The Jimquisition: Content Divided – Death To Pre-Order Culture

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has given us one of the most grotesque pre-order schemes in “AAA” history. Its “Augment Your Pre-order” plan is a blight on the industry, and the worst part is that it’s just another development in a long and sad story.

Pre-order culture is the worst. It seeps into everything. It needs to be sucked out.

Podquisition Episode 41: Metal Gear Naked Dad

On this week’s episode, we naturally spend some time talking about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

We also chat about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s amazingly terrible pre-order scheme, and there’s an impromptu debate about Mass Effect 3 as Gav and Laura hash it out. It’s the controversy that just won’t die.

All that and more, only on Podquisition!

Another Monday, Another Copyright Claim

YouTube’s broken copyright system is nothing new.

We’re all well aware of how ContentID is an overzealous automated system that flags content regardless of circumstance, sometimes to the point of claiming somebody’s original music on behalf of an unrelated company that has NO claim to the original work. We know how the “takedown” system allows companies to silence critics and abuse DMCA rules for the pursuit of grudges.

It throws open the floor for a lot of debate. What classifies as Fair Use? Do copyright laws need updating? At what point does gameplay footage qualify as theft of intellectual property? Should it ever?

The irony of these discussions is that they focus almost entirely on Let’s Plays – videos that feature a personality playing and commenting on whole segments of games. In my experience, it’s rarely the Let’s Play material that gets claimed, but the stuff that is evenĀ easier to argue as Fair Use.

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The Jimquisition: Review Events And Boot Camps

With the recent kerfuffle over Metal Gear Solid V being reviewed at “boot camps,” it’s a good opportunity to talk about review events overall, and why they’re total bollocks.

General rule of thumb should be – if a publisher is making you go out of your way to review their game, they should eff off. They dictate enough of the terms as it is.

The Jimquisition: Brutal Force – A Steam Sleaze Story

Last episode was a last-minute schedule change, and while we could postpone the originally planned one until Monday, why wait? Have an extra Jimquisition this week – another of our classic Steam Stories.

This particular tale talks of Brutal Force, a game that could have remained off the radar as an unassuming Nuclear Throne lite… had its developer not been made out of literal goofs.