Jimquisition Livestream: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon was one of my most anticipated 2015 games, and it’s not hard to see why. The game is officially out on Early Access, and even in its early stages, it’s more fun than a ton of “finished” major releases these days. Unforgiving, emotionally exhausting, and engrossing as hell, this is a game that chips away at my spirit, which makes eventually victory all the more incredible.

Here’s me playing over an hour of it in front of a live home audience. Come and witness the madness, share in my victories, and lament the passing of poor Amiel.

Goodnight, Amiel, may you find the peace in death that had been so cruelly denied to you in life.

Jimquisition Livestream: Dying Light

If you like Far Cry but wish it had more zombies, then you’ll enjoy Dying Light, because it’s Far Cry with zombies. There are so many ZAMBIES, in fact, that you’ll think you died and went to ZAMBIE HEBBEN!

So yeah, this is that game nobody got review copies of until a day before launch. Ironically, the game reportedly worked well before release, then some genius released a patch for the PC version that broke everything. I’m doing the main review off the PS4 version, but here’s my attempted stream of the PC one. It doesn’t go fabulously.

As for the game? Eh, it’s okay. It’s pretty okay.

Jimquisition Livestream: Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth is a pretty solid little RPG so far, mimicking Earthbound and not doing too terrible a job of it. The writing and voice acting is a little… uh… well. Why not watch and find out?

Hoping to have a review of this one up. Got waylaid by other tasks, and there may be yet more tasks coming in to waylay me further, but if I can get it done, I’ll get it done. That’s the Jim Sterling not-quite-guarantee!

Jimquisition Livestream: One Day For Ched

This game didn’t quite make it onto my Shittiest of 2014 list, but it was definitely one of the front-running contenders. It’s a hodgepodge mess that tries to be an old school shooter, but doesn’t understand what made those old games work so well. The result is something almost unplayable.

I had an impulsive desire to try and get through it on a live show. I failed. The stream didn’t even last all that long before the whole thing crashed, but the results did turn out pretty damn funny!

I’m hoping to do a lot more live stuff in 2015, alongside other content. Be sure to follow Jimquisition on Twitch for more in future!

The Jimquisition: Games To GET HYPE For In 2015

Let’s kick off the new year with a look forward to the upcoming games that most jump out at me. I got five games to talk about across a range of genres, and I think most would agree they’re looking pretty hopeful… unlike that year when I said I was looking forward to Colonial Marines.

Now that we’re out of the holidays, more content should be coming to these here pages. One good thing about a site without ad money to worry about is that it can have a more narrowly defined focus and doesn’t need to churn out guff. The drawback to that focus is that, when the game industry has nothing for me to review, this site goes pretty quiet. That’s fine and everything, but it’d be nice to get the writing going again, so here’s to more reviews and editorials and fun times on the way!

Hope y’all had a good holiday, and may I wish you all a very erotic 2015!