A Look Back At The Dafoeverse, Miiverse’s Unofficial Willem Dafoe Fan Community

In the Far Long Ago of 2012, Nintendo released the Wii U. It was a good machine that failed because Nintendo is Nintendo and thought sheer arrogance could sell a console. It’s also the place Miiverse was born, an inbuilt social media service that I, for one, thought was a bloody brilliant idea.

So brilliant, in fact, Nintendo just had to fuck up and reveal it’s not coming to the Switch. Because of course.

To commemorate Nintendo’s decision to not continue with a good idea, I took a trip down memory lane so we could talk about the Miiverse’s most important contribution to society, and still a far better use of the Rabbids Land section.

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The Jimquisition: Nintendo’s Virtual Console Is Trash Garbage


With Pokemon Snap finally arriving on the North American Wii U Virtual Console, it’s time to get something off my incredible tits.

Let’s talk about Nintendo’s terrible VC release structure.

(PS – Apologies for the ad. For some reason Chains of Love no longer reliably gets flagged and deadlocks the ContentID bots being deployed by Nintendo, who elected to monetize this video. I am appealing it, obviously. In future I’ll have to throw a few more deadlocks out to properly safeguard against game companies’ disrespect of fair use.)

Why Ekans Is The Best Pokémon

Thanks to the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, there are now officially 774 known Pokémon in the world. That’s a lot. A lot of Pokémon.

With so many unique and varied pocket monsters out there, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine which creatures are the best.

Not really, though. Ekans is the best Pokémon, and that’s simply a fact.

Ekans is absolute. I cannot stop thinking about Ekans. Some of you may believe this to be a forced meme that never took off in 2010 and certainly won’t gain traction with a reworked six-year-old repost… but I’m sincere in my Ekans love!

Let me prove it. Let me prove Ekans is the best Pokémon of all Pokémon to ever be in Pokémon.

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Pokemon Red Is Blatantly Better Than Pokemon Blue

Tomorrow, Nintendo is re-releasing the original Pokemon games to celebrate the huge franchise’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon RedPokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow are going to be available for the 3DS at least, and the age-old question is set to return – which game is better out of the two original releases? Red or Blue?

This is a question I answered years ago, although the world refused to admit it. Looks like I’ve got to explain it for the idiots again. And don’t give me that SHIT about how both games are functionally the same – they’re slightly different, so this has to be a war, and I have to win it, okay?

So here we are, a list of arguments that I wrote thanks to my brain which is a better brain than you have. We’ll examine, in detail, while Pokemon Red is far superior to Pokemon Blue, and screw you if you think otherwise, you disgusting worm children.

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