The Jimquisition: Zombies, Spider Heads, Hammers, And Menus

The Jimquisition takes time out from personal, embittered, GAF thread-locking drama topics and reheats a favorite kitchen dish – let’s slow roast some asset flips for maximum flavor!

From familiar zombies to a tragic arachnid with a great past and no future, we look at the most overused assets money can buy, and warn Steam Direct to look for the telltale signs of a bad, bad developer.

Bonus Segment: Oh Ubisoft

(“March of the Sterling Jester” cover by Nathan Hanover:

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The Jimquisition: The YouTube Fair Use Protection Program

It’s a rather special edition of The Jimquisition today, as I get to be part of the unveiling of YouTube’s Copyright Protection Program. It’s a new plan that will see YouTube stepping up its game and financially backing content creators who find their videos unfairly targeted by spurious copyright takedowns.

As a long-term target of said takedowns, it’s particularly pleasing to be part of the rollout, and to reveal how one underhanded developer, Moo Tech, tried and failed to censor me.

It just got a little harder to be a cowardly, censoring timewaster.

The Jimquisition: Homicide

It’s been almost a year since Digital Homicide attempted to lock horns with Jim F’n Sterling Son, failing at every turn to produce a “gotcha” or demonstrate they were anything more than hacks.

Following their latest series of stunts – stunts that involve erecting sockpuppet companies, spamming Steam, and leveling threats against yours truly over the phone, it’s time to lay it out there once and for all.

Digital Homicide, enjoy this, my anniversary gift to you.

Digital Homicide And The Case Of The Sockpuppet Developers

Watchers of my YouTube channel will know that I love to record myself playing random games on Steam. Sometimes I stumble upon a gem, but more than likely I find something awful – the most famous of which was Digital Homicide’s The Slaughtering Grounds. After that company’s infamous meltdown and litany of terrible releases, it had gone very quiet for a while.

So quiet, in fact, that when I played Galactic Hitman and Devil’s Share, I had no idea I was playing yet more Digital Homicide games, although their poor quality should have been a surefire clue. This was because both these awful experiences were published by ECC Games… or were they?

See, there is an ECC Games, but it’s sure as hell not the company publishing crappy first-person shooters to Steam.

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Special Podcast: Jim Sterling And Digital Homicide Hash It Out

The immovable force meets the store-bought object, as Jim Sterling and Digital Homicide face off. The studio, having finally had enough of my antics, demanded an interview and yelled at me about my cowardice. My audience demanded I rise to the occasion, and rise I did.

Listen as Digital Homicide talks over me, attempts to use mad scientist tropes to prove I’m a bad person, tries to invent a conspiracy theory about me, and claims there’s no difference between The Jimquisition and The Slaughtering Grounds.

Well… it’s something to listen to, I suppose.

Jimquisition Livestream: Deadly Profits

I had to stay up late on Monday to make sure the Tales From The Borderlands review went up smoothly, so to pass the time I wasted an hour of the night playing Deadly Profits, the hot Early Access game from Digital Homicide. They ban all mention of me on their forums now! Can’t think why.

In terms of quality – and we use the word loosely – Deadly Profits is actually a marked improvement over the studio’s previous work. I mean, it’s not anywhere near good, and it’s cobbled together entirely from store-bought assets, but it’s really not as awful as one might expect.

Anyway, if you’ve literally nothing better to do, here’s a video.