The Jimquisition: Pay Day

Overkill has embodied its name when it comes to downloadable content for Payday 2, but its latest shenanigan is possibly the worst.

After adding a microtransaction system to the game in an event that promised FREE updates, Payday 2 has become not just a source of community rage, but an exercise in corporate hypocrisy.

This is a game I personally championed. I take its recent heel turn personally as well.

The Sterlist: 5 Reasons Why The TPP Is Gross And Scary For Games

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is grotesque. Here’s a handy list talking about it.

Also, here’s Tarmack’s excellent (and superior) overview on the matter:

The TPP leak for your own reading:…

Handy links provided by Tarmack:

Podquisition Episode 47: POG Watch 2015

It’s more like POGquisition this week, as Podquisition covers the most important event of the year – POG Watch 2015! What’s the latest in all things POG? Listen to find out.

Elsewhere, the gang discusses Undertale some more, Square Enix’s “totally not a blacklist” gets called out, and there’s a little bit o’ chat about Call of Duty. Why not, eh?

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

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The Bullshit Roundup: Microtransactions In Tomb Raider And Halo 5, Star Wars: Battlefront‘s $50 Season Pass

A lot of bullshit happens in the game industry and I get inundated with references to this bullshit whenever it does. People want to see a new Jimquisition video every time the latest “AAA” game has microtransactions or some garbage downloadable content.

The main problem is, my video series often already has episodes that apply entirely to whatever new scandal has occurred, meaning all I’d end up doing would be rewording a prior video with some names changes.

However, it IS important to call this trash out whenever it happens. Since I no longer post on a news blog, I thought it’d be fun to do a semi-regular feature that collects the latest nonsense from major publishers and presents them with scorn. I may be beating the proverbial dead horse every time I do one, but I say the horse is alive as long as companies continue acting like cocks.

Please enjoy our latest editorial adventure, The Bullshit Roundup!

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The Jimquisition: Homicide

It’s been almost a year since Digital Homicide attempted to lock horns with Jim F’n Sterling Son, failing at every turn to produce a “gotcha” or demonstrate they were anything more than hacks.

Following their latest series of stunts – stunts that involve erecting sockpuppet companies, spamming Steam, and leveling threats against yours truly over the phone, it’s time to lay it out there once and for all.

Digital Homicide, enjoy this, my anniversary gift to you.

The Sterlist: 5 Games That Need To Be Remade For Current Gen

Who doesn’t love lists? It’s the Internet’s favorite thing. The Jimquisition branches out with its own ride on the gravy train, listing five things from things so we can talk about the things!

Let us look at five games that deserve to be remade. While the game industry incessantly doubles down on rereleases, I’ve decided to point them in the right direction.