Podquisition 213: A No Deal Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time, so enjoy that. We also talk about Gris, Below, Pokemon battlin’ and other stuff.

Special thanks to “Ned Reid” for letting us use his wonderful 8 Bit cover of “Messing With The Best”

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While you’re right the Brexit drama looks like trash, it’s the story of the election and how they swung it, rather than the story of the UK crashing and falling out of the EU.

The election is over, and rather easy to dramatize… brexit is ongoing and will be hard to dramatize for many years, still…

Aotrs Commander
Aotrs Commander

‘S okay Gav, you can be as grumpy as you like, on my account, since we’re all likely to be in the collective shitter with brexit next year at this rate.

I’m still holding what little hope I have for the robot/alien overlords coming along, because even if they wiped the planet out, that would still be arguably a net improvement.