The Dismal Degradation Of Dynasty Warriors (The Jimquisition)

Dynasty Warriors may be my favorite series – or at least it was – but Tecmo Koei has been taking the piss with it for years.

Much of what’s said here could have been said a long time ago, but Dynasty Warriors 9 was its last chance… and we all know how that went.

Oh, and this isn’t just about what they DID to Zhang He!

Dynasty Warriors 9 – The Worst Dynasty Warriors Game Ever Made (Jimpressions)

Dynasty Warriors 9 is an absolute mistake. The open world actively ruins the flow of the game, the new combat system is a homogenizing step back, and as for what they DID to Zhang He…

Make no mistake about it, this is the worst Dynasty Warriors game of them all, at least as far as mainline entries go.

The Jimquisition: An Xtreme Outrage

Making money from the easily outraged may appear cynical and exploitative, but it actually isn’t.

With a convenient boogeyman, the right rhetoric, and a little bit of good ol’ fashioned demagoguery, you’ll be stacking cheddar courtesy of those who’ll take any validation tossed their way.

And the best part is how it isn’t cynical. Not at all!