Podquisition Episode 36: Wankcrows & Tree Stump Shagging – With Guest Brian Altano!

Brian Altano from The Comedy Button and IGN joins your regular crew for a fun-stuffed episode of larks and barks. We chat about Onechanbara, platform exclusivity, and all the biting topics of the week.

Once that’s out the way, the show devolves into talking about pooping our pants, masturbating in parking lots, and having sex on tree stumps. Because welcome to Podquisition!

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

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The Jimquisition: JIMQUISITION LIVE 2015

Filmed at SGC 2015 in Frisco Texas on July 17, this all-live show features the sensual Jim Sterling in an evening of fun, frolics, and fabbo prizes.

The first of hopefully many live shows discusses the changing role of critics and how developers have struggled to accept that change. We also make fun of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Digital Homicide for a bit, because it’s a live show and people want what they love!

Please excuse the minor audiovisual errors in the recording. Sadly that’s how the video came to me. It’s still pretty damn good quality overall though. Can’t wait to do another of these!

The Jimquisition: The Great Atari Ransack

Atari isn’t exactly the most respected name in the industry these days, but apparently it needs to infect everything it touches with its sour reputation.

The Great Atari Ransack is underway, as the hollow shell of a publisher goes through its back catalog and ruins everything. Desperate, undignified, and thoroughly damaging, Atari’s recent release trend deserves to be torn asunder.

Podquisition Episode 35: Donald Trump’s Spongebob Sex Issue

On what may be our favorite episode yet, the gang talks Spongebob Sex, Donald Trump, and Jim Hiccuping Sterling Son! Did you know Trump cures hiccups? You will now!

We also have a shameful tangent about Batman’s kink lifestyle and start assigning sex names to everything. Jimquisition Live is discussed, alongside the announcements of the We Happy Few casting and Jim Sterling’s Licensed Game Experience.

And yes, Jimquisition Live is still coming. I promise.

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I realize there are design issues currently. The current grey background of the site does not play nice with the comments themselves. I’ll be working on that. Or at least finding someone more competent than me to do it.

(Edit: Thanks to Pomcomic on Twitter, the comments have their own background now. I don’t know shit about design, so thanks for the tip!)

The site overall is going to get some visual overhauls as soon as I find someone trustworthy and awesome to hire. Look forward to that. Until then, please understand!