YouTube Has A YouTube Problem (The Jimquisition)

This one has… been a long time coming. The unscripted part at the end has… been a long time coming.

How long does YouTube itself have? Long enough, I reckon, to fuck up a hell of a lot more between now and whenever it gets what it deserves.

Oh shit, I said fuck in the video description. I guess no sexual penis is going to want to vaginally advertise with my anus now. What a load of LGBTQ areolas.

The Best of The Division Review’s Comment Section

“Don’t read the comments” is a phrase trotted out regularly with regards to online content. While I can see the merit in the mantra, it’s not a philosophy I’ve often subscribed to. After all, how else would I know I’m a cuck?

The Division‘s release has brought with it a high amount of online angst, as people who should be playing the game are instead roaming the information superhighway like feral dogs, barking and screaming at anybody who might not like it.

And Destiny fans. Hardcore Division players absolutely hate Destiny fans.

My review of Ubisoft’s latest factory-standard romp drew an incredible crowd, and with it some of the most hilarious examples of impotent rage one could hope to enjoy. For the crime of suggesting their corporate product was “alright” and not perfect, I’ve been subject to some highly amusing attempted abuse.

After going back and staring with a grin at the outpouring of childlike fury, I had to preserve the best of it for posterity.

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