Jimquisition Livestream: The Slaughtering Grounds

Those who follow my work will know that I recently had the developer of The Slaughtering Grounds attempt to censor me on YouTube. Using a copyright takedown notice, my original video of this spectacularly awful game was removed, and my channel was thrown into bad standing with YouTube. Despite the studio’s boasts that it would see me in court, and despite claims that lawyers were backing their case, the video was returned to me last night, indicating that Imminent Uprising (the “publisher” of the game) had failed to pursue any further action. To celebrate, I hopped onto the Jimquisition Twitch channel and played some more of it. Way more of it. Too much of it.

Up there is part one of the video. Down there is part two. Enjoy, and keep an eye on the channel, as I’m looking to do a lot more impromptu livestreams in future!


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The Jimquisition: The Reviewbisoft Problem

It’s Monday, you cheeky ape, and that means it’s time for The Jimquisition! While I’ve done over 200 videos in this series, this is “episode one” of its all-new, fully-indie era. Now it’s in full HD and at 60 glorious frames-per-second – unlike Assassin’s Creed Unity, a game that incidentally features quite heavily in today’s video!

Thanks for your amazing support so far, and I’m thrilled I’ve been able to get right into producing content so quickly. In addition to this video, look forward to an Escape Dead Island review hitting this very site tonight! I’ll also have Grand Theft Auto V and Super Smash Bros. stuff coming to you this week as well.

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