The Jimquisition: We Need More Spencer Mansions

This week’s show continues some things I said in my review of the Resident Evil HD Remake Remaster Remake Remake, specifically the stuff about environmental design, and why Resident Evil‘s was so effective. We need games that aren’t afraid to employ some well-structured backtracking, games that can be small in scale but big in scope. A game world we can become familiar with, and that feels like home even if it’s trying to kill you.

We need more Spencer Mansions, basically, and a lot less of Generic Sandbox City Place.

The Jimquisition: Amiibo – Glorified DLC, Or The New Mini Boglins?

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another Jimquisition!

The industry is still pretty quiet in terms of content, so reviews and stuff are still pretty thin on the ground. Hopefully we can get the frontpage here hopping again soon. Later this month we’ll at least have the re-remake of Resident Evil to talk about, and hopefully I’ll be able to provide a review of Citizens of Earth. I’ve got my eye open for anything interesting and review-worthy that hits Steam, too. Most of the gibberish that comes out is only suitable for a Squirty Play on my YouTube channel, but you never know!

At any rate, I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to read and watch and listen to my stuff. I am in the midst of what I’d call unprecedented success at the moment – Podquisition is possibly the most popular podcast I’ve ever hosted, the YouTube channel subscription rate is not slowing down, and everything else in between is just fantastic fun and seems to be going over great. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by how well it’s all going lately, and I can only keep thanking y’all for making it happen.

Anyway, back to Jimquisition. It’s about amiibo!

The Jimquisition: Games To GET HYPE For In 2015

Let’s kick off the new year with a look forward to the upcoming games that most jump out at me. I got five games to talk about across a range of genres, and I think most would agree they’re looking pretty hopeful… unlike that year when I said I was looking forward to Colonial Marines.

Now that we’re out of the holidays, more content should be coming to these here pages. One good thing about a site without ad money to worry about is that it can have a more narrowly defined focus and doesn’t need to churn out guff. The drawback to that focus is that, when the game industry has nothing for me to review, this site goes pretty quiet. That’s fine and everything, but it’d be nice to get the writing going again, so here’s to more reviews and editorials and fun times on the way!

Hope y’all had a good holiday, and may I wish you all a very erotic 2015!

The Top Ten Shittiest Games of 2014!

It’s time for the fifth annual Top Ten Shittiest Games of 2014. This year had an almost unprecedented level of awful releases, and picking those games representative of such a dire twelve months was a daunting task. Overall, however, I feel I selected the ten games that most perfectly captured The Year in Shit.

Most importantly, I kept it perfectly impersonal. More or less.


The Jimquisition Game of the Year Awards 2014

We have an award show for you to cram down your gullet! Five games, five Game of the Year awards, all cop. The Jimquisition Awards honor the best games in a year that, to be honest, had quite a few disappointments. Nonetheless, these are all worthy picks, with two honorable mentions, and if you haven’t played any of them, you ought to take some time this holiday season.

Also, yes, a new microphone is coming. Planning a couple tech upgrades that probably won’t make things perfect (I need better recording space, something I really can’t do right now) but will improve things. Trust me, I’m sicker of audio issues than anybody else could be.

In any case, enjoy the show, and happy holidays!

The Jimquisition: Regarding My Inquisitor And Vaginas

This is the last “standard” Jimquisition of 2014, as we see out the rest of the year with our annual Jimquisition Awards and Top Ten Shittiest Games. How exciting!

Before we get to all the celebratory stuff, how about a bit of satire? This week, we send up the kind of people who are furious at the mere existence of diverse romance options in BioWare’s games. For those who already asked – yes, there are actually people who think and talk like this, and it’s really quite sad.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to pounding it…

And pounding it.

And pounding it.

And pounding it.


Today’s video was a calm, rational analysis of Target Australia’s decision to no longer stock Grand Theft Auto VNaturally, this prompted raging responses from people who quite blatantly watched less than half of the episode before marching to the comment sections, pitchforks in hand. My favorite comment was from a guy who told everyone to withdraw support of my Patreon until I was forced to agree with him more. That would certainly promote integrity!

As I explain in the video if you watch all of it, I do not agree with Target Australia’s decision. I see why the decision was made, and I do not think this is the worst thing to happen to videogames, however. This sucks, but given Australia’s history with censorship, it’s a bump in the road toward progress.

Enjoy the video, but I’d probably not wade too deep into the comments. My not being as mad as some people who are mad have only made the mad people madder!

The Jimquisition: The Slaughtering Grounds – A Steam Meltdown Saga

This is a new version of an episode that never made it to YouTube, and is ostensibly two videos cut into one – the first half is the original, where I detail the grisly meltdown of developer ImminentUprising as it responded to a “quick look” gameplay video. The second half details what happened after that, when the “studio” hit my YouTube channel with a copyright strike and continued to showcase its own lack of self-awareness. It’s a tale of the ages, and a prime lesson in how not to engage with the world. Fun!