The Spin-off Doctors: Pixels

Despite already suffering through the movie once for a special livestream, your movie boys watched Pixels again – sober this time – for a feature-length evisceration.

Watching it twice without chemical help? It’s so, so much worse.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving punishment, as two distressed men pull Adam Sandler’s dumpster fire to pieces while taking time to provide extensive rewrites that would have made it so much better… or at least something.

The Spin-off Doctors Are Watching Pixels LIVE Sunday Night 6pm EST!

[Update: tune in at 6pm EST on Sunday!]

Hang on to your little chungus, because Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman will be LIVE in New York this Sunday. Well, we’ll be livestreaming from Conrad’s apartment at least.

Your lovable Movie Boys are watching detested Adam Sandler vehicle Pixels for The Spin-off Doctors this weekend, but why wait until the next episode of the podcast?

Join us on the ol’ Jim Sterling YouTube channel to watch us grimace and twist from the comfort of your own creepy shed.

Right now we know it’ll be in the evening (Eastern Time) and will update soon with a firmer time. Stay tuned!

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