PSA: The Charnel House Trilogy Launches Today, Hear Me Do Voices In It!

I won’t be reviewing Owl Cave Games’ horror-adventure game, The Charnel House Trilogy for one simple reason – I’m in it. Continuing the critically acclaimed (Destructoid said I was awesome!) work I began in Jazzpunk, my latest voice role has me getting creepy as Robert Crowe in Ashton Raze’s extended prequel/sequel to Sepulchre.

The game launches today on Steam. I’ve played it, and I enjoyed it, but don’t take that as an official recommendation because I am incredibly biased and that just wouldn’t be right. I do sincerely believe, however, that if you’re a point n’ click fan who loves a little mystery and a lot of fucked up ideas, then Charnel will probably tug your winkle in all the right ways.

Today will be spent pacing frantically, hoping people like what we pulled together. Early reviews are pretty damn positive, so that’s nice. Also, keep an eye on my Twitter today – I have a small handful of codes to give away later.

Check out the launch trailer below.

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Metabombed: Battlefield Hardline is a ‘Piece of Sh1t’

After a tepid marketing campaign and a lot of cynicism from the audience, Battlefield Hardline finally slogged it to the finishing line and released this week. The critics’ response has been lukewarm to say the least, to the point where I’ve been one of the more positive reviewers on the block. Most of the big guns think it’s “okay” at the very best – a decent enough, but dated and tone-deaf shooter.

What do The People think of it, though? Well, we have a controversial installment in a huge big budget franchise, a new developer on an established IP, Electronic Arts as the publisher… oh my, this is mama’s classic recipe for Shitstorm Soup!

You guessed it – Battlefield Hardline has been Metabombed by user reviews, as gamers take to everybody’s favorite pissing contest stadium and give EA a piece of their angry, angry minds.

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