The Jimquisition: The Silent Hell That Is Konami

“You’re worthless and everybody knows it.” That is how Konami employees are made to feel according to allegations. Allegations that go deeper than the recent report on that company’s abysmal working conditions.

As Konami continues to accrue terrible PR thanks to tacky pachinko spin-offs and the ongoing Kojima issue, The Jimquisition speaks to anonymous – but very trusted – sources and learns just how much of a silent hell Konami’s workplace is.


Please Look At My MEMES About That Oculus Rift TIME Cover

TIME Magazine did a cover story on the Oculus Rift, that innovative virtual reality headset designed for us all to have sex with anime girls. People have been laughing at the cover photo because it features Palmer Luckey – some guy who does stuff – wearing the headset and looking ridiculous.

You may be asking yourself, “is this memes?” The answer to that question is, Yes, This Is Memes

To prove that this is memes, I have made my own MEMES about the funny picture. You are encouraged to make your own, but also like and share mine, because I made memes, and they will go viral on an Internet.

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Podquisition Episode 37: Erotic Violence?

On this week’s cavalcade of misery, we focus a lot on Konami being a terrible place to work and a terrible company in general. We also try to work out what its Castlevania pachinko machine means by the term “erotic violence.”

Elsewhere, we do all sorts of grown-up talk about Mafia III, the woes of video editing, and what Destiny‘s erasure of Dinklebot means. It’s a good podcast!

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

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The Jimquisition Store Is Here! Thank God For Merch

(Update: The Jimquisition Emblem shirt is now a thing!)

By popular demand, you can now wear words from my brain directly across your lithe, supple body. In league with the lovely folks at Shark Robot, you may now swarm like starving dogs over the tender meat that is The Jimquisition Store!

Featuring ideas from my own head and granted colorful life by the talented artists David North and Crystal White, these shirt designs will delight your friends and tantalize your sexual partners. If you’re into sexual partners. If not, that’s cool too! These shirts can be worn by literally anybody. If they’re a human. Or at least vaguely humanoid.

Anyway, these are great. Our launch lineup includes some classic expected phrases – you can declare that you’re “Jim Fucking Sterling Son” or proclaim “Thank God for me.” In addition, we have some great designs based on some of my oft-mentioned interests – AliensSplatoon and Mysterio from Spider-Man all have affectionate, copyright-abiding, parodying images.

This is just the launch. We’ll be adding new designs over time, and you are free to make requests. Please enjoy, and if you’re picking anything up, let me know. I’d love to see what shirts have you the most excited.

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The Jimquisition: Red Ashes

Red Ash wraps up its final hours on Kickstarter, with failure looking to be a dead cert. However, thanks to a “last minute” save by Fuze, the game’s getting made anyway… and people aren’t happy.

An exercise in terrible management and shoddy communication, the hot mess that is Red Ash and Comcept’s marketing strategy stands as an example of exactly how big names need to NOT approach the crowdfunding world.

At least the cartoon got funded, I guess.