The Jimquisition: Early AAAccess

I swear this is NOT yet another episode about Steam Early Access! It’s actually about Street Fighter V, and games of a similar ilk.

It’s just a really, really good title for the episode this week, as we talk about “AAA” games released in a deliberately unfurnished state with content promised later down the line.

God damn, is Early AAAccess a great title, though.

Metabombed: Street Fighter V Is “An Incomplete Beta Game”

It seems the “AAA” industry has truly embraced the Early Access model without daring to admit as much – Street Fighter V has joined the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege by releasing as an incomplete game, promising updates in the future.

As you might expect… the fans aren’t happy.

Citing the lack of content in comparison to previous releases, the threadbare single-player options, and a number of online problems, users have voiced their concerns in the strongest possible terms. By all accounts, Capcom hasn’t pleased its audience with this one – and it’s not hard to empathize with that audience’s anger.

As always, the rage has been taken to Metacritic’s user reviews section, making Street Fighter V the latest METABOMB target.

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