Podquisition Episode 117: Easy D

The Podquisition crew seeks Easy D in a new episode that features Nioh discussion, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Conan‘s intimate regions.

Also, Wii Us aren’t being made anymore, E3 is open to the public, and Brazzers gives Metal Gear Solid some Easy D!

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

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Also also, check out Miracle of Sound’s channel!

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The Jimquisition: Circle Of Strife


GameStop, it’s time to sit before The Jimquisition and listen to the charges brought before you. Lament, ye sinner, and may God have mercy ‘pon your rotten soul.

Also, your Circle of Life thing is broken bullshit, as is your whole working relationship with the game industry. Shove THAT in your circle.

(Kotaku’s coverage can be found here)

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Podquisition Episode 116: Fucking Embargo For Nioh Went Up

Nioh‘s review embargo lifted by some of us were too busy playing Nioh to notice. Enjoy some first thoughts about Nioh, everybody!

As well as that, we discuss the Nintendo Switch’s apparent online price, chat about Resident Evil 7‘s early DLC, and say some other shit.

Also it’s just Jim n’ Gav this week. It’s quite the laid back little chat.

(Find out more about Bandcamp’s ACLU donation program, discussed on the show)

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