Lock’s Quest Review – Lock It Up

Usually when a game is remastered or ported, I “remaster” my review of the original game.

Lock’s Quest was one of my favorite portable games ever when I reviewed it in 2008.

Seriously, I loved it a lot, and I was utterly thrilled to get a chance to review it all over again!

Now that it’s on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, I had to remaster my review in a manner different from the norm.

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Pokemon Red Is Blatantly Better Than Pokemon Blue

Tomorrow, Nintendo is re-releasing the original Pokemon games to celebrate the huge franchise’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon RedPokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow are going to be available for the 3DS at least, and the age-old question is set to return – which game is better out of the two original releases? Red or Blue?

This is a question I answered years ago, although the world refused to admit it. Looks like I’ve got to explain it for the idiots again. And don’t give me that SHIT about how both games are functionally the same – they’re slightly different, so this has to be a war, and I have to win it, okay?

So here we are, a list of arguments that I wrote thanks to my brain which is a better brain than you have. We’ll examine, in detail, while Pokemon Red is far superior to Pokemon Blue, and screw you if you think otherwise, you disgusting worm children.

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