The Business Of Lies (The Jimquisition)

This week’s episode is brought to you by Sterdust, a totally original wrestling persona that WE OWN. We OWN it, WWE!

Anyway, in an industry of liars, even the good guys lie, and those lies can be good lies.

But what happens when lies become so commonplace and acceptable? Then the bad guys lie… and they can’t understand why they’re not the good guys.

The Jimquisition: Now Sony’s Being Silly About Cross-Platform Play

First and foremost, The Jimquisition went to Mississippi Comic-Con and I got roughed up by Jason Voorhees.

Of lesser importance is our main story. Cross-platform play is being embraced by both Microsoft and Nintendo. As with mods, Sony’s being a spoilsport again.

As Minecraft and Rocket League let Xbox One and Switch players interact, PS4 folks once again get stuck with inferior products.

Metabombed: Dead Rising 4 Is ‘Awful, Just Awful’

Dead Rising 4 was released right at the beginning of the month, but folks are still unhappy about it. While I enjoyed the game myself, Dead Rising‘s veteran fanbase bristles with discontent at what they see as a “dumbing down” of the series and the removal of its best elements.

Usually, a controversial release like this would be drowned in negative Metacritic user reviews at launch, but it took some time for the negativity to boil over this time. Here we are though, on Christmas Eve, and what better way to celebrate a season of goodwill than looking at some really angry comments on the Internet?

Yes, Dead Rising 4 has been METABOMBED… at least after a relatively long period of accumulation.

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Special: E3 2016 Jimpressions

Your ol’ pal Jim Sterling got together with fellow movie boy Conrad Zimmerman to discuss each E3 press conference of 2016.

Original a five-part video series on YouTube, we’ve compiled our recordings as one full podcast for your listening delight.

Hear our thoughts on Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony!

Quantum Break Is Blatantly Better Than Uncharted 4

Reviews for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were published this past week, and the Internet flipped out over them because Uncharted reviews bring the very worst dregs of humanity crawling out from under rotted driftwood.

Any scores lower than a nine were deemed too low by people who haven’t even played the game, as Uncharted‘s witchfinder generals selected critics to be pilloried in the name of corporate products.

Naturally, your ol’ pal Jim Sterling was hunted by Naughty Dog’s unofficial PR department – they were infuriated at the low “clickbait” score of 8.5.

The biggest insult, to these brave warriors, was the fact I scored Quantum Break the same, which means I said they’re exactly the same game!

Of course, this was wrong. It was incorrect for me to even imply that Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive was on the same level as Uncharted 4.

Obviously, it’s better, and I’m going to tell you why.

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