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Christoph Brinkmann

And to the people who angry because Jim and crew would DARE criticize “We Happy Few” for forcing you to get drugged up every two minutes – congratulations on completely missing the point!


Hey Jim, quick question.
Why is The Escapist using a montage of your old work to advertise their site?
Did they rehire you?
I just started the newest Zero Punctuation (Octopath Traveler) and before the episode there was a 45 minute advertisement for The Escapist, using choice cuts of your old work and.. it just seems strange since you left them years ago.


The game preservation situation gets worse by the year. In the last half decade, most of the games I’ve “bought” are either digital, or so dependent on patches and expansion content that the disk is useless by itself. More and more, we need some kind of archival organization that stores complete versions of games and allows reasonable access to them.

To clarify, I said “bought” because we don’t really own digital content. If Steam or XBL or PSN flop, I’m screwed .