The Jimquisition: An Xtreme Outrage

Making money from the easily outraged may appear cynical and exploitative, but it actually isn’t.

With a convenient boogeyman, the right rhetoric, and a little bit of good ol’ fashioned demagoguery, you’ll be stacking cheddar courtesy of those who’ll take any validation tossed their way.

And the best part is how it isn’t cynical. Not at all!

The Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Defense Force

It is Jimdependence Day, the one-year anniversary of The Jimquisition going solo and becoming an indie endeavor. To celebrate, here’s a whole extra episode!

This is a special subject for me. When I last did a Jimquisition about Dynasty Warriors, it was scheduled to be the final video I did for The Escapist – except I’d become inexplicably popular after a terrible debut, and therefore it signified the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Anyway, this is an episode defending one of the most critically maligned series of all time, Dynasty Warriors. Suck it down!