Nioh Review – Nioh More Heroes

I want a Nioh and I want one now!

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Sony, Tecmo Koei
Format: PS4
Released: February 7, 2017
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Nioh is more than just another Dark Souls follower.

The comparisons are easy to make. Structurally, Team Ninja uses a lot of the groundwork put down by From Software. Alongside some challenging foes that require more thought than the average action game, Nioh‘s intricate map design, resource maintenance, and consequences for player death are liberally taken from the Souls series with no bones made.

However, while Dark Souls is a methodical action-RPG that expects players to take it slow, Nioh is a faster and more aggressive experience, rewarding those who press the attack and pull back only at the last possible moment. While it would be tempting to liken Team Ninja’s work more closely to Bloodborne, even that comparison seems insufficient given Nioh‘s sometimes vicious encounters.

It may house the skeleton of a Souls game, but unlike Lords of the Fallen and a myriad other wannabes, Nioh succeeds in being its own distinct entity, and one that amounts to hours upon hours of remarkable adventuring.

As Irish sailor William Adams, players travel to Japan and face off against demonic Yokai that plague the wartorn battlefields of the late Sengoku period. As the Tokugawa and Ishida clans struggle for dominance, a sinister occultist by the name of Edward Kelley pulls his nefarious strings and manipulates the tumult to his advantage.

Nioh draws heavily from both Japanese and European history, basing many of its characters on real-life figures in a manner similar to fellow Tecmo Koei stablemate Samurai Warriors. William himself was an actual person, though he probably didn’t fight skeletons and hang out with bright pink ghost dogs.

Slickly presented and making great use of both English and Japanese voice actors to provide an authentic cultural dynamic, Nioh‘s narrative is full of engaging characters and dramatic sequences, though it very much takes a backseat to the game’s many barely-related missions and battles, most of which sidestep the plot to focus solely on life-or-death clashes.

From a central world map, players can select missions across various locations. These environments aren’t expansive but they’re intricately designed and make judicious use of shortcuts and secrets to reward exploration. Team Ninja uses its spaces wisely, meaning one can spend a long time in a relatively small arena and feel engrossed throughout.

Missions start out – generally – from a protective shrine. Similar to Dark Souls‘ bonfires, shrines are safe areas where players can spend Amrita – the currency earned from defeating foes – to level up, receive various blessings that grant passive abilities, summon cooperative help from online players, and stare lovingly at the adorable Kodama who dance and caper around this little haven.

Large numbers of Kodama – hat-wearing green people who I love – are hidden around mission maps, waiting to be discovered and given directions to the shrine. The more Kodama of a given type discovered, the more effective their respective blessings. Healer Kodama, for example, can improve the rate at which enemies drop Elixirs, which is a huge help whenever supplies run low.

Combat is, of course, the most important aspect even if I want to talk about Kodama all day. In my humble opinion, this is where Team Ninja has outdone itself and made the best game of its existence.

At first glance, one could be forgiven for assuming Nioh is a hack n’ slash affair. Attacks involve a lot of hammering on the light and strong attack buttons to deal significant damage, but you can’t just roll up to any fool and start swinging like a butcher on bath salts. This is still a game about exercising caution and managing one’s capabilities. Headstrong players can find themselves in situations where they’re simply too overwhelmed to survive.

Both blocking and dodging are crucial aspects of success, with most enemies doing a good job of telegraphing their attacks just enough for keen-eyed players to spot. However, sustained assaults are possible and beneficial if the opportunities to create them are taken.

By pressing a button at just the right moment following an attack, players can initiate a Ki Pulse to recover a significant portion of Ki spent in combat – think of Ki as your basic stamina quota – and continue to attack without growing weary. Learning when to do this, as well as when to duck around the opponent, block a shot, or step back and bait out an opening, are all part of the process, with Ki Pulses proving a dominant aspect of any fight.

Ki management is even more important than looking after stamina in similar games. Should William fully deplete his reserves, the next attack he sustains can stun him and leave him vulnerable to a vicious grapple attack. It’s never good to waste Ki and stay in the fight, but there’s an upside – enemies are bound by the same rules, and players can even uncover skills that target Ki more specifically, putting the monsters in just as fragile a position.

Variety is part of what makes Nioh such a fascinating endeavor. Multiple weapon types are on offer, from traditional swords to the more exotic kusarigama (my personal favorite). There are five basic melee weapon types and three ranged types, with William able to equip two of each at any given time. They behave differently, with their own benefits and drawbacks, and while there are some weapons I don’t care for, all of them provide their own rich fighting styles and feel deadly to wield.

Ranged weapons are easily to switch to and can be useful for counter-sniping any foes, but ammunition often walks a line between plentiful and ludicrously scarce. Being subject to the whims of randomization, some vital tools run the risk of becoming exasperatingly hard to find when they’re needed most, which can become a minor recurring annoyance.

As well as weapon types, William utilizes three battle stances for a number of situations. Mid-stance is a basic balanced form suited for defending and attacking in equal measure, while low and high stances are the extreme ends of either situation. You’ll want to go high if you feel you can sacrifice speed and defense for raw damage, or switch to low for quicker but weaker maneuvers. Stances can be changed on the fly, and enemies are more than happy to alter their own attack patterns too.

By finding one’s preferred weapon and learning the best uses for each stance, players will find themselves adequately prepped for the challenges ahead, and there will be challenges. Death comes frequently, handled similarly to Dark Souls (I know I keep bringing it up), with players leaving behind a grave site and getting a single chance to recover their lost Amrita – should they die again before accessing their grave, everything left there will be lost forever.

As an added twist, William gets to equip a single Guardian Spirit that confers several passive stat bonuses that can be expanded by leveling the Spirit state via Amrita. As well as providing useful buffs, these Spirits might be invoked temporarily as Living Weapons. After a gauge is filled, William’s allowed to trigger the weapon, negating all damage and providing some serious elemental harm based on the equipped Spirit.

The catch is that Guardian Spirits protect grave sites, meaning they’re gone if William respawns after death. They’ll return if the grave is found and touched (or they’re summoned back at the cost of the Amrita), and they’ll also return upon a second death (again lacking that Amrita), but even their temporary loss can be keenly felt.

Nioh‘s not been shy about its inspirations, which include western action-RPGs alongside the Soulsborne games. Diablo is the most specific game to come to mind, since Team Ninja went out of its way to drown players in scores of loot. Between eight core weapon types, armor for the head, legs, hands, and feet, and tons of accessories, there’s a near-overwhelming fountain of gear to pick up with tons of randomized statistical bonuses.

You better believe they’re color coded for rarity!

Favorite gear can be leveled at the blacksmith by sacrificing higher level items, and many of their bonuses can even be rerolled for a chance at something more useful. I think I’ve spent just as much time messing around with weapon customization as I have undertaking missions, constantly enhancing my gear and rolling the dice to see if I can get some juicy attack bonuses, Ki cost reduction, or free healing for every kill I score.

The two pillars of Nioh‘s creative success are ripped quite liberally from two massively popular games, that much is true.

The tough-but-fair, meticulous structuring of Dark Souls has been married to the dungeon crawling acquisition of treasure that compels so many Diablo fans. The way in which Nioh blends these two elements together so successfully, unified with a unique aesthetic and keenly polished gameplay, ensures this production is truly greater than the sum of its parts, far more than a mere copycat of successful predecessors.

If I’ve one major criticism it’s that boss fights aren’t quite as memorable as they could have been. They’re certainly tricky customers, and some of them are satisfying to finally put down, but they lack the kind of creativity one expects to find in a game such as this. Plus, some of them rely on obfuscated attack patterns and poorly telegraphed moves to get their shots in.

They’re not even that bad as far as bosses go, which is why it’s not a criticism I’m particularly aggrieved by. They’re simply not as spectacular as they deserve to be, on the whole.

For players who want scads of content, Nioh‘s got the bases covered. As well as lengthy story missions that players could spend hours exhausting of treasures, there are plenty of sidequests, excuses to replay levels, and a selection of tough-as-nails Twilight missions featuring stiffer competition in exchange for tempting loot. In truth there’s a ton I’ve got left to do and I’m quite happy about that. I want this one to just keep going.

There’s a ton of stuff to do with a world map that gradually fills to offer an exciting array of options and reasons to keep playing even when one gets a bit fatigued by all the clanging of steel and slaying of big-tusked demons.

Online play comes as standard, with connected Williams able to summon other Williams that have signed up to help. Handled better than the Souls games, it’s easy to put out a call for allies via any shrine while those seeking to lend aid can search for requests when navigating the world map.

Once together, players can explore any mission and, naturally, provide significant aid against any particularly meddlesome bosses. Going online can be a great way to stay invested and earn some quick rewards without pressing too far into uncharted territory, so it’s always worth hopping online here and there.

A major part of what makes Nioh so successful is its desire to consistently reward players for playing. These days, that’s an attitude to be applauded.

In spite of how brutal it can be, this is a game that’s loathe to turn its players away. As well as leveling stats via Amrita and accessing evermore tantalizing loot, player earn samurai skill points to unlock special moves for weapons, and additional points for the crafting of ninja tools and magical powers – if players are inclined to dabble in such side-gigs.

A number of in-game achievements, known as Titles, offer even further incentives, trading prestige points for titles that can be spent on even more passive bonuses. Oh, and weapons get more deadly as you use them and build up familiarity bonuses, because this is a game that wants you to play it constantly, and goes above and beyond in its efforts to maintain a relationship.

Whether you want to be a heavily armored, axe-wielding brute or a nimble ninja dropping poisonous clouds, Team Ninja has you covered with weapons, tricks, and tactics designed to cater to an impressive number of playstyles. It really is the complete package.

The staggering amount of effort Nioh puts in to winning its audience’s attention has paid off in spades.

Nioh is an arresting game, one that consistently encourages and spurs its players on even when it’s beating the tar out of them. It showers its challengers with increasingly powerful weaponry but is never shy about pummeling them via some hulking, terrifying demon from Japanese folklore’s ghastliest recesses.

When you mix in gorgeous looking artwork, as well as console graphic options that allow for adjustable framerate, you’ve got a game that really does go all out. This is backed up by terrific music, sound effects, and immersively diverse voice acting that crosses linguistic lines.

Nioh got attention for its similarities to other titles, but it deserves to be remembered as its own special game, one that sees and raises the efforts presented by its inspirations. With fast and uncompromising combat, an engrossing economy of loot, and a mesmerizing artistic style, action-RPGs have rarely been this refined or this captivating.

And the little green boys have bowls on their heads and that’s just delightful.


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    • Stephen

      Causing you problems
      Messing up your hair

  • killias2

    “William himself was an actual person, though he probably didn’t dress up as a samurai and fight skeletons.”

    Bizarrely enough, William Adams actually became a samurai when he was in Japan, which is why he’s still relatively well known in Japan.

    • John Mark

      So, he was Tom Cruise?

      • trn

        Richard Chamberlain

    • 09philj

      I think it was more of an honorific title; he generally served as an adviser and engineer in his time there.

    • A fair point. He may very well have dressed as a samurai at one point then.

      I’ve amended the review to maintain my point that William Adams of Nioh is a bit different from William Adams from real life. 😀

      • Anton

        Waitwaitwait….. this isn’t a historical documentary?

        Also, not one mention of white people appropriating samurai culture, Jim. You just lost all your SJW credibility.

        • SilentPony

          Yeah, where do you think you are Jim, some kind of melting pot?!

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    Jim is my waifu

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  • John Mark

    Another really strong PS4 exclusive. Great to hear.

    • Nikita Kress

      As if there are many? Bloodborne, Nioh. There aren’t many actually. Maybe Ratchet and Clank? Haven’t played that one, can’t be sure. This gen is not rich with great exclusives.

      And before you say it, there is kinda only one Naughty Dog exclusive and that is terrible (IMO). But let’s not start a fight over it, I just hate their modern games.

      • 09philj

        Compared to XBox, there are plenty, but that’s only relative.

        • Nikita Kress

          Well, yeah. MS gave away almost every exclusive, leaving only what? Halo 5? In this regard I like MS more, they don’t take good games hostage. I would love to play at least Bloodborne (and Nioh right now), but Sony are being Sony, they even deny RE7 DLC to come out the same time as they do on PS4.

          • Jan Lewandowski

            well that’s just silly. ms has still got their exclusives tied to their storefront and their platform that they just currently want to promote. they’ve got as much stock behind win10 as sony behind playstation. dead rising 4 is on pc but it is win 10 exclusive for a certain amount of time. The only reason microsoft has less actual exclusives is because they’ve got less first party studios and IP’s.

          • Anton

            That being said, I would LOVE to play the older Halo games on the PC (fuck 5), but MS aint gonna let that happen.

      • Anton

        My hopes for Horizon are pretty high.

      • John Mark

        Bloodborne, Nioh, Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Until Dawn, Nier Automata, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, MLB The Show, Tales of Berseria, Yakuza 0, etc etc.

        Not to mention games further out like Spider-Man, God of War, Detroit, Days Gone, The Last of Us 2, and Death Stranding.

        • Andrzej Sugier

          Tales of Berseria is on Steam, just for the sake of clarity- however, I didn’t know that Horison Zero Dawn is an exlusive, ps4 is beginning to look more and more tempting

          • Look up the voice acting before you get excited.

          • Moe Elk

            Voice acting is fine. Calm down.

          • Ugh, there’s a video I saw of it, where the main character is trying to convince a guy not to commit suicide. It would have been a really strong moment, but the guy’s voice acting was horrific. As in it completely ruined any sort of drama the scene might have had. As in so bad, plain text would have conveyed better emotion. I can’t seem to find it again for some reason, but I swear it exists.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            Dude, I think most of us don’t give a shit if the Voice Acting isn’t all that amazing, as long as the game is good, then that’s all that really matters.

          • VAs can make a game. Ok VAs don’t break one. That said, trash ones may not break a game, but they remove the weight of intense situations in ways the writers did not intend. Anyway, I’m still not confident the game is good. I loved the E3 showcase when it was announced, and was wondering why no one was talking about it afterwards. However, this year, I lost interest. It looks like it turned into a ubi sandbox that only really has it’s setting going for it. It’s even got radio towers for crying out loud. I’m not quite sure what I expected instead, but it doesn’t look like someone’s doing sandbox games right. Granted, I can’t prove any of what I say next, and I may very well be wrong when the game comes out, but it seems like a game that will try to be large instead of deep; with many things to do, places to go, crafting materials and branching upgrade paths at the cost of a deep, meaningful experience. If that’s what you want, fine by me. However, if you want that, there are many, many games that did that already. I don’t see anything here new, besides the setting.

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        • Teslain

          Why not both? I play on PC and PS4 and I’m completely satisfied. Any game i can’t play on either steam or gog, i play on ps4. Only exception being Overwatch, which i play on pc.

        • Nier Automata and Tales of Berseria are on Steam, and Persona 5 is on the PS3. Not to say that there aren’t a decent amount of exclusives, but it’s ….. not really that incredible.

        • Johnny Number 5

          berseria is on steam dink

          also, you could use key sites to sometimes prepurchase games for about half the price. so you did miss out on a lot, of money you could have saved while not missing out on the games.

    • Benj

      I’d rather have a strong non-exclusive game but whatever.

  • goodbyejojo

    great, now if only koei tecmo would do a pc version so we can have both of both worlds high framerate with the graphical boost

    • popo123

      The Ps4pro already does that.

  • Nikita Kress

    Well, glad for PS4 users, hope it comes to PC.

    • Nitrium

      There are currently no plans for a PC version AFAIK. All we can do is sign the petition. https://www(DOT)change(DOT)org/p/koei-tecmo-bring-nioh-to-pc .

      • millioniii

        “haha ps4 don’t have games”
        -gets games
        “fuck not fair I want them on pc too”

        • Nitrium

          Wut? Who said that now? Actually, has anyone ever said that?

          • millioniii

            It was a bad meme from the ps3 days, just search ps4 has no games on google.
            Platform exclusivity can be a good thing because big companies like sony invest in niche games that would otherwise get cancelled. Do you know when nioh was announced? In fucking 2004. who would invest in that project? Valve? no they are busy with hats and gloves. Ubisoft? ea? you get the point. Who knows, maybe there will be a port, but stop acting like sony is the devil for publishing games like this.

          • Nitrium

            Did I act like Sony was the devil? Where did I or the OP say that? I’m still very confused by both of your replies. All I ever said is that’s it’s currently a PS4 exclusive and there was a petition that PC gamers could sign to maybe eventually get a port. Are you hallucinating text I never wrote? Also why (seriously) did five you upvote millioniii’s baseless comment?

    • keironsmith123

      Sony are publishing it so i highly doubt it will.

      • Nikita Kress

        Well, yeah, but there is a chance with PS Now still. If they will add PS4 games to it.

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  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    10/10? Whoa! I’m happy Team Ninja proved that they can do more than excessive DLC outfits and redeem themselves after DOAX3.

    Problems I had with the final trial version was the boss was too difficult unless you have a co-up buddy (no AI ghost partners is hateful) and there’s that one boss battle with another samurai who just kicks my ass everytime and you can’t have someone helping you out on that one. Why?

  • Cobalt Conqueror

    I’m glad you liked Nioh, Jim. The technical demos on PS4 prior to release have been stunning and did a great job of showcasing the game’s promise. It really seemed like the first “Souls-like” game that could really live up to its own name rather than simply aping Fromsoft’s style to a tee and hoping that would be enough. Between this, For Honor and the new Berserk themed Dynasty Warriors game, the next couple of weeks are spoiling me.

    • Wadup

      I’m glad they prioritised performance

  • JeronimoPW

    I can’t wait for this game

  • Wadup

    Brilliant review <3

  • Anton

    Wow. Wasn’t even expecting much from this, and suddenly it’s apparently that great.

    Honestly though, I’m pretty happy because this is probably the closest I’ll get to a new Onimusha game in a long time.

    • Todd Fully

      GOTY for me, based on demoes

  • bimmyz

    i like the fact that the game wasnt all one language, kinda adds to the realism in this fantasy world 😉

  • Marco Funke

    Teh hype is so real! *-*

  • Cameron Davis

    That Kodama is using its little bowl to sit in in the hot spring. That is fucking adorable and I’m ashamed I didn’t notice it in the demo.

  • Drakeonian

    Hell yes! I can’t wait to finally get my teeth sunk in to it. Also, I need a Kodama plushy.

  • Craig Rigby

    any news on whether this is a permanent ps4 exclusive or if its coming to pc at some point?

    • Anton

      No definite word, but PS exclusives tend to stay confined.

    • Ryan

      I’m not so sure,but it’s not like Bloodborne which Japan Studio helped developing it with FS

    • Yuntu

      Sony publishes it in the west, so for some time it will stay exclusive atleast.

  • SirAngry

    I am so glad to read all these reviews are being so positive, the alpha and the beta were really good fun, and the combat system looked really deep and I felt I didn’t have the chance to even scratch the surface. So looking forward to going hands on with the full game.

    • ProAssassin84

      I’m going Dual Katanas or the Chain with the Blade and a Giant Axe or Hammer for secondary. I think that will be a great combination.

      • SirAngry

        I think I’m playing through it multiple times to try out as many combo’s as I can!!!


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  • Ryan

    Dude!?Jim said he didn’t enjoy the beta as Nioh fans

  • Varghund

    This is like seeing a real life unicorn; a 10/10 by Jim Sterling. Nioh is one of my most anticipated games since the second beta. I have played those two closed betas for roughly 40 hours and I can only guess how much I’m going to play this when I finally get it in my dirty hands


  • Varghund

    Thanks for a great review. Forgot to be a fanboy.

  • BigPrimeNumbers

    Is there an option to auto-hide the HUD? I really appreciate that in Dark Souls when I’m just exploring and not actively fighting something; it feels more immersive to me.

  • Charles Smith

    is this game play same like Dark Soul and Bloodborne ?

    • Thomas Kolev

      Read the review.

    • Ethnicity: Any

      The combat is similar, but has more in common with Ninja Gaiden.

  • Pangalaktichki

    Wasn’t this supposed to come out on PC, too?

    • Jango


    • typographie

      You might be confusing this with NieR: Automata. That is coming to PC in March.

      Kinda sad though, Nioh sounds like something I’d like to play, but I’m not likely to buy a PS4 anytime soon.

      • Pangalaktichki

        yeah, especially since I’d probably grab xbox one this year because a couple of friends and co-workers that game on console are on xbox (and I already have bunch of stuff on 360)

    • Bob Evanston

      Rumor is Yes. There was a post stating “Coming first to PS4”, indicating maybe PC in future.

  • SilentPony

    I MIGHT pick this up when I’m done with Bloodborne. MIGHT. Souls games still rub me the wrong way.
    But 10/10 is very hard to ignore.

    • Kc Wright

      I loved Bloodbourne but hate Darksouls. I really enjoyed the Betas for Nioh so much better then Darksouls

      • SilentPony

        Bloodborne clicked way more than a Souls game. I think its because its all about dodging and counters rather than turtling up and slowly, slowly, at a blistering 1 foot per hour pace, proceeding through the world.

  • Sperium3000

    WOW! Wasn’t expecting that. I mean, I know the game is good, I just wasn’t excting you to like it THIS much.

  • Edward Turvey

    So many publications haven’t rated it yet, did review code go out close to embargo?

  • Uldi

    “… as well as console graphic options that allow for adjustable framerate,” is something that deserves praise. It’s rarer that hen’s teeth (as they say). In fact, I can’t think of any console games that do it off the top of my head.

    I’m rather impressed. This game must be special to get that ultra-rare 10/10 from Jim.

    • Grim

      It’s becoming a lot more common with the advent of PS4 pro. Hell, even Battleborn has the option to switch between 30 FPS with high quality shadows and 60 FPS with lower quality.

      On the one hand it’s a bit of a mess, but it’s overall a good thing for power users who want more options.

  • Alex Olinkiewicz

    Man 2017 has been off to a great start with video games. January alone, I got Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria, and Resident Evil 7, and soon I’ll be getting NIOH.

    • Keichi Morisato

      and march looks great for PS4 owners as well, then there is the Switch with Breath of the Wild, which i am looking forward to the most personally.

      • Alex Olinkiewicz

        Yep and in April we finally get PERSONA FUCKING FIVE!!!

        • Keichi Morisato

          yeah, Persona 5 looks great. the PS4 is killing it with exclusives this year. also from the looks it, the Switch has a very strong launch year line up, with Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon 2, and Mario Odyssey to name a few. say what you want about launch day and it’s third party support, in the long term, the Switch has an amazing line up of first party exclusives.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            Well personally I’m not a fan of Nintendo, so don’t really have any interest in what Nintendo is releasing, but that just me.

          • Keichi Morisato

            i am cool with that man, i get not being interested in Nintendo games, i just as long as you are polite and don’t insult those who are fans, i am cool. for me, i am less a Nintendo fan or even Sony fan, and more of a fan of Japanese games, and what ever console has Japanese games that i want to play, i buy. so i tend to buy the Sony and Nintendo consoles.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            Yeah, I mean sometimes Nintendo can make me mad and I freely express my opinions on it much like everyone does if they praise them, but I never attack those who like Nintendo. They have every right to love Nintendo just as much I have every right to not like Nintendo. Sadly though even when I mention that there are still Fanboys who would take my opinion as an attack on them when it really isn’t.

        • Otaku World Order

          Hell yeah! Geez, Atlus, what took you so long?

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            I know, the pain of waiting will finally end soon

        • Gamegodtre

          Atlus April fools joke…….. Persona 5 delay I c it now

        • Richard Cadman

          Persona is within weeks of Fractured But Whole and Mass Effect Andromeda too, if you like the look of all three games that’s a lot of RPG in a small space of time.

    • Brandon Christopher

      There was also Kingdom Hearts that came out in late January.

      • Alex Olinkiewicz

        Yeah, but personally I’m not a fan of the Final Fantasy games or the Kingdom Hearts games.

        • Brandon Christopher


          • Joe Keckley

            Thats ok, i feel the same about the tales games. So

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            So… all good, man. Not every game is gonna be everyone’s cup of tea

    • diamond

      There’s also Halo Wars 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn coming up

      • Alex Olinkiewicz

        Don’t have any interest in Halo Wars, but excited for Horizon Zero Dawn

        • I was as well……until I’ve seen the voice acting and how it seems more like a ubi sandbox than the MH clone I would have wanted.

      • Teslain

        Been waiting nearly 10 years for halo wars 2. But got rid of my xbox 5 years ago. Thank god for Jim it’s coming to PC.

        • Alex Olinkiewicz

          Sadly only on the Windows 10 store, I believe

          • Teslain

            Honestly, it’s not as bad as it was a year ago. I’m playing Forza Horizon 3, and yeah, the storefront sucks, but it’s no longer an abomination. Much of the hyperbole around UWP has dissipated.

            Would I like it on steam? 100% yes! But if this is what it takes for Microsoft to put their games on PC, than so be it.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            Plus, it’s a small sacrifice to play the game on PC, rather then re-buying an Xbone.

          • Teslain

            I’m not buying an xbone ever lol. I already have a ps4/pc, so for me, it’d be a waste of money having two consoles.

        • ProAssassin84

          Halo Wars 2 is the only game I’m jealous isn’t coming to PS4. I love RTS. And my computer is ran by hamsters.

    • Dave Dogge

      Am I getting old …? this shit is just not appealing to me anymore … well maybe Resident Evil 7 around Halloween and a discount …. and maybe Yakuza but I can’t be arsed and I can’t be arsed with JRPGs unless it’s the next Dragon Quest or Ni No Kuni 2.

      • Alex Olinkiewicz

        Nah, you just have different taste in games, that’s all. Heck in the past I used to not like JRPG’s,but then I had an interest in trying Persona 4 Golden on my PSvita, and now my taste in video games has grown.

        • Jiryn

          or your tastes have changed after playing so much over time.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            true that, just judging from my PSN Profile alone, I have played around 600 or maybe more games

          • Jiryn

            Ok, now I want to check mine to see how many I’ve played.

      • Anton

        Everyone’s getting old, it’s part of the human condition.

      • Jiryn

        Take it from an old JRPG nut… the genre feels like it has all but burned out.
        From the 16bit through 32bit eras, I played and beat practically every RPG released in the US save for a very select few.

        Around the PS2 era, I was just so burned out, I could barely look at the genre anymore, and even then many I had to cheat/cheese my way through (FF10 and 12).

        Everything feels so rehashed and like it’s going through the motions, there were many good JRPGS last gen, I loved Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Tales of Vesperia, Xenoblade Chronocles.

        But this was before the influx of cookie cutter JRPGS, where all they did was sprinkle in some anime assets, and a single menu they call a town and a dungeon you progress through, calling it a game. This is also before the influx of Tales games, I swear we’ve had a new Tales release in the US every year since 2012.

        I’ve just grown apathetic toward the genre, true burn out. The tropes seem even more cliche the more you play through them. Hell, I am working through Breath of Fire after years of not playing it, I am near the end when they start through the weird puzzle dungeons at you and I am just feeling, meh…

        There are still games I enjoy in the series, but it feels like the titles are few and far between. Hell I still haven’t tried last year’s Digimon, but I marathon played through Star Ocean 5 like I was in High School all over again, that game was another.. meh.

        • RifleAvenger Sashiro

          From my perspective, the genre isn’t burnt out, but some of the developers are. There are good JRPGs being released, and there are plenty of forgotten pieces of shit littering the graveyard of the 90’s (esp. Japan only where the genre was bigger).

          “But this was before the influx of cookie cutter JRPGS, where all they did was sprinkle in some anime assets, and a single menu they call a town and a dungeon you progress through, calling it a game.”

          I know the games you’re speaking of, the crummy browser games and shoe-string budget “MMOS.” However, that idea can be used to make a real game when done right. That’s literally what Wizardry is, and while very, VERY old it was the archetypal dungeon crawler. Good combat tuning, interesting ways to build parties/characters, novel mazes/puzzles, and paying just enough attention to details/side-info to create an effective minimalist narrative still gets me to play (series of choice on this account are latter-day Wizardry games and Etrian Odyssey).

          There’s also the fact that every time a really good game comes out, it raises the bar. You can’t make Chrono Trigger twice (well, you can try and wind up with something derivative and mediocre like I Am Setsuna).

          • Jiryn

            Oh I know there are still good games in the genre coming out, all genres still have good to awesome entries now and then.

            As for the cookie cutter RPGs, I was referring to Hyper Dimension Neptunia, Trinity Universe, Conception, and many others. I call them cookie cutter because they all fell the exact same save for minor art and combat differences. They all have a town which is little more than a single menu, Along with dungeons and combat. They literally felt like they were made with a kit where you just add in art assets.

          • yeerkpool

            These are not AAA studios that produce the games you’re talking about. They are beyond low-budget titles. So they have to make concessions in certain places, and try to give attention to the things that fans enjoy instead. That includes combat systems, dungeon mechanics, “funny” writing, art, music, VAs, etc.

            I mean, would you rather have a full-blown 3D hub or would you rather have more interesting dungeon environments? Where are you going to be spending more time in a DUNGEON-crawler? That’s the logic they use, I’m guessing.

          • Jiryn

            I can understand budget and time constraints, but many of these games are being mass produced by NIS Japan.

            I think it’s more of they found a formula that was fast and efficient to release things with. Make a single town menu, throw in dungeons (sometimes randomized) and a combat system, sprinkle anime assets and viola!. The dungeons aren’t even that interesting.

            Though the Atelier series actually has towns, and the churn out 1-2 a year as well. You don’t need fully 3d towns or models, hell Anime sprites are fine in a 2d or 3d environment at time. It just feels like they are trying to churn them out as fast as possible, for as cheap ass possible.

            See I don’t go to JRPGS for “Dungeon Crawlers” but for their world building, mechanics, and world spanning plots. I like adventuring instead of use going deeper and deeper into the same dungeon. Though I admit there are a few games the single dungeon worked.

            As I said, I’m jaded from playing way to many RPGs. Seriously the only ones I didn’t play during the eras I listed was Suikoden 1 and 2 (Played 1, save got corrupted, still never played 2) and yes, I played through every RPG I tried.

          • RifleAvenger Sashiro

            Ah, yes, Neptunia. My contempt for that series is endless. I feel a lot of the truly dreck JRPGs are simply vehicles for fanservice.

            As for dungeon crawlers, while I’ve not touched the ones you’re talking about myself, the genre is actually a longstanding staple of easy entertainment in Japan. This actually pre-dates the JRPG as a wider “adventure” game, and has run parallel to it all this time. That might explain why they’re so easily and quickly pumped out these days, and then paired with fanservice to make them competitive. In any case, I’m not sure they’re comparable with the JRPG as known from the 90’s golden and silver ages, since they’re aiming for a different sort of narrative.

            Not to defend terrible games, it’s just that I have some attachment to two series which do “town is a menu that leads to sub-menus (the individual shops/services) and there’s one big dungeon.” Now, I feel they do it well because they put emphasis on clever exploration puzzles and resource management, and have great character and party building/customization options. I would suspect the cookie cutter games are lacking in some or all of these departments. Of the two I enjoy, one is grandfathered in as the near originator of turn-based menu combat, and the other was ATLUS’ attempt to create a first person dungeon crawler again after 8 years of abandoning the style their company grew up on.

          • Jiryn

            I did notice the Vita and PSP are great for traditional JRPGS, with things like Lunar and the Legend of Heroes series on it among many, many others!

          • Jiryn

            Also like Neptunia, those dungeon crawlers are in 3rd person while in the dungeon and are billed/sold as JRPGs.

      • Fyou

        Maybe time for a break?

    • Shane O’Shaughnessy

      You’ve got good taste in games.

    • Gamegodtre

      I kinda want Jim to review berseria, but then again I’m the guy go when heard flows op for the game not being altered like the last 3 games to have no vocals literally teared up in joy

  • keironsmith123

    The PS4 is killing it right now, i’m still busy with Gravity Rush 2 and Digimon World but it looks like i’m adding this to the playing right now list as well next week.

  • diamond

    Not really into these masochistic kinds of games, but I can see why Jim loves em, i’ll pass on this one for the sake of my own sanity(besides i’m busy with Hitman right now)


    10/10 Sterling written review Jim. Thank you. 🙂

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Next up, Horizon, Nier & Persona 5! PS4 has really come into its own these past couple of years

    • Alex Olinkiewicz

      Yep and the first month alone I got Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria, and Resident Evil 7,and soon Nioh. along with those 3 games you mentioned.

  • Jay Symon

    First times: I usually don’t leave comments – this is my first for you Mr Sterling… also the first comment since I patreon’d you.
    The first person I ever patreon’d too btw.
    This review put a smile on my face – can’t wait to play the game, might slip it in between my DS3 DLC playthrough and FF15. It’s hard to say it’s a good review without having played the game, but it made me 1/ smile, 2/ remember fondly, and 3/ look forward to Feb 9th.
    Thank Gawd for you Mr Sterling.

  • castlemadeofsand

    cant wait to play it. i hope everyone buys this, team ninja deserve it

  • Sam

    I wasn’t sure about this one, by it sounds like I might have to give it a try.

  • Clay_Davis83

    The Diablo aspect is interesting, gonna scoop this one up at some point

    • ProAssassin84

      Some people hate item management and loot sorting. I love it. Its my favorite aspect of RPGs. lol. From hat Ive seen this game has tons of loot.

    • Robin Newstead

      It’s rather nice, although I think loot management is one area of the game that is a bit weak – although that’s often the case on consoles. But the gear itself is rather interesting – I’m currently juggling a couple of mixed sets, my guardian spirit and my accessories so I can keep some their bonuses and have my kodama sense handy for story missions.

  • Elvar Ingvason

    Sadly only ps4 so not touching it, looks fun though

    • Dog Food

      If Bloodborne, Nioh, Until Dawn, and Uncharted 4 aren’t enough to get you to buy a PS4, nothing will haha.

      • peotraxanas

        not to mention yakuza 0,the last guardian,gravity rush 2 and the upcoming(hoping they are good aswell) Nier Automata, Persona 5 and horizon

        • Elvar Ingvason

          Nier is already confirmed pc I believe, just a delayed launch

          • peotraxanas

            yes it is but we don’t know when though and seeing how japanese games go when they have a delayed release on pc it could easily be a year before we see nier automata on pc

          • Elvar Ingvason

            I waited 3 years to play Skyrim in order to buy the legendary edition with all the dlc, I bought Witcher 2 for 6 dollars, Dragon age inqusition goty for 8 dollars..think I have the patience to wait for a game to not only be available but also heavily discounted. My backlog are like 100+ games including the recent humble bundle monthly for february (I owned none of those games so now I have xcom 2 and various others)

      • Elvar Ingvason

        well yeah nothing will make me want a console. I’m perfectly ok with skipping all these games you mentioned just like I skipped last of us and the rest on the previous consoles. I have a gaming computer bought like 3 months ago with Geforce gtx 1070 so I’d rather use that for the games on the pc platform. There are tons I like without needing to play console exclusives.

  • YuriFan

    Jim knows a good game when he sees one.

  • Alex

    First of all, I want to say hi to everyone! I’m posting here for the first time. I write game reviews on occasions for a game magazine, it’s really a hobby/part-time work, since I have a full time job in IT.
    Just wanna say that I’m a big fan of “Souslborne” games, played each one couple of times at least, from the Demon’s Souls to DS3 and I have got the Nioh PS4 several days ago to try it out from a friend/colleague who did the review for the same magazine. All I can say is that other than the fighting mechanics, nothing in this game is outstanding. Production is not even on a AA level. Gameplay is tight, precise, dynamic and really rewarding when you get the ropes of it. But that’s it. Artistic style of this game is nowhere near as mesmerizing as a Bloodborne or Dark Souls, and the environment storytelling is not in the same league as From Software titles. On top of that you cannot ignore the fact that not just the game design principles, but almost every aspect of this game is so derivative that I cannot see it being a 10/10 game. It brings nothing epochal to the action RPG genre, just mixes different ingredients from other truly great games into one, but it doesn’t create the sum that transcends its parts. FFS, even the main protagonist is a Geralt lookalike, and the whole prison escape this is so evocative of the prologue from the second Witcher game.
    What’s more disappoinitng is that the Jim’s review is almost completely focused on specifics of RPG and gameplay mechanics of the game. And what the hell is the the immersivelly (if it’s even a word) diverse voice acting (??) since the voice acting, story and produciton is sub-par even comparing it to the likes of Dark Souls, not to mention Witcher 3? The game is solid, really solid and a good challenge for souls fans, but that’s all.
    I just want to express my disappointment in the quality of this review and just to warn people not to except a miracle, because many of you are surely to be let down if you go into this title with high expectations.

    • Ayon Windsor

      Excuse me. Paragraphs. Please.

      • Alex

        I’m sorry, do you mean you want me to quote specific paragraphs from the review?

        • Ayon Windsor

          No, I mean you should structure it into comprehensible paragraphs. That is basically one exhausting incomprehensible mess. I needed to read it twice to get to the bottom of it. I don’t have a particular stance on what you’ve said, but it really could do with a tiny bit more readability.

          • Alex

            I’m sorry, it’s late, and English is not my native tongue. Edited the whole comment, hope it’s more comprehensible now.

          • Ayon Windsor

            Much better on the eyes. Thank you.

          • Alex

            You’re welcome. I also changed structure of some sentences to be more readable.

    • Combo John

      Good story bro! 😀

      • Alex

        *True story 😉

        • Combo John

          more like a fantasy…:)

          • Alex

            I would have given you the link to the review on the game site, but I don’t see any way to do it here, since self advertising is not allowed. (i.e. I tried, and my comment wasn’t approved)
            P.S. I have nothing to gain from lying, but I understand your skepticism.

    • Otherhand

      You probably shouldn’t focus on numbers so much. I get the impression that he could have written the exact same review with an 8/10 at the end, and we never would have seen you here.

      • Alex

        Seems that my response disappeared.
        Ironically, 8/10 is a fitting score for the review content and that would definitely be more appropriate, and yes, you are right, I would have continued to be a silent watcher/reader of the Jimquisition. 🙂
        Anyways, my motivation was to express my negative surprise with the review and opinion that maybe it will be constructive to someone.

        • Otherhand

          True enough! That’s what the comments are for, after all 🙂

          For some people, a game should only be 10/10 if there was nothing significant to besmirch the score, but many critics who’ve talked about this say they don’t work like that. They don’t start at ten and work down. They just ask themselves, “How does this game feel to me? Does it feel like a great game in its year — I.e. an 8-9 — or a classic that’s going to be celebrated by me for years to come?”

          On that basis, a game with quite obvious flaws can legitimately be a 10. I prefer this second basis. The former outlook just seems to create a lot of anguish, and could in fact see a lesser game elevated unfairly over a better one. There are lots of games which excel in many ways, but ultimately played safely within their limits. Nothing went badly wrong, but maybe they didn’t really work hard enough to deserve to be loved either. Meanwhile, another “worse” game ends up with lower score than doesn’t really describe its value to the reviewer.

          • Alex

            That is where I see the issue, at least when comparing game critics with the critics from other areas, like movies, or books. They need to separate their subjective experience and preferences as much as they can when judge the media on their own merit and artistic value. Of course it’s impossible to do that 100%, but you have to try your best.
            Also if the scores are all over the place because they are based mostly on subjective experience rather than the objective, there’s a bigger risk of being blacklisted by publishers because of unfavorable reviews even though they did a thorough analytical approach whey doing a review.
            If most of them are being objective, there’s a higher chance that the reviews will be more uniform. That’s my opinion, anyways…

          • sillyskeleton

            Uniformity isn’t something game reviewers should be striving for. What’s the point in 50 different outlets reviewing the same game if they’re all saying the same thing?

            You can’t tell someone how they should feel about a game they’ve played, man. You’re on the website of the guy that gave Deadly Premonition a 10. Fussing over the worth of production values and derivative gameplay mechanics isn’t going to go far here.

          • Michael Campbell

            If you were familiar at all with Jim’s work, you would know that a 10 is not “a perfect game” to him. I mean, the link to his Review Score Guide at the top of the page would have told you this.

            You would also know that he thinks the idea of “objective” reviews is ridiculous.

            This basic lack of information before you go on some rant about his review being wrong does not speak favourably for you.

          • 🌊Parasol Dimensions ☔

            Critical reception of movies is so far off the beaten path that they’re wholely unreliable judges of a cheap, accessible, 2 hours of someone’s time.
            A quick scroll through rotten tomatoes can have reviews at 10/10 coupled with 2/10 scores that focus too much on character design or a singular scene. Hardly the “ideal” review columns, even for movie watchers.

    • MarshmallowPeep

      How is the observation that he feels the game’s world is made more immersive by the fact that both English and Japanese voice actors are used not relevant to a review of the game? Immersion is something that gamers often value in this sort of game. Is this a reading comprehension issue?

    • Grayson

      I think a game with this many components that reflect other games, and each one being done so well and in a way that benefits the overall style of game and helping it transcend the amalgamation of genres it is born from is itself epochal to the action RPG genre. Here lately everything has been a souls ripoff and I even skipped the first two demos because of the comparison being thrown around. However, it truly does blend everything into a brand new experience. I’ve played every Souls game, Bloodborne included. I played Demon’s Souls at launch so I have a lot of time with this series, and even though DS and BB have a unique art style and a very beautiful sort of horror aesthetic, they are not based on existing lore and therefore you cannot really introduce a new variant of Oni or Yokai into a game so steeped in a pre-existing history and culture. It is a fantastic looking game that plays fantastically, and takes the familiar and reintroduces it in a new and dynamic way that so far has impressed me greatly. And that is from 30 plus years of gaming on every system essentially to date. You may find it mundane and undeserving of a 10/10, however I don’t know any other game in a long time that I pre-ordered and was so excited to receive on day one. Probably Final Fantasy 12. That was a midnight launch for me. And for that feeling alone, I would have to agree with Jim. Perfect game? Probably not, but it has created a fervor that nothing else really has prelaunch during this console generation, IMO.

    • Fyou

      Soo, Jim’s opinion is factually inaccurate? Odd assertion coming from a fellow critic.

    • Bosch

      For an expression of “disappointment in the quality of the review,” it’s interesting only a two comments in here (“too focused on minutiae” and “… do not provide any relevant information or insight”) actually address the review’s content rather than simply providing a differing opinion on its subject matter. Aside from that, the objection to the “quality of the review” here is exclusively “these opinions were not my opinions”. I mean, they’re well articulated opinions, to give credit where it’s due, but that really doesn’t reflect whatsoever on the quality of what this ostensibly responds to.

  • Becky McAndrew

    Whats the level cap?

  • Pablo Izquierdo Ruiz

    Early contender for game of the year i say.

  • Combo John

    You naild it Jimbo! Good job, thank’s God for you!

  • Jean Grey


  • Jonathon Tulett

    A Sterling? Exciting! I’ll hold off for the PC port but can’t wait!

    • ultimatepfc

      Pc port not happening. It isn’t just a timed exclusive. It’s a ps4 exclusive game

      • Jonathon Tulett

        Mmm Hell Divers came to Steam. FFXV was only on consoles but will be on PC in a year. (Probably 2) I will be very surprised if this game isn’t on Steam in 2 years.

        • Ayon Windsor

          Yeah, but compare it to the developers history… It’s the Ninja Gaiden people and well, Ninja Gaiden always was console exclusive. I would like for it to come to PC but I doubt that Nioh will hit the PC.

          • Jonathon Tulett

            Not always. Ninja Gaiden Yabia 2 is on Steam. (Released 2014) It is possible and in my mind likely.

          • Justin Graham

            Yaiba 2? There is no Yaiba 2.

          • Jonathon Tulett

            Google is a wonderful thing mate.

          • Justin Graham

            Again, there is no Yaiba 2. There is Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Koei Tecmo never made a Yaiba 2, and some reps have even made public statements indicating that Yaiba is a game that they’d rather not talk about.

          • Jiryn

            Heh, Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba he meant.
            Wait, it was on PC?

          • Ayon Windsor

            Well, I admire your enthusiasm. I hope you turn out to be right.

          • Jonathon Tulett

            Yeah we’ll see 😄

        • Moe Elk

          Usually when a game is a timed exclusive, the box art says PS4 Console exclusive, like with KOF14 (even though no PC version was announced yet), but the one for Nioh says only on PS4, so yeah.

      • MJC

        Oh well in that case this game can join Yakuza 0 on my “I’m not going to play you unless your publisher remembers that they’re a third party and starts fucking acting like it” pile.

        • Left 4 Dinner

          lol same here. Those two games are now in my “PC port or pass”, so its a pass and it aint changing anytime soon due to devs being console only people.

          • Moe Elk

            Devs go where the money is. Simple as that. Japanese games sell best on PS home consoles and Nintendo handhelds, partly due the high Japanese adoption rate of both.

          • Robbie S

            Sometimes, for sure. Look at Dark Souls, though; that series has sold more copies on PC than any single platform and the first game was more than a year late because it was never intended to come to PC.

            The PC market loves hardcore games like this. I think Nioh would do well there – shame I’ll probably have to play it on my PS4

    • deathscam

      sits down to w8….skeleton ahead….

  • Alex

    I think I’ll pick it up in the summer. My priorities lay with Torment: Tides of Numenera and Nier Automata right now.

  • Snooper Snooper

    This is not the first time by a mile that I’ve heard this game being compared to Dark Souls or being described as some kind of Dark Souls clone. When Dark Souls arrived on the scene as some kind of gaming messiah, I kept my thoughts to myself since 99% of the gaming community seemed to have been blinded by it’s siren song and weren’t thinking cleary as torrents of praise gushed from every orifice available to them.
    However, comparing Nioh to Dark Souls makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a working pair of eyeballs in their head and the capacity for thought. Why has no one made the screamingly obvious and much more accurate comparison between Nioh and Ninja Gaiden 2. They are even both by the same developer FFS! But nooooooo…….Dark Souls is the one everyone is going with and for the life of me I cannot see the reason why, since in my eyes the gameplay is completely different. Like Ninja Gaiden 2 ( and very unlike Dark Souls ) Nioh is first and foremost an action game relying on an ever increasing array of attacks, moves and powers for combat…..mmmmmm yeah I remember doing that ALL the time in Dark Souls. Not to mention all the exciting battles against I had in Dark Souls with my killer block/roll/swing weapon moveset. Oh no wait, I see now, it’s because of the tough enemies!…..and you die quite often! ( Put your hand down Ninja Gaiden I know you were famous for those things first ). Actually since I’m venting I would like to point out a few things about Dark Souls which many people seem to have forgotten ( or in many cases somehow completely missed ) and then you tell me if the gameplay in Nioh resembles it even remotely. Here goes….1) As has been mentioned, Nioh is challenging in that it requires a certain degree of skill with the controller and familiarity with your moveset, not to mention a certain degree of reflexes to make it all work nicely together. Now tell me how many times you heard this said about Dark Souls: THIS GAME TAKES SKILL!!! Ummmmm no…no it doesn’t…what you need for Dark Souls is a very good memory ( for remembering exact enemy positions and attack patterns )
    and to employ a previously rather hated game mechanic called trial and error ( because there’s usually a 3 second window in boss fights (and many other encounters) for you to attempt some form of action before “oh crap that didn’t work and now I’m dead again” ). The fact that the enemies do EXACTLY the same thing EVERY time does help with the memorising bit though. Heaven forbid that they actually deviated from the script and you had to react and adapt because THAT would require skill. Unfortunately for that to even be possible you would need controls that are responsive enough, but since your attack and defense are permanently welded to arguably the two most unresponsive buttons on the controller, it would be a bit tricky. And let’s not forget the genius lock-on via RS click that not only sucks donkey balls, but during frenetic encounters can also make it sound like you’re trying to send a message in freakin’ morse code. So no, not sounding like Nioh yet. 2) Whereas in Nioh / Ninja Gaiden death will most certainly come if you try and just button mash your way through, it really WILL be because you try and button mash your way through and not some random event. Very much UNLIKE Dark Souls….about which was said many times: WHEN YOU DIE IT’S NEVER CHEAP. IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT!!! Oh ok then. It…it wasn’t you Dark Souls… was me. I actuallyremember a few of the times my obvious lack of skill and mental retardation caused my downfall. There were several times I was killed through a wall/door/floor because I was too thick to realise my enemies were wielding special weapons that can actually disrupt the atoms in matter allowing them to pass right through solid objects. Then there were these annoying assassins that loved hiding aroundcorners and behind doorways along the street so they could jump out
    when after I passed by and slit my throat. But there again, I should have
    smelled their farts because I was downwind after all. Another highlight that springs to mind is when I was walking over a bridge ( you know, to get to the other side ) when the whole thing erupted in hellfire courtesy of some dragon breath, cooking me to a nice medium rare while the only good my armour did was keep the juices in. If only I’d packed my crystal ball I would have known to forget the armour entirely, in order to achieve the almost moonlike level of weightlessness required to reach top speed and then to sprint across the bridge like a madman in the hope of reaching the “stairwell of safety” without the wall of skeletons delaying me for that split second too long. And who can forget the time I walked through one of the bright portals to hell only to find myself in a quaint little courtyard. A courtyard so small that it could barely hold myself, the two mongrel bastard dogs that were already within touching distance or the boss-man who was having trouble finding the space to swing his ginormous bloody weapon! Once again my skills just weren’t up to par and…….no SCREW THAT. Dark Souls is not and never was challenging for the same reasons as Nioh…..everything about it is designed to just be annoying, end of story. It’s the way every enemy turns into an olympic
    sprinter all headed in your direction the moment an Estus Flask
    touches your lips because they can all just sense you’re in the shit.
    It’s the way that it even HIDES campfires, the only points of recovery
    and saving progress, in the levels they are needed most .It’s the way that 50% of the time you find yourself near some form of fatal drop surrounded by enemies all intent on introducing you to it, all hammering away at you like spastic blacksmiths. It’s the sound of your sword clanging merrily against the wall in a narrow passage/on a narrow staircase while being hacked to death by an enemy with no such problems
    ( must be one of those special weapons again ). Or like the whole level of Blightown, whose designers should develop a pestilence in their nether regions. So…..after everything I have said, did you at any point think to yourself ‘Wow if I didn’t know any better I would think he was talking about Nioh!’. No, I didn’t think so :). So remember kids, Nioh = Ninja Gaiden… it? Good! Aaaah I feel so much better…..lighter even….like a weight has just been lifted 🙂

    • Ayon Windsor

      You know, every single time someone brings up Dark Souls difficulty, I want to at least bring up Ninja Gaiden, however, I held back from bringing it up constantly because it was not a game with a great mass appeal. It just didn’t click with people.

      I also understand your frustration with the fact that people don’t seem to mention (I’m quite sure they actually know) that Nioh is not much different from the old Team Ninja stuff and that it’s just the next step going forward for them.

      However, the way you’ve written up your argument though and the sheer extent really makes it hard read through.

    • Alex

      Unfortunately I gotta break it to you, Nioh is Dark Souls meets Ninja Gaiden.
      After playing it some time, I also believe that Nioh is much harder game that the DS, because it requires you to be cautious and aggressive at the same, and use every single ability at your disposal.
      The skill ceiling here is much higher than in DS, because of the added complexity and mixing two different styles of gameplay together.

      P.S. From my perspective, Dark Souls difficulty is just single overhyped aspect of the game. There are so other elements that make DS such a great game.

    • Otherhand

      Dark Souls is much more famous with more stripes of players than is Ninja Gaiden today. Importantly, more people who have never ever played Dark Souls understand what Dark Souls is. At one time, NG was the poster child of hard games in general, especially melée combat games, but times change. Not much point in a reference if a bigger one is going begging.

    • MJC

      Wow. Learn to paragraph. Or take your wall building skills and get yourself a job helping Trump build his border wall because god damn!

    • deathscam

      dark souls doesn’t require skill? sounds like you need to eh hem git gud scrublett

    • GOLDEN

      Wow this wall of text is higher than my house. 😛

      Paragraphs please it hurts my eyes.

    • Grayson

      I get what you are saying about Ninja Gaiden. I played it and Black and remember being incredibly proud to be a part of apparently (at that time at least) a small group of people who actually beat that game, on hard mode. However, the dark souls games created a type of gameplay that centered around dying, leaving a bloodstain that was attached to your currency/experience points, and having to get back through the same gruelling encounters to that bloodstain to recover everything or lose it forever. In this sense, Nioh is a dark/demons souls clone. The fact that the combat is reflective of Ninja Gaiden (it is actually still not nearly as smooth and incredible as Ninja Gaiden) hardly prevents the obvious comparison being made to the only series of game to actually utilize that set of game mechanics. There were other games with combat similar to Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, God of War, Rygar, and others had similar combat and Devil May Cry had the difficulty. I think that is why you will hear it compared to Souls games, because they are 2/3 of the core concepts of this game while the combat can be compared to a number of examples in recent memory. That, and Soulsborne is still on the tip of everyone’s brain while Ninja Gaiden was last relevant on the original XBOX.

    • BloodHound7281

      You’re right, souls games and Nioh have nothing in common but Nioh and ninja gaiden do and I’ll elaborate for those of you fools without eyes! In Nioh you rest at a bonfi…..I mean pray at a shrine to level up, heal up and move through inventory and such. In Nioh when you die you leave a bloodsta….. Sorry guardian spirit that you can reclaim if you make it back again without dying. In Nioh, if you’re having trouble or want to do some pvp you can call on other players( I loved that about ninja gaiden). In Nioh you can move swiftly through the levels and rack up that hit counter by planning your attacks and not mashing buttons ( lmfao) because in nioh you don’t have to worry about stamina loss, sorry ki, sorry once again, I was thinking of ninja gaiden! This list could go on and on about how wrong you are but I’ll wait to continue that if you stand your ground. One last thing, your complaints about souls games are the complaints of an inexperienced player, not one that thinks there is no challenge in souls! Good day

  • meowmel

    The hype is palpable

  • Danish Square

    10/10, good score

  • ENAY

    I don’t think this game is a 10/10, but it is indeed very close. Anyway, regardless of score, this is quite literally an essential purchase whichever way you look at it.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Well. Well…Well.

    This came out of Niohwhere.

    I’ll see myself out.

  • Savletto Polvere

    10/10?! Oh boy!

  • Crispian11

    Hello my name’s NIOH!!!

    Can’t wait until I get my hands on this game.

  • DemonKingAsura

    And to think, this is a game thats been in development since 2004, originally meant to be a 2006 launch title for the PS3, canceled, then revived again after Demon’s Souls and Dark souls got popular in japan and the world at large, and is now one of the best games Team Ninja has made in a REALLY long time.

    Thats a success story by my counts.

  • Enuo

    Wow. Jim Sterling giving a 10/10 to a PS4 game. Must be something special.

    • nikolas orava

      It must be something better than uncharted 4 witch is 8.5/10 piece of turd

      • Moe Elk

        Let me guess, jealous PC only owner lol.

        • nikolas orava

          Why would i be jealous? in few years i can just emulate it. And when waiting i have hundreds of games to play. And many of them are free. Not free as in pay 60$ a year and you get it, but actually free.
          i get games faster than i have time to complete it. And begause my platform isn’t fucking stupid, i can play games that are more than 4 years old without buying an overpriced remastered version of it.
          I know pc isn’t perfect, but i rather have it than a ps4 and few good timed exclusives

          • Rando

            Emulate it? They haven’t figured out OG Xbox emulation yet, I think you’ll be waiting more than a few years! 🙂

          • nikolas orava

            There is an emulator for OG Xbox
            And there is even one for xbox 360
            And xbox one
            And ps3
            and ps4
            And wii u
            and everything before them.
            Just try googeling them. They are out there. The real reason why i can’t emulate ps4 is begause my PC isn’t very powerful and emulating takes a lot power.

          • Rando

            Ok, I’ll add a correction…They haven’t figured out how to do OG Xbox emulation properly. The available catalogue of games for recent consoles is severely limited, I’ll be in a nursing home by the time Nioh is emulated.

          • John Chi

            You’d also need a beast of a machine to emulate the game well enough.

          • MyBodyIsReady

            Quit crying Nicolas.

          • Pedro Lopes


          • Jim Peterson

            lol, shit emulators that barely work. Well done.

            “The real reason why i can’t emulate ps4 is begause my PC isn’t very powerful and emulating takes a lot power.”

            lol, you know shit about emulators if you think you can get a better PC and emulate a PS4. Christ, even the best PS2 emulator is full of issues.

          • JohnnyXB1

            wait few years to play fucking game? lol pc fags are so fucking stupid cunts lmaoooooo

          • Terriosaurus Hex
          • Pedro Lopes

            PC IS SHIT SON

          • Ivan Sorensen

            “5 years after the game came out, i can pirate it illegally and play it” is hardly a ringing endorsement of PC gaming.

            I swear, some of these “PCMR” types look like they are disguised xbox nerds trying to make the rest of us PC gamers look like idiots.

            “i can play games that are more than 4 years old without buying an overpriced remastered version of it.”

            So can everyone else, it’s called ebay.
            Outside of the Valve lovefest, the rest of the gaming industry didn’t sign away all their rights yet.


          yes he is!

      • Killbot

        SInce when is an 8.5 a turd?

  • Jack Trevor

    I remember seeing the trailer for this game and thinking, “This could be good. But it’s a cinematic trailer. Still, worth seeing how it turns out.”

    Nice to see that the trailer didn’t turn out to be bullshit.

  • Note5

    PS4 is killing it with Quantity of Quality!

    • qorl123

      Life of black tiger.

      • Moe Elk

        Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria, and now Nioh, all in less than three weeks. Pretty great quantity of quality here 😉

      • Killbot

        Yeah that’s not a Sony game. That’s a 3rd party game published on PS4. It’s a fairly open platform, and allows self-publishing. Successful platforms always attract shovelware.

        • diamond

          Microsoft allows self-publishing yet the Xbox Live store isn’t cluttered with garbage titles like that.

          • Prens

            They’re certainly there. Julia Hardy has a series on Youtube called I’ll Play Any Crap where she plays trials of terrible xbox games

        • qorl123

          It doesnt matter, life of black tiger is what the ps4 is getting. My ‘counterpoint’ to Note5 was half-joking by the way. Also, Note5 wasnt talking about sony, just ps4.

  • PanelHopper

    Man I haven’t thought about that Trio bar advert in 20 years…now the jingle will be stuck in my head all day.

  • Joe Joeson

    I’m more than a little disappointed that this isn’t also on PC.

    • TRUndercover

      You and me both…

    • Chürz

      Too bad I’m never gonna buy a PS4… Japanese developers lose a lot of sales by restricting themselves to that console.

      • Gauzecage

        Considering that Sony is the publisher I’m not surprised they kept it a PS4 exclusive especially with how well Bloodborne sold for them. I used to be think the same as you until I finally caved and bought a PS4 for Bloodborne and now the exclusives alone have me playing it just as much as my PC. Not trying to persuade you to buy one but it doesn’t hurt to expand your horizons or your gonna miss out on a lot of great experiences

        • Dragongelf

          The wife wanted a PS4 for her birthday last year because we lacked a blue ray player and she was kind-of into some of the games.

          I don’t regret getting her one because the exclusives tend to be pretty good.

          Well… not counting the new stream of steam greenlight-esque garbage.

          Point is, I fully agree that if you have the opportunity, it might be worth having a console (or all of them) to complement your PC.

          Play what you want on whatever you want and all.

        • Kolbe Howard

          Yeah but for a lot of people it’s not worth playing Bloodborne or Nioh at 30 fps. Every game I’ve played over the last few years has been at 60 fps or higher. Going back to a console feels like playing games on my laptop and it’s just not the way I want to play these big games.

          It kind of sucks when you develop a standard and have to skip out on games because Sony likes to hog onto their IP’s. I really don’t understand what they would be loosing to release their games on PC. PC isn’t really a competitor, it’s a different market and it would just mean more sales for them.

          • Gauzecage

            In the videogame market everything is competition. If you are buying Sony published games on a PC then they aren’t moving as many consoles and losing that money. They don’t care that ypu won’t buy it regardless but just that if you want it you have to buy their producr. Japanese devs and publisher don’t care enough about PC to take the time and make another version since it’s not a big market in Japan. Western devs are the same when it comes to RPGs. You don’t usually see western dev studios turning out turn based linear RPGs because there isn’t really a market in the west even though they sell like crazy in Japan and vice versa. I’m really glad that Team Ninja made Nioh to run at 60 fps on both the standard PS4 and the Pro because it shows a great step forward to a better console experience

          • Pvt Dirt

            Unless I’m mistaken, Nioh is at 60 fps (it was an option in the demo anyway).

          • Javier Salgado Cartelle

            Nioh plays at 60fps. Having a High-End Gaming PC and a PS4 is the way to go.

          • Kolbe Howard

            But at 720p so it’s like owning a 50 dollar gtx 750 ti. I fully appreciate giving console players the option but I still can’t deal with that when 1080p is becoming a thing of the past.

          • palasta .

            Not only is PC ,or better said Steam, a competitor, but also bad for the video game industry. Not even those lazy ass bums from Valve are investing in the effort of making PC exclusive AAA games anymore. And all what’s left to brag about are higher FPS (like it matters at lower rotational speed) and better but rather negligible graphics.

          • Ivan Sorensen

            Porting a game isn’t free though and PC comes with a whole range of support issues on top.

            Mind, I would prefer more games were ported but it most definitely isn’t a cost-free concern.

      • leighbeynon

        Yep a Japanese developer releasing a game on a Japanese console what a miss match.its called a diverse range of titles.

      • Killbot

        Chances are it was only finished due to Sony’s exclusivity bucks, actually.

      • palasta .

        No, they don’t. Thanks to that console this game and others were made and made of quality. Otherwise all we would’ve gotten were greenlit steam/kickstarter indie crap.

  • Chürz

    This game has gone completely under my radar. Never heard a word of it.

  • Dariush

    damn…10/10… i dont find it hard to believe it could be better than DS3 wich i find boring in many areas(still gotta finish main storyline and the DLC)…but damn…10/10! Too bad i dont have a ps4.

  • RedWolf

    For once I’m jealous about a game being exclusive to Playstation 4. Still not going to buy one, but I really like the sound of this game.

    • Eon264

      This is the one that’s brought me closest to it… Between this and bloodborne it’s much harder to say no.

  • MrSmithdaman

    why does all the fucking cool looking games happens to be console exclusives? fucking why

    • Uldi

      Simple answer: Because the makers of those consoles paid lots of money for the creation of those games and/or for the exclusive publication of them.

    • Pedro Lopes

      Because a console is a dedicated gaming machine,so people prefer it over the expensive too big and nothing simple PC,a machine focused on multitask,not gaming,You can buy 2 gtx1080,the software will still be unoptimazed and the interface less ideal for gaming than a console,besides that PS4 is on the way to become the best selling console of all time,of course te best games will be in it,not some Crap PC

      • EvolutionKills


        Could you be any more butthurt? Please, show us on the doll where the GPU touched you!

        • Pedro Lopes

          I see plenty of Salty butthurt fanboys trying to justify their U$2.000 Dota machines. Go Back to your league of legends son.

          • EvolutionKills

            Wow, a 2 dollar DOTA machine? That’s a pretty good bargain there chief.

      • Killbot

        The real answer is:

        Because there is a platform holder that is incentivized to pay for 3rd parties to make exclusive that will promote the platform.

      • Eon264

        Really? Last I checked we make mods to fix crappy console UI’s over here in PC land specifically because they’re poorly optimized for gaming lol.

      • Johnny Number 5

        lol I see this tool is still attempting to spread it’s retardation. God, pieces of sh!t like you are the reason gaming is such an expensive and lazily-developed hobby these days. You probably aren’t even old enough to drink yet and are talking as if you know everything. You are either trolling, or mentally challenged to refer to the turd consoles as a “dedicated gaming machine”. You dingbat, the PC with the parts you mentioned afterward is the dedicated gaming system. You have to be a troll, nobody can be as retarded as you are passing yourself off as, unless they happened to have supported hellary. I suppose. Which I have no doubt you did. Funny thing, I was about to say, “which I have no doubt you did Pedro” not realizing it’s actually your name. rofl, I guess it really is a common mexican name lol. I was just going to say it to imply that you were an unintelligent, xbone playing fence-jumper.

        • Pedro Lopes

          I see plenty of salty, butthurt people trying to justify their U$2.000 Dota 2 Machine.

    • Ivan Sorensen

      Console gamers are more inclined to actually pay for their games I suspect.

  • Roger_Silenti

    Damn… Now I’ll have the unholy trinity of sadistic games installed on my PS4: Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Nioh. Cursed thing might just burst in flames!

    • John Chi

      Cursed beast…

  • Jon Fishsticks

    I was using a buddy’s PS4 for the first few years but he moved and I haven’t had access in close to a year, I think I’ll finally get one late this year. Nioh, Nier, Persona, Ni No Kuni, Yakuza, God of War, Red Dead, and the games I didn’t get around to playing before.

  • Keyes

    I know why Sony has been releasing games like Life of Black Tiger lately.

    They’re tired of winning. TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

  • Jack Burton

    And on my birthday, thanks

  • Krim

    “As Irish sailor William Adams” weird they would include William Adams, but say he is Irish. He was actually born in Gillingham, Kent (South East England.) If any one is interested in reading a historical novel of William Adams’ real life story, I highly reccomend “Shogun” by James Clavell. It tells Adams’ story with name changes for all historical figures, and a lot of fiction filling in the gaps in what we know. It’s long but a damn good read imo.

    • Tony Seaback

      They said they made him Irish because of the celtic culture of being more in tune with spirits and such

      • Krim

        Okaaay, I guess that sorta explains it…. Really don’t know why they’d use William Adams if they wanted that though. I assumed they used a non-Japanese person because they wanted your character to start clueless. Oh well hardly a deal breaker, just kinda curious the decisions some devs make.

        • Uldi

          Probably because Adams actually was in Japan at some point, and is a name many Japanese would know.

  • Austin_sj

    Pity it’s only on PS4, I’m not going to play it until it comes to neo geo, cause I’m so special.

    • Ivan Sorensen

      Sega genesis port or no sale

      • Weasel Biggs

        Game Gear port or bust.

  • Zul

    Pfff. Finally upgraded my PC, a good game comes out and it’s for PS4.

    *shakes fist angrily while browsing steam and gog*

    • Kolbe Howard

      Solution: Play literally anything else. PC has the largest game library in existence. Just over the past couple of years we had, Doom, XCOM 2, Shadow Warrior 2, Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Deus Ex, Tales from the Borderlands and a ton I can’t remember. Go have fun. There is no shortage of games on PC.

      • Eon264

        Hey man, just because we have a beautiful library up here on mount PClympus doesn’t mean we can’t lament a good one passing us by. Especially when it’s a game right in our wheel house like this one is for me and, I assume, Zul.

        • Chris

          I agree with this. I’m a console peasant but I’m always bummed when my pc brothers don’t get a console exclusive. Red Dead Redemption and Bloodborne comes to mind.

          • sillyskeleton

            You are a rare breed, sir. (much like a crab with udders) Most seem to consider it some kind of victory when a fellow gamer can’t experience a great game because of platform exclusivity.

          • Weasel Biggs

            He’s not that rare – it’s called having a shred of human decency.

            PC, Xbox, PS4, VR or otherwise, we’re all in this to play games and explore the medium. Anyone who reduces gamer culture to sectarian bickering is missing the point.

            I’ve got so-called “console peasants” in the family and I’ve done my part to try and at least make them aware of the PC platform’s technical merits – but it’s ultimately their choice, their dolla.

            It’s when your entire sense of Self starts to revolve around a hardware platform that something goes wrong.

      • Nitrium

        You didn’t even mention Dark Souls 3!

  • Hvd

    a 10/10 when its getting destroyed on twitch by ghost recon wild lands beta???.a beta is beating this 10/10 game?only one big twitch streamer is streaming it is the only reason its even up on the top games.

    ps conan exiles is still beating the crap out of this game thats 10/10…lmao.

    bias media much?

    • LookingGlass

      Are you saying that twitch popularity means a game is good because that’s nonsense.

      • Hvd

        no more then a bias reviewer giving this a 10/10 for a crappy dark souls clone.

        ps saying a game is good or not is just your opinion.

        bias media what can you say.

        • Shadowcat

          You tried to tell us that a game’s quality is determined by the amount of Twitch users. I think it’s fair to say that you should definitely try to shut your trap.

          “Planescape Torment is being beaten by the ghost recon wildlands beta on Twitch !”

          That’s how stupid you sound.

        • Bosch

          Bias is a noun. You’re looking for an adjective. The word is “biased”.
          With that out of the way, then, a few questions:
          #1: What external factor are you saying biased this review? You may not know how to use it as an adjective, but you at least know what it means, right?
          #2: How exactly do you expect a game to fare on Twitch before it’s been released compared to ones that have?
          #3: Why is “10/10” an invalid opinion but “crappy dark souls clone” valid?

          • #4 – Is he aware of the irony of claiming ‘bias’ when his history shows him roaming from review to review of the game purely to shitpost in every discussion thread?

            You’d think somebody as old as he claims to be would be acting less like an angry 12 year old online…

        • So wait – which is it? An opinion or bias? You’re shifting the goalposts so quickly here, I’m in danger of getting whiplash.

          How is Twitch viewer numbers a metric of how good a game is? It just means it’s popular – or interesting. As I type this, Wild Lands has around 70k viewers spread across multiple channels. Twitch Plays Pokemon had a peak viewership of 120,000 at one time. Does that mean Pokemon Red is twice as good a game as Wild Lands?


          lol the envy is killing you!

        • James LaValle

          Newsflash genius: ALL REVIEWS ARE BIASED. OBJECTIVITY IN A REVIEW DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED A REVIEW. IF YOU WANT OBJECTIVITY THEN READ AN INGREDIENTS LABEL. Seriously if you don’t like what his opinions are on his review then don’t read the review.

        • Pedro Lopes


          • Weasel Biggs


        • True Story

          You sound pissed cause you bought a sexbox

          • Hvd

            you sound jealous of my sexbox

          • True Story

            I am 🙁

        • Ivan Sorensen

          Luckily, all you have to do is start your own TOTALLY UNBIASED AND ACTUALLY VERY RATIONAL review series and I’m sure the money will be rolling in.

          • Hvd

            thats an idea no one else is doing

    • Dariush

      Conan on GameSpot live was a mess, hence, i dont care. It has full genitalias and shit but its another Rust. WildLands is another ubiconic sandbox of brainless enemies roaming around empty land. Not a Tom Clancy game at all. At least Siege was good, thanks god.

    • Tucker Heel

      LOL, the game isn’t even out till the 7th you retard.

      • Hvd

        neither is ghost recon wild lands but they are playing a FULL release copy of the game streamers had full access early copy from sony.


        • Tucker Heel

          Ghost Recon was a beta. There were a scant few early release copies of Nioh released, most of which were for review purposes. You’re forcing yourself to do logic gymnastics because you’re a frustrated xbox fanboy. Enjoy playing the 8 trash tier exclusives headed your way this year.

    • Killbot

      TIL Twitch popularity is how you measure game quality

      I guess LoL, Conan, and Hearthstone are the best games ever made then. Old games obviously are terrible by definition because they’re not popular any more.

      What reviewer isn’t biased?

      • Hvd

        a clone of a clone of a clone is quality?…lmao
        attack,dodge,pot is great game play?……lmao

        this is any dark souls and its clones core game play
        attack,dodge,pot end of game…lmao

        • Pedro Lopes


          • Hvd

            ummmmm im a xbox gamer not a retarted pc

          • sillyskeleton

            Yes, your spelling and grammar clearly shows us your intellect is vastly superior to those PC ‘retarts’.

          • Weasel Biggs

            You’re adorable.

    • Chris Mitchell

      They should change their slogan.

      “Twitch: Don’t Have An Argument? Use Our Numbers.”

    • Nejo Goldsmith

      Don’t… Feed… The… Troll… You will only look as dumb as he is.

  • Just thinking at the amount of scrubs that gonna pick this game up and won’t even pass past the first boss… Makes me smile 🙂 souls fans know what I mean ^^
    Git gud

    • Richie Palys

      You’re a dork.

    • DemonKingAsura

      There’s a dedicated turtorial, man.

    • Did you just say “git gud” unironically?

    • Aiwass

      Well this the saddest and most embarrassing thing I’ve read today. Wow.

    • Shiney79

      I’m a Souls fan, have been since day dot. And, frankly, rather than agree with you, I think you’re kind of repulsive. This fucking arrogant “Souls players = elite corps of bro gamers” attitude needs to fuck off and die.

      In fact, give me one of those enthusiastic scrubs who want to learn the game and become invested in it, any day, over one of you self-important arseholes.

      • Git gud!

      • SecretSmoke

        Had a few buddies in meatspace that I tried to help learn Souls. One is still stuck around the 3rd area (not for lack of trying) and the other seems to have cleared just about the whole game on his own. The former was pretty banging at Monster Hunter, which is another game that seems to rebuff most of the normal/non hardcore gaming folks, so IDK man I sort of feel like it’s less a matter of “git gud” and more a matter of just having that gudness within all along… Or finding a niche you can fill in the game.

        • Aidan Long

          That, or maybe the Monster Hunter veteran was just struggling with a set of mechanics that felt kind of familiar, but were different enough that he just couldn’t wrap his head around them. I love Bloodborne, but when I tried Dark Souls 1 I just couldn’t get a handle on it. Maybe it’s the same for that guy.

          • SecretSmoke

            Well shit, never even looked at it from that angle.
            You might be right… He doesn’t play a whole lot of games like that too, so conflicting muscle memory and such could’ve hindered his learning of a game where the spacing/input mastery/pattern recognition required is (IMHO) a fair bit lower…

      • Ivan Sorensen

        Guarantee that plenty of those elitist twerps are the types who summon 3 blokes for every boss.

        • Weasel Biggs

          Heh, I’ve already bumped into a Nioh Elitist who gave me shit for preferring the use of polearms. It’s reminded me how the SoulsBorne games are rife with idiots who think only their playstyle is valid.

  • Shui Gor

    First 10 of the year: I love you, Jim.

  • Already a new Witcher.

  • BAH!

    I want to say Jim touched on this in the latest Podquisition, but I have a question:

    While there are always going to be people who disagree with a review, there is a particular subset that insists the reader “disregard the review and play the game themselves.”

    So where are those people here? This review has the potential to turn some heads and make up some minds, but clearly that’s a bad thing, right? Surely, regardless of the score, the reader should disregard in all cases? Reviewers cannot be trusted on account of “teh biaz”, so even if they’re all praising a game, that’s no reason to listen to them. No matter what anyone else is saying, the only way to be sure a product is worth your money is to buy said product and experience it for yourself. Only then can you be certain.

    I just want a little consistency, is all.

    • RifleAvenger Sashiro

      I don’t complain about Jim’s low scores, ever, but I did sort of want to question this 10/10. I thought better of it, this is Jim’s review site, not mine. But, since you want some consistency, here it is.

      From what I’ve experienced, besides more fluid combat, this seems a lot more like Let It Die than Dark Souls in terms of just being a loot treadmill. Nioh has a good aesthetic, but I find that it’s mostly wasted on repetitive areas, and as Jim himself said the bosses aren’t particularly memorable. In other words, the gameplay is utterly solid, but the world it’s placed in feels like a thin facade to me. A very, very pretty facade, but nonetheless something without depth. Maybe nitpicky, given my love of some older games with even more threadbare stories (see all my gushing about ancient JRPGs and platformers), but I can’t help but compare it unfavorably to Souls (to be fair, I did the same with Let It Die which also seems to focus on a particular aesthetic rather than any form of direct or indirect storytelling).

      Also, the issue with “play it first” is that, barring a demo or borrowing a friend’s copy, how are you supposed to try it without paying in a substantial amount? Usually it’s just a nice way to say “I dislike this person’s opinion, play the things I like and validate me!” It’s harder to go the other way because there’s no nice way to say “I dislike this person’s opinion, this game is shit and you should save your money to buy the things I like and validate me!”

      • Anton

        Some games can get away with being shallow if the mechanics are good enough.

        MGSV, for example, had excellent gameplay but the most barebones plot and setting in the series. I personally grew to resent that game, but many people still think it’s the best in the series.

        • RifleAvenger Sashiro

          Yeah, and this runs counter to points I’ve made in defense of other games, so I can’t claim to have a consistent philosophy here. It just struck me as a personal detriment to my enjoyment of Nioh, to the point where Jim’s opinion and mine cross not.

          EDIT: I think advertising efforts to link this to SoulsBorne will hurt the game in the long run. It practically invites the sort of criticism like my own that largely comes from drawing comparisons between the two. I don’t see why it couldn’t be advertised as Ninja Gaiden x Diablo instead, seeing as it’s much closer to that than it is to Souls.

          • DemonKingAsura

            Team Ninja themselves have said outright that it is a soulsborne style dgame, mixed with Ninja Gaiden style speedy combat and a Diablo/Borderlands style loot system.

        • TBW

          Kingdom Hearts is a great example also.

      • HisDivineOrder

        Seems like a fair complaint. The better of the Souls games (including Bloodborne) have worlds that can feel exceptionally “full.”

        This game does look hollow. Not the gameplay loop, the world itself. That said, I haven’t played (let alone beaten) it, so… who knows?

      • BAH!

        Your last paragraph neatly explains the joke. Thank you.

        But also thank you for an actual, thoughtful alternative opinion on the game. It does me no good since I’m not a PS4 owner, but I’m not the only one here.

      • SecretSmoke

        I love Dark Souls just as much as the next guy, but I sort of feel like (especially with the first) it’s a pretty tough bar to meet as far as world/level design. I still have that whole fucking game in my head (barring a couple secrets that I’m sure I missed. Hell I found a ladder next to the New Londo gate I hadn’t found after 100’s of hours on my most recent playthrough.) That being said, and bearing in mind that I only played the first demo (PS4 controller is ded. :c ) I thought the atmosphere was great. Though, given my limited play time, I’m not really qualified to say whether said repetition saps that atmosphere or not…

  • KhStephy
    • Wayne You Nerd

      FIGHT REVENANT would be a great metal band name.

    • Mauricio

      That’s a lie, god would never allow his most perfect creation to die!

    • SecretSmoke

      At least they took everyone’s favorite feature from Dark Souls…

  • peotraxanas

    Btw Jim, has Sony said anything in regards to opening the floodgates for all the shit steam-greenlight video games to come to PSN?

    • HisDivineOrder

      I can’t help but notice how it all started after Colin Moriarity made one of his first ColinWasRight’s about how PSN was getting crappy games not unlike Steam and how he wanted there to be a Review Panel of “experts” to authorize any game added to PSN.

      And then the very next week, they just start letting ANYTHING on.

      Coincidence? I think someone really hates Colin.

  • Danish Square

    10/10, yay for nioh

  • Glenn

    People get angry when his review scores are ‘too low’, and somehow angry when a game gets a 10/10 (surely for gamers a game getting a 10/10 should be a good thing?)
    While I understand it can be sad when a reviewer doesn’t like a game you do (I think Last guardian is a masterpiece, I loved the order 1886, so I know) reviews are opinions and should not and do not effect how you feel about a game. However when people start knocking games for being rated ‘too high’ not only does the same above apply, but even so I find it strange people are so desprate for games to be worse.

    • Mauricio

      Most people want their opinions to be reassured. The problem isn’t that the games were rated too high or too low, but it didn’t received the score they think it deserves.

      People don’t understand that the reviewer job isn’t to be unbias, but to be able to put into words why something is good or bad game design, instead of just saying “this good, that bad”.

    • Ivan Sorensen

      THere’s an old Jimquisition about people flipping out when someone else likes a game they don’t.

  • Nice to see something get a 10 from Jim after all the shit that’s been hitting PSN.

  • Exile

    Nioh sounds more like Ninja Gaiden than Dark Souls to me, especially if it’s from Team Ninja.
    I hear the sequels were kinda shit and too easy, but there’s at least a 360 and PS3 version of the good one.

    • Weasel Biggs

      I’d say it’s honestly more of a SoulsBorne than a Gaiden, but the Gaiden roots are still very much there. From Software’s stable was never really focused on combos, for instance, and never featured especially nervous combat sequences.

      Nioh, on the other hand, rewards careful aggression. Well-timed Ki pulses enable more sustained attacks, while the different stances force you to stay aware of your enemies’ own approach. So where Bloodborne was about pushing relentlessly with a minimal sense of timing, Nioh adds the need for careful observation to the mix.

      That said, if you really want to Gaiden it up, pick a decent pair of dual Uchigatana, stick to Low Stance, wait for your opponent to open up and then slice yourself some sushi. A Souls-esque level of ponderousness can help against the tougher Yokai, but you also get plenty of occasions to channel Ryu Hayabusa and just run around at full clip, blades swinging every which way.

      • Exile

        My memories of Gaiden were more of blocking and dodging, though the pacing was often pretty hectic.

        Then again in the late game you could mop up weaker enemies pretty quick smart with some of the more powerful weapons (especially the Unlaboured Cheesy-As-All-Hell Flawlessness).
        The Dark Dragon Blade was a bit of a letdown though, to be honest – not noticably more powerful than what I was already wielding at that stage.

  • Everythign is appealing to me except the loot ‘feature’. This has put me a bit off. I find excessive loot to not be appealing at all, as it’s usually tiny upgrades that keep you ‘busy’ as opposed to engaged.

    It’s not a plus in my book when you say I will spend as much time organizing loot/equipment as I will playing.

    Everything else seems spot on, going to wait for more in-depth looks in let’s plays to see how much time is required for equipment management. As long as it Isn’t Dead Island/Fallout 4 levels of excess, then I’m in.

  • slop101

    Environments look bland and boring.

    • StillMindz

      From what I’ve seen, and played in the Last Chance Trial, I agree that the environments do look bland and boring. However, the game itself is far from boring. It’s hallmark is not mesmerizing scenery but combat, character design, etc.

      • Weasel Biggs

        The scenery’s just there to sell the setting. It’s basic Sengoku-Jidai, which is to be expected of Team Ninja.

        If anything, I’m glad that Tomonobu Itagaki’s left the company, the studio’s talent deserves something of worth to be applied to – something more than thinly-veiled titillation containers.

        Which is kind of ironic, seeing as what forced Itagaki out was a sexual harassment lawsuit.

    • Tyler Hanft

      They’re not too exciting, but when I fell down a waterfall and a tiny turtle man put his head up my butt* for a critical attack I wasn’t really looking at the textures. It’s got atmosphere for days.

      *this did actually happen in TLC demo.

      • JackgarPrime

        That demo definitely did give you some TLC.

  • Hunter Mearo

    Nice to see Sony adding a good system seller to its library, aside from a few decent remakes I’ve found myself not really enjoying the Sony exclusives. Still, I think I’m better off with my PC and PS4 than an XBOne, MS have cancelled and put back one too many exclusives for even my hardcore fanboy friend to justify his purchase…

  • Pedro Lopes

    Meanwhile you play League of Legends with your little buddies I will be enjoying NIOH on 60 FPS on THE PLAYSTATION DEDICATED GAMING MACHINE.Dont be so salty yet wait for Horizon ZD at least.
    Bye bye folks.

    • Aiwass

      Are you real?

      • RandomTask

        Yah. He’s an X-Men isn’t he?

        On another note. Wow JS, this is the first review I’ve seen from this guy since No Man’s. Its funny to see him really like something after that much hate.

    • Weasel Biggs

      I’m all for liking a game or preferring a gaming system over another – preferences are a thing, after all – but your posting *just* to denigrate PC users over Nioh being released is somewhat small-minded.

      I have a PC and a PS4, I don’t have to choose. As for those who do, it’s their prerogative. Please your prejudices at the door.

  • Matheus Schroedder

    I feel this game is much more close to Onimusha than it is to Dark Souls. Could I be right? And frankly, I really hope so.

    • Izanagi

      yes it is, thankfully

      • EnigmA

        it is? it sure doesnt seem that way gameplay wise only the setting looks reminiscent but the level design looks rather crampy and non existant in this game tbh. Like youre travelling between rocks and mountain sides all the time. Im surprised qat this rating it looks completely devoid of memorable and iconic level design that the souls games have which always freshen those games up after spending alot of time in 1 area. This jsut looks plain dark and uninspired in that department tbh. The only thing ive seen that stood out so far is the cornfield like arena which is just a small area in a 1vs1 against a samurai in the demo

    • zanychelly .

      That depends… It is faster than both. Share similarities with both.
      But plays different than both.

  • Tyler Hanft

    Awesome. So excited… but I know I’m going to be paralyzed for days just staring at the level up and weapon skill trees. When I’m super into a game I want to DO IT ALL at once. This seems like the perfect evolution of Ninja Gaiden based on Dark Souls, Omnimusha and Diablo influences.

  • The Outsider

    I knew this game was going to be good. Too bad I can’t play it. *cries*

  • Roc

    this game was not even on my radar. Since Jim is the only reviewer I trust, I will be purchasing this game tomorrow.

  • First and last JimQuisition review I will read. This read like a high school essay and has the vocabulary of an intellectually disabled student whose been forced to repeat 9th grade 4 times. Ouch.

    • Tucker Heel

      “First and last JimQuisition review I will read. This read like a high school essay and has the vocabulary of an intellectually disabled student whose been forced to repeat 9th grade 4 times. Ouch.”

      If you’re gonna criticize the writing in an article make sure your own grammar doesn’t suck. Whose is the possessive pronoun. Your final sentence should read “who’s been forced to repeat 9th grade…”

      In before the edit.


      • Umar

        As I’m reading this review, I keep hearing hearing DmC’s announce in my head


      • Aww, that’s cute. False equivalence though. I’m not posturing myself as a writer while maintaining a high school vocabulary. That’s the difference between observation and presentation as a supposed professional. While I don’t proofread my comments and am not trying to be grammatically sound, I can assume that these articles are not just written and then posted. They likely go through typical editorial process. Editing and reviewing the like. However, my issue with this article was not that of grammatical variety. It’s under the idea that this is written like it was phoned in. Generic as all hell. This was a run of the mill type article that offers nothing unique and no sign of the personality that shines through on his videos. It seems to me it was pandering to those that have low education levels. I read a Kotaku article that had more going on in the first sentence in terms of both personality and vocabulary than this entire article.

        This is of course, just my opinion.

        Being in the lions den, I don’t expect a welcoming reaction to my opinion and you’re more than welcome to disagree.

        But having watched his videos, I honestly expected more.

        (Note: Not proof read, edited, or looked over. Sent from my phone while driving)


        • Andrei Zhuk

          Never go full retard and know when do admit defeat.
          You look like a miserable loser now.

        • Mimi Her

          Look whose sore.

          • I’d like to offer the concept that vocalizing opinions =/= sore.

          • Mimi Her

            If you wanna make an excuse go with
            (Note: Not proof read, edited, or looked over. Sent from my phone while walking on a tight rope)

          • Looks better, but would be factually innacurate.

          • Mimi Her

            vocalizing opinions =/= going full retard
            But in your case I’ll make an exception.

          • Thanks!

        • Brandon

          I have seen some serious try-hards in my time. However, you? You take the cake.

          • I wish I had put effort into any of this, but if there’s cake, I’m in.

          • Brandon

            There’s always cake if you’re willing to look hard enough. Not always a cake you’d want to eat though.

            Fuck, I want cake now.

          • I picked the really wrong time to be fat and on a diet. 🙁

        • Chad Hansen

          “(Note: Not proof read, edited, or looked over. Sent from my phone while driving)”

          Jesus! This is a future Darwin Award winner here. Sad!

          • Your reply read like a Donald Trump tweet.

          • Chad Hansen

            That was intentional. I saw other posts that looked that way.

            On a serious note, please do not phone and drive. I don’t want to leave my 2 year old son without a father or mother because somebody couldn’t wait to reach your destination before posting on a forum.

          • I respect your care for your child, and while I haven’t eliminated texting while in the car, I’ve mostly limited it to at stop lights as I got into a car wreck in August while changing a girls name in Facebook chat to “daddy’s butt princess” I learned 90% of my lesson.

        • Meowcat

          Hi, i’m not an english native speaker, but i’m interested in language and therefore in your statements. There are 7 billion people on planet earth, one part has learned its mothertongue wholly to express itself and the other part has yet to learn it. Do you think English, or language in general, offers enough expression variety for enabling everyone to express himself in such a distinctive way, that an outsider can distinguish his (unique) character?

      • zanychelly .


    • jssanderson747


    • Kevin Schnaubelt

      Anyone with any kind of writing acumen can tell that Jim’s writing is perfect. He’s even been editor in chief of Destructoid.

      You’ve basically outed yourself as barely an adult, if even that.

      • With the word acumen, you already achieved more than Jim did in his article, and it only took you a fraction of the time!

        • Dr. Strangethumb

          first thing you learn when you start writing about video games for money: throw away half of your vocabulary, especially when you do it in english.

          You can’t expect your readers to sit there with a dictionary.

          • Funny, when I wrote about video games in the past I never remember learning how to treat your audience like morons

          • Dr. Strangethumb

            It’s about accessibility, not “treating your audience like morons”

    • Drynwyn

      Found the DH alt!

      • Hm, what’s DH? This is directly linked to my Facebook account.

    • P H O N E

      Sick Burns

    • ransom78

      As a news editor myself, I wholeheartedly disagree. Jim maintains a nice balance of concise and illustrative vocabulary, while keeping in mind his reading audience isn’t a bunch of English majors. Readability and conveying the general point accurately and concisely is more important than sounding smart, and clogging everything up with jargon, and the exact same applies to broadcast writing. The ad hominem attack pretty much delegitimizes any weight your comment had to begin with.

      Also, you clearly haven’t had contact with an average 9th grade student. Because it’s kind of devastating.

      • While I appreciate you coming at me with a respect for my position and using a more expansive vocabulary.. I’d suggest that you don’t need an English major to understand anything you just said or what id expect of Jim. When I see well read publications, even ones I don’t particularly respect like Kotaku using a larger vocabulary discussing the same things to much of the same audience, I find that to be a gaping discrepancy. It’s likely that Jim’s readers are not morons, yet I find his writing to be written like many are.. it in my opinion could due with some sprucing up, like I mentioned before, very little of his personality came out in this writing and hence it seems like going through the motions.

        Additionally ad hominen is typically reactionary in reply to an argument, as opposed to addressing the argument itself. As far as I know

        That’s not the case here, yes, I attacked his writing but it was a part of my argument, and a good portion of it being hyperbole (the 9th grade thing for example)

        • ransom78

          I mean, your comment was in response to the article, so I usually use ad hominem like that. And fair enough, but I feel like “It could deal with some sprucing up” is a great deal different than “like an intellectually disabled student whose been forced to repeat 9th grade 4 times”.

          • Mostly hyperbole, as I felt saying it plainly without exaggeration just wasn’t as fun. 😉

    • Narumi Ayumu

      “whose been forced”

      This is too funny. I half wonder if you’re James Romine in disguise.

      Go home, as you are clearly not one to talk. Or type.

      • No writer in the history of writing has ever had spelling or grammatical mistakes.

        My bad, sorry for not proofreading and not taking my time with internet comments.

        However, I’d like to congratulate you on pointing something out that had already been given attention and had been attempted to be used to deligitimize anything I might say.

        I’ve given a rebuttal, and we’ve moved on.

        I’m not ashamed or embarrassed hence why it wasn’t given an edit.

    • Martina Veselá

      What he thinks he’s saying: “I’m smart. I’m smarter than everyone here. Look at me being smart.”

      What he’s actually saying: “I hate this website. I hate it so much that I’m gonna waste my time telling everyone just how much I hate it. Then I’m gonna leave – right after I tell everyone I’m leaving – and then I’ll hang around a bit more, reading all the comments because I just hate it so much.”

      • I get the replies sent as notifications to my email. I may not like the site but I will still give people the attention they are giving me. Seems fair.

        For clarification, I’m saying both.

      • bruno ribeiro

        Did he has an xbox one or he cant get pass the first boss on isle of demons?

    • Weasel Biggs

      Then please, O Reincarnation of James Joyce, regale us with your wordsmithing prowess! Enlighten us poor blighters, and elevate us to the levels of excellence required of the luminaries of descriptive prose!

      Or, y’know. Just leave.

  • pswjt1

    Grammar correction, it should be: “this is a game that’s loth to turn its players away” instead of “loathe”

    • You’re not wrong, but actually ‘loath’ (sans e) is the more usual adjective form.

    • Narumi Ayumu

      Loath is the more commonly used spelling.

  • Jordan

    very much looking forward to this one.
    Next one hopefully will be mass effect and Horizon Zero dawn being good?

    Heres hoping

    • Jamie Krukowski

      Right? Sony’s staying broadly on point with its exclusives.

      I am concerned that Horizon will face the same stalemate as other such open world games. Those being repetition, a lack of enthusiasm in playing over again and generally being bored in the game world after a while. It looks amazing, don’t get me wrong and I’m really looking forward too it. I do, however, have a great concern that it’ll get really, really dull after a while.

      • Martina Veselá

        Zero Dawn really reminds me of Far Cry Primal. It’s possible it’s gonna be a Ubisoft-style collect-a-thon, which is not too bad if you’re into that sort of thing. As long as the characters are likeable and the story interesting, I can deal with a bit of repetition.

      • bruno ribeiro

        we need an demo for this game.. i mean shooting arrows to robot dinossaurs again, and again and again with traps and everything…allies from “rebel” forces just like far cry series can be very boring.. also the robot dinossaurs are an excuse to violence and blood. At least far cry was more realistic on hunting prey and being hunted.

  • JackgarPrime

    Are we looking at an early heavy favorite for a 2017 Jimquisition Award?

    • bruno ribeiro

      Nioh, Prey, Mass Effect andromeda,Red dead redemption 2, last of us 2, god of war… this year is awesome, i dont put tekken 7 on the list because it got delayed so much.. i lost all my interest on this game, chances are even on june the game can be delayed again.

  • Zac Caslar

    Hmm. No character creation?
    Still, sounds like it’s worth a look.

    Thanks, Jim -because there is no god. :3

    • LoafHero

      No character creation but the armors have a lot of variety.

    • GloatingSwine

      The character is based (incredibly loosely) on an actual person (William Adams was the first Englishman to go to Japan and the first European to be made a Samurai, though in reality it was because he was willing to sell them guns without the inconvenient package deal “buy a case of rifles, get a catholic missionary” that was all the Portugese were offering). Basically everyone in the game is a historical figure, albeit presented about as true to life as they are in Samurai Warriors.

    • Robin Newstead

      You can switch character models later in the game, but no creating your own I’m afraid.

  • Aidan Long

    It’s official, Sony is actually incorporating Jim’s score into their official marketing for the game.

    • Manen


      • Weasel Biggs

        Don’t you mean “Nioh-ice”?

        Eh? Eeeeeh?

        It’s late.

    • Grantastic

      This game seems to be shooting itself in the foot. Why would you not make it available on all consoles?! It’s a good game and I feel like too many good games get swept up into being stuck as a PS4 exclusive.

      • Aenea

        Yeah, I dunno, might have something to do with Sony publishing it, perhaps?

      • saillc

        Well, you know, Sony freaking published it, so they aren’t going to go “hey, here you go Microsoft!”

  • Sylentmana

    The only thing that could have made this game better for me would have been character creation, but even without it, this game is just too good to pass up.

    • bruno ribeiro

      you can morph later when you get hidden treasure teahouse. 🙂

  • Rafael Bueno

    I need a PS4…

  • Natalius


    Seriously? I mean I can understand trying to take away some steam for the Darksouls/Bloodborne group but this game simply is unforgiving not because of skill but because of the same thing that makes Darksouls/bloodborne shit: Artificial difficulty.

    For some reason games like this cannot measure up to other “skill” based games like Monster Hunter. The hit boxes are shit and bosses that just “do damage” instead of actually providing a real challenge. The game relies on the luck of the hitbox more than it relies on actually performing well. The game is frustrating, no doubt, but when the second boss of the game has an unavoidable paralyze then flies in to one shot the player there really is no defense against that other than praying they don’t follow up with the one shot attack.

    The game is only rewarding once you get lucky enough to win. That’s not satisfaction unless you like pulling the arms of a slot machine.

    • Marc D. Irvin

      the paralyze is entirely avoidable, git gud scrub.

    • Jose del Real

      dark souls 2 was artificial i give you that.
      but bborne ds1 , ds3 and nioh are purely patience and learn how to play the game.
      there is nothing artificial on them (yea maybe the brainlady from bloodborne, fuck that mob), but the games are veeery beateble even for comon players more casual, even my wife beat dark souls1 and bloodborne, and she hasnt play a game since donkey kong country.

    • ObiXLS

      It’s about as unavoidable as polio. Not only that, but if you suck that hard (or get cocky) then use the item the the level before the boss floods you with. You know, the one that cures paralysis? The one meant for this particular boss?

      • Natalius

        It’s about RNG, not skill. I got 2 needles throughout the entire level and while they did help I had to rely on luck to actually get through the battle. And the Axe.

        I’ve solo’d through Monster Hunter games to the highest rank and I have just never been able to solo the last creature in 4U, which is a battle of attrition to be sure but those games are about skill. I was hoping Nioh would surpass Darksouls in that artificial difficulty category but it’s all the same.

        • ObiXLS

          But it literally isnt. I found almost a dozen needles. Some luck there, for sure, but almost half were from the unrandomized loot spots through the the level. In the end I only used 3 of them (used the rest for the next boss though) because after letting myself get owned two times to see the combos, it’s just a matter of timing and skill. Believe me, I am no souls borne fan. I agree 100% with the artificial difficulty clause for those games. But in Nioh, I’very only felt like my death was Bullshit 2 times (both times were because of bats). Now that I’m 5 main missions deep I can say that the instances of rng and artificial difficulty are very few and far between.

          • Lispin

            This guy will not stop mentioning the MH games, It screams that he cannot complete the other games and/or just prefers MH over the others and cannot except that they are held in higher esteem. I think it says more about him and his skill level rather than the games themselves.

    • astra

      Dude i hear you that the bosses are unfair (that paralize is avoidable but her spin attack is tough same for the boss before her” but aside from that the rest of the game is excellent

      I don’t like artificial difficulty either
      Hell i play most things on easy
      But nioh Bloodborne and ds3(only ds i played) aren’t about being hard

      They’re about learning
      Sure you might die to a bandit in lvl one
      But if you learn you can take down fully geared warriors later on easily
      Same for the oni
      Even harder ony can be beat if you use your bow or the op kick lol

      I mean you dont wanna be the loser samurai who always gets hit
      Thats lame lol

      Besides if that womans giving you such a hard time do what i did
      Stock up on acupuncture needles and ammo
      Then cheese them all

      The next 2 bosses are pretty good so it’s worth it

      • Natalius

        The reason I call it artificial difficulty is because attacks in the game are telegraphed, but the hit frames and boxes are completely screwed. For instance I could dive THROUGH an enemy as an axe swings down and it will 180 twist and attack me still as the axe ends its swipe.

        I am fine with learning, and I’ve solo’d plenty of Monster Hunter games through G3 rank or higher. When you make a mistake in Monster Hunter you KNOW it’s because you made a mistake and you learn from it. This game is all about getting lucky enough to dodge a funky hitbox. That’s not learning, that’s luck.

        • Shyster

          But it is learning. Getting hit like that teaches you that the attack will track you when you’re in its ‘hit area’, which means you either have to time your dodge correctly or get enough distance when you see it coming. You can always try blocking too and if that doesn’t work, well you’ve learned something new again.

          I’ve played around 50 hours of Nioh now and it definitely does not have a problem of funky hitboxes nor artificial difficulty. Also neither do the Soulsborne games. Are you really that dense to claim the difficulty of these games is artificial when pretty much every competent critic calls them “brutal but fair”, when people who value deep game mechanics and challenge are in total love with them, when no one is complaining about luck and hitboxes except you? Know why that is? Because the problems you’re complaining about literally don’t exist. Just face it, you’re bad at the game and instead of trying to improve you’re coming up with excuses that are completely incorrect. Unavoidable attacks, really?

          What’s really funny is that Hino-Enma (the second boss) absolutely destroyed me in the beta, but now in the full game she hasn’t killed me once. And I’ve killed her four times now. Hell, she can’t even paralyze me anymore because, you know, I can see it coming and dodge it. Where’s this RNG, lucky wins and bullshit deaths you’re talking about? How is it possible for players to do challenge runs like bare fists only where they pretty much fight a boss for half an hour and take next to no hits when “the games are just RNG and luck based”?? Do I need to go on?

          Souls community gets a lot of flak for being toxic, but in all seriousness what else can you really say to scrubs like you except “git gud”

          • YoDude

            You could try not being a dick. And the Souls Bourne community is toxic because of PCP bruh. You PvP types are dicks. Parading around and sending messages if it git gud when you use Fume Knight Ultra? Fuck off come back without the Phantom range and hyperarmor yuh panzy you.

            Not to mention the death threats and I poke those guys to death with a rapier.

            PvP guys are dicks.

          • Shyster

            Haha, that’s a cool story, bruh. But I’m mainly a PvE player.

            I’m also not being a dick, Natalius is obviously bad at the game and can’t come to terms with it.

            Also you shouldn’t let a stupid meme like “git gud” get your panties in a bunch like that.

    • Manuel Labor

      Seriously Natalius? I’ve beaten the second boss twice, and while I agree that it’s a tough fight, her attacks are not unavoidable. It didn’t take long for me to learn her paralyze attack timing and I was able to avoid it 90% of the time. Also there are skills and equipment that can all but negate the effect anyway. I understand your frustration, but the hitboxes are not broken and this IS a skill based game.

    • Themostunclean

      Monster Hunter being a more skill based game.

      MH mechanics and difficulty are MASSIVELY dumbed down to accommodate for portable hardware’s inadequate interface. I’ve never found any game in the MH franchise to be difficult in any way. Especially if you’re playing with other people, like it was designed for.

      The opinion that skill is needed for FromSoft/Nioh types of games is almost universal. If you’re having such a hard time with them, it’s most likely not a problem with the game.

  • Grantastic

    I agree with the ten out of ten but, note I havent read the review yet, the fact that it’s such a good game but is a PS4 exclusive seems like a problem to me. It’s shooting itself in the foot.

    • Aenea

      Sony publishing it might have something to do with it. Ohh, and they want you to buy a PS4 and get hooked on it, buy PS+ and more games, you know, PlayStation division making money and all that jazz…

    • PrinceDaniel07

      However it has a 60 FPS mode, so i don’t mind it being PS4 exclusive as much.

  • Simon Foxall

    I bought this game on this review. Most of the games that Jim reviews I look at, good or bad.
    Glad i bought this game. I love myself some dark souls and some bloodborne. Just loving the faster pace and the drops.
    Get this game.

  • Nicholas Keith

    I never thought that Koei-Tecmo would put out an adaptation of Shogun, or that it would turn out to be “the Dark Souls game”. We live in strange times.