The Jimquisition: Genitalia

Oh, Ubisoft! Watch Dogs 2 had to patch out some “particularly explicit” genitalia, and that’s a big ol’ laugh.

However, while one particular naughty bit is gone, others remain. Why is it okay for some, and not others? What’s the difference?

A spirited Jimquisition (one of my new favorites, actually), discusses our attitudes toward penises and vaginas.

The Jimquisition: Revolving Door Vocal Cords

Frank is back! Well, not really. Capcom’s calling him Frank West, but fans of his war coverage ain’t buying it.

Dead Rising 4 is just one in a long line of games that discard voice actors like disposable cameras. Let’s look at exactly why that’s wrong.

(Special thanks to Ian Boldsworth for his help with this episode!)

A Fond Remembrance For Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill was a classic contribution to the survival horror genre, delivering more than blood and jump scares in the wake of Resident Evil. It was something more sinister, something designed to burrow into the mind. Silent Hill wasn’t just scary, it was genuinely, nightmarishly creepy.

It laid the groundwork for one of the finest horror games ever made. Silent Hill 2 was nothing short of a masterpiece. My personal favorite game, it turned the town of Silent Hill into a true antagonist, building a world of dark fascination and a story laden with macabre sexual themes.

Silent Hill 3 continued and concluded the original game’s story with style. Though I prefer Silent Hill 2 as a game, I always found the third game far scarier. It was a skin-crawling, remarkably more disturbing experience, and one I can easily return to time after time.

And then there’s Silent Hill 4. 


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The Jimquisition: I’m Not Saying Emulators Are Cool, BUT…

Discussing emulation as a games pundit can be risky business – it’s a taboo subject, and you can’t be seen to endorse it even slightly.

However, the existence of emulation ought to be treated more importantly and taken seriously, especially when you consider how devalued a lot of older games can become.

Also this week – highlights from Sonic’s 25th anniversary shitshow, and some amusing #FucKonami News.