We Happy Few Interview: Compulsion Games Jumps For Joy

We Happy Few is a game about survival in the 60s-era city of Wellington Wells. It’s a city that had been occupied by the German forces in World War II, and the citizens did a Very Bad Thing during that time. To forget the Bad Thing, they took a drug called Joy, scrubbing their memories of negative thoughts and forcing them into a state of docile happiness.

Encouraged by the city’s only entertainer, Uncle Jack, the “Wellies” stroll in blissful ignorance – until they encounter someone off their meds. These “downers” are a threat to society, and must be killed on sight. The player, obviously, is a downer, and that’s a Bad Thing.

I’ve been excited for We Happy Few since it was first announced. I’ve backed its ongoing Kickstarter. I’ve even played a pre-alpha version. Now, I’ve gotten to talk to lead designer Guillame Provost about the project. Don’t be a downer – ready and enjoy!

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