Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – The Hottest Take

So I can’t review Deus Ex: Mankind Divided yet because I got a review copy last night and the embargo is up now. I also can’t do a Jimpressions video because Square Enix is disallowing footage to be shown until next week.

The best I can do for you while I continue playing the game and work on getting a written review up (hopefully) before launch is a general written assessment based on my time spent with the game so far.

So here we go…

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The Bullshit Roundup: Battlefield 1 and Deus Ex Get Microtransactions, Watch Dogs 2 Spams Us With Special Editions

Time for more stinking bullshit, delivered to you on an unwashed platter full of sick and blood. We’re here once more to bang on about the same old crap the “AAA” industry shoves down our throat, because lordy knows few other places bother.

On today’s edition of Bullshit Roundup, we’ve got two more cases of microtransactions announced for unreleased premium games, and Ubisoft is at it again with another ludicrous selection of collector’s editions for Watch Dogs 2.

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Metabombed: Hitman Is ‘A Complete Fiasco’

Last week, Square Enix launched Hitman to a decidedly mixed response. While it’s been almost universally praised for the quality of its content, the method of its distribution has left a sour taste in the mouths of many.

As reported on a recent Jimquisition episodeHitman went episodic as part of the publisher’s panicked plan to start carving games into pieces. This led to the confusingly titled Hitman: Intro Pack, and a fair bit of cynicism from fans.

Worse than this, however, is the game’s always-online requirement. Despite being a single-player game, Hitman utilizes online features that act as glorified DRM and have led to numerous negative expriences.

The result? Hitman just got Metabombed!

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Why Square Enix Is Carving Its Games To Bits (The Jimquisition)

Two years ago, The Jimquisition said Square Enix was planning to break its games into pieces. Here we are with a carved-up Final Fantasy VII remake and Hitman.

So today, I go back to my sources and find out even more. Why is Square Enix doing this? What was the great panic at the end of the last generation that led to more episodic content? And why are there so many remastered rereleases?

The Jimquisition has the answer.

Counterpoint: Regarding Active-Time Battle Systems

This week’s Jimquisition on Active-Time Battles generated a lot of heated discussion – some agreed with me that ATB was a fine tradition that aged well, while others believed it had its day in the Sun and Square Enix is right to move away from such things.

Among the feedback I received was an excellent rebuttal from Em D. Being a solo operation, this site doesn’t have much of a window for dissenting opinion, but Em’s response was interesting enough that I thought it’d be nice to publish – with permission, of course.

While I maintain my respect for Active-Time Battle, and believe it still has a place, I loved this insightful response. Take it away, Em!

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The Jimquisition: Active-Time Prattle

With Final Fantasy VII Remake abandoning the Active-Time Battle system for a more action-oriented approach, the time has come to discuss whether or not traditional JRPG battles really are “dated.”

Are they dated, or is it just something the industry decided one day? What exactly is wrong with Active-Time and turn-based combat systems? I, for one, can’t say I see what makes them so distasteful.

Metabombed: Just Cause 3 Is “A Boring Piece Of Buggy Beta”

Opinions have been quite split over Avalanche’s long-awaited Just Cause 3. Some people are loving it, others are hating it – I was fairly lukewarm on the whole thing myself, which is a shame.

If you really want to see extreme opposite opinions though, you need look no further than Metacritic’s user review section, where you’ll find more 10s and 0s than you could ever dream of! Oh, you better believe Just Cause 3 is the latest release to get METABOMBED!

PC gamers have taken to the user reviews in order to express their frustration at a buggy and poorly optimized launch, though the gameplay itself has suffered a fair few criticisms too. Rico Rodriguez is, sadly, not grappling his way out of this one.

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