adds to the obsessive thought that I’m not playing the game right and therefore am not having as much fun as I should, but I can certainly respect that people liked it.

    Also, can we all as a species agree to stop using “triggered” ironically. This isn’t even a “how dare you appropriate that?!” point, it’s one of pure comic pain. It’s not funny, and was never funny. I get that it’s meant to be comedic hyperbole but to pull that off you need to do more than just scream a buzzword, you actually need to get down to some motherfucking hyperbole.

    For example:
    “AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT ENDING!!! It made me want to shoot my own testicals off while deepthroating a bowie knife!” still isn’t that funny, but it doesn’t make me want to punch anyone the way an ‘ironic’ triggered does.

    • MJC

      I think gasmaskangel is triggered by the word triggered. 😉

      • BAH!

        I was going to say the same thing, but the truth is that regardless of how it’s used, it still has connections to mocking people with real problems. So I figured “nah”.

    • diamond

      There is DLC that brings back the timer.

    • Weasel Biggs

      I’m also glad the timer’s gone, but one of my friendos is a Dead Rising fan from the first hour. I joined in at DR2, where the timer was altogether more manageable. Even so, I eventually ended up cheating and freezing Zombrex timers on PC for the sake of having more flexibility.

  • BAH!

    This installment of METABOMBED seems pretty mild in comparison to those previous. Yeah, there were a couple comments that were amusing *just because* of their length, but there was very little of the absurd hyperbole I’m used to. Or, at least, fewer individual examples. The last dude seems to have kept it all for himself.

  • Kevin Douglass

    I think the crafting system really threw off the tension the original game had. Instead of desperately searching around for the most useful items in the environment and balancing the difficulty of getting those items while be ravaged by zombies the game has shifted to a poorly implemented crafting system. The crafted weapons are so much better than what you can find out in the world that there is little need to be aware of your surroundings; a large part of the appeal of the first game was learning how to use the thousands of items littered around the mall. There was fun to be had flinging CDs at zombies or trying to schedule in a stop at the juice bar for orange juice. The new inventory system removes much of the tension the first game had; trying to manage equipping the most useful weapons while balancing limited space for support items created a level of panic and frenzy this game simply lacks.

    It feels like the series was Ubisofted. Everything was dumbed down and homogenized to be another vacant open world-y genetic shooter mess. Oh, and zombies that give you points 🙁

    • diamond

      It was not “poorly implemented” at all, it was really well done, I thought the inventory system in the first two games was badly done, it sorely needed to be changed to be less shit.

      I happen to like Ubisoft, so I don’t consider that a bad thing at all.

      The game was not “dumbed down” or “generic” in the least,.

      Also the timer is coming back in the form of DLC, so take a chill pill.

      • Weasel Biggs

        That said, if you’ve played the previous games in the series, you might be aware that some of the altered or removed mechanics were seen as essential to the series’ identity by some.

        You might say Dead Rising 4 is the best thing since sliced bread, diamond, but by the looks of the user reviews, a lot of people equated Dead Rising to a ticking timer, survivors to save and creatively-designed psychopaths to take down.

        It might still be a good game in its own right, but it seems pretty clear that the game went against the expected norms for the series.

        • diamond

          I’ve played every single DR game and i’m glad those mechanics were removed, for me all they did was hold the games back.

          • YoDude

            Gotta side with Diamond. Only one I played was DR2 at the behest of my friend so she could 100% it. It was a lot of fun yeah. But the timer had her writing down a plan for quests and the psychopaths even with both of us attacking them were bullet spunges to the extreme.

            And it was corny af. Not good corn either. Only way it was good narm was with us cracking jokes and running around in banana hammocks the whole game.

          • Weasel Biggs

            I’m glad you appreciated the more freeform approach the devs went for. It’s not my cup of tea, but all that matters here is whether or not you’ve had fun.

      • Internet Person

        “I happen to like Ubisoft”

        Oh jeez, oh man.

        • diamond

          So does Gavin, what’s your point?

  • Michael Treiger

    Its rare that a console version gets the balk of the negativity
    bombing, its well established that PC gamers have no competition in the
    gamer market for their skill at piss boiling.

    • La Chica Incognita

      There’s literally no difference between the two gaming communities. PC gamers just have more access to ways to speak out.

      • YoDude

        That’s true. I use my xbone more than my pc so I tend to see the virtol of the “console crowd”. They are just as angry as pc guys. They just use the Xbox console pages to bitch and moan.

        Seriously. Like I said earlier. They’re all young kids.

        Genocide is happening overseas and war and disparity are everywhere.

        And these fucking people are screaming about a game not being just so.

        I know it sounds like I’m just moaning about this stuff. But I’m just sick of it. They just don’t get it. The real world is so out of their experience and they still imagine they understand it enough to really get angry about something :s.

        Apologies to anyone I just generalized there. But C’mon.

    • Nitrium

      The PC version is rating lower (3.6/10) on metacritic than the XBox version (4.2/10) so the negativity IS there. But only 3 user reviews so far, maybe they’re all just whinged out at this point.

  • Elvar Ingvason

    This game looks so boring from the hours I’ve watched it on twitch. Probably never picking it up.

    • diamond

      It’s not boring in the least.

  • InJo

    I’ll get it next year for the PS4. Should be fun for a couple of hours.

  • Max Whiteley

    George Michael is dead.

  • Max Whiteley

    When it comes to gay dudes George was Freddie

  • Max Whiteley

    I loved that dude, gay icon, I’m Herat broken

  • Max Whiteley

    Last Christmas

  • Max Whiteley

    You gave me your heart

  • Max Whiteley

    The next day

  • Max Whiteley

    Another gay icon was dead

  • Max Whiteley

    For you yanks who don’t know who George Michael was……..
    The dude was arrested (multiple times) for exposing himself in public.
    A big advocate for making weed legal.
    And just great fun, I never met the guy but stil…. He was great, and the first gay guy that wasn’t Freddie Mercury that I knew, man I’m gunna miss that guy!

  • ENAY

    What exact word was it? (Hawkedis’s review)

    • Eon264

      I’d bet my paycheck on “casual”.

  • Ronald Nand

    I can see why people don’t like Jim, if you don’t agree with him he can be quite dismissive of your view and opinion, you can see it in this article, he picked some reviews which were reasonable as stupid overreactions to laugh at. I like TotalBiscuits style of reviews better, where if he doesn’t enjoy a game he really tries to find another perspective that would enjoy the game.

    • Viking Mana

      Most of these people aren’t being reasonable. They aren’t trying to discuss the perceived flaws the game might have in a mature and constructive way. When you use a strawman like “Casual” or just talk nonsense, you’re not helping, and you deserve to be laughed at. If you give a game that’s at least decent, and you decide to give it a 0/10, then you’re just being a jerk for the sake of it.

      A 0/10 rating basically means a product is literally trash. Like, it’s effectively just broken, or absolute garbage. I think any sensible person would agree that this game isn’t that. There is no way you can even argue that it deserves a 0/10.

      I’m not saying I agree with Jim’s score, or that the game is even good, but there’s no other perspective to be found in these “Reviews” here. It’s just a bunch of people all gathering to be petty and try and effect a product or company negatively because they found something they didn’t like. They are the vocal minority of people who feel like they must somehow retaliate whenever something doesn’t quite go their way.

      • Ronald Nand

        Reviews 9,10,11 all bring up reasonable points, and don’t devolve into calling those whom like the game casual, they give it an extremely low score, but I honestly don’t care about the number tacked on at the end, its the content of the review that matters to me. The other reviews are simply bad, and worth putting on this series.

        I’m not a big fan of Dead Rising. i only plated DR2 once, but I can sympathize with a game series I love being overly streamlined to the point where the things that make it what it is are stripped away. It sounds like the timer, psycopaths and stressful item management are what made this game unique, and DR4 took that away and gave them a competent but bland open world action game, to me that sounds like something worth being upset about. If you have the time, search up Dead Rising 4 Errant Signal on Youtube, the persons video calmly discusses all these points and is basically saying what those reviews were in a more presentable manner.

        • diamond

          It’s not bland in the least, hard to call a game that takes place during Christmas bland, as that’s not something a lot of games have really done in the past.

          Normally I like Errant Signal, but I have to say his video on DR4 really sucked big time.

          • Ronald Nand

            Fair Enough, its not bland in setting like Dead Island or Dying Light, but may be arguably be considered bland in gameplay. Like I said I haven’t played much of this series of DR4, so I won’t pretend to make rock solid criticism of it. But regardless, I still believe the sentiment in those reviews wasn’t completely baseless and didn’t come from an irrational fear of change.

          • diamond

            I didn’t find it bland at all, I loved all the cool Christmas themed weapons.

      • Internet Person

        Its easy enough to find a game an acceptable product if you are part of the demographic that is causing nearly every series to enter the mainstream to be neutered. Blended into the backround and diluted until any value it had as an individual concept is unrecognizable or missing.

        Yes, people are angry. They should be. This process happens over and over, and you let it happen.
        Capcom vancouver (blue castle games) also made dead rising 2, you know. The game that the fans liked.
        When your sequel brings this much backlash, it should raise some red flags that something isn’t right.

    • diamond

      Total Biscuit does not do reviews, he does first impressions, he gets very annoyed with people calling his videos reviews when they are not.

      Jim is not being “dismissive” at all, he’s just insulting some morons.

    • Brotown

      Just to point out for funsies…Jim has stated a multitude of times that if you like something and think it’s worth its value at time of sale, then good for you.

      …what the point is of these particular articles, in my opinion, is to highlight the ridiculousness of the far/extreme directions people go in response to videogames, be they for or against. Videogames.

      Basically he’s holding up a mirror. Something I wish we could do for politics. But that’s a different argument for a different website.

      • Ronald Nand

        Good point, I may be overanalysing a quickly put together joke article…

  • Viking Mana

    “The whole things screams “Casual” to get more sales” – I’m sorry, but doesn’t that mean that the features you perceive as “Casual” are way more appealing to much larger audience, than what you personally had in mind? And if so, does that not effectively contradict the idea that it’s bad, as a games success and worth is more often than not judged by it’s ability to appeal to large audience? Why would they want to make a more “Hardcore” experience (Whatever that may actually be, as the writer of course didn’t bother to elaborate on what he means by “Casual” at all, instead using the word as a smokescreen to cover for his lack of actual critique) if they expected it to be more popular with fans, but less popular to consumers in general?

    Yeah, I know. There’s no reason for me to point any of this out, because every reasonable human being here knows that he doesn’t have a point, he’s just upset that a game he was probably much too excited for, didn’t live up to his every last one of his wild expectations. Rather than judging the final product in a fair and sensible manner, he instead decided to get all emotional and give it a score as though it was absolute gutter trash, when in reality it’s, at the very least, a mediocre release from a technical standpoint.

    I just wonder when people will learn that saying something is “Casual”, without explaining what you mean, isn’t actually a legitimate way of critiquing something. Seriously, just say that you don’t like it. No one cares how “Hardcore” you are at playing video games. Just say that you didn’t enjoy it, and give us a reason. Don’t talk meaningless nonsense.

    • Eon264

      A games success and worth is judged by it’s ability to reach a large audience exclusively by game executives, and they’re completely clueless about what makes a game good. Game execs are the assholes who insisted mirrors edge needed combat and that’s the single biggest complaint from basically everybody who’s ever reviewed it, followed shortly by the story which is also their fault. There are no shortage of games that are financial successes but critical failures. According to gearbox the broken mess that was colonial marines is a success but I think we can all agree, a good game it ain’t.

      Just because he respects the “hardcore” parts doesn’t mean he lacks a point. The features that gave dead rising its mechanical character have been removed, the things a large amount of the playerbase derived enjoyment from are absent in favour of half hearted but polished systems that “get the job done”. I don’t personally care whether the games considered hardcore or not but I did like those features and their removal means (to me and people like me anyway) the game is worse off. It might be more polished but they did that not by smoothing the rough edges, but by hacking off the bits that had them. I’d rather have an interesting but wonky system than one that works perfectly but has nothing to it. It may be a perfectly serviceable open world time sink but it’s not a very good dead rising game if you ask me.

      • Viking Mana

        It’s all fair and good that commercial success and outreach is only something that you think game-industry Exec’s care about, but those are the guys that need to be appeased for other projects to get greenlit in the future. It might not be what we as consumer care about, but it’s all that matters in 8/10 of Triple-A cases. I’m sorry, but that’s not a debate, and there’s no way around it. It’s just a fact that if a game under-performs economically, the chances of a sequel are dramatically reduced.

        And again, “Casual” and indeed “Hardcore” are absolutely meaningless, made-up terms. If you don’t explain yourself, then you just look silly for saying it. There is no such thing as a “Hardcore” gaming experience, there are just some things that appeal more to certain kinds of gamers, or gamers of advanced skill, and not to new players or “Casual” players.

        Yep, gaming execs are idiots, who will continue to focus-test games with groups of young male teens, which will result in combat where it doesn’t belong and interesting story elements getting scrapped in favor of shower scenes and cleavage. But that doesn’t change the fact that “Buuh, they made this game scream Casual!” is gibberish.

        • InfamousDS

          No such thing as hardcore is false. While the definition is subjective, there actually is a name for the 3 core gaming demographics. You’d be shocked that the industry terms are… “Casual”, “Core”, and “Hardcore”.

          A “Casual” experience is one meant for sporadic play over a long period in mainstream gaming. Your audience isn’t invested emotionally so you draw them in with experiences that can be quantitatively enjoyed in small bursts. Games made for “Casual” audiences tend to do away with elements that cause inconvenience or waste time, and some even add in the ability to “pay away” any inconvenient mechanics and time wasters.
          A “Core” is game made with intense play at the outset in mind, but no long-term goals. Your players are expected to get what they want and move on. Since almost every game can appeal to “Core”, none are made specifically for them, especially since the habit of just moving on makes it very hard to support the company financially.
          A “Hardcore” experience is a game meant for true diehards. These players have the time and energy to squeeze as much content out of your game as possible, and the emotional investment to carry them until they have done so. They enjoy challenge, obfuscation (well-done, not just for the sake of it), and replayability (in offline games) or dynamic content (online games). Hurdles mean very little unless they directly and negatively affect the player’s ability to re-consume the content. These players make up the bulk of the game’s financial audience post-launch: They buy the DLC and often are the easiest to encourage to invest in microtransactions since they have an emotional connection to their experiences.

        • Eon264

          Except it’s not. You don’t have to define every single word that comes out of your mouth because they have generally accepted definitions. Hardcore and casual are colloquial terms at this point, when you say it people might not have a laser focus on what you mean but they get the general idea. Just like I can say the word “barbeque” and people will understand that I’m talking about some kind of meat cooked in a certain kind of way. Pretending that’s not the case is just semantic grandstanding. Maybe if he were putting forward a professional critique I could agree with you, but he’s not. It’s just an attempt to explain why he doesn’t like it, generalities are more than acceptable for that purpose.

          As for game execs leading the market, I was never arguing otherwise. It’s a really shitty thing for everybody who actually gives a damn about games that that’s the way things work but there’s not that much to be said about it. However, that doesn’t mean “successful” and “good” are synonymous. There are innumerable examples of amazing games not selling well and awful games selling millions of copies. Just the fact that we can both agree that most execs haven’t a clue supports the idea that units sold isn’t a measure of quality, unless we’re talking the quality of the marketing.

  • sterling wirth

    I think a lot of these Criticisms are fair. I’m a little pissed at the game because of a game breaking bug in case 6. I literally can’t progress to the end.

    • LamontRaymond

      Agree – pretty fair….

  • Einar Jóhannesson

    Why hasn’t metacritic moved on to a thumbs up/down system for user reviews by now? Why bother with scores if most people are just gonna rageslam 0/10 or 10/10 on it anyway?

  • Sperium3000

    See, the game is probably very, very good, and that’s awesome, but it’s not the flavor of Dead Rising that made me a fan of Dead Rising. I guess having that opinion means I’m smouldering with hipster hate.

    Also, as much as we all love to sneer from our gold horses at people who use the word “casual”, you can’t deny the changes that were made to DR4 were made with mass appeal in mind. The casual crowd is a thing, and they made the game this way because they wanted to draw in that crowd. And that’s… Fine, I suppose. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that appArently I’m no longer the target audience of this series I love, but I’ll always have the great game that is DR2.

  • Will Bertazzo

    What’s with the “novella” and “essay” analogies? Your reviews are all much longer, Jim. I honestly prefer the lengthier user reviews because they tend to be more detailed.

    • Internet Person

      In this day and age, it is hip and cool to dismiss more thorough or lengthier texts online.
      It doesn’t make any sense as he is willing to copy and paste the entire posts in question to his blog, but that is just the social climate we live in now.

      It seems like Jimbo has a bad case of narcissism to be honest.

  • Gaijin-

    Sooo… sounds like the game is not bad, but it breaks away from some key elements of the series, which pissed off the jihadists.

    Kind of what would happen if a Dark Souls game introduced easy difficulty and did not take away one of your kidneys every time you get killed.

    Worth a try, I’d say.

    • Remus

      I do think that if they call the game is called “dead rising” and you feel the game is stripped of all that made the previous entries what they were. You have a good reason to complain. This doesn’t sound like an optional difficulty challenge kind of thing.

      Like if they made GTA 6 completely linear. It might still be a great game, but why call it GTA?

      While all the 0/10’s seem silly some of the critiques aren’t that ridiculous.

    • Eon264

      Woah son, you don’t have to be a jihadist to like the elements that were removed more than the other stuff that’s there. As far as I’m concerned this might as well be yet another ubisoft open world game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s what you like, it’s just not why I bought the previous dead risings.

      Also, not to get drawn into an argument but… dark souls already doesn’t do that to you. People act like the games super cruel but it never takes anything you can’t easily recover, and there’s mountains of optional things you can do to make the game easier. Any idiot can beat it, I’m living proof, you just need to stop and think for a couple seconds.

      • Gaijin-

        No, you have to be a jihadist to react to those changes in the outraged way displayed by the pieces selected by Jim. If the hat fits, wear it.

        • Brotown

          Logic Hammer. You just brought it down. Nice.

        • Eon264

          Most of those weren’t particularly outraged, though. I mean sure some gave it a lower score than it probably deserved but a lot of the critique in there was fairly well reasoned, if poorly articulated. What’s so jihad-y about saying the new systems are downgrades to the original ones?

      • MartyVendetta27

        as someone who just lost 35,000 souls because of an unknowable, unseen trap, don’t tell me it doesn’t take things you can’t easily recover…

        FYI, the skeleton ball rolls BACK UP THE FREAKING STAIRS, as has never happened in any instance of this trope ever!

        • Eon264

          I mean… if you’re paying attention you can both see and hear it start rolling in either direction. Even if you don’t realize it’s coming back up the steps the next logical conclusion is a second boulder coming down them which should elicit the same response, ie: stepping to the side.

          That aside, even if you die you still haven’t lost anything… not yet anyway. You got there once so you’re obviously capable of getting there again to collect your souls, and now you definitely know about whatever killed you the first time. If you feel like you want to play it safe pop on a ring of sacrifice, problem solved.

          • MartyVendetta27

            here’s how it went down though… i was walking down the staircase where you first encounter that ball, heard skeletal noises, but there were skeletons in front of me, it made sense. trap knocks me off bridge, kills me… fair enough i guess.

            proceed back to there, dodge the ball, sigh of relief. can’t get to my souls without fighting enemies, so, safe in my knowledge that the trap has been avoided, i fight. then the fucking thing rolls BACK UP THE STAIRS! it would have been classic vaudeville comedy if it wasn’t so damn frustrating.

          • Eon264

            Well, skeleton noises aside it makes a pretty loud rumbling noise. I can’t really blame you for not expecting it to defy gravity but you can definitely hear it coming, it’s not like the drake in dark souls one that’s literally silent until it starts breathing fire. You got caught tunnel vision-ing, it happens.

            For future reference though, this scenario is exactly what rings of sacrifice are for. If you put one on your previous bloodstain won’t disappear if you die again, super useful. If you ever die with a lot of souls it’s kind of your get out of jail free card. This kind of stuff is why I say From is kinder than people give them credit for.

    • Grimner

      less a “they added easy mode to Dark souls”, more a “they turned dark souls into Gears of war”.

      Diversity matters in games and the fact that some games live by their niche appeal is definitely a good thing. Jim himself argued that the fact the Dark Souls is the way it is and still is a success proves that devs should do less design by comittee and work to be the best they can in their own little niches. Which runs counter to what this series has done ever since Dead rising 3. This kind of approach is exactly what Jim railed on against when insomniac released Fuse as it was instead of how it was originally thought of, so his championing of a game that throws all its quirks and personality out the window in favour of being Saints Row lite, not to mention his utter silence on the dick move that is paywalling the true ending is more than a little bit baffling.

      • Gaijin-

        Well, I do not disagree with the points you make about staying consistent (both on the game design and the review fronts), but I just do not believe breaking away from the classic gameplay elements makes it a bad game per se.

        DR4 can be a decent, well done game even if untrue to the roots of the franchise. That’s what the extremists on Metacritic don’t seem to realize and what I think Jim was criticizing.

        • Grimner

          That’s the point, though. One could argue that that a sequel that’s decent and well done but leaves behind all the distinctive elements of the predecessors is ultimately a bad thing, and it ultimately dooms the franchise. I’d argue it, and Jim argued it, judging by his video on how more devs should learn from dark souls and take a gamble on the nicheness of their own games instead of streamlining everything to “reach a wider audience”. Or in the way he lambasted Mad Max (which is a perfectly good game in its own right) for its lack of personality. No one will even remember Dead rising 4 is a thing in 6 months time, yet even those who don’t like 1 know what its about and its mechanics.

          Given that, I would expect the franchise’s fanbase to be well and truly pissed, and much as it amuses me the tone of some of these reviews, I can’t deny they have a point. It’s as if a vegan chef came up with a new recipe that’s promising but flawed and, upon hearing that there’s room for improvement from his vegan fanbase, decides to spice it up by adding bacon. Because you can’t go wrong with bacon.

          • Gaijin-

            I guess it’s difficult to judge a game based solely on its own merits when there’s a set of expectations to live up to. I have to admit though, that being a long time follower of Mass Effect, for example, I am not excited about Bioware copy-pasting Dragon Age Inquisition into it -even if I did like DA:I-, so to a certain degree I can understand long-time followers of DR being upset. It’s just the extremism (“0/10”, “worst game ever”, etc) that does not sit well with me.

          • Grimner

            Oh, agreed.

            I can kind of take my Bioware disapointments on the shin because the bioware formula, whether it’s the Baldurs Gate games or the KOTOR/Jade Empire/ME/DA template has been successfully recreated and in some cases even improved upon. The disappointing MMO sterility of Inquisition and its missing of some narrative beats is saved by there being a few alternatives that scratch my Bioware itch. Fans of games like souls or DR are not that lucky. Soulsborne games will get its formula cracked eventually (salt and Sanctuary and Let it die hint at good things in the future), but DR fans are left out to dry, I’m afraid.

            And fully agreed that these 0/10 reviews are ridiculous, but it goes to show that pre-order culture are fundamentally flawed and the nature of the metacritic site leaves it as the most direct avenue some disgruntled players have to “harm” the publisher. By metacritic’s standards, the ones in this article are actually on the literary level of Shakespeare. Some are even borderline coherent.

  • Nobody’s Fanboy

    Eh. I am a huge proponent of “If you’re going to invoke a name, you best stay true to what that name implies” and am of the opinion that Dead Rising as a name brings more to the table than ‘find stuff and kill zombies’…but haven’t played this one so it wouldn’t be right of me to go throwing completely uninformed opinions around.

    The “You aren’t going to survive the first time, probably…experience carries through multiple playthroughs, you can build up strength and learn how to jump from event to event to work as much as possible (mutually-exclusive stuff excepted, obviously) into a single crazy, time-pressured, don’t screw up or the run is toast playthrough” stuff appealed to me. It wasn’t supposed to be a game where you could see and do everything in a single playthrough, and I was cool with that…but then again I’m hardly the target audience they’re trying to expand the series to, so there is that to consider.

  • Jiryn

    Having spent extensive time with Dead Rising 4, and having played through every other game in the series (except 3, but did play all of 2’s DLCs), I see real no problem with Dead Rising 4.

    Hell I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do agree it is a little to easy at times, since I beat it without dying. But, I also beat DR2 without dying back during my original play through on the 360.

    It feels and plays like what I expect a DR game to play like, the main point was always surviving in a world over run with zombies, using any means necessary. I am not bothered by the removal of the timer since, well in many cases the timer didn’t really affect me in the original games. While the timer really didn’t affect me, I enjoy the freedomt his game gives.

    The only real complaint I have is that they hid Overtime Mode and the Real Ending behind DLC, the “Frank RIsing” pack. So, as soon as I’m done getting 100% in the game, I’m trading it in and waiting till the “Full Release” (Complete or GOTY Edition) to be released later this year at a discount.

    • ThatGuy984

      you would see the problem if you played 3…

      • comminsar

        I’ve played all including 3 and see no problem. Your point is moot.

        • ThatGuy984

          My point is moot? Why because your opinion is fact? How bout you try not to be a fucking moron. You claim you played all 3 good for you…doesn’t change the fact the many changes were made for 4 and not everyone liked them. Please don’t pass your garbage as facts when that’s clearly not the case..

          • comminsar

            Don’t pass your point about there being an issue of you’ve played the 3rd game as fact…if you don’t want others passing their subjective opinions as objective fact either. You intellectually deprived hypocrite.

    • Buck Winchester

      984 is right this game sucked bro. Expected so much more. Would you not agree this game had ZERO direction ? Also the powerup stations ( when you could even locate one) sucked ass. No signs or anything to pick up. # 3 could have 7 miniguns in my inventory if I wanted to. granted I hated the time limits of # 3 its a much better game then # 4

      • Jiryn

        I enjoyed it for what it was, an improvised zombie murder carnival.
        Could it have been better? Yes, I cited what I felt were the worst parts above, but I still had a blast with it.

        So much so that I almost 100% it, save the the multiplayer achievements. I do admit, I traded it in once I 100% the campaign so I can get the “Complete” version later this year.

  • Null Void

    Thank you for cleaning your glasses Mr. Sterling. This game needs to be thrown in the $9.99 or less bargain bin.

  • mrskwid

    i played the deas rising 2 expandalone and could not stand it, but i do feel a little bad for the dead rising fan base because this game seems to lack alot of what people liked in the other dead rising games.

  • Adam Robert Sherman

    I’m against the game on principle on account of their changing Frank’s voice actor – especially considering that TJ Rotolo had voiced Frank for five years.
    If I ever get this, I’ll do in a matter that ensures Capcom and Microsoft don’t get a penny from me.