The Jimquisition: Brutal Force – A Steam Sleaze Story

Last episode was a last-minute schedule change, and while we could postpone the originally planned one until Monday, why wait? Have an extra Jimquisition this week – another of our classic Steam Stories.

This particular tale talks of Brutal Force, a game that could have remained off the radar as an unassuming Nuclear Throne lite… had its developer not been made out of literal goofs.

The Jimquisition: Fee 2 Pay

With the imminent launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a fresh outrage has spawned over its inclusion of microtransactions. I love outrages about microtransactions, so much so that I coined the phrase “Fee To Pay” years ago.

Here we are again – the practice of “Fee To Pay” is more common, but no less distasteful. Let’s revisit the stupid world of “feemium” games, where you gotta pay… if you wanna pay.

The Jimquisition: The Silent Hell That Is Konami

“You’re worthless and everybody knows it.” That is how Konami employees are made to feel according to allegations. Allegations that go deeper than the recent report on that company’s abysmal working conditions.

As Konami continues to accrue terrible PR thanks to tacky pachinko spin-offs and the ongoing Kojima issue, The Jimquisition speaks to anonymous – but very trusted – sources and learns just how much of a silent hell Konami’s workplace is.


The Jimquisition: Red Ashes

Red Ash wraps up its final hours on Kickstarter, with failure looking to be a dead cert. However, thanks to a “last minute” save by Fuze, the game’s getting made anyway… and people aren’t happy.

An exercise in terrible management and shoddy communication, the hot mess that is Red Ash and Comcept’s marketing strategy stands as an example of exactly how big names need to NOT approach the crowdfunding world.

At least the cartoon got funded, I guess.

The Jimquisition: JIMQUISITION LIVE 2015

Filmed at SGC 2015 in Frisco Texas on July 17, this all-live show features the sensual Jim Sterling in an evening of fun, frolics, and fabbo prizes.

The first of hopefully many live shows discusses the changing role of critics and how developers have struggled to accept that change. We also make fun of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Digital Homicide for a bit, because it’s a live show and people want what they love!

Please excuse the minor audiovisual errors in the recording. Sadly that’s how the video came to me. It’s still pretty damn good quality overall though. Can’t wait to do another of these!

The Jimquisition: The Great Atari Ransack

Atari isn’t exactly the most respected name in the industry these days, but apparently it needs to infect everything it touches with its sour reputation.

The Great Atari Ransack is underway, as the hollow shell of a publisher goes through its back catalog and ruins everything. Desperate, undignified, and thoroughly damaging, Atari’s recent release trend deserves to be torn asunder.

The Jimquisition: The Mic Trick

We’ve heard of bullshots, we’ve heard of “downgrade” controversies. A relatively new form of misleading hype is something I’ve dubbed “The Mic Trick.”

Ubisoft has been slyly performing the trick for the past two E3s, and it’s time we talked about it, because I’ve got this weird feeling that Europe’s EA doesn’t quite realize we’ve cottoned onto it yet.

Jimquisition Live is TONIGHT! You can watch it at home right here too!

I will return with my shield, or upon it. Tonight at 7:00pm Texas Time, Jimquisition Live blasts out at SGC 2015.

I’ll be onstage with prizes, ranting, and Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe with a shot of what you love.

The event is being livestreamed and, if my posting from a phone worked, that stream is embedded here.

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