Metabombed: Dead Rising 4 Is ‘Awful, Just Awful’

Dead Rising 4 was released right at the beginning of the month, but folks are still unhappy about it. While I enjoyed the game myself, Dead Rising‘s veteran fanbase bristles with discontent at what they see as a “dumbing down” of the series and the removal of its best elements.

Usually, a controversial release like this would be drowned in negative Metacritic user reviews at launch, but it took some time for the negativity to boil over this time. Here we are though, on Christmas Eve, and what better way to celebrate a season of goodwill than looking at some really angry comments on the Internet?

Yes, Dead Rising 4 has been METABOMBED… at least after a relatively long period of accumulation.

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The Jimquisition: The Funny Brilliance Of Resident Evil 4

The Jimquisition comes early and you didn’t need to pre-order it!

Let’s look at why Resident Evil 4 was a classic, why its writing stood the test of time, and what it can tell us about REVII.

… all with a little help from Dr. Crane.

“Born Depressed” covered by Nathan Hanover:

Scarecrow mask designed by Arcana Fabrications:

The Jimquisition: Revolving Door Vocal Cords

Frank is back! Well, not really. Capcom’s calling him Frank West, but fans of his war coverage ain’t buying it.

Dead Rising 4 is just one in a long line of games that discard voice actors like disposable cameras. Let’s look at exactly why that’s wrong.

(Special thanks to Ian Boldsworth for his help with this episode!)