Metabombed: Street Fighter V Is “An Incomplete Beta Game”

It seems the “AAA” industry has truly embraced the Early Access model without daring to admit as much – Street Fighter V has joined the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege by releasing as an incomplete game, promising updates in the future.

As you might expect… the fans aren’t happy.

Citing the lack of content in comparison to previous releases, the threadbare single-player options, and a number of online problems, users have voiced their concerns in the strongest possible terms. By all accounts, Capcom hasn’t pleased its audience with this one – and it’s not hard to empathize with that audience’s anger.

As always, the rage has been taken to Metacritic’s user reviews section, making Street Fighter V the latest METABOMB target.

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Metabombed: Just Cause 3 Is “A Boring Piece Of Buggy Beta”

Opinions have been quite split over Avalanche’s long-awaited Just Cause 3. Some people are loving it, others are hating it – I was fairly lukewarm on the whole thing myself, which is a shame.

If you really want to see extreme opposite opinions though, you need look no further than Metacritic’s user review section, where you’ll find more 10s and 0s than you could ever dream of! Oh, you better believe Just Cause 3 is the latest release to get METABOMBED!

PC gamers have taken to the user reviews in order to express their frustration at a buggy and poorly optimized launch, though the gameplay itself has suffered a fair few criticisms too. Rico Rodriguez is, sadly, not grappling his way out of this one.

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The Jimquisition: The Blacklist

The hot topic of the past week has been blacklisting, and it should come as no shock that your ol’ pal Jim Sterling has more than a few words to say on the matter.

Can companies be justified when they refuse to talk to a press outlet? Are press outlets justified to go public with these refusals? What gives blacklists power, and how to do we limit that power? Let’s find some quasi-adequate answers to these questions!

The Jimquisition: Modern Warfare 3

In recent years, communities like Reddit and NeoGAF have largely come to enjoy – or at least tolerate – the work of yours truly. This has been wonderful to see, that change in perception. I’m proud of it. Wasn’t always that way, however.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remains the most controversial review I’ve ever written, igniting a hellfire of outrage among those two communities, as well as other places – including Destructoid, where it was published.

The way in which this outrage perpetuated was not through an understanding of the review, however, but through memes and a disingenuous carving away of nuance in order to present a simplified – and ultimately untrue – perspective of things.

Today’s episode has been a long time coming. I’ve planned it for years. I’m finally pulling the thorn out. Let’s talk about Modern Warfare 3.

Metabombed: Fallout 4 Is “Vomit Trash”

I still remember the fury that scorched the Internet when Bethesda first showed us Fallout 3. While perhaps not the worst of game-specific fandoms out there (certainly nowhere near Sonic levels), the more zealous aspects of the Fallout audience is nonetheless vicious in its anger. At least, I think they’re fans. Some of them aren’t. Some of them just hate Bethesda. Or Fallout. Or something. It’s a cocking mess.

Even yesterday, before the game was available, some commenters were outraged that Fallout 4 was getting positive reviews like this one I wrote. While I adore the game, I knew for a fact this would be the next METABOMB victim, as a mass of virulence was coming this game’s way no matter what.

So, let’s look at the Metacritic user reviews and see just how bad Bethesda’s latest offering got it, shall we?

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Metabombed: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Is Like “A Bugs Bunny Cartoon”

Nothing brings out the venom in Real Hardcore Gamers(tm) quite like a Call of Duty launch. I’m clearly weary of the series, and admitted as much in my somewhat nihilistic review of Black Ops III, but I’m never not shocked by the sheer rage some people have over the mere fact this series exists. If you want to see such rage manifested in easily compiled text, there’s no better place than the Metacritic user reviews.

Yep, it’s time for another trip into the abyss, as we look at what people have to say about Black Ops III. Most notably, we check out reactions to the PC version of the game, which launched in a less than favorable state.

Strap yourselves in, folks, because Black Ops III has been METABOMBED!

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Metabombed: Payday 2 Is “Utter Toilet”

By now you should all be well aware of the Payday 2 microtransaction controversy. After “shaming” us for ever believing Overkill would put premium currency in the co-op shooter, such currency was introduced as part of this year’s “Crimefest” event. It’s a move that has angered many.

After refusing to talk to press about the situation, brand manager Almir Listo blamed the press for not knowing enough about the situation, branding criticism as “clickbait” and painting his company as the victim. The studio has since included a chance to earn premium “drills” as free loot drops, though the chances of getting them seem quite slim.

Regardless of Almir’s protestations, the press is positively generous compared to what the community itself has been saying. To that end, it’s time to once again look at a game being METABOMBED as Payday 2 players vent frustration the only way they know how – via Metacritic user reviews.

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The Jimquisition: Why I Kick The Starts

I used to love Kickstarter. Then I used to resent it. Then I started loving it again. I make liberal use of Kickstarter to back certain projects, and have been doing it for games a lot more lately.

Some consider this tasteless, a potential conflict of interest. Some believe games media folk have no place contributing to crowdfunded games.

So, here’s why I do it.

Featured projects still running: Indivisible and Friday the 13th.

The Bullshit Roundup: Total Warhammer’s Chaos Ransom, Syndicate Gets Glitched, Naughty Rock Band 4 Reviews

It’s time for another dose of the Bullshit Roundup, your semi-regular look at grotty games industry garbage that deserves a spotlight even if it doesn’t make the main stage.

This week, we’re looking at yet another example of pre-order culture exploitation, another Ubisoft game does the unsurprising, and some Harmonix employees were caught doing something very cheeky indeed!

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Metabombed: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Is “Nothing But Digital Waste”

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 has been an overwhelming letdown. Its litany of glitches and general shoddiness have been cataloged mercilessly by the Internet, and while Activision has issued a half-hearted non-apology, the damage is most certainly irreparable.

As always, disappointed players have taken to Metacritic’s user reviews to air their grievances, making the latest Tony Hawk game a prime example of what happens when you get METABOMBED!

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