The Jimquisition: The Blacklist

The hot topic of the past week has been blacklisting, and it should come as no shock that your ol’ pal Jim Sterling has more than a few words to say on the matter.

Can companies be justified when they refuse to talk to a press outlet? Are press outlets justified to go public with these refusals? What gives blacklists power, and how to do we limit that power? Let’s find some quasi-adequate answers to these questions!

The Jimquisition: The YouTube Fair Use Protection Program

It’s a rather special edition of The Jimquisition today, as I get to be part of the unveiling of YouTube’s Copyright Protection Program. It’s a new plan that will see YouTube stepping up its game and financially backing content creators who find their videos unfairly targeted by spurious copyright takedowns.

As a long-term target of said takedowns, it’s particularly pleasing to be part of the rollout, and to reveal how one underhanded developer, Moo Tech, tried and failed to censor me.

It just got a little harder to be a cowardly, censoring timewaster.

The Jimquisition: Modern Warfare 3

In recent years, communities like Reddit and NeoGAF have largely come to enjoy – or at least tolerate – the work of yours truly. This has been wonderful to see, that change in perception. I’m proud of it. Wasn’t always that way, however.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remains the most controversial review I’ve ever written, igniting a hellfire of outrage among those two communities, as well as other places – including Destructoid, where it was published.

The way in which this outrage perpetuated was not through an understanding of the review, however, but through memes and a disingenuous carving away of nuance in order to present a simplified – and ultimately untrue – perspective of things.

Today’s episode has been a long time coming. I’ve planned it for years. I’m finally pulling the thorn out. Let’s talk about Modern Warfare 3.

The Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Defense Force

It is Jimdependence Day, the one-year anniversary of The Jimquisition going solo and becoming an indie endeavor. To celebrate, here’s a whole extra episode!

This is a special subject for me. When I last did a Jimquisition about Dynasty Warriors, it was scheduled to be the final video I did for The Escapist – except I’d become inexplicably popular after a terrible debut, and therefore it signified the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Anyway, this is an episode defending one of the most critically maligned series of all time, Dynasty Warriors. Suck it down!

The Jimquisition: Why I Kick The Starts

I used to love Kickstarter. Then I used to resent it. Then I started loving it again. I make liberal use of Kickstarter to back certain projects, and have been doing it for games a lot more lately.

Some consider this tasteless, a potential conflict of interest. Some believe games media folk have no place contributing to crowdfunded games.

So, here’s why I do it.

Featured projects still running: Indivisible and Friday the 13th.

The Jimquisition: Pay Day

Overkill has embodied its name when it comes to downloadable content for Payday 2, but its latest shenanigan is possibly the worst.

After adding a microtransaction system to the game in an event that promised FREE updates, Payday 2 has become not just a source of community rage, but an exercise in corporate hypocrisy.

This is a game I personally championed. I take its recent heel turn personally as well.

The Sterlist: 5 Reasons Why The TPP Is Gross And Scary For Games

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is grotesque. Here’s a handy list talking about it.

Also, here’s Tarmack’s excellent (and superior) overview on the matter:

The TPP leak for your own reading:…

Handy links provided by Tarmack:

The Jimquisition: Homicide

It’s been almost a year since Digital Homicide attempted to lock horns with Jim F’n Sterling Son, failing at every turn to produce a “gotcha” or demonstrate they were anything more than hacks.

Following their latest series of stunts – stunts that involve erecting sockpuppet companies, spamming Steam, and leveling threats against yours truly over the phone, it’s time to lay it out there once and for all.

Digital Homicide, enjoy this, my anniversary gift to you.