Should Games Media Keep The Game Industry’s Secrets? (The Jimquisition)

When Toby Fox released Deltarune, everyone asked to keep quiet about it for 24 hours. Obviously that didn’t happen. Elsewhere, Kotaku has a neverending source of leaked information for games like Assassin’s Creed and Fallout.

Let’s not forget that time Randy Pitchford called an accurate report on Borderlands 2 “shoddy journalism.”

Most recently, Rockstar and Take-Two managed to get over a million quid from a website for leaking accurate Red Dead Redemption 2 information.

Publishers believe the media’s job is to help them. The media doesn’t always do that when news needs reporting. Let’s talk about it.

Arella Jardin
Arella Jardin

I had wondered about the different laws at play in the UK, in regards to potentially stolen information. In the US, as long as YOU didn’t steal it, or ilicited someone else to steal it for you, you can release whatever you find. So long as you didn’t sign any NDAs, nobody can shit you up (except in extreme and rare cases involving national security, and even then it’s difficult to litigate). But that’s a component of Free Speech, and I know most other nations don’t have that hard wired into their Constitutions. So if anyone could explain how this… Read more »