The Jimquisition: A Video Discussing Whether Or Not Hello Games Lied About No Man’s Sky

After tearing into rabid fans, compliant media, and hype culture, there is one final element to No Man’s Sky that I need to tackle – its creator.

I’ve spent time thinking about this one, digging through the archives, and weighing the arguments. Despite honestly wanting to move onto new subjects, I just had to ask…

… did Hello Games tell a naughty lie?

Metabombed: No Man’s Sky Is “Worthless In Every Way”

The horrifying frenzy around No Man’s Sky continues unabated, and as with any potentially controversial game release, the furor runs both ways – there are zealous defenders who refuse to accept a single criticism, and obsessive detractors who need the world to know just how much they don’t like a thing other people like.

Is it any surprise, any surprise at all, that Hello Games’ procedurally generated crafting game is the latest target of a good ol’ fashioned Metabomb?

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to wade into the user reviews of Metacritic as a power struggle has emerged between No Man’s Sky‘s lovers and haters. Let’s put on our biohazard suits and get knee-deep in the filth, shall we?

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We Happy Few Interview: Compulsion Games Jumps For Joy

We Happy Few is a game about survival in the 60s-era city of Wellington Wells. It’s a city that had been occupied by the German forces in World War II, and the citizens did a Very Bad Thing during that time. To forget the Bad Thing, they took a drug called Joy, scrubbing their memories of negative thoughts and forcing them into a state of docile happiness.

Encouraged by the city’s only entertainer, Uncle Jack, the “Wellies” stroll in blissful ignorance – until they encounter someone off their meds. These “downers” are a threat to society, and must be killed on sight. The player, obviously, is a downer, and that’s a Bad Thing.

I’ve been excited for We Happy Few since it was first announced. I’ve backed its ongoing Kickstarter. I’ve even played a pre-alpha version. Now, I’ve gotten to talk to lead designer Guillame Provost about the project. Don’t be a downer – ready and enjoy!

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