The Jimquisition: Taking Candy From Dark Souls

Yes, we’re talking about Dark Souls III again, but I can promise I’m not just giving it a big hard wank this time. We’ve actually got something to piss and moan about.

Cheating is rampant in Lothric, and the folks at Namco and From are doing dick-all to deal with it properly. In fact, their response so far has done more harm than good.

Copyright Deadlock (The Jimquisition)

The system doesn’t work, so break it some more. That’s the idea behind the Copyright Deadlock, a petty scheme that highlights the absurdity of YouTube’s ContentID system.

How can three corporations own a single video? Well, three apparently own THIS one. Konami, Nintendo, and Rhino all believe they own this episode.

Two of them want to monetize it.

How does that work? Let’s find out!

The Jimquisition: Prepare To Die

Git gud or go home! That’s what a super hardcore Dark Souls fan will tell you. But is that fair?

Dark Souls III, like all Dark Souls games, is being marketed on its difficulty, and the audience swallows that idea up. However, it’s reductive and misguided as far as I’m concerned.

And ain’t no amount of hot wing contests will change that.