I’m Gonna Show You Something… Beautiful…

Hello and welcome to The Jimquisition! For years, The Jimquisition has been a pretty popular webseries criticizing the world of games both big and small. Now … now she’s so much more.

Thanks to crowdfunding efforts, The Jimquisition aims to be an umbrella under which the established webseries, a weekly podcast, and a dedicated game review website can live. At TheJimquisition.com, your cheeky pal Jim Sterling will provided written criticism of the latest games, in an ad-free environment, free of sponsorship and brand deals. I’ve served as reviews editor for both Destructoid and The Escapist across my eight-year career, but now, for the first time, I can provide my services with full autonomy. For the first time, I get to be in actual control.

You can support The Jimquisition right now, via its Patreon project. No pressure, but it’d be just swell!

We’re in the early stages right now, so aesthetics, technology, and all that jazz will be evolving as we go along. This is the start of something lovely. Hopefully!

As the site evolves and continues to pretty itself up, I aim to be providing content pretty quickly. There are still big games coming out, after all, and I get antsy not reviewing them. Keep your eye on the site over the next few days as I start to getting stuff done and take a nervous step forward into a new world.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for the support and the love over these years. Thank you if you’re even as much as considering supporting the Patreon for this endeavor.

Thank God for you.