The Jimquisition: Now Sony’s Being Silly About Cross-Platform Play

First and foremost, The Jimquisition went to Mississippi Comic-Con and I got roughed up by Jason Voorhees.

Of lesser importance is our main story. Cross-platform play is being embraced by both Microsoft and Nintendo. As with mods, Sony’s being a spoilsport again.

As Minecraft and Rocket League let Xbox One and Switch players interact, PS4 folks once again get stuck with inferior products.

The Jimquisition Game of the Year Awards 2015

The Jimquisition Awards are here again! This year, we’ve got not five, but SIX top-of-the-class games who all get a Game of the Year Award.

The JQ Awards are given to games across the board, without regards for budget or status.

All games are equal, all games deserve a shot… but only six of them can get what is literally the biggest honor in videogames!