Red Dead Online – Red Dead Transaction (Jimpressions)

Red Dead Redemption 2 has launched the beta for its online mode and Red Dead Online is… fun? It’s quite a lot of fun actually, but it’s let down by stingy payouts and the shadow of microtransactions.

Gold bars are a grind and cash comes at a pittance. The core of the game’s a laugh but it’s so discouraging without premium pricing that I don’t know how much time I want to spend in it.

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I enjoyed what I’ve played of it although there is little gameplay within the first 30/40 minutes. It wasn’t a complete grief fest but I avoided all other players. What I’ve played was enjoyable but it is very clear it has been structured around the premium economy.


They talk about stuff “Not amounting to a hill of beans”, but like, when you look at how this game’s economy is primed for microtransactions, that hill of beans in Red Dead Online would have Smaug lying on top of it, basking in the reflected light off the cans…