The Jimquisition Reposition

When The Jimquisition first started, it was just me, a microphone, and a plain white background. I’d toss in a little picture-in-picture for emphasis, but the stark set and unscripted rambling were not particularly impressive.

It worked for its time. I cut my teeth at Destructoid, where low production value was all part of the charm. The audience enjoyed scrappy content, independent bloggers getting by on what they could cobble together. In part, it’s still how I operate, but when the show moved to The Escapist, that operation needed to evolve.
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Metabombed: Mass Effect: Andromeda Is ‘Pure SJW Propaganda’

It’s a new Mass Effect, so you know what means – it’s time for everyone to behave like it’s 28 Days Later!

Yes, Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest game from BioWare, a studio with a ton of fans who seem to be angry all of the time. This latest installment has certainly given rise to some outrage, with poor dialog, unpopular gameplay mechanics, and character animations that range from hilarious to ghastly.

Also, apparently “liberalism” is the reason this happened? What a time to be alive!

Do you think this game got Metabombed? Oh friend, they’re Metabombing the shit out of this one!

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The Making Of JimSAW

Halloween is over, and The Jimquisition Halloween Special was released to a surprisingly great reception. It’s not that I didn’t expect – or at least hope – for some people to dig it, I just didn’t expect it to be so overwhelmingly positive.

JimSAW, which is more or less the first semi-serious attempt I’ve had at making a short semi-film, was a labor of love and hard work that relied on the talent of a lot of incredible people.

Now I’m going to be self-indulgent and talk about how we put it all together.

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I Don’t Like That I Don’t Like Earth Defense Force

On paper, Earth Defense Force is everything I should love about a videogame.

Regularly compared to Dynasty Warriors, which just so happens to be my favorite series, Earth Defense Force is a series of unapologetically camp games in which you mindlessly shoot at hundreds of giant insects over and over again.

There’s nothing deep about it, nothing complex. There’s certainly nothing pretentious about it.

It’s a big stupid videogame about shooting massive ants until there are no more massive ants to shoot. It fits squarely into the “so bad its good” category, comparable to Deadly Premonition, another game I absolutely adore and to which EDF could be compared in several pertinent ways.

On paper, Earth Defense Force is everything I should love about a videogame… but I can’t stand the series.

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The Best Of GameFAQs’ Uncharted 4/Quantum Break Temper Tantrum

If you want some overwrought outrage and a high concentration of people missing the point of things, a good place to start is GameFAQs.

In my experience, I’ve found it’s a primo source of Eggshell Princes who get supremely sensitive over review scores and routinely interpret jokes as 100% sincere statements.

With the publication of my latest Blatantly Better, in which I argued for Quantum Break‘s superiority over Uncharted 4, you can bet your ass some noble corporate defenders stepped up to protect Sony’s integrity.

In the hilariously titled topic, Jim Sterling & Jimquisition: The Master of Clickbait, an outraged KinjoTakemura presented my article with just the bullet points, robbed of context, and took the whole thing at face value.

The results were funny as fuck. Here’s the best stuff.

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Prima’s Dark Souls III Estus Flask Edition Guide Is An Estus Farce

Pictured above is the alleged “Estus Flask” included in the special edition guide book package Prima Games created for Dark Souls III. As you might be able to tell from a cursory glance, it’s absolute shit.

I’m not one for buying guide books usually – the only ones I buy are for games I’m really enraptured with, and I have them more for keepsakes than anything else. Being suitably impressed by the collector’s edition Bloodborne guide book, I expected quality from Prima’s Estus Flask Edition Dark Souls III publication.

Instead, I got an Estus Farce.

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Nintendo’s Corporate Culture

Alison Rapp is a Nintendo Treehouse employee who was fired yesterday after enduring months of harassment.

Rapp was targeted by Third Party Individuals who blamed her for, among other things, ruining Fire Emblem Fates with a Western localization that cut several pieces of content. The fact she worked in marketing – and had no input in the localization process – did not matter.

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GameTrailers Was A Victim Of Itself

On Monday, February 8, Brandon Jones announced that GameTrailers was going to end its thirteen-year run and officially close up shop. The site’s entire staff – all set to lose their jobs – found out about the closure mere hours before it was revealed.

GameTrailers was a huge personal inspiration for me, a big part of why I wanted to get into games media in the first place. The news is incredibly saddening, and I can only wish the very best to those impacted by the layoffs.

Unfortunately, this news was only a matter of time.

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